Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Forced to create their own identities, the children build a separate universe — but when reality comes knocking, the fantasies of childhood start to give way. But the case of a seventeen-year-old boy who is refusing medical treatment on religious grounds is the one which, finally, gets entirely under her skin and forces her to question everything. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself. As the emotions stirred up from her memories collide with the realities of her present, she finds herself re-examining the choices she has made, questioning how her life might have been.

The quintessential modern classic — vivid, moving and enchanting. This short novel is incredibly powerful and was inspired by an affair Greene himself had. Read it in an afternoon as the world rages by. The legacy itself is mysterious — the diary of a school friend who committed suicide decades ago — but even odder, the diary is in the possession of an ex-girlfriend who will not give it up.

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Growing up in a shanty called Paradise, ten-year-old Darling and her friends spend their time stealing guavas, singing Lady Gaga at the tops of their voices and dreaming of a new life somewhere safe. A brilliant coming-of-age story, this Man Booker-shortlisted novel will stay with you long after you finish it. For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more. By signing up, I confirm that I'm over View all newsletter. Books Categories. Children's Children's 0 - 18 months 18 months - 3 years 3 - 5 years 5 - 7 years 7 - 9 years 9 - 12 years View all children's.

Puffin Ladybird. Authors A-Z. Featured Authors. Articles, Games and more Penguin Shop Penguin Shop Book bundles. Penguin gifts. Writing workshops. View all. Events Podcasts Apps. Contact us Contact us Offices Media contacts Catalogues. Home Articles The ultimate Vintage reading list Recommendations. The ultimate Vintage reading list in 52 books.

Beloved Toni Morrison Buy the book. American Pastoral Philip Roth Buy the book.

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Revolutionary Road Richard Yates Buy the book. Revolutionary Road Richard Yates Married couple Frank and April, though youthful and vibrant, are increasingly bored by the mundanities of suburban life. Native Son Richard Wright Buy the book. Native Son Richard Wright Bigger Thomas is a young black man trapped in a life of poverty in the slums of white Chicago.

Stoner John Williams Buy the book. The Girls Emma Cline Buy the book. The Girls Emma Cline The ultimate coming-of-age story set during the summer of love, this cult novel was inspired by the Manson murders. Roots Alex Haley Buy the book. Selected Stories Alice Munro Buy the book. Yanis Varoufakis Buy the book. At the Existentialist Cafe Sarah Bakewell Paris, — three young friends meet over apricot cocktails at the Bec-de-Gaz bar on the rue Montparnasse.

Guns, Germs and Steel Jared Diamond This short history of everybody for the past 13, years is a popular science masterpiece. Sapiens Yuval Noah Harari Buy the book. McMafia Misha Glenny Buy the book. Midnight's Children Salman Rushdie Buy the book. The Gathering Anne Enright Buy the book.

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The Leopard Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa In the spring of , Fabrizio, the charismatic Prince of Salina, still rules over thousands of acres, and hundreds of people, in mingled splendour and squalor. Norwegian Wood Haruki Murakami Buy the book. Other worlds. The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories Angela Carter In this groundbreaking set of stories Angela Carter takes familiar fairy tales and legends — Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard, Puss in Boots, Beauty and the Beast, vampires and werewolves — and turns them into something altogether darker and more extraordinary. The Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov When Satan arrives in s Moscow, he brings with him a league of misfits that includes his mistress, the witch Hella, and a black cat with an unwholesome taste for vodka.

The Snowman Jo Nesbo Buy the book. The Snowman Jo Nesbo The first snow has fallen and a young boy wakes to find his mother missing. South Africa. Disgrace J M Coetzee Buy the book. Disgrace J. Coetzee The aftermath of apartheid looms over this novel about David Lurie, a university professor at the end of his career. South America. In Patagonia Bruce Chatwin Buy the book. United Kingdom. The Past Tessa Hadley Buy the book. But regardless of their own safety, and despite the constant distraction of questionable fashion choices in the town that style forgot, The Nancys know only they can stop the killer from striking again.

