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Im continually amazed by people with absolutely no prior knowledge, who blindly head for the nearest Diamonds or Tanzanite or Colombian Emeralds International ever wonder why theyre located almost exclusively in cruise ship ports? Perception is reality, I guess and as long as they think that they stole that piece of jewelry , so be it. Incidentally, these shopping guides are not employees of the cruise line, but independent contractors whose income is derived from the commissions and fees paid by the shops in port yes, being a recommended and guaranteed merchant comes at a price.

Theyre generally free to negotiate their own compensation arrangements, and many do very well. Theres actually a school for these folks www. Take a look its quite an eye-opener. We try to eat vegetarian as much as possible although we do take some liberties when cruising , and were offered some excellent options in both venues. Particularly outstanding was the Indian Vegetarian selection, available each evening at dinner ingredients varied, but we always found it to be tasty and spicy. There was even a tofu steak one evening.

Carnival recently revamped its menu, and most passengers remarked that it was definitely for the better. Interestingly, theres both a didja choice each evening as in, didja ever want to try something a bit out of the ordinary escargot, frogs legs, alligator fritters, etc. Some of the every-day items include a flatiron steak, grilled fish salmon and mahi-mahi , grilled or fried chicken, and even a build-your-own burger. Overall, it was a highly positive experience.

But wait theres more! One of the most popular food venues was Pauls Deli actually just a walk-up window located within the buffet area featuring made-to-order sandwiches corned beef, pastrami, tuna, Reuben, etc. Its an excellent concept. In addition, theres hour pizza Papa John has nothing to worry about , a grill burgers, hot dogs, and even veggie burgers, with all the fixins not bad at all and a Mongolian-style barbecue lunch unusual and nicely done, right down to the woks.

We didnt avail ourselves of this facility, but one couple told us that they enjoyed it immensely; another thought it wasnt worth the money go figure. If you want to spring for the big bucks, theres the Chefs Table, featuring a multi-course feast prepared by the executive chef himself. In all our years of cruising, weve never left a dining room hungry but its your vacation and your money. The staff in all dining venues was exceptional. Our serving trio of Jose, Severo and Isidro were among the best weve ever encountered. Not being ordinary diners, we made several special requests grilled vegetables, for example , and were accommodated without hesitation.

We opted for Your Time Dining, and never experienced a wait. What we noticed was a greater number of tables for two than on any other ship weve sailed. Selections at the buffet were promptly refilled, areas were kept clean, tables emptied quickly no problem finding a place to sit. A word about the dress code essentially there is none. On the five cruise casual nights, anything other than swimwear, tank tops, cutoffs and gym attire is permitted yes, jeans, shorts and t-shirts are fine.

The two cruise elegant evenings are barely a step up There was a smattering of suits and formal wear. The former is self-explanatory, although it morphed into some bizarre vignettes with totally inexplicable costuming. The latter was supposed to be a trip through the Internet we didnt get it, nor did anyone around us.

Both were entirely too long, and a good number of people left before the shows concluded. Scenery and costumes were major initiatives, with lots of changes but they did save money on the girls attire, generally thongs. The two lead singers were ordinary, and sounded like a dozen others weve heard. There were a couple of high spots, however. Lady Hellevia is a stunning Venezuelan entertainer who combines the unlikely dual talents of magic and aerial acrobatics and shes quite good at both. Youve got to be kidding! Most of the audience was visibly annoyed; we were really taken aback by this Unlike other cruise lines, Carnival has a dedicated comedy club, where four performers alternate between family and adult routines.

At best, they were amusing. Theres a reason why theyre not working Vegas. Theres also the usual Karaoke and passenger talent show, although Carnival puts a spin on the latter by having them perform as legends of show business. The participants displayed more bravery than talent. The house bands save for a nice duo that performed in the lobby at dinner time were forgettable. Thomas of Mexico. Weve been to these ports often, and didnt find anything overly enticing this time the ship was our primary destination. Disembarkation zero! This was by far the worst, most ineptly handled departure weve ever experienced.

We were asked to be out of our staterooms by a. We were still aboard at , with absolutely no explanation from anyone other than, Were running a little late. We eventually began the process, slowly moving our way with half the passenger load all of whose numbers were called simultaneously through the one disembarkation point, finally getting off the ship close to four hours after we left our cabin.

Of course, by that time, those boarding for the next cruise had arrived in droves, further hindering our departure from the terminal. We were picked up by a friend, who spent the better part of an hour in the congestion. By contrast, he dropped us off at the same time the week before, and encountered little resistance. Conclusion: Overall, the cruise was OK. Its not something wed go out of way to book but given the price, it was an excellent value.

Would we sail it again? Only if we could get a similar deal its a classic example of, You get what you pay for. There is a further enticement, though. The new as in brand new Carnival Magic will be sailing year-round out of Galveston beginning next month, with the Conquest moving to New Orleans. To sum up, Carnival is not for everyone, largely due to its more relaxed, casual ambience its definitely not your grandpas cruise line.

