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The spreads invitations to reading the cards are an amazing spectrum of everything people go to the cards for.

Tarot Made Simple

I think this book would be excellent for anyone wanting to build a private practice of reading tarot for themselves. The various spreads invite different questions, and developing readers will have the opportunity to experience their own discoveries while building familiarity with their new deck. Marie A, Reviewer. Tarot Made Simple is one of the best books on understanding and reading Tarot cards that I have ever seen. The spreads are so much easier than most that and what the cards mean is explained in simple terms that anyone can understand.

I have already ordered my own copy. I really love this book. Kirsty W, Reviewer. A brilliant starter book for anyone interested in tarot that has yet to start to learn. There's advice on getting started and various card readings. It's easy to read and understand. It is designed for beginners so those with some degree of experience may find it a bit simplistic but I really enjoyed the whole thing. Free arc from netgalley. Debra F, Reviewer. Excellent tarot guide using Rider Waite cards explaining each card in both the upright and reversed position plus showing a selection of layouts.

But in a concise and easy to read format. Highly recommended. Dave H, Reviewer. I rather enjoyed this book and its variety of spreads. Its a good basic starter for any one interested in Tarot and gave a good clean summary on the how-tos of taking care of a deck. The summary of each card was clean and precise. The author seemed to have done well with laying this all out in a good format and easy to find structure. Good work all the way around on this book.

Julia G, Educator. Tarot Made Simple has an interesting layout that truly makes reading the tarot cards more simple. The pages of the book are divided. In the upper half of the page you can find a certain spread, like the Celtic Cross, explained, while in the lower half of the page one of the major and then minor arcana is explained in its upright and reversed state. The information is concise and is probably best for advanced beginners who want to feel more comfortable using the cards, or for advanced readers who want to explore new spreads. Britt H, Reviewer.

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This book is a wonderful guide to beginning tarot! Overall, this feels like a great reference book to always have around and check back with. Audrey A, Reviewer. This guide is handy to have around if you are interested in Tarot. If you are just learning this will be a useful tool to familiarize yourself with the cards. I was impressed with the number f different spreads included.

I wish it had some history of the Tarot it something I've wanted to learn about. Tarot Made Simple is a great handbook for beginners! Jaime S, Reviewer. Also information on setting up your space, charging cards, storing cards, and more. Sally W, Reviewer. If you are a beginner or more advanced this book you will learn something. From reversal cards, information on the cards and different spreads for all information this book has it all. The cards are beautifully illustrated and detailed. This book also gives instruction on how to cleanse, attune and store your cards.

I recommend this book for anyone who has a deck of Tarot cards and gets confused on the meanings and symbolism of the deck. It is an easy to follow and perform book. I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Ramie P, Reviewer. But I do love me some Tarot deck art. I do understand the appeal. I am also treating this book like a reference book, which is how I think it should be treated.

Tarot Made Easy by Kim Arnold | Penguin Random House Canada

Unless you have an amazing memory, then kudos to you! But most of us could read this several times and still need to refer back to it. This covers the cards themselves and their meanings. How to store your cards, how to care for them, shuffling, etc It also covers spreads from a single card daily spread to complicated multi-card readings.

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I feel like if I did become interested in doing readings, this would be the every day go to for reference kind of book - need to figure out what spread to use? I do feel like the layout of the book is a little odd. The top half of the pages features the info on the cards, storing, etc. The bottom half of the pages has a card on each page.

I think I would have preferred to have the info from the top half of the book in one section and then all of the cards in the back and easy to find together. The way they did it does break up the art work better for your first read through, but it is less useful from a practical standpoint if you want to look up more than one card. I am happy with the content. Diah R, Reviewer. Probably the best non-companion Tarot book. Very easy to understand and what I like the most is it's filled with spread sample.

I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning tarot. Alexandra R, Reviewer. I found that this can be a book that can be good on the go. It can be a good quick look through if needed. Nice book to have a read - even if you have seen this information before. A quick tarot companion book that is focused on go to and more interesting and unique tarot spreads. There is also a simple tarot reference for each card on the bottom half of each page of the book.

Great for bringing a long to a party to jog your memory on card reading and have people pick unique cards spreads from. I loved the reads based on famous self- help books like the power of now and the secret. If you already have a tarot reference book that comes with your deck etc, this book would still be helpful because it's focus is on spreads instead of card meanings. Worth a look at for any tarot aficionado.

Bonny A, Reviewer. Of all the tarot books I've read approx 30 , Tarot Made Simple sits firmly in the top two. Tarot Made Simple truly offers a simple, straightforward, beautiful, clear and bright compass to beginner and exprienced tarot card readers. The book and author assume you know little to nothing, yet, there's enough introspection to offer up some gems for experienced tarot card readers, too.

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  • My favorite bits were I'd readily buy this book for a newbie tarot card reader to help them along their path, or as a reference book for professionals. I would have preferred this as a Kindle version, however, I feel it would not translate well to that arena, so I understand why it's not available. Thank you to NetGalley, and the publisher for early, free access to this fantastic tarot resource. V N, Reviewer. Since becoming interested in Tarort Cards, I have read a few books to get better understanding of the cards, their meanings, etc. This book is the best by far. Very concise and easy to understand.

    The author also provides different reading types for the cards, how to get started, how to keep your cards energized correctly and so much more. I highly recommend this book to all.

    Tarot Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Casting Spreads and Reading the Cards

    Although I received the book in this manner, it did not affect my opinion of this book nor my review. Alicia R, Reviewer. Without any theory and just some introductory information on how attune, shuffle and take care of your card deck, this book is perfect for a beginner who wants to start reading cards right away without much hassle. This book is mainly a compilation of different reading spreads, with short and sweet explanations.

    The format is quite unique: the top half of the page is meant for spread explanations and the bottom half explains one card from the deck. I think this books suits those trying tarot for fun or common knowledge. Tarot Made Simple makes learning the art of reading tarot cards approachable and stimulating. This unique guide book will teach you to lay out tarot spreads and quickly interpret them for your own daily readings, or longer term readings for friends and family. Formatted with a unique split-page design, the top pages of this guide present dozens of tarot spreads ranging from the classic Celtic Cross to specialized layouts for relationships, money and career, home, and creativity.

    The bottom pages include interpretations for each of the the 78 cards of the tarot from renown tarot reader, Liz Dean, for you to quickly find and reference. There's no need to awkwardly flip pages in several books while you learn to give readings. This beautifully formatted, full-color guide gives you a tarot layout for every concern that youll be able to read it instantly. So why wait?