The Nancys is gripping and glorious, a heart-warming novel for anyone who's ever felt they were on the outside looking in. At its heart it is about the family we make and how we must summon the courage to face the truth, no matter what the cost may be. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. The Nancys, R. Review Written By.

Karen Chisholm. Monday, June 17, Year of Publication. A schoolgirl and her uncle and his boyfriend have two weeks to solve a murder in a small town style forgot… 'A delight - moving and hilarious.

Selected Stories, Lu Hsun ()

Your name. About text formats. Save Preview. Chapters change focus with no introduction, however the writing is such that they immediately connected and fell into place. This is clever, beautifully compassionate writing by Alex North. Initially the evidence points to suicide, yet she didn't own a car and she didn't even drive. So how did she get there, where did she die and who moved her? Meanwhile, a man in his sixties is found dead in a gully up on the nearby wild moorland.

He is carrying no identification.

The post-mortem indicates that he died from injuries sustained during the fall, but what was he doing up there? And why are there no signs of a car in the vicinity? As the trail gets colder, Annie's father's new partner, Zelda, alerts Banks and Annie to the return of an old and dangerous enemy in a new guise. This is someone who will stop at nothing, not even murder, to get what he wants. This must be murder — but by whom? And what is the motive? The police find a surgeon who has connections with both victims, and are inclined to charge him with the murders, but detective Aisha Sawyer has other suspicions.

I thought the plot and storytelling were excellent, and was intrigued by the fact that the murderer was made obvious to the reader from early on in the book, leaving us free to follow the complexities of the police operation. And I thought the ending was unusual and interesting and was left wondering what will come along in the sequel.

Private investigator Stuart Bloom was missing, presumed dead. Until now. His body is discovered in an abandoned car - in an area that had already been searched Detective Inspector Siobhan Clarke combs through the mistakes of the original investigation. After a decade without answers, it's time for the truth. But it seems everyone involved with the case is hiding something. None more so than Siobhan's own mentor: former detective John Rebus. The only man who knows where the trail may lead - and that it could be the end of him.

A dark story has been brought to terrifying life. Can the ending be rewritten in time? This is what the police know: English teacher Clare Cassidy's friend Ella has just been murdered. Clare and Ella had recently fallen out. Found beside the body was a line from The Stranger, a story by the Gothic writer Clare teaches, and the murder scene is identical to one of the deaths in the story. This is what Clare knows: No one else was aware of her fight with Ella. Few others have even read The Stranger.

Someone has wormed their way into her life and her work. They know her darkest secrets. And they don't mean well. This is what the killer knows: Who will be next to die. The Secret Resort of Nostalgia is a modern-day classic, beautifully written, engaging and thought-provoking. Mike Denning gets offered the opportunity of a lifetime, a job on the remote island of Nostalgia, where he discovers a thriving community without crime, cars or any of the negative aspects of modern society, he even has a gorgeous colleague who he is getting very attached to.

Charlie Kelly

But is all really as it seems? Why are there security fences in parts of the island? Mike is on a quest to find out more. Gripping from the first to the last page! A clever, oh so clever read, where the story sits simmering, creating pools of tension and unsettling bursts of awareness. I was thrilled when The Last House Guest arrived in the post. A provocative, sharp, beautifully readable journey awaits each time. The story slides between and , encouraging questions to kiss questions.

Avery is a fascinating character, she sits on the edge of two groups, leaving her stranded. My thoughts tossed and turned as I read, I felt slightly unsettled as I waited, wanting to know the truth. The ending is a high-octane rush of a ride and I found myself perched on the very edge of my seat. Focusing on friendship, and how well we ever truly know someone, The Last House Guest has a commanding energy and is a compelling read.

A suspense filled, dramatic story surrounds a couple as they grieve the death of a loved one. Bede and Elin live on the banks of the river Severn, environmentally conscious, they attempt to live their lives off-grid. When the village is threatened with fracking and accusations are thrown their way, their marriage not only takes the strain, danger beckons. Alison Layland balances the turmoil in the story quite beautifully with the descriptions of the countryside and surroundings. A hidden diary occasionally rears its head, spilling secrets, altering thoughts.

