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Rocketman moved me in ways no other movie ever has. Personally, i highly recommend it. One of the best musicals of the year, the movie has the amazing songs of Elton John, incredible actors and the story touches you. Taron Egeton shines in this movie and show us that he really is triple threat. The art direction is pretty good, the scenes are very well made and they make One of the best musicals of the year, the movie has the amazing songs of Elton John, incredible actors and the story touches you.

'ROCKETMAN: Music From The Motion Picture' standard track listing

The art direction is pretty good, the scenes are very well made and they make refferences to the art history. The movie is not afraid of showing the sexual life of elton and it does that in a very artistic way. Some characters could have a better plot, but nothing is perfect. In the end rocketman is a movie that reach it goals: lift off … Expand.

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Colginator Jun 3, When watching Rocketman I couldn't help but compare the film to last years Bohemian Rhapsody, especially since director Dexter Fletcher ended up taking up the reigns to finish the chaotic production of Bohemian Rhapsody following Singers departure. Whereas Bohemian Rhapsody shied away from When watching Rocketman I couldn't help but compare the film to last years Bohemian Rhapsody, especially since director Dexter Fletcher ended up taking up the reigns to finish the chaotic production of Bohemian Rhapsody following Singers departure.

Whereas Bohemian Rhapsody shied away from showing some of the more controversial moments in Mercury's life and seemed unable to live up to the larger than life presence of the band, Rocketman doesn't try to back away from Elton's R rated life and is infused with the kind of energy which an Elton John movie deserves. Following a difficult childhood, an artist becomes one of the biggest stars in the world. However the stresses of fame mixed with their own personal problems leads them in to a life of addiction and push away all those they care about.

This forces them to fight their own demons to overcome their struggles and find happiness in their life.

I don't know whether I should criticise Hollywood for not greenlighting more original biopics or music prodigies for living such similar lives. Though what differentiates this story from a standard music biopic is Elton as a character. Whilst there's always a slight concern when the subject of a biopic plays a role as the producer of his own movie, since they may attempt to force a romanticised version of themselves to the screen, it's clear that Elton doesn't have a problem in showing the painful moments of his life or the darker side of his personality.

Instead he embraces his pasts mistakes and own them as part of how he became who he is today. Another major part of bringing Elton's personality to life on screen is that Edgerton may have been the best choice they could have made for playing him. Beyond nailing his look, he seemed able to switch between the emotional wreck that he was in his personal life in to the hypnotic on stage charisma so naturally. In one of the films best moments we see him broken down and exhausted about to step on stage, before breaking in to a smile and a happy march the moment that spotlight hits him.

Rocket Man-Elton John (lyrics)

With this and the comedic skills he shows off in the Kingsman series, he's definitely an actor who I'm curious to see where their career is going to go. But you couldn't have an Elton John movie without an Elton John Wardrobe and the movie does not disappoint. From the moment he steps on screen dressed as a sparkling devil, with wings so large you'll wonder how made it through doors, to the hundred other costumes we see Edgerton wearing throughout, the film this ends up being a greatest hits compilation of both Elton's music and his outfits.

Unlike some other music biopics, this movie doesn't try to just copy Elton's musical performances. The filmmakers are smart enough to know that no matter how good Edgerton is, there's no way they could just use Elton's songs as it would never live up to just watching a concert film of Elton performing. Instead they claim their own versions of these songs, blending Edgerton's great voice with a style more similar to a stage musical to give them a separate identity to Elton's.

Combine this with the impressively executed dance sequences, which similar to La La Land feel like modern day versions of a classic Hollywood musical, these sequences stand apart from Elton's as their own entertaining versions. The film mixes these great sequences with a constant kinetic energy which flows through every scene, moving song to song and blending scenes together seamlessly. Especially later on in the film, where Elton's drugged out state leads scenes to transition into one another at times like a dream and at other times like a nightmare. Though at times the film carries this momentum to a fault, with scenes moving so quickly that we hardly get a chance to breath before the films already moved on to the next song.

We do also get a slightly rushed ending, with all the loose emotional plot threads in his life being tied together in a single scene and leaving us with a brief Animal House style of cliff notes for how the rest of Elton's life went instead of something more creative like a montage showing us the rest of Elton's life. But even with this, Rocketman is both one of the best music biopics and a thoughtful look on the self-destructive effects of addiction. I just hope that every future music biopic is given the same amount of care and thought as this film has been given. A great talent with a shallow life.

It is a musical so it doesn't delve too deep. Over kill on the Freudian backdrop hint: father issues and definitely overkill on the Bacchanalia. The music is great though and like Bohemian Rhapsody it's entertaining throughout.

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It would be nice, however, A great talent with a shallow life. It would be nice, however, to see a musical genius without gay and drug issues. JamesIrish68 Jun 6, I'm not an Elton John fan. I don't like musicals and in few movies I've seen Taron Egerton in, I wasn't terribly impressed.

I shouldn't have enjoyed this but I did immensely.

Elton John 'rejects' Russia censorship of Rocketman gay scenes

Dexter Fletcher really knows how to make movies about English rock stars. Elton John is the executive producer so I'm not an Elton John fan. Elton John is the executive producer so don't expect it to be objective or critical. That said it all fits together nicely and is very entertaining.

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The Rocketman soundtrack is available to order now.

‘Rocketman’ Producers on Elton John Biopic Premiering in Cannes – Variety

Rocketman covers Elton John's life from the s to the s, moving from his days as a child prodigy through his scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music. It covers his days as a struggling musician before he meets lyricist Bernie Taupin and gets a contract with legendary music industry impresario Dick James.

From there it's onwards and upwards but equally downwards, with Elton finding success in America and descending into a spiralling pattern of addiction - drugs and drink, sex and shopping. Rocketman 's ultimate focus is Elton's battles against his demons, and about the figures in the background - his mother, father and manager - who are at the root of his loneliness. Along the way there's plenty of spectacular set pieces, costume changes a-plenty, and unbelievably the first depiction of gay sex from a major Hollywood studio.

No, but it doesn't pretend to be. The chronology is all over the place, with the songs serving as devices to move the story on rather than appearing where history suggests they should. Think of it more of a spectacular, fantasy portrayal of Elton John's story. Otherwise we wouldn't have the scene in which Elton duets with his boyhood self at the bottom of a swimming pool, bubbles escaping his nostrils as he does, or another in which the audience at an early US show literally levitate.

It's The Dirt as envisioned by Baz Luhrmann. The Elton songs are woven into the life story so that we never get bogged down in biopic linearity" Financial Times. Lee Hall's script is fine, the acting is fine, the directing is fine and the music is great - although Taron Egerton can't sell a song like Elton John, but then few can. A scene where he comes out to his mother in a phone box feels a bit like a one-man student stage show, complete with awkward grimacing. But in general, it's a performance that goes much deeper than mere look-a-like.

But the man itself eluded it. With Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody dominating the box offices and clearing up at awards ceremonies, and The Dirt doing serious business for Netflix, it seems like is set to be the year of the rock biopic. Much like those two movies , Rocketman tells a musician's story from gestation to chart-toppling fame, and all three were made with close input from their subjects. While this promises at least an element of accuracy, it also encourages a degree of self-censorship.