Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Medieval Sourcebook, Canterbury Tales : Prologue Side-by side paraphrase of the prologue and of several portraits.

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An artist's rendering with a link to a Google map of the region today. The Tabard no longer stands. Whan that Aprille A pronunciation guide for the Prologue and links to related sites. Enjoying "The Knight's Tale" Summary, analysis, and related links. The Miller's Tale Biography and background, analysis and commentary. Launchpad: Chaucer's Wife of Bath Students analyze Chaucer's portrayal of the Wife of Bath, consider how the story reflects on both her character and on Chaucer's view of marriage and women, examine literary sources that contributed to this characterization, and explore the historical context that informs this depiction of the rights of women in marriage.

How would the Wife of Bath debate the church fathers? This 3-page worksheet invites students to a close reading of the text. Students are presented with passages from the writings of St. Paul and St. Jerome; they are challenged to construct the Wife of Bath's response.

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Adobe Reader required for access. Studying the Wife of Bath's Tale Biography and background, scholarship, summary, character traits, and essay questions. A very thorough site. Scroll down. The Wife of Bath's Tale Graphic organizer for character analysis, editing practice, and work with synonyms. Canterbury Tales Speed Dating Printables. Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Prologue has so many characters to remember that students can sometimes feel overwhelmed.

This activity eliminates the stress and adds an element of fun instead. Students pair up for three-minute dates with another class member, each posing as a Canterbury Tales characte.

The Canterbury Tales | Introduction & Overview

English Language Arts , Literature. Activities , Flash Cards , Printables. Study Guides , Interactive Whiteboard , Printables. Scripts: The Canterbury Tales reader's theater. These are perfect for drama clubs, literature circles, an introduction to the Middle Ages or for concluding a unit on British literatur. Middle Ages , Drama , Literature. Activities , Scripts , Graphic Organizers. British Literature: The Canterbury Tales Task Cards and Student Assignment This differentiated activity is intended to get students excited about literature in a creative way.

Students will create trading cards featuring Pilgrims from The Canterbury Tales. Activities , Novel Study , Printables. I have included thirteen different classroom resources here for the "big three" British literary works: Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, and Macbeth. Projects , Activities , Assessment.

They are perfect for a poster printer! File is in a PDF so all images and text are embedded… Print them out as an 8. Novel Study , Printables , Posters. The Canterbury Tales - Creative Assessment.

Introduction & Overview of The Canterbury Tales

The assignment includes three creative writing tasks as well as a rubric for grading the assignment. English Language Arts , Literature , Writing. Projects , Activities , Rubrics. Canterbury Tales Characters PowerPoint. Included in this 30 slide presentation are detailed descriptions for the prominent characters found in Canterbury Tales. These slides are a good introduction for starting students into. The Canterbury Tales Prologue Webquest. If you're getting ready to dive into one of the most influential pieces of literature in the English language, Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, you probably recognize that your students may need a lot of scaffolding in order to fully grasp this great text.

Activities , Webquests. What is it? This Canterbury Tales Introduction with Handout is a slide, time-saving tool that prepares students for reading. Why is it needed? Describe The Millers Tale in two words 3. Is there anything you dont understand about the tale?

Melissa Maynard TLT Columba, Fall Interdisciplinary Unit: Lesson 6 Tell students that they have five minutes to answer the three questions with their partners on a half sheet of paper that you will hand out I may give each person a half sheet, but still have them work in partners.

After five minutes have the students share their responses with the rest of the class. Finish the anticipatory set by telling students that we are going to go over the plot of the tale and then they are going to work in groups of four to complete a scavenger hunt.

  1. Student Activities for The Canterbury Tales Include:!
  2. A Quick Synopsis of “The Knight's Tale”;
  3. Missouri 4 - The Virginian (German Edition).
  4. Procedure: Hand out The Millers Tale introduction worksheet. Go over the worksheet with students, making sure to focus on the plot and synopsis of the tale. You need to have student understand what is going on in the tale in order for them to complete the scavenger hunt. Make sure to ask if there are any lingering questions and then put students into groups.

    I was going to have students count off by four, but I decided to put them into their groups for their Canterbury Tales assignment, which will be introduced on Monday This way I can see the way they interact with their teams and see if I need to make any adjustments to the groups for Monday. Then with large note cards with the group numbers written on them, place the groups throughout the room.

    Lesson Overview and Note to Teachers

    Once students are in their groups, hand out the scavenger hunt worksheets. Explain to students that they are only to write on one packet per group. That only one packet will be collected, and that the rest are for them to use for research and so that way they all have one to read off of. You will be using the other packets for the next periodso do not let students write on more than one per group.

    This is a class assignment, and there is no cheating. Once you have gone over these administrative matters, read over the directions with students and explain to them how the game works: The two teams with the most correct answer will win a prize on Monday morning. The rules are: o All fill in the blank questions must be the exact word used in the text.

    They will be added to the groups total points at the end.

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    4. These are teacher given participation pointsso I will decide at the end of each day, based on your group work, the number of points each team receives. Tell students that they are to work together and cooperate with each other. And they are to work quietly.

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      If I find they are not working together or are not quiet they will not receive the full amount of participation points for that day. Next discuss how much the assignment is actually worth outside of the game. Students will receive 10 individual participation points per day20 points in total.