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A lot of this is discussed in our article on the phenomenon of Shamanism and psychedelics. This idea is also reflected in the stoned ape theory by Terence Mckenna. Keep in mind that if you are a beginner, always start with low doses and have the best possible set and setting. Also, while working with hallucinogens, the most important part of it is the integration of the experience.

If you have worked with and have knowledge of various magick and occult practices and other forms of methods of inducing altered states of consciousness, then you will not only have an easier time working with psychedelics, but you will also have an easier time integrating your experiences at a deeper level. This goes for in-depth breathwork systems like the Pranayama although it will require a lot of time to fully master or more simple but effective techniques such as the Wim Hof breathing and Holotropic-Breathwork by Stanislav Grof.

If you didn't already know, Stanislav Grof is one of the earliest researchers in the field of LSD therapy. Both the Wim Hof and Holotropic breathwork are quite similar, the difference mainly being the setting, duration and intensity in which the process is carried out. In Holotropic Breathwork sessions, participants have reported to being involved in breathing sessions lasting as long as 3 hours or more, for consecutive days, watched over by experienced guides and therapists. If you are highly experienced with Pranayama, forms of trances and other types of altered states of consciousness and the terrain of your own psychocosm, perhaps you can skip the need for a guide altogether.

Wim hof breathing is similar, but usually lasts shorter. You could of course, extend the session for however long you want depending on your abilities. Sensory deprivation can be seen as the opposite of trance inducing methods to achieving an altered state of consciousness.

Lovemaking and Altered States of Consciousness

It is usually achieved through a sensory inhibition, rather than a sensory overload. The effects can be quite psychedelic and also, therapeutic. Most ways to achieve a sensory deprivation altered state of consciousness can be hard, arduous and painful. The most painless way would be to get into a sensory deprivation tank. Now you could buy a flotation tank for yourself, but be prepared to spend a lot of money. Otherwise, look for flotation therapy centers near you. Other ways to achieve a sensory deprivation induced altered state of consciousness are as follows:.

Altered States of Consciousness: 7 Perception Doors - Tantric Pagans

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind where you become extremely suggestible, relaxed and have heightened imagination. You will be aware of the surroundings and the instructions given to you, but you will tend to focus your mind based on the instructions given by the hypnotherapist, handing over the key to your mind to the therapist.

In conventional hypnosis, a hypnotist only acts as a facilitator who helps in relaxing yourself and taking you to those experiences through relaxation techniques or induction methods that perhaps have repressed emotions attached to it. A hypnotist can go through your experiences with you help you integrate your experiences. Self - hypnosis is when you put your mind in a high state of concentration without the presence of a facilitator. The idea is to get your whole attention to a single place by avoiding every other external stimuli.

Self- hypnosis may not be as effective as hypnosis done by trained hypnotherapist in curing phobias, depression or anxiety but with enough practice, you should be able to traverse the inner worlds of your psychocosm deeply. This could be seen as akin to inducing a sort of trance state on yourself. The best way to begin the trial of self-hypnosis is by consulting with an actual trained therapist - who can make sure whether you are doing it right and also guide you.

Meditation is unlike all other forms of altered states of consciousness in that it does not make you disconnected from your normal waking state of consciousness.

Altered States of Consciousness - by Swami Vivekananda of Agama Yoga

It is instead, best described as going back to being the authentic self, not muddled by thoughts, emotions, opinions and other forms of conditioning. There are various methods and techniques of meditation, but the principle is the same, and the paths lead to the same door. In the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, there are a total methods of meditation. It is my hope that I have compiled all forms of achieving altered states of consciousness and directions on how to start working with them. Whether it be just for the purpose of working with your own psyche or to indulge in occult practices, having some mastery over altered states of consciousness is an absolute prerequisite.

Once again, it is highly recommended that you work with different doors of perception at once.

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Also, you may want to work with opening some doors before others. For example, you may want to start working with lucid dreaming, trance inducing methods, breathing and meditation before working with psychedelics, hypnotherapy and sensory deprivation! I'd appreciate comments and do let me know if I've missed any form of achieving an altered state of consciousness. My business was almost destroyed by dark demon next door but I survived and he disappeared on 15th December haha Help me to rebuild my business please.

I have a knowledge of almost everything. This is a true , I am not kidding or boasting. Dark forces are after all amazing Super awakened people but we can turn them into light if they agree With love and smile Robert Adam known as Ra Free Flying Hawk from hawkshouse. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Glad you liked it Robert and your background is rather interesting. When I was about years old I had already been experiencing different levels of lucid dreaming while awake and asleep.

But around this time I had about a week strait of the same dream. I would be in a massive body of water in able to escape. The first 6 days I woke up because I held my breath to long. On the seventh day instead of waking up to breath thinking I was actually going to drowned unaware it was a dream I took a deep breath in and almost instantly realized I must me asleep how else could I breath unser water.

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Quickly I with out even a real knowledge of how it changed into a little pool of water and from then on I have began to have control of my dream to verging extents. Needless to say is been a couple decades since then and I actually gained so much control of my dream state I got bored of the change and allowed random events to occur.

It is also highly recommended that you go through the following book:. Breathwork is perhaps the perfect tool to induce a strong altered state of consciousness. Here's a tutorial by the man himself:. You could also use the following as a follow along video, after going through the tutorial:.

Altered States of Consciousness: 7 Perception Doors

It is the simplest thing a human can do, but for most of us, the hardest also! So whenever I head to bed, I adopt a meditative state of mind.

One of the fascinating things about these higher states of consciousness and enlightenment experiences, is that although the feelings they produce can be similar, such as bliss, divine grace, love, etc. For example, last night as the shift in consciousness began, it was like I was being given a tour of celestial marvels. The light and formations were so stunning that their beauty brought forth unparalleled bliss. Bliss, that after a while, was almost unbearable to the body.

Along with this cosmic tour, there were episodes of Divine grace, which is foolish to try to describe with words. And experiences of vibratory energy, specially in the inner ears. It is very difficult to pinpoint the reasons why these altered states take place when they do. If such states do interest you and you would like to explore them in your own life, I would give the following advise as starters….

Start with that question. See how you spend the energy you are given. Do you simply waste it away or are you putting it to good use?

Time Yoga: Altered State of consciousness

If you are wasting your time and energy, then it is wise to start making modifications to your life in order to better gather and use your energy. Perhaps enlightenment is simply a reward for doing this. Being busy all day and collapsing into bed at night, is not conducive to self study and self realization. You need to make some space in your life and in your mind.

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Nighttime, when the hustle and bustle of the day is over, the mind is more quiet and you can be alone, is a good opportunity for practicing such self awareness. In addition, other times when you are done with your work, sitting quietly somewhere or taking a walk in nature, are good opportunities for fostering awareness and experiencing breakthroughs and higher states of consciousness.

Achieving Higher States of Consciousness

Meditation is the great art of awareness and mindfulness. It is what can transform you and your life. If you are interested in Divine Consciousness and inducing Altered States of Consciousness, then meditation is a must. It is what you were eventually born to do anyway, so why delay.