Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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He used to taunt the police and the press by sending along these, uh, coded messages. Now, if this guy's playing by the same rules, we could be in luck. Evan, send this over to the FBI. See if they can crack it. Any eyewitnesses from last night? Sort of. Hey, Joe. Fascinating article about bike seats causing low sperm count. Oh, yeah? It's not the bike seats, it's the bike shorts. Man, those hills don't seem as steep when you're driving 'em, you know? Hey, why don't you guys give me a lift to the next location Joe, no, man, your inspiration to go undercover like this to nab these yuppie drug dealers, man, that was brilliant-- I don't want to blow that cover.

Get out of here. Bye-bye, Joe. Then a silence, then a gunshot. After a moment, the car door opened. One man, not too heavy, got out. He walked south across Washington. He turned, went about half a block. Then another door slammed. Engine started up. He made a U-turn and traveled east on Washington. That's when I lost him. You can tell a lot from sound. For instance, I can tell by the lowered intonation at the end of your words that you don't think I'm a very good witness.

By the way, love your tie. She said she heard him get into a car in the Richmond District. That's all permit parking, so with any luck he got a ticket. Let's run all the citations issued last night in a five-block radius. I'm all over it. How were the Olympic trials? Hey, don't you start, too, man. I've been getting a ration from everybody. Speaking of rashes, sounds like you're getting a little chaffed there in your thighs.

Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am. You got any thigh cream, dear? Nah, fresh out. When are you gonna blow off this bike patrol deal and get on this case with us?

Dexter (TV Series –) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

Hey, soon as I take these drug dealers down, I'm there. Anybody care to see a grown man get humiliated in a bike race? By a ten-year-old, Joe? Go, go, go, go, go! So, this is what a pension buys you when you retire, huh? No, no, his ex-wife got that. This is what was left over. Yeah, I'll be right out. Yeah, Dale, I, uh, see you got a made a lot of progress there on your boat. What do you think, you're gonna have that in the water? Say hello to Evan Cortez. Evan, it's good to meet you. Pleasure, sir. I hope Nash here is teaching you half as much as I taught him when he was a rookie.

Yeah, Nash told me what a hard-ass you were. NASH: He's had plenty of experience dealing with young bucks with hoof-and-mouth disease. Yeah, amazing how you got cured. Yeah, I wouldn't jump to conclusions, bubba. Oh your serious look-- what's up? Want to take a little stroll down memory lane? Handwriting's a perfect match. The, uh, jagged, almost childish scrawl. And this, well, yes, this is the same as in Upper left section of the victim's shirt.

Oh, yeah, the killer's done his homework. Homework-- the assumption being that this isn't our old friend? Nah, it's not like the Zodiac to fade away for 20 years. Maybe he doesn't fade away-- he's in the joint on some unrelated beef, gets out, and finds he hasn't lost the taste.

I'm not buying it. Zodiac was far too imaginative to come back and reenact his old crimes. Okay, so it's a copycat. A very good one. I hope you hang the bastard up by his toenails. Well, you gonna help me or not? Oh, I'm a Zodiac expert. You need a Zodiac copycat expert. Copycat or no, this killer thinks like the Zodiac.

I need somebody on my team who can do the same. Your team? You want my advice about your team? You get a few fellas here like Evan, and make sure that they do what you say, not what you do. Let us old guys enjoy their retirement. Evan, I want you to go down to the dead files department and get copies of everything SFPD has on the original Zodiac case.

It's too bad he's not gonna help us. Are you kidding me? I've chummed the water, baby. He'll take the bait. You think so, huh? And, Evan I don't want you coming back in 20 years and pulling this crap on me. Man, you would not believe what a hassle it was to get this stuff photocopied. You'd think I was taking gold out of Fort Knox. I mean, they had paperwork up to here, everything had to be triple approved. Hey, Lieutenant, you think maybe, uh, after you get your promotion, you can you do something about streamlining the process? You know, maybe getting rid of some of this B.

Well, Cortez, it's captain, not king, okay? Yeah, but, uh, eventually you're gonna be king, right? Hey, Touch and Go Messenger Service. You're not the normal messenger. Uh, no, he's, uh, out sick today. So did he mention to you about our arrangement? Oh, yeah, yeah. He explained everything. No problem. Meet me in the storage closet down the hall in two minutes. Two minutes. They ought to make me captain. Now slip them on. We only have ten minutes. Get naked and sit on this!

What are you doing here? Solving a puzzle. Hey, what's an eight-letter word for "sudden plunge? Tell me, how come you're not at Shady Acres? Two words: Joe Dominguez. Uh, you want to, uh, elaborate on that? Well, you remember those two girls Joe brought over for my bachelor party?

Drunken passenger who mowed down cabbie with his own taxi gets life for murder

Uh, Ebony and Ivory? Oh, no. Yeah, them. Well, it was old Earl Goldman's and I wanted to do something special for him.

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So I had Ivory over to sing "Happy Birthday. And they blamed me. Can you believe it? No, I can't. Hey, Daddy. Uh, hi, brat. Uh, how come you didn't tell me your grandpa was here? You didn't invite him for the weekend? No, apparently he's here on a Dominguez fellowship. Where were we? Um, catch up on it later. Go on. Well, they booted me. Hell, the way I see, it's the best thing could've happened, you know? Those money-hungry swindlers rip us off every month, anyway. Here's to freedom. Hopefully they won't check in with Shady Acres. I can take care of myself.

That's practical. You haven't worked on that since you were a rookie. Yeah, brother Nash, we got another victim. Yeah, better get down here. Waterfront and Third. Got female Caucasian, early 30s. Ligature marks on the throat, multiple abdominal wounds, sharp object. Two deaths, two days. Well, at least he's leaving us a little more evidence. I guess he has been busy the last 20 years. What the hell is that? I didn't even know they made those radios anymore.

