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Befriend a sailor, you won't regret it. Published by: Gabrielle Norton in Boat Life Tags: boat life , liveaboard , living on a boat , tiny living , tips for living on a boat. April 27, - No Comments! We always talk about a "slow season" with event planning but if we are being honest, we are never that slow. We're always working on the future or setting up meetings to scope out new venues.

That's where this post about Caravan Outpost comes in! Jessica lives in Ventura, CA and made it her mission to book some weddings local to her. With that, she linked up with Sarah Ellefson Photography to galavant around town to check out some venues. We love that as soon as you step foot on the property you immediately forget where you are in the world. You're quickly transported to what feels like a tropical getaway. You wouldn't need to bring in a ton of decor to make this space feel complete as Caravan Outpost did the job for you.

This space also feels extremely intimate and personal. It's as though you're in someone's lush backyard celebrating! All in all, if you're into van camping and eclectic vibes then this would be the perfect Ojai wedding destination for you. We get a ton of clients wanting their guests to be able to stay onsite for their wedding day. The total breakdown being 10 Airstreams and 1 tiny house. All of the Airstreams have a well crafted esthetic that feels less like camping and more like glamping. The tiny house would be perfect for the "getting ready" space!

It was so easy to setup a site tour and when we were there, Kat had a ton a great ideas on how to best use the space but also encourages you to come up with your own ideas! We also love that Caravan Outpost offers some fun and unique rentals onsite. Take a look at the built in bar below! This venue would be the perfect for a guest count of and easily feel like a very intimate celebration! The first thing I check out when entering a wedding venue is how the environment affects the light.

Caravan Outpost is a photographer's dream in this regard! Tall palm trees provide plenty of open shade for photos throughout the day and the gravel ground reflects lots of clean light. No complaints here!

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The second aspect I consider is the diversity of backgrounds for photos. At Caravan Outpost, there's so many beautiful spots. Within steps of one another, there's luscious palm fronds, vintage airstreams, and the Topa Topa Mountains in the distance. This will equip couples with amazing options for photos, all within an arm's reach of their guests, minimizing time spent separated from the party as well as the bar.

With options for ambient lighting as the sun goes down, there's not a bad spot for photos in the entire place!

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The relaxed, jungle vibes make for a great wedding location in Ojai. It's easy for our team to get lost in emails and be on the computer most of the week when we are not onsite at events. We came up with an idea to launch a Content Creation day every first Tuesday of the month. This allows for us to step outside of our office bubble and into a creative space where we get to work with some of our favorite vendors. It's also a great time to meet vendors we haven't had the chance to work with!

I have yet to get married but know that if and when I do, I most likely won't set out to plan a wild bachelorette. This tablescape was designed for the laidback bride-to-be with a fun side. It's perfect idea for asking your best girlfriends to be a part of your special day or as I mentioned, a great alternative to a bachelorette party! Most ask, "Oh! You sew? I am here to tell you no, no I do not sew but that doesn't mean I won't be the next Martha Stewart in event embroidery is that a thing?

With a little determination and a few YouTube videos later I am now a professional and knew I wanted to use my new machine and skill set in our upcoming content creation shoot. Planning a wedding is emotional and the goal is to definitely not ugly cry and more so happy cry! The idea behind this table is anyone can create it on a small scale.

What you need:. Published by: Gabrielle Norton in Lifestyle Tags: bachelorette dinner , bachelorette ideas , Brunch ideas , easter brunch idea , easter brunch inspo , girls weekend ideas , mother's day brunch ideas , pink plates , tablescape inspo. March 14, - No Comments! When I say that Fall was busy, I really mean it.

That's why I am just now getting around to posting about one of our Moab weddings during that time! It was at the beginning of the year that Gabby asked me Jessica to hop on her team and help with some events and office things. With most guests coming from Alaska, it was important to the couple that their guests knew what it would take to get to Moab and how to make the most out of their trip. Alyse worked with a friend to design an invitation they would go on to create themselves! In the blink of an eye a website, save the date and super cool invitations were born.

As guests arrived on Friday afternoon, they were greeted by the Under Canvas team and checked into their luxury tents. They invited a couple key family members and friends to stand by the fire and share a story with all of the guests.

