Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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London , Calligraphy. British Library , , 25 cm , p. Prix : GBP 20, ISBN : index. Les fragments les plus anciens fin VII e s. Au cours du X e s. Une bibliographie restreinte agre p. Balard Michel. Paris , vale. This office is securely attributed fol to the composer and music theorist of Reichenau , Hermannus Contractus d. Baldini Nicoletta. Riflessi dell '' Arbor di Ubertino da Casale nella pittura del Vitae.

Studi Francescani , , , Trecento. Assise des , S. Cinq d '' entre elles , d '' un grand raffinement d , font ici l '' objet d '' une reproduction en couleur :. Baltes Matthias. VI 1 : Anmerkungen zum Text. Papiri filosofici F. Olschki , , pp. Torino , Analysis , F. Barbierato F. La letteratura magica di all '' Inquisizione veneziana fra '' e '' Draelants comme. Bausi Francesco. La sconosciuta redazione originaria delle Invective contra medicum Francesco Petrarca Libro I in un codice di di.

Rinascimento 45 , , pp. Barigazzi Adalmo. Barrette Paul. Bartoletti Guglielmo. Bataillon Louis-Jacques. Baldwin Spurgeon. Plato '' s Parmenides. Magia , alchimia Nel frattempo , scopo di approdare alla definitiva edizione critica allo del testo , ho proseguito lo studio della tradizione , l '' obiettivo di estenderlo a tutti i quarantuno codici con a me noti delle Invettive Beach Alison I.

Manuscripts and Culture. Reform and Renewal in Monastic Germany. Turnhout , Brepols , Twelfth-Century. Medieval Studies , ISBN : Church. Perhaps riches only subject that is not adequately represented the that of double monasteries per se , one that , despite is recent contributions , remains insufficiently un-. The focus is the place of manuscript derstood in monastic reform , but the essays touch production many other subjects as well.

A wide-ranging introduction by Nigel. Those re-but or discussed include the following : Admonproduced , StiftsB , mss 18 , 58 , 62 , 89 , , , , , , , , , ; Baltimore , Walters Mus. StuLB , 8 o theol. Places origin or provenances represented by these mss of not only Admont , but also Aldersbach , include Domkapitel , Baumgartenberg , Garsten , Bamberg , Heilsbron , Herrenchiemsee , Indersdorf Heiligenkreuz , Klosterneuburg , Lambach , Lippoldsberg , , Oberaltaich , Ranshofen , Regensburg St. Mondsee , Reun , Salzburg Domkapitel , St.

Beck Patrice. Approche codicologique et diploma-d des cherches des feux bourguignonnes tique ISBN : contres. Bayer Clemens M. Celui-ci , conserve autant que les filigranes permettent de l '' affirmer pour , vient d '' abord d '' Italie , ensuite de France un la Bourgogne , mais surtout Troyes. Il n '' y a en revanche l harmonisation de la mise en page. Bennett Philip. Essais sur le Moyen Bel Catherine. D et le ms.

Ci faillent Ici fenist Tyssens , op. Die theologischen lateinischen in Octavo der Staatsbibliothek zu Handschriften Preussischer Kulturbesitz. Teil 1 : Ms. Beschrieben von Beate theol. Wiesbaden , Harrassowitz Verlag Braun-Niehr. Staatsbiblio-zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz. Erste thek , 3. ISBN : Reihe.

Le parmi. La plus partie de ces mss datent du XV e s. Signalons quelques mss exceptionnels : dessins. Bernhard Michael. Die Thomas von zugeschriebenen Musiktraktate. VIII p. Bayerische Akade-der Wissenschaften. Bertelli Sandro. La Commedia all '' antica Firenze , Mandragora , , 27 cm. C '' est dans le sillage de travaux que S. Bertrand Paul — Meriaux Charles. Aubert , s. Bettiolo Paolo. Aspetti di letteratura gnomica un mondo antico II. A cura di Maria Serena nel.

