Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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And why did he choose an individual who proved capable of hanging onto them for 40 years? They maintain that the vaults will yield proof that Brod changed his will in later years to name a new executor: Felix Weltsch, a Zionist and philosopher who worked at the Jerusalem library. Brod mentions this change in a letter to Weltsch, but the codicil has never been found. View all New York Times newsletters. He maintains that Brod was torn between Marbach, with its impressive facilities, and the library in Jerusalem, where so many of his friends worked.

Etgar Keret, a best-selling Israeli short-story writer who considers Kafka to be his greatest influence, proposes that Brod had no idea that Hoffe would sit on the papers for so long. Everything was at stake — the memory of Kafka, the fate of world literature, the future of Israel — and nobody could be trusted. Whoever touches these papers — it distorts their vision.

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One afternoon during my stay in Tel Aviv, I headed to Spinoza Street on the off-chance that Eva Hoffe was home and felt like talking to the press. I was accompanied by Avi Steinberg, an American writer living at the time in Jerusalem. I had become acquainted with Steinberg two months earlier, when he mailed me the galleys of a memoir he wrote about his experiences as a prison librarian. Kafka wrote several retellings of this story in , the same year he first mentioned to Brod that he wanted his work to be burned.

Kafka, Steinberg suggested, wanted to prove that he was ready to incinerate the child of his creation, simultaneously knowing and not knowing that Brod would step in and play the role of the angel. What if Kafka never even told him to burn his stuff? Has anyone ever seen that letter? What if this is all some big idea Brod had? Similarly paranoid thoughts cross the mind of nearly everyone who studies Kafka. Spinoza Street is in a quiet residential neighborhood lined by flat-roofed stucco buildings. The dingy off-pink stucco facade of No.

Parked under the tree were a broken shopping cart and an old bicycle. Behind a large protruding window, enclosed by two layers of metal grillwork, lay an indistinct heap of cats. Some commotion involving a blackbird took place in one of the trees, causing six or so cats to look up in unison, elongating their necks. The breeze turned. A terrible smell wafted toward us. The smell was stronger inside the building. Someone or something was moving inside, but nobody answered. Steinberg, who has a mild cat allergy, began sneezing. The sneezes echoed terrifyingly in the empty stairwell. Back in the yard, we squinted in the hazy sunlight.

Two cats staggered out of a rhododendron bush, looking drunk. After some hesitation, the kitten ran out from under the shopping cart and pounced on the mouse, then scooped it up with its little white paws and bounced it off its chest.

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What would Brod have made of it all? The situation struck me as enormously sad. During the war, Schocken continued to publish Kafka from Palestine and, later, New York, but retained the original manuscripts at his library in Jerusalem. Several sources confirm a fraught letter exchange between the two, with Brod demanding the return of certain manuscripts.

In , Schocken moved the papers in his possession to Zurich. Esther Hoffe was notorious for her elusiveness regarding the papers that she inherited from Brod. The judge ruled that she could do whatever she wanted with the papers during her lifetime. The following year, Hoffe was arrested at the Tel Aviv airport on suspicion of smuggling Kafka manuscripts abroad without first leaving copies with the State Archives a stipulation of the Israeli Archives Law of An estimated 22 letters and 10 postcards from Kafka to Brod were sold the previous year, presumably by Hoffe, in private sales in Germany.

Hoffe was released. Soon after, an archivist from the State Archives came to Spinoza Street and, in the presence of Esther, Eva and an attorney, tried to inventory the estate. The incompleteness of the inventory leaves many questions about the contents of the estate. Heller has been trying vainly to get one for years. Hoffe and me. Imagine that!

What else is in the vaults? Most experts agree that the estate is unlikely to contain any unknown major work by Kafka. On the other hand, Kafka often embedded lapidary parables and short-short stories in his letters and diaries. In this fable, a European traveler is informed by some jackals — sometimes interpreted as a caricature of Jews — that they have been waiting for generations for him to slit the throats of their unclean enemies, the Arabs. The estate is of great interest not only to literary scholars but also to historians and biographers.

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Be sure to visit K. And to hear all the news on K.

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. Meagan opens up about dating as a divorced mom after being partnered up for the better part of two decades, and Sarah has many questions.

