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Timeline: The Signal Asset creation dialog will no longer throw exceptions when canceled on macOS This has already been backported to older releases. UI: Dirty the canvas batch when a element is enabled. This will ensure it gets put back into the render order UI: Fix performance issues with animation by not dirtying the layout if a animation updates the items. UI: Fixing issue where assigning a togglegroup or changing isOn would not set the toggle as dirty.

UI: Fixing issue where rich text tags would get verticies generated causing very large vertex buffers. UI: Fixing performance issue with CanvasGroup getting notifications all the time This has already been backported to older releases. UI: Recreate the gfx buffer if the stride size changes. UI: removing sprite mesh caching optimization as it was causing too many issues This has already been backported to older releases.

UI Elements: Fixed potential instability or non-determinism caused by loading a resource from a static InitializeOnLoad constructor. UI Elements: Property field layout computations for Vector data types This has already been backported to older releases.

Version Control: Fixed version control window selection highlight being of wrong color in Linear color space. Version Control: ProjectSettings and QualitySettings mark themselves as "modified" much less often, when setter APIs with identical values as before are called on them. Video: Fix for crash when trying to Play a VideoPlayer when running with -nographics UI Elements: New floating tool windows available for GraphView-based products note that each individual product is responsible for enabling them.

Universal Windows Platform: Removed icons that were only used on Windows 8. Video: Legacy MovieTexture Theora-based video playback system has been removed. Use VideoPlayer instead. Android: Allow custom UnityPlayerActivity implementations modify the command line arguments passed to Unity during startup. Editor: Added a toggle to the scene camera settings to disable infinite acceleration when navigating with flying mode.

Added a popup and a console warning that notify users of performance being lower when Coverage is enabled.

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Graphics: Vulkan texture creation during async load optimised to remove hitches for large textures. Package Manager: Added a new git attribute to the PackageManager. Package Manager: Added conflict resolution information logging in upm. Package Manager: Conflicts are no longer reported as errors when the requested dependency of a package is satisfied by a greater major version. Particles: Expose the "particle" property in the EmitParams, so users can easily override every proeprty of emitted particles.

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Shaders: Added an checkbox in Graphics Settings to enable logging information about shader compilation at runtime development and debug only. Shaders: Adding for C keyword stripping local keywords support. Improving performance for variant shader variant finding. Timeline: Scrolling horizontally with either the mouse wheel or track pad now pans horizontally in Timeline's clips area. Timeline: Scrolling with either the mouse wheel or track pad is now context-sensitive in Timeline.

It zooms if the pointer is above the clips area, it pans everywhere else. Below SM3. Universal Windows Platform: Player Settings inspector will now warn when selected icons are too large and will fail Windows App Certification Kit tests Version Control: Added a confirmation dialog for moving or renaming folders under version control This enables several scenarios like transparent window to be used once again XR: [Lumin] Added support for the "Lumin world microphone", which can be selected by that device name via Microphone.

Asset Import: ModelImporter. Audio: New AudioSettings. Package Manager: Renamed the UnityEditor. Profiler: Add EditorConnection. UnregisterConnection, EditorConnection.

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UnregisterDisconnection, PlayerConnection. UnregisterConnection, PlayerConnection. Shaders: Marked ShaderUtil. ClearShaderErrors obsolete and replaced it with ShaderUtil. Renderers such as this should be sorted according to Sorting Group order. Android: Fixed Keystore path to work with specific chars space, comma, etc Android: Report keyboard layout to input system package Animation: Fixed crash when removing a state in the animator controller state machine Animation: Fixed humanoid bones not restored to previous values when stopping Animation Window preview Animation: Fixed mouse press events so that Animator window does not get stuck in Pan mode Animation: Fixed out of bounds index in mecanim valuearray causing crash Asset Import: Fix plugins marked as compatible with any platform not being copied to Lumin build archives.

Asset Import: Fixed a crash when importing a corrupted mesh asset Asset Import: Fixed Alpha is Transparency field in image importer not resetting to false when switchng to default type Asset Import: PluginImporter does not change metafile while opening a project anymore. Editor: After a player build finishes, scripts are no longer recompiled for the editor. Recompiling of scripts was an unnecessary step that existed due to legacy reasons.