Florence , Leo S. Olschki Editore , Funghi. Theanus : Sin. BL bulletin codicologique , 2. Pythagoras : BL , Add. Menander : BL , Add. Sestus : BL , Add. Add : BL , Add. Gnomologion : Sin. Hiersemann , Katalog ; na , Mardin Plato , Diogenes , Socrates and others Vat. Platonic Definitions 7. A : Sin. Touwaide BAV. Beullens Pieter. Dans deux mss datant du XIII e ''. Biesheuvel Ingrid. Die pelgrimage vander menscheliker creaturen.

Hilversum , Verloren , , 24 cm , BMH. Middeleeuwse studies en bronnen , Berlin , cien , germ. Le ms. Querite primurenz regnum Dei Obwohl Marignola von Karl IV. Prag , NK , I D schwachen. Birkhan Helmut. Bischoff Georges. Blumenfeld-Kosinski Renate. A Companion to Jean Gerson , p. Allying himself with the secular mance. Christine de Pizan although the latter was writer concerned with the work '' s antifeminism , more he saw it as corrupting morals , Gerson whereas on the cleric Jean de Montreuil and the brothers took and Gontier Col. Bogaart Saskia. Geleerde kennis in de Van den proprieteyten der dinghen volkstaal Haarlem in perspectief.

Hilversum , Verloren , , 24 cm , p. Arteslitera-in de Nederlanden , 4. De proprietatibus rerum. De diversis artibus , Pour ce qui est des versions en artibus. Le livre proprieteyten. Le ch. Les deux ch. Paris , BNF , fr. Boissavit-Camus Brigitte. Legenda aurea. Querite primum regnum der ,. Men lest van Wenselaus , die in einer Hs. Einige Motive und Formulierungen geschrieben eher der ersten Etappe der Wenzelslegenden entsprechen.

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Der Vf. Wenzelshagiographie Vorlage ; man kann vermuten , dass er einen Text , der verschiedenartig beeinflusst wurde. The Library of. James Church in Brno in the late 15 th Century St. Querite primum regnum Dei James parish church in Brno Czech Republic. St catalogue is included in a church inventory The with additions from and contains from volumes , mainly liturgical books. Spunar Borst Arno. Schriften zur Komputistik Frankenreich von bis Teil MGH Quellen zur cm. Prix : Geistesgeschichte. From onwards finished , Borst published several influential studies on chronology , e.

Among these compustistical texts ductory find relatively small and unknown tracts , but we extensive anthologies or encyclopedias made in also , Aachen and Salzburg Cologne main virtue of this book is beyond doubt providing The the reader an integral edition based on the of all availabe mss. Each edition is preceded study an introduction , wherein Borst manages to pre-by a valuable status quaestionis without discussing sent problems at great length.

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  6. Inevitably , due to ongoing textual traditions , the critical apparatus is diverging overloaded and difficult to read. This sometimes , however , is of major importance for future book because many fallacies in modern literature scholars early medieval chronology are based precisely on on or inaccurate editions of computistical ignorance. In this regard , it is surprising but refreshing centuries to read ideas in this book on aspects of time by Eco , Milan Kundera and Italo Calvino.

    Umberto , every comprehensive introduction is Unfortunately to be incomplete. It is , for instance , striking deemed in his chapter on critical computists p. At the end of his introduction , Borst observation a detailed list of mss , containing at provides one of the texts for his edition p.

    The first index consists of mss useful the second one of over primary sources and references sorted per chapter. In the third in-with one can find over incipits , i. Bottari Guglielmo. Prime ricerche su Antonio Panteo. Messina , Centro In-Giovanni. Viella , , 22 cm , p. Quader-di Filologia Medievale e Umanistica , 7. Non tamen solam vitam Panthei certe effusius , temptat etiam imaginem praebere narrat amicorum , patronorum , concivium. Ad vitam Panthei continet praesertim de primis annis auctor uti-narrandam alio codice , Venetiis in Bibliotheca S. Marci tur , qui continet seriem Panthei ipsius manu conservato carminum iuvenilium lat.