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If you've ever wondered about dating apps, dating as a single parent, or s It can be as small as trying a new food or as big as starring in the school play; helping our kids feel the thrill of adventure doesn't have to mean putting them at risk or forcing an indoor-loving kid outside. Introducing a new baby to a freshly-minted big sibling can be daunting, and it's only the beginning of parenting siblings. That product you've been searching for to do just that thing you need? We found it. Okay, well, we found a few of them Take a girl with a great eye for design and an entrepreneurial streak, add a just-out-of-high-school introduction to motherhood, and sprinkle with some good-old Midwestern pluck and determination, and you've got Creating family culture around vacations, whether we let our kids skip school for family trips, how to and whether to stick to sleep routines on the road, dealing with kid meltdowns while traveling, and budgeti Coping tips for a mom whose husband travels for several weeks at a time, our thoughts on whether traditional preschool is "necessary" when a four-year-old's needs are being met at home, Sarah's detailed response What makes an experience an adventure, and how has motherhood changed our willingness to be up for it?

Are Meagan and Sarah adventure-seekers, adventure-avoiders, or somewhere in the middle?

Cape Verde travel highlights

And what types of adv Whether you're more structured like Sarah or intuitive like Meagan, your parenting decisions around screen media will likely evolve as kids get older, new tech emerges, and expert recommendations shift again and May is so crazy for parents that it has a new internet nickname: MAYcember like December, without the presents. We covered the parenting side of things in Episode listen here if you missed it , and in this Archie is seventh in line to the crown, and we have thoughts about it all: the royals, our cultural obsession with celebrity parents, and how becoming a new mom in the spotlight would be both harder and easier th Do you love giving gifts or sometimes stress over the obligation?

Are you more of a spontaneous giver or a planner? And where does Receiving Gifts fall in your Love Languages?

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Meagan and Sarah discuss our own gif Between us we've seen it all: the shy kid, the sensitive empath, the loyal bestie, the social-savvy teen. In Episode Meagan and Sarah look at our combined eight kids through the lens of friendships and social Credit card debt, saving for college, working full-time vs.

Brace yourselves, school moms: May is here. In Episode Meagan and Sarah share time-tested tips for surviving the end of school--from volunteering our time without going nuts to keeping track of the crazy cale Meagan recently did a budget overhaul and has some thoughts. From getting really clear about expenses to taking an honest look at emotionally-motivated money decisions from the past, we're getting real about fami From dream porches and fantasy backyards to the practical ways we currently enjoy our outdoor spaces, this More Than Mom episode is all about the homes outside our homes.

We've got DIY and hire-it-out projects Are you a total nature mama or more of an "indoor cat" as Sarah calls herself? Wherever you fall on the spectrum, there are big benefits that come with getting kids outdoors as much as possible Gimlet Media's new podcast for moms launches today! We're popping into your feed to air a special conversation between Julia, a mom grappling with her identity and family history after having her own kids, and Dr Self-discovery doesn't always coincide with becoming a mom, but for many of us the identity shift that begins in new motherhood continues down a path of personal development through personality profiling, self-he What makes for a memorable restaurant meal or hotel stay?

Hint: Pricy does not always equal excellence. Seeing our kids struggle is HARD—but the long game involves supporting them through mistakes and even failures in the pursuit of raising kids who take appropriate risks and can advocate for themselves competent Meagan wants to go lilac-hunting and Sarah might try something for Earth Day this year. Of course we're also dyeing eggs, hiding baskets, and sprucing up our homes and gardens for a new season. Join us as we disc It's spring, which means we're thinking about summer.

Cobbling together childcare as a working mom, giving kids a chance to try new activities without over-scheduling them, and making time to enjoy a simpler sche In this fun lookback episode we laugh about what we'v Four years to the day after dropping our very first episode of The Mom Hour, Meagan and Sarah are here with our th show.

Join us as we reflect on what we've learned from each other, our guests, and you: our co Were you shocked - but, you know, not really all that surprised - to learn about this week's widespread accusations of wealthy parents using cheating, bribing, fraud and other nefarious means to get their kids in Helping a little kid deal with big feelings about an out-of-state move, traveling as a nervous flyer, finding your groove as an at-home mom when kids are in school full-time, and getting dad involved when a toddl Those little squares on our phones are portals to a whole lot of essential--and nonessential--aspects of life.

From navigation to shopping, social to fitness, mindless to productive, Meagan and Sarah break down t Helping school-age kids start to self-regulate around screens and sweets, navigating an awkward situation with a fellow preschool mom, and organizing the "drop zone" in our homes--we answer these great listener q As a mom of an only child who came home through adoption to a family already rich with diversity, Karen Walrond has thought a lot about what it means to develop a family culture under your own roof.

Combining inf In Episode we share insights into sibling relationships from little to grown, Splurges that were worth it and cheapos we love? Meal plans are one thing; real life is another. Join Meagan and Sarah as we look back at a recent week in our lives, detailing the dinners we planned, the ones that came together as expected, and the curve balls From baby safety to impulsive toddlers, school projects to friendship struggles, as moms we're given a ton of opportunities to get up in our kids' business or let them figure it out on their own. This week on the Two things always fun to reminisce about: former jobs especially the crazy ones and style evolutions our own, and fashion in general.