First-timers abounded and given that they have nothing to use as a benchmark, it was almost certainly a wonderful experience for them. We didnt see any evidence of the common perceptions that Carnival attracts a lower class of people, or that everyone aboard is in their twenties, and hammered most the time we did encounter one individual who was a bit unsteady, but he was at least in his forties. In absolute terms, I dont perceive Carnival to be better or worse than any other cruise line just different. The fact that its not our favorite does not detract from the product.

Its just that there are other cruise lines that are a bit righter for us. Hondagirl 1 Review Written. Departed on Conquest Oct. Embarkation very smooth. On ship by am. Our cabin was ready at pm. Sailed with grandchildren on fall break. The ship is worn in places.

1,604 Galveston Carnival Conquest Cruise Reviews

The crew are always smiling and pleasant. We had open seating We had open seating for dinner in the Renoir dining room. Ate in the dining room on the second cruise night-food was cold. I sent it back and still it was cold and I never received the correct order. I never received a warm meal in the dining room. Other diners complained of the same thing. The food on the Lido deck was warm however, the buffet was very bland.

Most of the time, the food was not recognizable. Not much fresh fruit. Several times no dessert. When we were on the Esctasy the pizza was usually ready, here they made 1 pizza at a time and sometimes had to wait 8 minutes after ordering pizza. My grandchildren loved Camp Carnival. The employees were so very nice. Debarkation was a nightmare. We were in group 2 after self assist and we didn't get off the ship till am. This is my 4th time on Carnival-2nd time on the Conquest within 3 years.

I will probably never sail Carnival again. Blondie70 1 Review Written. First cruise!! Will NOT be our last!! I'll start from the beginning. We had 6 in our party, two of whom were men, so there were a few trips back and forth to get all the luggage to the pier! NOT a nice way to start the trip! Once we got inside, though, with a porter to load and take our luggage, it was a quick process. Did NOT make any difference that we only had birth certificates and no passports.

Everyone was in one line and everyone had to wait! The ship personnel had already told us dinner that night was casual, so some folks changed and some didn't. Really helped us to know what activities were happening each day and helped us plan better since we were with a group. One crew member said even crew members who had sailed for 5 years or more were getting sick. Three of the six of my group were sick! It can totally ruin a trip if you're not prepared with medication. I got information on the ship at the guest services desk about near-by locations beaches, restaurants, shopping.

It's VERY rampant there. Just say no thank you, and they'll move on. Grand Cayman: You have to be ferried to the shore, which was very organized and no problem at all. It was amazing!!! I highly recommend it. They got us back in plenty of time to shop around the pier before heading back to the ship. Cozumel: It was rainy ALL day we were there, so we didn't leave the pier shopping area. We had planned to go to Chankanaab Park, which is a national park and beach and gets great reviews , but with it being rainy and cloudy all day, we just weren't up for it.

I almost wish we would have purchased an excursion because that would have been a reason to get out on the island. It was still beautiful. There definitely were not enough provided. Very fun!! We got lucky this time didn't get to pick our room and were assigned a room just below the buffet restaurant for breakfast every morning and the adult-only pool, which was WAY better than the other pool, which was labeled the "family" pool, but had smoking and drinking all over the place around it.

Nothing beats having all the memories in pics. Cruise Line charges 0, of course. September 4th, - Conquest - Have fun! Sail Date: September This was our first time to cruise Carnival Cruise Lines in quite a long time maybe 10 years. We were surprised to find out we had qualified to become platinum cruisers with 11 cruises in our history.

We sailed out of Galveston because We sailed out of Galveston because we live in the Houston, TX area and this was very convenient and cost effective for us. We received an email to let us know that the ship was coming in late because it had to take a different route due to a hurricane out in the gulf.

Humble Monthly Bundle - October 2018 Review

We were then text-ed to let us know that embarkment was not going to be until p. We arrived at the terminal at about p. I was surprised to see passengers still debarking at this time. My husband unloaded his scooter and waited with our carry-ons until I parked the car at the Lighthouse covered parking lot which was a few blocks down the road. I learned about this lot from other cruisers on the Cruise Critic website. I got right on the bus and back to the ship terminal in a matter of minutes. We got inside the terminal and were directed to a special embarkment desk for Platinum Cruisers.

We got to bypass the lines and were given our sail and sign cards from this area. We got a sign that said we were "VIP's" which allowed us to bypass all the other passengers in the terminal until we got to the gangway for the ship. This was really nice. I really felt bad for the other passengers though because they were only starting to allow them on the ship when we arrived and I'm sure some had been sitting there for hours. I did notice they had juice, water and tea plus bags of chips in the terminal if you were hungry.

It was still a long wait maybe half an hour before we got on the ship. The rooms were all ready by the time they let the people on the ship so you could drop off your carry ons if you wanted to. Our room was on the Lido deck which was very convenient. We went over and had lunch at around p. I was starving.

We had early dinner but I ate so much at lunch, we never made it to dinner. We were in "modified' inside handicapped room on the lido deck. I was used to Carnival's rooms being a lot larger on their older ships; especially handicapped rooms. The room was attractive but wow was it small.

