Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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They end up trapped in this community full of secrets and whose residents are devotees of a mysterious leader, who has the gift of curing diseases in a supernatural way. The series was officially announced on July 20, Principal production of the first season commenced on September 22, in the city of Porto Nacional , Tocantins.

On 17 May, , the teaser trailer for the series was released. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. July 23, Retrieved April 26, Veja in Portuguese.

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July 20, Retrieved June 28, MSN in Portuguese. If the mother of that baby refus Waterboarding babies. In the minds of those living in the compound there's this life and nothing else. Frustrating, but then they've been indoctrinated from birth, raised not to question the order of things and are told to believe everything is "God's Will".

Very few are strong enough to refuse to continue with the farce that rewards a handful of old lecherous men and condemns everyone else, especially the young and defenceless. Polygamy is not inextricably linked with religion and paedophilia, it is simply, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. Despite this, the book does bring up some important positive and negative points concerning polygamy, for example, more caregivers to bring up the children, sharing a husband can lead to tension and jealousy, etc.

Also, the choice of not using any form of contraception lead to Kyra's 3 mothers having had 19 children, meaning that each child has less one-to-one time with a caregiver and everyone having little-to-no alone time, with the older children forced to act as parents themselves. On a personal note, I find having so many children incredibly selfish and irresponsible in this day and age where infant mortality is now quite low. Add to this the overcrowding as each mother has one small, decrepit trailer to house their growing number of offspring.

Unless of course their husband happens to be an elevated elder or an Apostle or the Prophet, in which case they'll have a luxurious mansion. Where did the money come from? Who was footing the bill for the land devoid of condoms, and therefore an ever increasing population? They do keep costs down by leading rustic and prudish lifestyles with few mod-cons by making their own clothes, growing their own food, etc. For example, the trip to town to buy fabric and afterwards having lunch in a restaurant.

This book covers a number of distasteful topics which some readers may want to avoid: Forced marriage, Paedophilia and Rape, of unwilling wives. Forced marriage is illegal in the UK whether the marriage is to take place here or abroad, the law protects the victim no matter their age. Blackmail, of those who disobey or their relatives. Husbands can be forced to leave the compound and have their wives and children given to other men who are encouraged to treat them like shit. Beatings, as a means of control and punishment.

Murder, of runaways, those that attempt to rescue anyone on the compound, those who disobey, and of disabled babies -very Spartan of them. Incest, not a routine part of the compound. It seems it's more to satisfy Kyra's 60 year old uncle's lust for her year-old body. One of my favourite parts of this book was Joshua's admission to wanting Kyra and only Kyra for his wife.

How romantic is that? My rating is 3. This book had the potential to bring me to tears but it didn't quite do it even with the desperate way it ended. Jan 31, Jessica rated it it was amazing.

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I first came across The Chosen One in my local library in I was looking for my next audiobook and found it. The description on the audio case left me not expecting much: Kyra is a member of the Chosen Ones, a polygamist group isolated from the rest of its community. The Chosen One exceeded my low expectations! It is so much I first came across The Chosen One in my local library in It is so much more than that description. It made my list of top reads for Now that I have this site, I wanted to listen to it again and properly review it here.

The Chosen One is a novel that will evoke a very wide range of emotions in the reader, as I experienced. Despite being a young adult novel, it is a disturbing one that deals with many issues which could be troubling to some readers. I will mention this a little later. The Chosen One centers on Kyra who is also our narrator. She lives in a polygamist community and is almost 14 years old. She has three mothers with twenty brothers and sisters and two more siblings on the way. From the beginning you can tell Kyra has torn feelings about her community, despite loving her large family.

From this point on she becomes determined to leave and you can feel her growth over the course of the novel. The Chosen One feels very realistic. Carol Lynch Williams did her research well. There are some issues in this novel that may disturb some readers: Incest, assault, sexual assault, subservience, and girls being force into marriage with much older men. A screaming child is considered a disobedient child. You feel everything that that Kyra feels through the course of the novel. She is truly conflicted with getting away, yet she knows if she does get away that she will never see her family again.

Williams puts us into the head of a young teen girl perfectly. Williams was interviewed in the audiobook that I listened to. It took her two years to write The Chosen One and it was very difficult for her to write because of the subject matter. In addition to research she spoke with polygamists and former polygamists. The Chosen One is highly recommended.

Aug 19, drowningmermaid rated it did not like it Recommends it for: people who want to congratulate themselves for not being filthy plygs. Shelves: curriculum-mormonism , audio , curriculum. I am deeply offended by this book, and frankly a little horrified by how well-received it is. The author claims to have done a lot of research, but all I see is someone who has watched Big Love and plumbed the depths of her own prejudice. Murdering defective infants?