It never is, right? Most of us want to raise resilient, fulfilled, happy future-adults, but the trajectory from high-needs infant to self-assured teen is reall Join Meagan and Sarah as we talk about the stuff of motherhood—the material things that may not spark joy, but do hold meaning and me Ever have an inexplicably grumpy day? Please say yes. We laugh about our personal grumpiness triggers, how we survive g Emotionally volatile, intellectually delightful for the most part , overflowing bundles of growth and change: Toddlers and teens have a lot in common.

Join Sarah and Meagan for a healthy debate about the trials We know from research that kids who do chores become more successful adults…but we also know from experience that teaching kids to take on household responsibilities is challenging and often frustrating and rare Pillow quirks, perfect sheets, temperature preferences, and bedside clocks—we have a LOT to say about the role sleep plays in our lives.

With New Year energy buzzing, it's easy to get excited about overhauling every area of your life from parenting to home to work and play. Continuing the conversation we started last week about choosing a word for Is your toddler ready to begin potty training? What about a preschooler with frequent accidents or a fear of pooping in the toilet? And how long is it normal for kids to be dry during the day and still struggle w From confessing our MomFail moments to airing our literal dirty laundry, Meagan and Sarah are looking back at the best moments on the podcast from Join us for a brand new episode and fresh commentary, pl From most embarrassing moments to favorite TV shows to what we learned about ourselves, Meagan and Sarah are taking a mostly fun and fluffy look back at for this More Than Mom episode of The Mom Hour.

On the fence about adding another baby to the family? You are not alone. In Episode Meagan and Sarah Gift ideas for a second baby who wants for nothing, managing holiday hosting stress as a mom with a clingy toddler, tips for staying organized during the holidays, and standing your ground when extended family la We love books, and we hope our kids grow up to love them too…but how do we get there? Meagan and Sarah break down the ways we encourage literacy and a love of reading in our homes—without piling on the pressure. Most families are touched by divorce in some way, and the holidays can bring up all kinds of questions and challenges for single or re-coupled parents, children of divorced parents including adult children , and Buckle up, mamas.

Join Meagan and Sarah as we set intentions for the busy holiday month ahead, everything from little ways to find joy in the messes to bigger stuff about cha In Episode we talk about the things that have changed since we became moms--from the superficial stuff like trends in baby gear to the more significant ways that the digital age has shaped parenting culture o Meagan and Sarah both enjoy wine and cocktails, but coincidentally we both scaled back our drinking recently and have observations to share.

Heading into a holiday week, Meagan and Sarah are feeling festive and talking about our favorite adult beverages. We also talk about rituals and routines involving our favorite drinks, hangover cures, holiday dri There are relationship dynamics to consider, plus germs, traditions, sleep schedu Join us for another fun More Than Mom episode of The Can a wild toddler become mellow teen? A shy preschooler an outgoing tween? Hiding under the exam table, screaming and flailing, flat-out refusing to open up for the dentist: Our kids have done it all in the name of avoiding the needle or the checkup or even a haircut!

In Episode w Meagan and Sarah both love animals, but we also keep it real about the times in our lives when pets have brought more trouble than delight to our busy homes. We also tell hilar First babies get all our attention Join Meagan and Sarah for a fun flashback at how we planned for, fed, celebrated, and parented our f Co-parenting is tough, and we're here to talk about it. This week Meagan and Sarah talk about getting on the same page as your co-parent, how to handle personality differences and baggage from our backgrounds, an Halloween costumes come with parenting questions: Will baby keep the hat on?

How scary is too scary? Can you figure out how to master that face painting technique your kid is dying for? When and how to veto a cos Twin mom and motivational powerhouse Jenny Schatzle gets vulnerable about her transition to motherhood, her role as a leader and entrepreneur, and the tricky business of staying authentic AND positive online when Parenting a strong-willed kid, handling criticism about your family size or kids' spacing, the first signs of kid crushes and puppy love, and gift ideas for your kids' grandparents.

Meagan and Sarah take on these It's officially fall, no matter what kind of whether you're enjoying. Supporting your child's school experience doesn't have to look like tons of volunteer hours, chaperoning field trips, or organizing classroom parties.

British Legends: The Tragic Romance of Tristan and Isolde

It CAN and we salute those who do it! Because I said so. Has a nice ring to it, right? In Episode Meagan and Sarah are talking about the beauty and hilarity of arbitr Working moms: are you stressed, anxious, and tired of hearing about this mythical thing called "balance?