The bathroom was huge. It had a shower seat, many bars to hold onto; and, I believe the toilet was a little higher. The entire floor was flat so that one could roll right into the shower if needed. The goodie bowl contained a ladies' razor, some Suave skin lotion and a sample size of tooth paste. Of course, there is a dispenser on the shower wall that has shampoo and liquid soap in it. We brought a transport chair as well as my husband's scooter and stored it in the shower. You walk into the room and to the left is the bed with just enough room to walk around it.

Straight ahead is a small desk with a mini refrigerator under one side of the desk empty and a vanity backless stool with trash can under it beneath other side of desk. There were 5 drawers on the right of the desk. The first drawer contains the hair dryer which is permanently attached to the drawer. It worked pretty well and cord was long so you could take dryer with you into bathroom.

If you close the door to the room, behind the door, is the closet. One side of the closet was for hanging clothes with 10 permanent hangers in it and the other side had 4 large shelves in it. It was adequate for storage as long as you have soft-sided luggage that fits under the bed. We pulled the scooter into the room and the only place to put it was in front of the bed and desk and you needed to leap over it to reach the bathroom that's not going to happen.

Thank goodness, they told us we could keep the scooter out in the hallway the whole time and didn't need to bring it in. There is no couch or even a chair with a back in the room. This was a little uncomfortable because the only place you could sit was in your bed. There was absolutely no place for entertaining or even putting down a food tray. The TV was tilted in a position that you could just make it out from the bed.

The room was on full air conditioning the whole time but seemed a bit warm. It was not terrible but we would have liked it a bit cooler. We did bring a desk oscillating fan which we could not have lived without. The room was pretty quiet for the most part. Our friends in the modified cabin on opposite side of ship said they heard music some of the night but we didn't. The bed was comfortable. It was a little firm but I like it that way. It was very dark also. Don't forget your multiple plug adaptors, night light and extension cords. There is only one outlet in the whole cabin.

From this we had to plug in two CPAP's, our fan, the night light and charge my husband's scooter and cell phones. We didn't blow any fuses or anything, thank goodness. We did love being on this deck for the convenience of being able to get to the deck at any time and the food. Our room steward was great and even went above and beyond to make up our room late when my husband wanted to sleep. I thought the food and choices were just fine. There was always something to eat that should please everyone. We ate breakfast and lunch on the Lido deck and had early seating dinner at p.

The breakfast basics were the same every day but they always changed it up a little by having french toast one day, blueberry pancakes another, banana walnut pancakes another, etc. They also had chicken and cheese mini quesadillas or mini egg and cheese taco's etc. They had an omelet station also which would make you eggs any way you wanted them. The omelet station outside on the pool deck was the one with the least line. The basics were always fruit, cold cereals, hot cereals, grits, plain scrambled eggs, cold cuts, cheese, some kind of sausage, ham, bacon and pastries.

The coffee was very good. I personally don't like the flavor of Nestea as iced tea but that is what all cruise ships seem to offer. The desserts were much better than I remembered. They always looked much better than they tasted but I found quite a few tasty desserts this time. The fish and chips place was great. They have octopus and shrimp ceviche which was delicious. Their crab and zucchini fritters were good as was the batter coated fish.

The pizza was pretty good. The deli was great for sandwiches. The hot dogs were great; hamburgers OK. There was always a lunch salad bar available which was good along with different country dishes. I didn't try the Mongolian stir-fry or the sushi. On Saturday at lunch time the last day on the way back they have this chocolate buffet with all kinds of chocolate cakes, a chocolate fountain with fruit, marshmallows and lots of stuff to dip in it.

For dinner it was nice to have "every day" options in case you didn't like the choices for the day. Every day you could get fruit cocktail, fried chicken, steak, etc. They also offered a "comfort food selection" such as meat loaf, pot roast, etc. Sometimes I ordered two appetizers and one day I even ordered two entrees. The food was presented very nicely. The wait staff was great and a lot of fun.

They offered this chocolate melting cake with vanilla ice cream every day and I got that three times, it was so good. It like eating hot fudge pieces dipped in ice cream. The last night we ate at the steak house "The Point". They do have a dress code and you must wear long pants to this restaurant. It is a great culinary experience though. It is a great place for a romantic dinner. The food is just gorgeous the way it is presented and the service is impeccable.

I ordered 3 appetizers. I got the French onion soup it was just okay , the crab cake was okay but needed more sauce , and the shrimp cocktail huge shrimp in a champagne dish with garnishments and the cocktail sauce was delicious. I then ordered the surf and turf which is a small fillet mignon and two lobster tails. The fillet melted in your mouth and the lobster was succulent and sweet. The finale was their chocolate sampler which gave you four different glass ramekins filled with different chocolate desserts. It was everything you could hope for in a dessert. It is definitely worth going to this restaurant, at least once.

This was listed as an "easy" excursion but was anything but easy. It was a two hour bus ride up there and a two hour ride back. I believe the description says an hour each up and back. This place is nice but it is too far from the ship for a day excursion so they must have hired race car drivers with maniacal streaks in them as the bus drivers. The entire road is a series of hair pin curves on a non-stop roller coaster.

You had to hang on for dear life to the handle in front of your seat while the driver drove 90 mph at least it seemed that way up this mountain. He would honk his horn as he went around curves and we barely missed at least a dozen cars coming around those corners by half an inch. Thank goodness I took a seasick pill before this trip took another one half way up there as any one prone to motion sickness would be sick as a dog. Many other people were sick. We stopped at the half way point to get "ginger berries" which is what they call ginger ale to settle stomachs.