By skipping this step, finishing a player build now takes a shorter amount of time. Editor: Error when switching scenes while the Editor section of Project Settings is open Editor: Fix fail to load editor window leaves an unclosable unmovable window Editor: fix issue with null reference exceptions while previewing textures during asset import Editor: Fixed an issue where the drop down menu freezes when opening a menu-drop down that contains large strings with unicode characters.

Editor: Fixed extra fields appearing in the Inspectors of some assets. Editor: Fixed potential null reference exception errors that might occur for the editors that implement OnSceneGUI Editor: Fixed the missing script issue upon minimize and maximizing the editor application. Editor: Fixed to calculate GlobalMatrix correctly when parenting to a scaled and rotated object.

Unity 12222.3 alpha

Editor: Improved error message when Unity tries to load an arbitrary file as though it's a Unity created serialized file. GetVSyncsPerSecond GI: Color coding of lights in the shadow mask scene view mode now matches their corresponding shadow mask channel color. GI: Don't create Enlighten worker threads in headless mode GI: GPU lightmapper: Fix incorrect over darkening at primitive intersection in conjonction with dilatation. GI: Progressive lightmappers will now skip baking lightmaps and shadow mask if there are no affecting light sources lights, emissive or environment.

Graphics: Add UnityEngine. Graphics: Create texture now occurs on a thread in cases when async loading to update an existing texture. Graphics: Ensure deterministic results for ASTC compressed textures with block sizes 10x10 and 12x Graphics: Expose adjust culling between shadow cascades for directional lights in SRP Graphics: Fix a regression that can cause increased draw call count when using static batching.

Graphics: Fixed OpenGL 4. Graphics: Fixed rare crash with GPU skinning and blendshapes Graphics: Fixed upload of compressed texture which sizes are not a multiple of the block size Graphics: macOS: Display. RelativeMouseAt behavior improved, document default return value of Vector3. Graphics: tencil Rendering States do not get updated when setting via Shader.

SetGlobalInt Input: Apple Pencil will be correctly recognized on iOS in the new input system on newer iPad devices Kernel: Fixed job index allocation contention which could cause multiple seconds of stalling while using jobs.

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Linux: Fixed issue when a locked cursor miscalculates the mouse move delta when the game view is too close to the edge of a monitor. Linux: Fixed not being able to set any resolution on the Linux player when the requested resolution matched either the width or height of the native desktop resolution. Linux: Input. Package Manager: Fixed an issue where packages would not get automatically resolved after repairing the package.

Particles: Apply fade and soft particle properties to the Emissive color of the Standard Particle Shaders. Physics: Child Collider2D in a different Z position now renders correctly when displayed outside of "2D" view mode. Physics: Editing a Collider2D now stays in edit mode when making any collider change. Physics: Removed the hidden MeshCollider component that was added to all the Cloth game objects for the brush placement Physics: Rigidbody2D interpolation set during runtime now correctly interpolates.

Physics: The implicitly created static ground-body is now not shown in the static body count in the profiler 2D physics area. Prefabs: Fix reverting object override not working on Prefab instance inside Prefab Asset and throwing errors. Prefabs: Fixed drag and drop replacing of prefab when dragging variant to project folder. Prefabs: Override indicator didn't show when the Renderer Module was enabled or disabled in the Particle System Prefabs: ParticleSystemRenderer appeared when the ParticleSystem component was removed from the prefab instance Prefabs: Prevent removing or altering components on immutable Prefab Assets via component context menu.

Profiler: Fixed non matching Profiler. EndSample errors printed in console when closing player with connected profilier Net Apis Terrain: Fixed -Terrain Need to remove. Timeline: Fixed wrong context menu appearing when right clicking a marker in the marker track Values are persistent. Version Control: Fixed bug that would make text assets with binary sub-assets have an incorrect file type flag sent to Version Control plugin i. Version Control: Fixed Provider methods not updating Editor after changes to assets are made Video: Fix camera culling mask for VideoPlayer WebGL: Fixed audio playback issues with multithreaded builds WebGL: Fixed networking issues with multithreaded builds Windows: Fix Touch.

Radius always returning 0 on Windows Editor and Standalone Player Windows: Fixed locked cursor getting placed slightly off center in the editor and the standalone player XR: XR. Characteristics is a new series of flags describing how an XR device works, and what kind of features it can have.

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As a result XR. Role is now obsolete. OnConfigChanged now let's you know if a an InputDevice has changed it's characteristics at without disconnecting. GetDevicesByCharacteristics now let's you filter devices by characteristics.

Unity 12222.3.0 Alpha 4

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