In the FLDS culture, "special" kids are considered too special to have come down from heaven completely, and are treasured. It is true that other forms of handicap are looked down upon: blindness, paralysis, etc. Perhaps Wi I am deeply offended by this book, and frankly a little horrified by how well-received it is. Perhaps Williams wanted to warn people away from polygamy, in case they were considering it. Or commend the people who leave, many of whom completely deserve commendation.

But she minimizes the horrendous transition that polygamist members have to face to 'homesickness' and 'wardrobe changes. For people who lose faith in a religion, any religion, nervous breakdowns are common, as are suicide and other forms of escape. Williams also portrays a world in which there are resources and volunteers standing at the ready to help those who leave.

This is not the case. Many, many boys who leave or are driven out live out their short lives homeless, alcohol and drug addicted, and convinced that they are doomed to hell when they die. Because people are quick to shake the finger at polygamist compounds, quick to read salacious news reports about 'those people', and VERY slow to actually help.

Why this gets my blood up: I've known a polygamist boy, who was a true believer, at least when I first met him. When people found out who and what he was, they singled him out to torment him, belittle him. He put a bullet in his head that same year. Books like this one feed that prejudice. Why are we supposed to like the main characters: Kyra and Joshua?

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Because they Never Truly Believed. WE would never have loved a church like that, even if it was the church that raised us, the place where we found God. I'm not really sure how I feel about her fictional "Chosen Ones" being an offshoot of mainstream Christianity, rather than Mormonism. It's like the author is trying to say "Look, even you normal believers could have weird backwoods spiritual cousins" and I-- sort of-- appreciate that. But part of me senses in it the tired old LDS attempts to distance themselves from their polygamist past.

Even in the author interview at the end she only refers to the people she researched as "polygamists," not as what they call themselves: The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The average LDS member that I have encountered is colossally ignorant about polygamy, and I have talked to more than one who insisted that Mormons never practiced it and only anti-Mormon propaganda says otherwise. Now, there HAVE been a wide variety of Christian and pseudo-Christian denominations that practice a wide variety of sexual abnormality, including groups where everyone was married to everyone else.

Examples: a tall, thin prophet, son of the last prophet, the necessity of three wives, the references to blood atonement, the family name "Allred. Families have spiritual visions of who they are to marry and marry, and marry , they, too, witness miracles and feel the presence of God when they pray and sing. And they practice a form of Mormonism that is far, far closer to what Brigham Young taught than anything you will find from the nice boys who show up in pairs at your door, especially since Mormonism has changed so much in recent decades.

Minor notes: why is it that every time Kyra's library is mentioned, it is referred to by its full name: "The Ironton County Mobile Library on Wheels"? The fact that she never even thinks of it as "the library" reeks of "replace all. The boy I knew was nearly twenty, and he had never seen a library before; how could he have? Also, Williams' polygamist cult is stupid.

See a Problem?

The FLDS has taken the precaution to never explain sex at all to its followers, and boys are informed they can get a girl pregnant by looking at them. View all 9 comments. Jul 15, Meaghan rated it really liked it Shelves: childrens-young-adult-fiction , read-in The books share certain similarities: both are about a girl in her early teens who lives in an insular polygamist community and yearns for life on the "outside. Williams's book, however, is much darker than Hrdlitschka's. I think the focus is also different.

Hrdlitschka tried very hard to present all sides of the polygamy issue and maintain a neutral point of view. In Williams's story, however, the male leaders of the community are indisputably evil, and one dark event follows another. An infant is deliberately ducked in water and nearly drowned simply because the previous day the adults were unable to stop her crying.

Disabled babies are killed at birth. A teenage girl forced to marry a much older man is accused of adultery and murdered. And so on. Many people might accuse Williams of prejudice against polygamists, but the polygamy seemed almost incidental to the story. Take the polygamy out and you wouldn't lose much. You've still got girls into marriage with men many times their age, the murder of infants, etc. I think the story wasn't about polygamists, it was about an isolated and thoroughly cowed group of people in the grip of some truly terrible leaders. This book could have been about Jonestown.

Or North Korea. The Chosen One is a quick read. Not only is it relatively short at a little over pages, but the atmosphere of suspense -- as the protagonist's wedding date approaches -- kept me rapidly turning pages. I actually found it more realistic than Sister Wife, particularly at the end. The ending is ambiguous and it's clear that the girl and her family's troubles are far from over, but it was about as hopeful as you could reasonably expect. I liked the story a lot, but it's not for everyone. The sheer darkness of it, and the violence, make it lean towards the older end of the YA spectrum, though the protagonist is only thirteen.