There was no way you could enjoy the country itself and it was impossible to take pictures because he was going so fast. At the Rum Factory we took a tour of the plant which was pretty interesting. There is even a sign that says if you feel sick, don't go in the distillery because the fermentation smell is horrible and you will really get sick. You got to sample molasses and pure sugar fluids taken directly from the sugar cane.

Once inside, they had a buffet set up consisting of chicken not jerk , beans and rice, salad and rum cake. The food was okay. You then got to sample all of the rums and could take as much of them as you wanted. You needed this to make yourself get back into the bus with this driver. If I had taken a child with me on this tour, I would have made them take me back immediately or hired a cab to take me back.

The cliffs had no railings and I could picture them not finding our bodies for months after flipping the bus into one of these ravines. I realize some excursions do incur some risks, but this really was an accident waiting to happen. I was told that all Jamaicans drive like this after I returned.

I certainly hope not. Played the one and two cent slot machines in the casino and lost my money but played for a couple of hours at least. Went to two of the production shows. Although I usually enjoy these shows, they kind of bored me. The dancers and singers were good enough and the costumes were very nice but the shows themselves could be better. We did love watching movies with the free popcorn outside on the Lido deck. I was surprised to see they didn't have any Art Shows; especially since the theme of the ship is all about art.

The Platinum Club members were able to disembark first and a porter found our luggage. We were out and on our way home a little after a. They did take two passengers off in hand cuffs. I bet they might of had drugs in their bags. All in all, we had a great time. Definitely, the clientele on the ship was a fun, party type crowd. There was a lot of cigarette smoking going on which could be annoying to non-smokers. There was plenty to do on board between game shows, shopping, etc. I always say that a cruise is what you make of it! Go and have fun! HoustonTom 3 Reviews Written.

Disastrous ending to an otherwise decent cruise. This is my 6th cruise and first on Carnival. We chose this cruise because either the wife or I had been to Jamaica or the Cayman Islands, and a good price coupled with a Galveston departure no plane connections made it a good value.

We had heard rumors of the excessive party atmosphere on Carnival ships, so we planned the trip after school resumed to reduce the risk. Unfortunately, that is also the peak of Hurricane season, so we decided to play Hurricane Roulette on the Conquest. The boat was late in arriving because of a medical emergency at the last port. It took 3. The ship is nice but it could use a little sprucing up in some areas like rust around the balcony fixtures.

The dining room had significantly better food than the buffet. On other Cruise lines there seemed to be less distinction between the two. Room: Very nice and comfortable. This was our first balcony stateroom on a cruise, and future cruises will definitely include one. Service: Excellent service from all the staff. Hats off to them. There were many times when I could not get a connection at peak times, and response times were horrible when you do get connected.

Hint: estimate the number of minutes you will need and double it. Also make sure your Pc is fully updated before you get on the ship to avoid downloading updates over the slow connection. Also build favorites at home for all the sites you think you night need weather in port cities for example. Entertainment: The Shows are pretty low rent.

However, there are some very talented bands that play in different locations around the ship. We found one that we really liked and found ourselves planning our evenings to listen to a couple hours of their music. Casino: I like to gamble, and the slots are typical cruise ship odds. Save your money and buy a lottery ticket much better odds. What I missed: Prior cruises had a dedicated TV channel that showed the location of the ship, weather and sea conditions, time to port, etc.

One passenger brought his GPS so he could monitor the ships location. I will include my GPS as part of my standard Cruise gear. What I will remember: As we were leaving the Cayman Islands, A rainstorm just offshore dropped a waterspout within mile of the ship and I got some awesome photographs. Thursday evening I forced her to join me on the balcony as we left Cozumel.

About there was a scream from a balcony on the 8th deck about mid-ship. That general area had been pretty rowdy a couple of evenings, so we first assumed they were party screams. But the tone of the screams was different and continued hysterically. I heard a lady scream He is dead. When we heard the screams, we looked up to see where they were coming from.

Others nearby came out on their balconies in response to the noise, but none of us knew what happened. The wife said she saw crew members in the Bridge running from side to side in a panic fashion.. About the captain came on the emergency intercom it has speakers in every room vs. The only words were Bravo Starboard. By this time it was obvious something was abnormal and it became clear someone was overboard when 2 life rings were thrown overboard at Actual time taken from the pictures I took.

I would estimate it was another minutes before the ship slowed down enough to use the bow and stern thrusters to turn the ship around. I have never seen a ship turn that fast before. After turning we started slowly moving back toward Cozumel. At the wife and I went up to deck 9 open deck so we would have sight access from both sides of the ship. I tried to use the stairs to go up another deck to the stern and was turned away by crew members. I little further forward we were able to use the stairs to go to deck ten.

All of the passengers were crowded off the Port side left railing. The wife saw an officer on the right side talking to 4 people so she walked over to them. She waved me over and the crew member was interviewing two ladies that witnessed the event. The first may have been the lady that we heard scream. She was in her mid-forties and was shaking as she told the story.