Got me down here, didn't it? Cut the crap. We both know what got you down here. Oh, don't get all soggy-eyed on me. I heard the call, figured I'd better get down here before you tied your sorry ass into a pretzel. Come here. I want to show you something. Stab pattern. Awfully familiar- looking, isn't it? Like I said, this guy's done his homework. Of course, anybody with a library card could've boned up on Zodiac's handiwork. Yeah, but there were some things we never told anybody, remember? Of course I remember. Well, I'm glad your photographic memory is shipshape, 'cause we're gonna need all the gray matter we got between us on this one.

What do you mean "we," paleface? I thought all I needed was a couple of guys like Evan. Who the hell told you that? Hair and fiber results inconclusive. Too many people in and out of that cab all day long. I'm assuming no prints either, huh, Evan? And the chemical results were pretty useless as well. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

There was, uh, some toluene, ammonia, stuff that's commonly used in, like, car cleaning fluids. What about the parking tickets? Uh, traffic came back with two dozen tickets written last night. Use Harve if you need him. Not much, but it's all we got. Whoa, incoming! Ho, it's the lone stranger. Hey, Tonto. Stay there, boy. I'll get some air for your tires. Joe Dominguez, is that you? Well, as I live and breathe. Dale Cutter, how the hell are you? How's the wife? She dumped me in ' Hey, you're better off. How about the kids? I call them every Christmas and on their birthdays, but I haven't seen them in a while.

I guess they finally got tired of the old man trying to micromanage their lives. Can you imagine, anybody finding me difficult? That's ridiculous. So, Joe, you gonna jump out of that cat suit, give us a hand on the case? Yeah, as soon as I slam the door on this one, I'm on. I just came by here to dump some paperwork off, and, uh, got to hit the trail, partner. Good seeing you. Don't forget the, uh, brakes are on the handlebars. D-Don't do that! Hey, ha! This is a list of probables. Well, while you were surfing the Net or whatever you call it, I was using an old-fashioned device we used to call a telephone.

I did a little checking on my own. I think I know who you're looking for: Richard Fraker.

Match Art to Artist - Lineup - Cut

Dale, that was one of your suspects The first eyewitnesses put Zodiac's age at late 20s. That's Which means he'd only be in his mid 50s today. Y-You wanted my help, I'm offering it. So, look, have you, have you checked Fraker out? What if I'm right? Don't you think it's worth a drive? What do you got? A lot. But here's the clincher. He went into Folsom for a manslaughter rap, he got out three weeks ago.

You do the math. You got an address? Hey, I got to leave something for you to do. What, are you getting mellow in your old age? Evan, Richard Fraker. Call us in the car. Will do. You still got that little pea shooter? Don't leave home without it. Damn, I sure hope it works. Kind of like old times, huh? No, no, in the old times, I'd be in front. Oh, your mama. Still think we're on the wrong trail? Come on out of there, Rich. Nice and slow. Put that knife down right there. Over in the chair. Move, move. Nice decor. Although I wouldn't count on getting my deposit back anytime soon. What are you gonna arrest me for, illegal possession of rat intestines?

How about 49 counts of murder, Richie? Oh, well, I been in prison for 18 years. Where you been the last 48 hours? Hey, Rich, read that right there. Is there anything else? He's not the guy. Sorry, Rich. What are you talking about? Oh, uh, one word of advice: air freshener. Where you going?

What the hell was that all about? What's the one thing that every Zodiac eyewitness described about our killer? That he's white. Besides that. Uh, thick glasses. He wasn't wearing any contacts. And I doubt that Folsom prison popped for a radial keratotomy while he was doing One other thing: this guy in here is left-handed. And we both know that the real Zodiac is right-handed. Okay, he could be the copycat.

Our eyewitness would've ID'd this guy's limp. That must be why I cleared Fraker 20 years ago. I must be rustier than I thought. What was that? What's that I'm hearing? Was that humility? Yeah, well, soak it in, kid, 'cause it's the first and last time you're gonna hear it from me. Hey, guys. Merry Christmas. I think I'm getting some shin splints, man. Well, you wouldn't want to blow your cover, Joe. Well, how would you feel about me blowing my aorta. Would that make you happy? I can't believe it. Girls What? Are you kidding? All right, Joe, let's draw up a tactical plan.

Uh, okay, let's see. Okay, we got a warehouse here that's been converted to a storefront. Uh, it's freestanding, okay. What is this, art criticism or a takedown? MAN over radio : as well as on offense. Ball is inbounded for Davis, the team captain door bursts open Police! Now get over there, and don't move, right there. Didn't you mother tell you not to run in the house? I say shoot him.

That's a little extreme, isn't it, Joseph? Weakest link in the chain grunts is at the anchor, pilgrim. Dominguez laughs Brava. See that, bad guys? That was good. Grandpa are you supposed to be in Dad's stuff? Honey, I'm your grandparent, okay? I used to decipher codes back when I was in the Navy signal corps. And I was pretty good at it, too.

Comedian, Musician, Wrestler

Just don't wreck anything, all right? You know, Nash, I've been following your career, and I must say, I'm real proud. Thanks, Dale. No, I mean proud of me, I taught you well. Let me ask you something. How are you doing out here? I mean, are you okay? Better than okay. No lawn to mow. No traffic. No obnoxious neighbors. Best damn sunset in the world. And it's all free. Nothing's free, bubba. It's just a matter of how you end up paying for it. What turned you into a cynic? Hanging out with you. I got my boat, got my books, got my 'Niner tickets. No regrets? One, maybe. Too much work, too little family.

And I realized it too late.