    XII , scriptorum Enumeratio carminum et descriptio argu- invenitur in libello pp. Eruditum opus menti , sed prae eruditione non semper facile lectu , certe cum auctor non tantum notas in ima pagina praesertim positas addit et eas eruditas! Quod carmina epistolasque inter tantum Latine citat et non etiam vernacule , mea sententia est optimum. Brachmann Christoph. Memoria Fama Berlin , nach. Mann Verlag , , 28 cm , p. Le livre de Ch. Bratislava den. The de-Praemonstratensians bulletin codicologique , 2.

    XII , Bousmanne Bernard. Voir n os , Braet Herman. The mod-local appearance of the book belies its interest. Bratislava in ,. Anhang ]. Volume fragments from archives , museums and institutes music in Bratislava. The introduction critiques the of Rybari and examines the six types conclusions neumes in the fragments at some length : 1. Messine-Gothic , 3. Square , man. Bohemian , 5. Bohemian 4 signs are most characteristic of Bratislava. Brisson Luc. Broun Dauvit et Harrison Julian.

    Chronicle of Melrose Abbey. A Stratigra-The Edition. Volume I : Introduction and Facsimilphic Edition. Prix : GBP XIV : Les AA. IX , fol. XIII , fol. Quoi qu '' il en soit , le rapprochement Anglorum. Braun-Niehr Beate. Brodkorb Clemens. Tock peu. Brown Michelle P. Manuscripts from Anglo-Saxon Age. London , The British Li-the.

    Prix : brary 25, Toron-shelf , Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies , : to. Cambridge , UL , LI. Oxford , Bodl. Durham , Cath. Hannover , Kestner-Mus. Paris , BNF , lat. London , BL , Add. Exeter , Cath. Lichfield , Cath. VI , Trier Psalter. Brussel , Vlaamse Awouters.

    Overheid , , p. Marc van de Wiele , Antiquariaat , Groeninge , 34 , Brugge ]. Vente Livres et Gravures , 10 mars Catalogue publique de vente , 64 pages. Brunetto Latini. Li livres dou Tresor. Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies , Baldwin et P. Bolton Holloway , ex. Burch Sally L. The Lai d '' oiselet , the au vilain and the parable of the sower. Proverbes French Studies , 58 , 1 , , p. Elle constate une grande le entre les proverbes du Lai d '' oiselet et ressemblance des Proverbes aux vilains , mais insiste sur-ceux sur l '' image peu positive du vilain dans le Lai tout ''.

    Buridant Claude. Oxford , Magdalen comme. Vatican , BAV , Reg. Busch Nathanael. Mit einem neu aufge-, Fragment aus dem Bayer. Handschriftenfunde zur des Mittelalters , Sigle B zugeordnebuchs.

    ISBN 9788867326174

    Folgende weitere dieser Pergament-Hs. Cacouros Michel. Isaiah 6. Bugani Fabrizio. Declerck Jean. Prix : Lettres. Il est surtout connu impressionnante. Aucun de de trois mss n '' est l '' holographe de l '' a. Casebier Karen. Fifteenth-Century Studies , Mulieribus , ,. Casebier met en bulletin codicologique , 2. Caroti Stefano. Caldelli Elisabetta. Haug irre. Cavallo Guglielmo. Il calamo e il papiro Firenze , Edizioni Gonnelli , secoli , Papyrologi Florentina , ISBN : ca.

    Editions and Translations:

    Anche dall citazioni delle note si rilevano adeguate modifiche nelle nell '' esposizione e , in qualche caso , nel merito. Si tratta di rilevanti di esposizione paleografica , a testimonianza modifiche del progresso metodologico , raggiunto dal Cavallo oltre un trentennio d '' insegnamento accademico di in greca. In sovracoperta il PSI l. IX del Cavallo. V-VI , individuandola giustamente come imitativa s scrittura del s. D '' altro canto un rotolo di '' Odissea gli consente una interessante verifica dell '' evolversi dell '' angolo dei grassi dal testo origina-dell s.

    II rio. Castaldi Lucia.

