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Andy Williams, Both Sides Now, with lyrics

I grew into that song. Could she have foreseen the depths of that song emerging? You know how much crap I went through by the time I was How much bad behaviour I witnessed in people by the time I was I had a menacing outlook, kind of unthinkable. I managed to ride through a lot. You know? We live in a shortsighted culture.

Mitchell has little time for the contemporary music industry. She implies that the potential energy for musical creativity has been channelled instead into an addiction to technology. You go to a restaurant and families are sitting there with their heads bowed, all in their own little video world, fiddling with some kind of computer. They duck reality. How does she feel about it?

She draws on an individual story. And when she pressed it against her chest it would slow down, like. They would fly over and shine their floodlights; she would turn it on and push it against her chest, and that was her protection. I thought that was fascinating. And I have had to be my own guide. The next day she graciously sends a thank-you note via the record label, a polite anachronism that confirms that Mitchell is indeed out of sync with these tragic times.

And thank God for that. Woodstock Mitchell watched the Woodstock festival from afar, as it clashed with a television appearance. She may not have been there, but she summed it up perfectly. Trouble Child has woozy, complex tones and harmonies that demand concentration. Little Green Mitchell wrote it about her daughter whom she gave up for adoption in the s.

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She met her daughter again in the late s. A Special Report in association with Aiken Promotions. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. For more information see our Cookie Policy. Both sides now: Joni Mitchell looks back The singer-songwriter, whose new box set is a reworked retrospective of her career, is still refreshingly out of sync with the times Sat, Nov 29, , Una Mullally.

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Soundtrack to an era: Joni Mitchell in the s. Soundtrack to an era: Joni Mitchell in California last month.

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Audio: Both Sides Now. On the present disc he shows a different side of his music-making, however — one that may surprise those who know him as the intrepid interpreter of fiendishly complicated contemporary scores or the impeccably elegant performer of the classical repertoire such as the trumpet concertos by Haydn and Hummel. Not that Hardenberger is less intrepid or elegant than usual — but now he is finding use for these qualities in a programme of his own favourite songs and film themes, in imaginative arrangements made especially for this recording.

Choose format. Tracks Cast. Buy selected tracks. Add to cart. Martin in the Fields Kenneth Sillito, conductor. Astor Piazzolla. Joni Mitchell. The idea was so big it seemed like I'd just scratched the surface of it. Released: March '91, Warner Bros. At first the Temptations hated this song, especially Dennis Edwards: His father had died on September 3rd, just like the papa in the song. Then "Papa" topped the charts, and it "kind of grew on us," said Temptation Otis Williams. After 's "What's Going On," Gaye radically changed course with this ode to sexual bliss.

Tracy Chapman was a hardened veteran of Boston coffeehouse gigs she once got a demo-tape rejection letter suggesting she tune her guitar when a classmate at Tufts University told his music-publisher dad to check her out. According to Queen guitarist Brian May, everyone in the band was bewildered when Mercury brought them a draft of this four-part suite — even before he told them, "That's where the operatic bits come in! Originally recorded by one of Prince 's flop side projects, the Family, the tune became the Number One song of in O'Connor 's rendition.

The video focused on her face for four minutes until she shed a lone tear. After Charles heard that white vocalist Tab Hunter had cut his own rendition of the song, ABC rushed out a friendly two-and-a-half-minute version. Cash first recorded "Folsom Prison Blues," one of his earliest songs, for Sun in But it was the thrilling, electric '68 version, live at the prison, that defined his outlaw persona. Originally a rootsy Dylan hommage, the song evolved into a proto-punk classic steeped in New York grit.

Dubbed "The Sultans of Smooth," this Chicago quintet honed their harmonies singing in a black Jewish temple choir and scored its best-known song with "I Only Have Eyes for You," originally a hit for crooner Ben Selvin in The Flamingos take the song all the way to Venus with elegant vocalizations and the otherworldly doo-bop-sh-bop. He wrote the song, later unforgettably covered by Ike and Tina Turner, after his Army discharge: "I was fooling with the chord changes and started singing about the river. I realized, 'Well, maybe if I make it about the boat.

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West recorded his own version of "Rave On" at the New Mexico studio where Holly laid down most of his hits. Petty wanted to give it to another band, but Holly said, "No way. The title comes from a Ringo Starr malapropism, the product of a marathon recording session.

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  • Lennon was fond of these Ringoisms and wrote the song overnight. Said Lennon, "The only reason [ Paul ] sang on it was because I couldn't reach the notes. Hendrix scrapes his pick down a guitar string, literally making it tremble with anticipation, before exploding into an indelibly dirty rift. The artless, unaffected vocals of the Penguins, four black high schoolers from L. The Penguins' version also outsold a sanitized, big-label cover by schmaltzy white group the Crew-Cuts.

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    A rare collaboration between three Byrds , it was supposedly about an airplane flight. But it was also about the [plane] trip to London.

    Clannad - Both Sides Now

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