View all 10 comments. Apr 24, Kristi rated it liked it. This novel was nothing short of spectacular. This is a very intense topic and I was glad to see it represented in a young adult novel.

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I was enraged, disgusted, and saddened by this novel. I never once questioned her desire to stay. Why would you not? To leave your family and everything you have come to know. I only hope that I would posses that t This novel was nothing short of spectacular. I only hope that I would posses that type of courage, that she must have had to posses in order to leave. And yet the other end contains the darker side, the killing of defective babies, beating, and tortuous discipline. There was one aspect that bothered me, and it had to do with the cell phone. And perhaps it was just me, but for as completely forbidden everything from the outside world was, I find it very hard to believe that Kyra could operate a cell phone with such ease.

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Mar 11, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: youngadult. A heart-breaking work of great beauty. Williams delves into the conflicted heart of a young girl, raised in a strict polygamous sect, who is trying to break free. She is bound to marry her year-old uncle in a matter of weeks, something that she would rather die than do. But if she defies the church, what will the consequences be for her family? And if she leaves it all behind, will she ever see anyone she loves again? Gripping from the first page, beautifully written, piercing.

Out here. Just us. Just The Chosen Ones. Choose who you want to marry, or how many spouses your husband marries? How many children you want? What you can read, watch, do? We seem to take it all for granted, and in this harrowing read, Carol Lynch Williams takes us into the world of Kyra Leigh Carlson, who has the ability to choose none of the above. Thirteen-year-old Kyra Leigh lives with her twenty brothers and sisters, three mothers, and father in isolation in the Utah desert under the watchful eye of the Prophets.

The temptation to disobey and want more is too much to take. You peer over the side, you might fall. You might lose what you have. A plan. And a boy. But with all that has been In the media about different albeit horrible incidents involving cults, it only stirs the pot in a particularly fascinating subject matter.

The author takes us inside what it might be like to live in a place and a religion like that. How so little freedom they have compared to us that it might as well be that they live in a third world country. No rights to their bodies, no right to their ideas, no right to say or do what they please. There were some parts of the book where I could feel myself breaking out into a sweat, and my heart start to race because the writing was so raw and visceral.

Stop being a curmudgeonly grandma. I also was a bit confused at the interspersing of verse sections in this novel. They were interspersed randomly throughout and with little thought or motive. The Chosen One is a harrowing, haunting read with a main character that will stay with you long after the final page has turned, and will have you counting your blessings that you have the simple, blessed freedom to choose.

Stay home. Stay close. Aug 17, Kristy rated it really liked it. Google polygamy.

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That's what this book is about. More specifically, it's from a 14 yeR old girl's perspective. Reading this was uncomfortable yet captivating. Things that were written actually have happened Spoilers ahead: That ice cube scene with the baby just about finished me off. I just can't stand reading such cruelty. The fact that the father was just going to stay put and let his daughter be married as a 7th wife to a man The whole little community saving the younger girls for these old power tripping perverts made me fume.

The nerve of these grown men, beating a little girl!!! Just no! I fume at What happened to this girl, kyra. But, I do not fume at her Specificly. She has no power. For her to escape was truly a miracle. These people are psychotic. And, they run around quoting the bible? No, no sirs! The bible clearly states multiple times we were made to be one man and one women in marriage I don't want to get into a religious battle, but I don't get where the polygamists get their basis? I really don't want to start a fight hehere Lord have mercy!

I did not do a good job of selling this book to future readers, but it really us good. Its littered with unfortunate events, but hopeful ones as well. This was also a less than 24 hour read read So if you're looking for short and powerful Jul 19, Aria Love rated it it was ok Shelves: weak , weird , crappy-ending , strange , meh. Well upon reading the summary, I was intrigued. I like learning about polygamist communities because they're so unique However, this book started off promising, but by the end I was puzzled and very annoyed.

Here we have the main character Kyra, a kind and interesting main character who falls in love with someone she shouldn't love. We meet her family and siblings who are all charming. Then we meet the enemy, the Prophet who insists that Kyra marries her cruel uncle who already Well upon reading the summary, I was intrigued. Then we meet the enemy, the Prophet who insists that Kyra marries her cruel uncle who already has a bunch of other wives. As always, I try not spoil much, but I will say this: The majority of the novel was truthful.

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