She was sitting on her balcony on deck 8 when the person dropped from a higher deck and hit the water face down. She said he never moved as the ship continued to speed past. Her husband was inside the Cabin and did see anything The second lady in her 20s was laying in the sundeck area with another girlfriend and saw a man in his late 20s-early 30s climb up on the railing of deck 10 and jump overboard. She said there was a woman with him and she did nothing when he jumped. No scream. No reaction. By the time she got up and looked overboard he was gone. The cruise director came on the intercom at and announced there was a person lost overboard and the ship was assisting in the search.

By this time it was almost dark and we only saw 2 other small boats searching. They had no searchlights or any ability to see at night. No helicopters or other aircraft were present. Another announcement at pm said the person had been identified and his companions and family had been notified. After a total search time of about 1 hour, it was obvious our ship had stopped searching and we were resuming our return trip to Galveston. We talked to a retired oil driller that owned his own business and drilled offshore wells. In Mexico it is 60 minutes. Another announcement at about pm Friday.

The captain announced over the emergency PA system that the missing guest was still not found and 3 Mexican vessels were still searching. He also announced that our arrival in Galveston was delayed about 1 hour. BS 1 Review Written. We were not expecting much. We had a late, crowded embarkation due to someone jumping overboard on the previous cruise The inside room was nice..

Perhaps I will just Perhaps I will just list the good and the bad: Good: Service.

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We did Anytime Dining. Never waited longer than 2 minutes for seating. Excellent Eggs Benedict had poor sauce, but otherwise, great. Liked the Fish and Chips cafe especially. Duo in lounge was fantastic. They did every song like the original. Especially good at imitating Nat King Cole and B. The production shows in theater were the most lavish I've ever seen on ship. As always, the band was too loud. Very friendly. Rather skimpy activities. Very Big. I never felt the ocean. Decor was French paintingseverywhere. Ceilings, elevators. Bad: Other passngers.

Lots of facial hair, tattoos, drunks. Could a motorcycle be far behind? No one dressed, even on formal nights, it was shorts and tee shirts. At the center Lido pool, there was a big screen setup playing at a pain volume. Lots of Justin Beiber, Michael Jackson. After the first day, few people went there. You could not talk to people next to you. I also thought the yellow hot tubs were unappealig, given how much beer was being consumed The waiters serve drinks to people in the hot tub Only about 40 books available, if you don't count "Principles of Accounting', etc. I'll will book another cruise on this ship.

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  6. Excellent Value Read Less. Large portions of food served; philly steak sandwich, lasagna, etc Large lobster tails still being served, once per cruise Desserts were hit n' miss; sometimes good; sometimes not tasty or weak Is the prettiest of the 3 Carnival ships I've been on, compared with Triumph, Freedom 2. Spread it out during the daytime, like the Punchliner Comedy Shows to alleviate the overcrowding, Carnival!! I thought that by coming to the Punchliner Comedy Show at 12 AM, Midnight, I'd be able to catch a break, but Geez, this is the cruise ship that never sleeps!!

    The lengthy details of just about every aspect you can think of on the cruise I get in to great detail down below, in 13 sectionals appearing below starting with our demographic information. Background Information. There were 5 of us in our group, in 2 different cabin staterooms , that sailed, ages 37, 38, 39, 43, and baby, age 2. This marks my 14th cruise, world-wide, in the past 9 years, and my 3rd cruise on Carnival cruise line, so I've been around the block a few times, having travelled on several other cruise lines in addition to Carnival.

    Travel to Port of Embarkation. We arrived 1 day early, prior to the cruise setting sail. Motel Information. I chose the "Inn at the Waterpark" in Galveston, Texas to stay at, 1 day before my cruise ship departed from Galveston. They provided FREE parking for the entire week. Good thing for us, we came during off-season, in autumn, so we didn't have the noise pollution of all the running kids. The bed was comfortable; not too squishy. Shower stall came with the room only, but no bathtub.

    There were 2 sinks supplied. This location makes for a GREAT stay in the event a person wishes to book a pre-cruise or post-cruise stay, because the motel's shuttle van will take you to Moody Gardens for FREE, and is located within walking distance of the Schlitterbahn Water Park. I especially enjoyed all the many FREE perks I listed above, in the preceding paragraphs, as it made all the difference in my final selection of this motel.

    I chose to stay in the tower building as it was newer, in the back, but all ground-floor rooms, in the main building, have been renovated after Hurricane Ike in They even give you free toothpaste in the event you forget your toothpaste. The only beef I have is that the motel's shuttle driver did not check to see who signed-up first for the shuttle service at the time we were supposed to be picked up. Even coming back from the cruise ship, to be picked-up from the Port of Galveston, it gets very crowded for space in the van, and is very competitive to get the first pick-up.

    So you have to be on the ball, and watch. I recommend trying Healthy Chinese Buffet on 61st street! It's the best Chinese food I've had. Ship Information. Your Carnival Conquest ship has the following attributes: - Refurbished in - 2, passenger capacity based on double occupancy - , tons - ft in length - Total crew size of 1, - First entered in to service in the year, - Has a jumbo-sized seaside theatre movie screen on the pool deck.