Blippi Playing at a Children's Museum - Colors for Toddlers

Do you have dirty dishes in your sink right now? So do we, but instead of washing them we decided to podcast about it! Join Meagan and Sarah for a look at the products and practices that keep things moving in our You're standing in the checkout line doing that familiar bounce-bounce-sway motion to soothe a fussy baby when suddenly you realize: you don't HAVE a baby. Ever been there? We're willing to be you have, and we're We all make choices about where and how we spend our money--so what areas of home, life, and style to Meagan and Sarah choose to save on, and which ones are our splurges?

We discuss in this More Than Mom episode Boxes, bags, and bentos--here we go, friends. We're talking lunch-packing on this week's episode of The Mom Hour. From the gear we love or like well-enough , to the stuff we pack no, it's not pretty or perfect How do the things get done? Where does the time go? We discuss the making of The Mom Hour, our recording quirks, tips for aspiring podcasters, how we work with brands, and more.

We also give a little back-sto We chat about late-summer malaise, seasonal energy slumps in general, how to or whether to get back to healthier habits and routines, and what if anyth In reali High school bedrooms, college dorm rooms, first apartments, first homes.

Join us! Sponsor Spotlight: Campaign Livi The last day of preschool is one thing—poignant, and easy to see coming—but what about the last time your toddler uses your favorite adorable mispronunciation? The last time you step on a LEGO? The last time a ki Navigating decisions as a mom is hard enough; feeling judged, criticized, or shamed for those decisions?

That feels like garbage. After years of practice, Meagan and Sarah have words of encouragement for dealing What is it? But when baby Tristan arrived at 34 weeks and was admitted to the NICU unable to breathe on his own, it was clear that her life was abo Your kid shows an aptitude for something…now what? We also talk about when to suppo Join Meagan and Sarah recording together in person, which is always fun for a surprisingly revealing exercise in hypothetical thinking.

Helping a toddler with nighttime fears, the logistics of taking a baby to the beach, the ideal age-spacing between siblings, and helping a two-year-old feel special when a new baby arrives. These are the listener Teaching social graces to a shy preschooler, saving money on groceries and household supplies, and helping school-aged kids learn to deal with feelings of frustration.

These are three topics brought to us by list You can learn a lot about a person by taking a peek inside their purse. No one mom "does it all"--or so we're told. But what exactly DON'T we do? In Episode Meagan and Sarah share our experience finding ways to opt out of the little and sometimes not-so-little tasks and obligat Meagan and Sarah chat about their hopes, dreams, and plans for this summer—everything from their favorite indulgent magazines to read to what kind of outdoor adventures their famil Today we tackle three more challenges to dinner-making success and offer our tips and solutions for overcoming them.

This is a foll So says journalist and author Kate Rope in her new book all about how moms can take better care of their mental, emotional, and ph No time to cook? Got picky eaters? In this episode Meagan and Sarah tackle three common dinner-making obstacles and offer solutions and tips that help us in our own lives Warning: this episode may make you want to ignore all responsibilities for an untold number of hours so that you can hole up and watch a movie musical marathon.

Join Meagan and Sarah Meagan and Sarah share our go-to tips and favorite brands for keeping kids comfy, cool, a Have you?

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Meagan and Sarah address where we are with working out, what has worked for us in the past, and discuss strategies for getting back on the wagon We aren't perfect, we're real. It's the last line of our show intro and it's the guiding principle of this episode. Buckle up, guys, as Meagan and Sarah confess some really cringe-worthy mom fails that keep us hu But if your kids are well beyond diapers by now, stick around.

We extend the conversation to include other bathroom messes and realities that come Meagan and Sarah recap their week at the Mom 2. Meagan sits down with her sister Kathreen to talk openly for the very first time about the major health crisis that rocked their family last December. This special episode in our Voices interview series is full o Most kids would snack and indulge their sweet-too Moving, remodeling, and home renovations are never easy, but with kids in the mix the difficulty level goes up a notch…or twelve.

Meagan is fresh off a cross-town move and Sarah has had several home improvement c Join us for as fun More Than Mom minisode where we dig in Part of the fun of having so many kids between us is that we never run out of things to talk about! Join Meagan and Sarah for a quick look at what each of our eight kids is going through these days--this lets cov Singer-songwriter and mom of two Sarah Sample joins The Mom Hour co-host Sarah Powers for a chat that feels like two old friends catching up. We also take a look back and how we survived the breakfast and lu Beaches or big cities? Rental cars or public transport?

Where have we been and where would we love to go? Meagan first shared that her marriage had ended last spring and we've heard from a lot of listeners that you guys would like an update on how things are going as she adjusts to life as a divorced mom.