Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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One of the eeriest exemplars of unsolved murders took place on the small Bavarian farmstead of Andreas Gruber in the spring of Six people, including two children aged seven and two, were murdered, possibly with a mattock a hand tool similar to a pickaxe and is used for digging and chopping and several other farm tools. All six were dealt blows to the face, neck, and head, shattering jawbones, smashing skulls, and shredding the flesh of some. Two of the victims, Viktoria Gabriel and her mother Cazillia Gruber, received the most brutal treatment, also showing signs of strangulation.

All six bodies were decapitated. They were not discovered until four days after their deaths when the continued absence of seven-year-old Cazillia Gabriel, the daughter of Viktoria, was noted from school. In conjunction with this, several people visited the farm for sales, mail delivery, or contracted machine work and found no one at home. Finally, the rumor of the ghostly emptiness of the farmstead made its way to town and several people went to investigate and discovered the grisly scene. They found the bodies of Andreas, his wife, Cazillia, as well as their daughter, Viktoria, and granddaughter, Cazillia, in the barn.

Two-year-old Josef was found murdered in his cot and the maid, Maria, had been attacked and killed in her own bedroom. Investigators believed that the four in the barn were lured there and killed one by one; seven-year-old Cazillia was found to have ripped her own hair out, leading some to speculate that she witnessed the slaughter that preceded her own death.

I remember seeing this on 48 hours or something a few years ago.

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When I saw this book at my library in the new books section, I just had to read it! Glad I did! Very good book, some parts were hard to read though! Couldn't believe that it took almost 60 years to solve this case. Dec 23, Sarah Tudor rated it really liked it. I'm not a fan of true crime books in general and read this as a "recommended if you liked Serial". The story was well-written for the most part and held my interest.

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Still not a fan of the genre, especially in cold case situations like this one but I'd recommend the book for anyone who is. Dec 02, Robin Dailey rated it really liked it. A true story about the tragic murder of a little girl over 50 years ago and the reopening of her murder as a "cold case. At least it was for me! Jul 26, Amy rated it it was amazing. Great true crime book about solving the oldest cold case yet. Jan 05, Sarah Ewald rated it really liked it. What a heart-breaking book. I remember reading an overview article in the Chicago Tribune last year.

An interesting true crime read. It amazes me that the perpetrator of this crime got away for so long. It blows my mind that he was a policeman. I am so glad that her family finally got justice. Mar 18, Lois Berry rated it really liked it. This was interesting to me because we moved to Sycamore five years after the kidnapping and murder. It was still talked about and parents were cautioned to be vigilant. Interesting book. Mar 09, E. Allen rated it it was ok. The book, Footsteps in the Snow, is a true crime story centered on the longest cold case in U.

On Dec. A man appeared, told him his name, Johnny, and asked if either of them wanted a piggyback ride? Maria agreed to two rides. The first was without incident. The second ride happened while Kathy ran home to grab a pair of mittens. When she returned, Maria and the man were gone. Four months later The book, Footsteps in the Snow, is a true crime story centered on the longest cold case in U.

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Fifty-five years later, her killer was brought to justice. I got this book based on the summary on the back cover. And although the killer received a Life in Prison sentence, the reader feels no sense of closure to the case. I give it two stars. Apr 28, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: This is an interesting read, but probably not for the reasons it was originally written for. And n all fairness, the author may want to consider a follow-up.

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This is a look into what is the oldest cold case in American history. The abduction and murder of little Maria Ridulph led to a 50 year investigation that resulted in the arrest and conviction of a former neighbor, Jack Daniel McCullough, aka James Tessier. This book, written and published two years after his conviction is a true crime This is an interesting read, but probably not for the reasons it was originally written for.

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This book, written and published two years after his conviction is a true crime account of the investigation. However, it is now a look into what happens when an investigation goes horribly wrong. Knowing that going in the book becomes an interesting exploration in how forensic investigation has evolved over the years and also how terribly mishandled this case was from the beginning.

Feb 03, Barbara rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

True story. Very well written. Interesting how in our legal system one person could get away with murder. Time changed everything. Over the yrs our investigation teams became more knowledgeable, skillful. The courts brought Justice. It saddens me that parents would hide knowledge of their sons crimes till their death. I wish we had the power to make them live longer and see they get the same punishment as their son.

Even at the sons age when he went to jail was something but not enough. If you l True story. If you like a who done it crime story you will enjoy this book, it definitely keeps you guessing. The story being told was great, but there was a lot of unnecessary details and information that seemed to bog it down. I had never heard of this case before, but the ending was pretty predictable, even with avoiding the included photographs.

Needs better copy editing done.

footsteps in the snow

Wrong words used, spelling and grammar mistakes galore. I feel I should have just Googled this case to get the story. Feb 07, Kate rated it really liked it. I thought the story was compelling but a bit long. Some of the details seemed unnecessary to me, but it was an easy read and would recommend this book for lovers of true crime.

I think it's cool that my family actually moved to Sycamore shortly after the crime happened so reading about it after hearing my grandmother talk about it made the book that more compelling. Aug 20, Milli rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Jul 21, Shana rated it liked it Shelves: true-crime. Interesting true crime story with a lot of twists and turns. I liked this book but it was long and there were some slow parts, which is why I couldn't rate it 4 stars.

If you love true crime, you will probably enjoy it. Jul 23, Shannon Moskowitz-Wade rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sad but satisfying ending. Dec 16, Patricia rated it really liked it. A lot of twists and turns.

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