    Stateroom We were upgraded to a Category 4F, Inside cabin on deck 7, after first originally booking in a 4A bottom feeder category on deck 1. For this reason, I will be avoiding Carnival cruise lines again even though I was able to FINALLY get it honored, and get a substantial on-board credit issued for the price differential drop, I should not have had to go thru this much hassle. I had to really hold their feet to the fire on this one.

    Also, understand that with Carnival Cruise Lines, once you place that deposit downpayment, you cannot get it back, like the other cruise lines, if you decide to cancel, before final payment date Okay, on to the stateroom itself The inside cabin stateroom was square feet.

    Most inside ship cabins are smaller than this, between to sq. We were situated in a very good location, mid-ship, on the 7th deck, not far from the main elevator farm of 10 lifts. One NEW feature Carnival has recently added was the addition of an amenities bowl on the lavatory sink which includes a bottle of body lotion and razors, as well, for no extra fee -- something complimentary that the other cruise lines don't yet offer.

    In general, I had no problems with space in our stateroom which had 2 people in it, for a 7-day cruise. The bed was as comfortable as any bed I've slept in on a cruise line, and I appreciated its FIRM spring mattress -- most of them are usually sunken hammocks worn-out by pound people, that turn them in to sling shots, that you sink in to, but not this time.

    The air conditioning worked fairly well, but had a cap on how cold it would get. The same was true for our travelling partners in their stateroom on Deck 1. The air conditioning had a limit to how cold it would get. On the final sea day, coming back, the ship was shaking like it had Parkinson's or epilepsy, not rocking or pitching from waves , but just mechanical, which became annoying from time to time, because it caused the upper trim metal fixtures in our stateroom to rattle noisily, for which I had to push in from time to time to get it to stop.

    To Open The Sky

    This is only the second time we've had a squeaky cabin that I can recall. The stateroom cabin came furnished with an in-room safe deposit box, which is standard for all cruise lines to safeguard your valuables. What I didn't like about it was it instructed to use a credit card or driver's license to use it. There's no fee to use, but I'd have preferred to use my stateroom card or rather just punch in a 4-digit code like all the other cruise lines implement, on their in-room safes.

    Another thing to watch out for is the signage used to communicate with your room steward. If you don't watch carefully how you slip-it around your door handle, then the cabin stateroom steward sees the wrong side, or some drunken prankster outside your room flips the sign on you, then you'll be awakened or otherwise disturbed. It could go the other way, too, when you're looking for service, but don't get it. I just had a word with my steward, early in the cruise, nipped it in the bud, and we came to an understanding not to come until AM each morning, and ditched those signs that hang on the door.

    So that was that. Service was consistently good, and unlike Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival's dining room service was FAST, much improved over a couple of the other cruise lines. I think they were really on the ball here and have some REALLY good management on the ship, cranking that food out in a timely fashion.

    The shrimp was especially fresh. Portions served were surprisingly enormous, like the lasagna and the philly cheese steak sandwich as I recall. You usually don't get portions as big as these on the other cruise lines, because they know how so much food gets wasted. The only weakness area was the dessert selections. This is typical, as on most cruise lines, where desserts look great on paper and when presented to your table, but then when you bite in to them, they lack in flavor. I would say there were an equal number of good ones as there were untasty ones as well.

    Sometimes I just skipped dessert because I didn't care for the very limited menu selection. The orange sherbet I had a couple times and had a good, robust flavor. The tiramisu was drier, with less coffee taste, than what you'll get at Olive Garden. Here, it's more heavy in to the whipped cream. I did enjoy the Cappucino Pie, near the end of the cruise. It's basically coffee flavored ice cream in the shape of a pie slice with hardened whipped cream on top of it.

    Not a Ben n' Jerry's strong flavor, but more of a smooth, diluted flavor, like generic brand. There are still lobster tails served on Carnival. I was under the misconception that Carnival stopped serving that, but that was incorrect on my part. In fact, I woofed-down 3 lobster tails, and they didn't sass me when I ordered 4 of them at the start of my ordering process.

    One drawback about the lobster tails, I sensed they were a bit freezer-burned. There were a few times when I put in a request telling the dining room servers to quickly serve us at an accelerated pace so's we could get to a show on time. They complied very well and were responsive. I don't think I ever encountered a bad server during our stretch of "Your Time Dining" option, which is open seating during dinnertime in the main elegant dining room. I think we've got a new winner here, in the dress-down dress code -- it's Carnival!!

    The only time you can't appear in shorts is on the 2 Formal nights. A member in our party didn't realize it was formal night, and he got booted from the dining room and told he had to change his bottom half. It's crowded, some food sits a long while getting cold, if it's not consumed, and the choices are not good.

    In the mad-house buffet line, food sits, gets tired, and needs to be put to bed discarded. We only ate there during breakfast, because we needed a quick fix, were in a hurry to get to our tour excursions, and could not wait on the elegant dining room to open or for service there either. Ya, I know!! Waffle House disciples will be disappointed. They do have an omelet station, but waits can be excessive as lines become long here at the Mad House Buffet Line, a. It's like a bad day at Ryan's or a bad day at Golden Corral, if I can relate to you in that way.