    Cavalli F. Tuttavia accanto alla scrittura documen- s. La latino-presenta incidenze reciproche soltanto occasionalercolanese : infatti nella Villa dei papiri esistevano due distinte e separate anche nella conservazione biblioteche logistica , l '' una latina , l '' altra greca , tuttavia e accresciute in uno scriptorium interno gestite. Esclusivamente alla cultura latina , anche comune nella bilingue Villa dei papiri , ci riconduce l '' analisi se del frammento Ryland III.

    Retrodatato dal s. II-III d. Interessante anche l '' ulteriore precisazione centrali dei principi di datazione dei frammenti pa-di reimpiego stabiliti nel da Eric piracei. Il presenza in questo tipo di letteratura si afferma nella codice del s. Al Cavallo il merito dell '' approfondimento paleografico e tutto nell '' approccio al manufatto papiraceo metodologico.

    Ab urbe condita Paris , BNF , fr. Le but tre. Smets die. Cegna Romolo. Magistri Jacobelli De Vindobonae , iuramento. Querite primum ff Dei Querite H regnum Dei Der gleicht Text , dessen Provenienz nicht bekannt ist , Prager aus dem Ceulemans Hadewijch. Memorabele De rationale-passage uit Jan van Mystiek Vanden geesteliken tabernakel. Leuven Ruusbroecs. Ant-Studien over Nederlandse Literatuurgeschiedeniwerpse , Visages d '' antan. Haute-Savoie : ISBN ''. Book de Rubens auquel il servit parfois de Costume.

    Charon-Parent Annie. Chiesa Paolo e Castaldi Lucia. La dei testi latini del medioevo. Strumenti e studi , n. TeTra , 2. Chiesa et L. Saint Ambroise et le de style de la psalmodie. Louis Soltner. Une bibliographie des tra-de D. Saulnier et M. Albert Solesmes dom , , p. L '' impact du politique dans l '' organisation liturgique et musicale. Selon l '' a. Le lecteur trouvera en annexe p. Cohen Jeremy. Synagoga conversa : Honorius Augustodunensis , the Song of Songs , and. Speculum Christianity. XII e s. Expositio in Cantica canticorum d '' Honorius.

    SB de Munich , le ms. SB de Munich fol. Ensuite , l '' a. Il termine avec une comparaison entre celles-ci. Coleman Joyce. Speculum , 78,4 , , p.

    33 giri - Fabrizio De Andre' - Creuza de ma

    Londres , Inner Temple L. Tout d '' abord , Robert Man-par emploie un style assez simple , mais le prologue nyng apprend que cela n '' est pas son propre choix. Londres , BL , Harley Smets les. Collin-Roset Simone. Collection Turnhout. L '' importance des collections domini-en 35 mss , dont un pulpitarium , le ms. La rubrique de la. Enfin , pour l '' analyse du conte-notation , Chr.

    Huglo et l. Huglo Moyen. A Companion to Jean Gerson. Brill '' s McGuire. Companions List price EUR. XXVI-: ; A common thread run-preacher bulletin codicologique , 2. Forgot your password?

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    PDF Preview. Table of Contents. Related Content. In Marco Polo was in China Hans Ulrich Vogel offers an innovative look at the highly complex topics of currencies, salt production and taxes, commercial levies and other kinds of revenue as well as the administrative geography of the Mongol Yuan empire.

    Mining, Monies, and Culture in Early Modern Societies explores substantial and methodological issues in the early modern history of mining for monetary metals and monies of Japan, China, and Europe. The largest group in the thirteen articles presents empirical research on mining, metallurgy, and metals trade in the context of global trade systems. Another group focuses on the effects of money in government and everyday life.

    Several articles investigate scroll paintings and material remains as sources for the history of technology, or apply Geographic Information Systems to the analysis of spatial dimensions of mining areas. Author: Shelley Ching-yu Hsieh. Hidden categories: Articles with Italian-language external links Articles with short description Duration without hAudio microformat Articles with hAudio microformats.

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