Bede and Elin felt entirely real to me, the fractures in their relationship and sense of self are tangible. Menace and intrigue walk hand in hand through the pages, adding a sharp edge to the tale. As the story powers towards its conclusion, the tension reaches breaking point. Riverflow is a fascinating, thoughtful, and compelling tale with real bite.

Private Investigator Varg Veum was previously set up and linked to a horrifying case, now the men actually found guilty of the crime are dying one by one, is Varg next on the list? Gunnar Staalesen was in at the beginning of Nordic Noir, he started this series 40 years ago there is a statue of Varg Veum in Bergen where the series is set and has been published in 24 countries. I particularly enjoyed the slow slog of the investigation, each piece of information entering the fray and increasing the tension until it reached breaking point.

An addictive hammer-hard read that just slams with impact, and feels particularly relevant in todays climate. Agent Will Trent and medical examiner Sara Linton have careers where they are expected to run towards danger. However, when they stop to help at a road traffic collision, danger turns towards and overwhelms them. I love the fact that you are expected to keep up. I was immediately hooked, and read the whole book in one fabulous sitting oh the reading high you get when that happens! Time repeats itself from different viewpoints which was absolutely fascinating.

As I hurtled towards the ending, I had that delicious feeling of not wanting the story to finish, yet being unable to slow down. I just had to know, had to experience, had to feel. I just had to choose it to appear as one of our LoveReading star books. Author: S. A thoroughly entertaining, evocative, and wonderfully written historical mystery set in Physician and spy Nicholas Shelby joins forces with tavern keeper Bianca Merton in an investigation that could lead the country into civil war.

Perry sets fiction intermingling with fact, and it is easy to believe that this could have been real.

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The writing prods and provokes thoughts and feelings, I could step forward into the sleaze and squalor, hear whispered conversations, feel the fragility of life in those times. Nicholas and Bianca are a fascinating duo, each interesting in their own right, together creating a force to be reckoned with. An absolutely fascinating dual-time frame novel focusing on the Italian Resistance in , and what starts as an investigation into a hit and run accident in Sandro Bellini is just 18 years old when he falls in love with the wife of his commander during the Second World War.

Michael Keats is determined to locate the man who had been having an affair with his wife before she was killed in Set in a valley near Lake Como in Northern Italy, these two time frames weave together to create a truly captivating tale. The first few chapters set my intrigue antenna on full alert. I have an interest in the Second World War, and wondered whether the story from would push to one side. Gordon Kerr however, ensures that the two time lines are equally gripping, particularly as events start to embrace.

The characters feel entirely believable and their emotions beat and thrum across the page. The pace and tension increased throughout and I found the ending extremely satisfying. He stole her childhood. She'll take his future What would you do if you accidentally encountered the man who once abused you? And how would you get away with it? Bridget's life is small and safe: she loves her husband and her son, and she works hard to keep her own business afloat. Until one day, her former violin teacher Anthony Carmichael walks into her shop with the teenager he's clearly grooming.

Carmichael begins to stalk Bridget, trying to terrify her into silence. But Bridget is older and stronger now and suddenly, she snaps and fights back. Now Bridget must find a way to deal with the aftermath of her actions This highly readable thriller-cum-domestic drama tingles with intrigue when a single mother is drawn into a world of violence.

Single mom Nicole Adams is approaching forty and entirely focused on her sixteen-year-old son, Justin, and her budding career as a ceramicist. I was an artist! A girl whose presence was also entirely unexpected, for Justin had never previously shown any interest in the opposite sex.

Joanne Owen. Daisy Clayton's killer was never caught. In over ten years, there has been no breakthrough in her murder case. But, until tonight, she'd never met Harry Bosch - an ex-homicide detective consumed by this case. Soon, she too will become obsessed by the murder of Daisy Clayton. Because Ballard and Bosch both know: every murder tells a story. And Daisy's case file reads like the first chapter in an untold tragedy that is still being written - one that could end with Ballard herself, if she cannot bring the truth to light It's and twenty-three-year-old Katy Speed is fascinated by glamorous Gloria and the goings-on at her house over the road.