    As for the Fish n' Chips eatery on Deck 10, aft, I liked it and had 2 baskets of the fried fish, but no one else in my party of 5 cared for it, saying it was too greasy or too oily. Their french fries, for which the English call "chips" -- hence fish n' chips , were very similar to McDonald's, nicely salted and thin fries, and who doesn't like McDonald's french fries, when they're done right??

    No more fruit punch served for free on Carnival that I'm aware of. Only one time was it weak, probably because the machine needed service. At breakfast, on the Lido deck, Cezanne , they serve-up apple juice, a passion fruit juice hybrid, and some kind of knock-off they call orange juice. Norwegian now charges for that.

    It's no Starbucks, but it's there at your disposal, for a quick fix if you need it. Room service is also available hours a day. I agree with previous posters in their evaluations on this topic as well, if you pour back thru previous reviews on this ship. Paul Santley was the cruise director for this cruise. I later ran-in to Paul and had a short chat one-on-one, near the Casino.

    I explained to him his comedy was better than some hired comedians I've seen on previous ships I'd been on. He then disclosed to me that he was appointed a late-night comedian in the past, having served numerous engagements with other European cruise lines. But this is pretty much where the kudos ends in terms of the compliments in my book, for the cruise director.

    Repetition in the sense every day there was bean bag competition -- it never changed -- every day it was there. Repetition in that they had the Jeopardy game show TWICE back-to-back, on 2 different days, when they should have changed-it-out with another game show, lack of variety. There weren't enough game shows either, lack of variety. Repetition in that karaoke rolls out every day or night. Karaoke, karaoke, karaoke, karaoke until you get off the cruise. Not to be overshadowed, was also the repetition of Trivia, trivia, trivia -- day-in, day-out.

    Now think about that for a moment.

    Downloads: Monthly Roster Spreadsheet

    It's a pretty good analogy. I finally found my niche with the few dance classes they had. Yes, this is still a man writing this; so hard to believe. The United Kingdom girl was a good teacher not going too fast, but the Aussie Line Dancer teacher went too fast and left lots of folks in the dust, myself included.

    But mostly what bothered me about the game shows was that it went un-announced WHAT game show it was. Other times the daily list of activities might have shown a game show, but not announce that it was a game show. I explained this to Paul, the cruise director, and he appeared embarrassed about it, fidgeting in my presence, but couldn't even say what was coming up himself, saying they hadn't made it to the Bahamas in 8 weeks, missing the last time because of a storm, and the itineraries are different from the usual Western Caribbean.

    Upon a first-look at the daily activities, to the untrained eye, it does look like there's a lot there, but a number of these activities are what are known as "upsell" activities, like wellness seminars designed to suck money out of your wallet getting you to spend more money, by re-directing you to the full-service spa center. Somewhere around the 3rd night, they put a kids laser tag show in the lounge, and decided that the adults could do without a show and exile 'em over to the Punchliner Comedy Club, for which that lounge is too small to accommodate the crowds that they had.

    For instance, "The Gender Showdown". What's that?? I found out at the end of the cruise, what that was, when there was a show called Carnival Legends; by then it's too late. You catch my drift here. Many times activities were given titles but no explanation as to WHAT it is. And yet other times being told there was a "Game Show", but not saying what game it was?? Family Feud?? Weakest Link?? Majority Rules??

    I don't know why everything has to be a secret. For the ballroom dance class, they should've said Cha-Cha dance class. It's probably best to leave Mardi Gras celebrations to the city of New Orleans who're the experts. It looked small, to me, as well. Remember that Carnival believes in the younger crowd, so I believe this'll explain why the Conquest library isn't up to snuff.

    There were a few pool-side games that they had, none of which I attended because I burn out in the sun.

    ACCESSline, Iowa's LGBT+ Newspaper, October Issue, Volume 25 No 10 by ACCESSline - Issuu

    The hairy chest contest was more of an "ad-lib" dance by men to show-off in front of 3-selected women judges. I got to spearhead the show as the team's captain on the Gender Showdown game show which basically translates to the Battle of the Sexes game show name on the other cruise lines. They divided the audience in half; girls left; boys right and had a series of 30 questions. It was fairly crowded on both decks of the Toulouse lounge and lasted a goodly amount of time, as I recall.

    I got that ship on a stick trophy, as I navigated the men to WIN and prevail over the women in this game show! This was OUR night, the men's night, to own the theatre! During the election campaign , he wrote, "Against a radical right, reckless, populist insurgency, Obama is the conservative option, dealing with emergent problems with pragmatic calm and modest innovation. He seeks as a good Oakeshottian would to reform the country's policies in order to regain the country's past virtues. What could possibly be more conservative than that? Sullivan has declared support for Arnold Schwarzenegger [43] and other like-minded Republicans.

    In January , Forbes magazine ranked Sullivan No. In August , after Sarah Jeong , a New York Times editorial board-member, received widespread criticism for her old anti-white tweets, Sullivan accused Jeong of being racist and calling white people "subhuman". Sullivan also accused Jeong of spreading eliminationist rhetoric; [50] [51] a belief that political opponents are a societal cancer that should be separated, censored or exterminated.