2. Do your research. Then engage your team.

This by far was one of the most memorable moments of any wedding we did! It's a pretty special and rare moment when you can make a gathering of guests feel intimate. It was the perfect start to summer camp. The next day, our team worked closely with a core group of friends to switch up the decor and setup the platform for the reception. All Good Super Fresh had their cute trailer ready to go so they could serve breakfast to the guests! During our setup, Alyse got ready with friends at the Desert Day Spa while Jake hung out with his bike and drone close by.

We talked to a local restaurant, Miguel's Baja Grill , as we were looking for a fajita station to serve to the guests! For their first time catering a wedding, they really knocked it out of the park for us. After dinner, the night continued with a lot of dancing and good times for all. March 7, - No Comments! St Patrick's Day is just around the corner which means Not anymore! Now that we're all mature grown adults we are, right?

Let's make it less of a drunken mess and more of a fun time to get together with friends for a dinner party! Every good party starts with a beautiful invitation. We thought it would be fun to send along an Irish blessing with the invite as this day is also known as the Feast of St Patrick. How perfect!

We love the idea of incorporating nature whenever we can so creating a unique backdrop for this table was top of mind. The project was quite simple. We got a few frames, took out the glass and hung them on the wall with Command Strips to avoid any paint damage. Our talented florist played around with a few ferns and hanging plants to add that bit of nature to our art piece. For the actual table top design, we skipped the cheesy leprechaun decor and chose to take this St Paddy's Day party idea to the next level.

We wanted to recreate a sort of pub feel with darker place settings and touches of gold details. I can imagine the meal being served family style and all those candles being lit. Cozy, elegant and intimate. Wanna know a secret? See those black chargers under the plates? Well, it turns out those are serving trays. I saw them at La Pinata Rentals and thought they would be perfect for this!

Did you notice the little charm on the napkins? We made those. We foraged for some clovers while they weren't 4-leaf clovers, I still consider them lucky and went to Michaels to get a gold backing in the jewelry section.

We gently placed the clover on top of the gold backing and covered it with a clear " bubble sticker " also sold at Michaels. It wouldn't be a St Patrick's Day party without a bar! We put together a simple but fun bar cart for this dinner party. Guests can help themselves to a Shamrockarita or Guinness Float. Be sure to check out our Instagram for more photos of our projects.

If you try this design at home, we'd love to see your photos too!

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February 27, - No Comments! When Sammy and Joel asked if we would help them plan their California elopement because they live in Australia, we jumped for joy! Elopements are a wedding planner's dream come true. We get to do some styling, find really cool places for dinner and intimate settings for a ceremony and only have to worry about 4 guests! The day started out with the girls getting their hair and makeup done with probably the best ocean view you could ask for in Laguna Beach!

One thing I love about elopements is that you have a lot more time to take it easy in the morning and hang out with your bestie. The boys got ready ready in the next room over and I had to help them with a double windsor tie knot. Thank you Google. After a few failed attempts, we succeeded and the groom and his best man looked so dapper! How adorable was Joel's reaction when he saw his bride, Sammy for the first time!!?

TIP: Make sure to check with the city about any permits that might be required when doing events on public beaches! I had the pleasure of holding up the couple's phone so that their families could be Skyped in all the way from Australia!

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We had to make sure they took full advantage of this beach setting so their photographer, Lauren , took them for a little adventure around the beautiful Laguna Beach cliffs. Check these photos out! We truly had a blast with these two Australian beauties and loved creating a fun and unique elopement experience for them. What I love even more about elopements like this is that we really get to spend time with the couples and just "hang out"! We all had dinner together the night before their wedding and watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean which is always a treat in my books.

Carefully check the section on involuntary transfers and ask about staffing levels. Try negotiating with the facility if you can suggest a solution to the concern managers are raising. Consider bringing the matter to landlord-tenant court or civil court in your area — a legal option available when other avenues for appeal are not available. Staying in place and waiting for the facility to initiate legal action will buy you time, which should be your goal.

Also consider whether you want to stay at the current facility. For most clients, he said, the answer is no. Finally, consider adjusting your expectations. By Judith Graham September 6, You must credit us as the original publisher, with a hyperlink to our khn. Please preserve the hyperlinks in the story. Have questions? Let us know at KHNHelp kff. Will It Catch On? See All Columns.

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