Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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The truth is that there are other levels of consciousness that are left unexplored.

Stepping into Your 5th Dimensional Self~Sacred Journey Course

The idea of dimensions may begin to sound like it has fallen straight out of a sci-fi movie but ultimately, dimensional states are quite factual. Spiritual dimensions go beyond the physical dimensions. Dimensions of the physical world relate to how many axis of movement an object has. A picture on a piece of paper is two-dimensional.

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We are three-dimensional beings. The 4 th dimension is time, still a physical dimension somehow, but more like the bridge between the physical dimensions and the spiritual dimensions as we are unable to see or experience it within our 3-dimensional world.

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New E-Book: The Path to the 5th Dimension by Jacques Tombazian

The 5 th dimension is the first major spiritual dimension and 5th dimension ascension is not something to be taking lightly. Let it be noted that these dimensions are not places but rather states of being that our souls experience. We as mortal being experience a wide range of emotions and energies: some positive and some negative.

That is what we call 5 th dimension consciousness which we achieve upon completing the 5th dimensional shift. Unfortunately there is no quick route to achieve such a monumental task.

What is the Fifth Dimension? | Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

We are moving more rapidly in new directions and opening to a consciousness that is truly something new on earth. I am sure many of you are already seeing, feeling and living in this new energy. We are realizing our abilities and responsibility to fulfill the parts and pieces of our destiny, to be of loving service to others and to our world. We have the Power of the Divine Spirit within us!!

The key is to be conscious in the now of what is going on around us, influencing our world in all dimensions and listening to and acting on the voice of the Divine Spirit within.

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