    Sullivan, like Marshall Kirk , Hunter Madsen, and Bruce Bawer , has been described by Urvashi Vaid as a proponent of "legitimation", seeing the objective of the gay rights movement as being "mainstreaming gay and lesbian people" rather than "radical social change".

    Many on "the gay left" believed that he was promoting "assimilation" into "straight culture", when the aim of most at that time was to alter codes of sexuality and society as a whole, rather than fitting gays into it. Perry and United States v. Windsor , New York Times op-ed columnist Ross Douthat suggested that Sullivan might be the most influential political writer of his generation, writing, "No intellectual that I can think of, writing on a fraught and controversial topic, has seen their once-crankish, outlandish-seeming idea become the conventional wisdom so quickly, and be instantantiated so rapidly in law and custom.

    Sullivan opposes hate crime laws, arguing that they undermine freedom of speech and equal protection. Sullivan supported the invasion of Iraq by the United States and was initially hawkish in the war on terror , arguing that weakness would embolden terrorists. He was "one of the most militant" [29] supporters of the Bush administration's counter-terrorism strategy immediately following the September 11 attacks in ; in an essay for The Sunday Times , he stated, "The middle part of the country—the great red zone that voted for Bush—is clearly ready for war.

    The decadent Left in its enclaves on the coasts is not dead—and may well mount what amounts to a fifth column. Later, Sullivan criticised the Bush administration for its prosecution of the war, especially regarding the numbers of troops, protection of munitions, and treatment of prisoners, including the use of torture against detainees in United States custody.

    On the edition of 27 October of Real Time with Bill Maher , he described conservatives and Republicans who refused to admit they had been wrong to support the Iraq War as "cowards". I wasn't alone. But I was surely wrong. Sullivan authored an opinion piece, "Dear President Bush," that was featured as the cover article of the October edition of The Atlantic magazine. Sullivan states that he has "always been a Zionist ". In February , he wrote that he could no longer take the neoconservative position on Israel seriously: [71].

    And once that distinction is made, much of the neoconservative ideology collapses. In January , Sullivan blogged that he was "moving toward" the idea of "a direct American military imposition" of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict , with NATO troops enforcing "the borders of the new states of Palestine and Israel". He commented, "I too am sick of the Israelis. In February , Leon Wieseltier suggested in The New Republic that Sullivan, a former friend and colleague, had a "venomous hostility toward Israel and Jews" and was "either a bigot, or just moronically insensitive" toward the Jewish people.

    In March , Sullivan wrote in New York magazine that while he strongly supported the right of a Jewish state to exist, he felt that Rep. Ihlan Omar's comments about the influence of the pro-Israel lobby were largely correct. Sullivan devoted a significant amount of blog space to covering the allegations of fraud and related protests after the Iranian presidential election.

    Francis Wilkinson of The Week stated that Sullivan's "coverage—and that journalism term takes on new meaning here—of the uprising in Iran was nothing short of extraordinary. Sullivan was inspired by the Iranian people's reactions to the election results and used his blog as a hub of information. Because of the media blackout in Iran, Iranian Twitter accounts were a major source of information.

    Writing for New York Mag, Sullivan expressed concern that high levels of immigration to the United States could drive "white anxiety" by causing white Americans to be "increasingly troubled by the pace of change" since they were never formally asked whether they wanted such a demographic shift. He has criticized Democrats for what he perceived as their unwillingness to implement such controls [80].

    Sullivan identifies himself as a faithful Catholic while disagreeing with some aspects of the Catholic Church's doctrine. In Virtually Normal , he argues that the Bible forbids same-sex sexual activity only when it is linked to prostitution or pagan rituals. Sullivan has, however, agreed with Benedict's assertion that reason is an integral element of faith. Sullivan takes a moderate approach to religion, rejecting fundamentalism and describing himself as a "dogged defender of pluralism and secularism".

    He defended religious moderates in a series of exchanges with atheist author Sam Harris in which Harris maintained that religious moderates provided cover for fundamentalists and made it impossible for anyone to effectively oppose them. In late , Sullivan began his blog, The Daily Dish. The core principle of the blog has been the style of conservatism he views as traditional. This includes fiscal conservatism , limited government, and classic libertarianism on social issues. Sullivan opposes government involvement with respect to sexual and consensual matters between adults, such as the use of marijuana and prostitution.

    He believes recognition of same-sex marriage is a civil-rights issue but expressed willingness to promote it on a state-by-state legislative federalism basis, rather than trying to judicially impose the change. Sullivan gave out yearly "awards" for various public statements, parodying those of the people the awards were named after. Throughout the year, nominees were mentioned in various blog posts. The readers of his blog chose winners at the end of each year. In February , Sullivan moved his blog from Time to The Atlantic Monthly , where he had accepted an editorial post.

    In a note posted on The Dish on 28 January , Sullivan announced his decision to retire from blogging. Hodges , which legalized same-sex marriage in the United States. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the American writer, editor, and blogger. For other people named Andrew Sullivan, see Andrew Sullivan disambiguation. South Godstone , England , UK. Aaron Tone m. The New York Times. Retrieved 12 April New York Press Room. Retrieved 22 December The American Conservative.

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