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Somebody Told Me Lyrics

Might not be a game, bro, she might not want to tell her name to a guy following her around for 17 songs. Doesn't matter if she danced with you or not. Despite the rumor, whatever it is, and the fact that she's in a probably-monogamous relationship, he's still hitting on her like a total creep "I've got potential" "Let's roll onto something new" "pace yourself by me, maybe baby please" "all I wanna do is try".

And even still he's grossed out by her relationship "but I just don't know now". However, I do think its possible that everyone in this equation is straight and cis. Some other answers have persuaded me. In that case, the singer's intention is to say, "Your boyfriend looks like a girl, date me instead Wait, where are you going?

Just because I think so little of women that I use it as an insult doesn't mean you shouldn't have sex with me! Casual reminder: This song is from the band who brought us such engaging lyrics as "Are you human, or are you dancer?

I allways thought it was about the guy being bisexual, or at least biqurious. He doesn't really want the girl at all.

Jenny Was a Friend of Mine

He actually wants the boyfriend that looks like a girl he was turned on by. Mabye to experiment with his biquriosity, or because he broke up with the girl last february just because she wasn't a guy. Either that, or he wants to have a threesome and thinks this girl and her boyfriend has potential since the boyfriend will look like a girl he already slept with. I have always felt this song was delightfully obtuse. It gives me the same sensation I have when I overhear someone talking on the ph0ne, and I can't hear enough to really make out what they're talking about, but still keep hearing just enough to be overcome with intrigue.

I point to this line as the best example. It could also mean the the singer is referring to the girl's boyfriend as his ex-girlfriend because he's not out of the closet, but is still agitated to know the guy is dating girls no less!

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It's about his ex-girlfriend's new effeminate boyfriend. Except nobody told him because he saw them together firsthand while camping outside of her house on occasion. A lot of the album is about this girl, in fact. Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Read more. What is the meaning of the lyrics "somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend" in the song Somebody Told Me by The Killers? Update Cancel.

The Killers - Somebody Told Me (HQ Audio)

Answer Wiki. Answered Feb 2, Thank you for your feedback! What is the meaning of The Killers song "Human"? What songs are told from the perspective of a killer? What is a good song for lyric prank?

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What does the song 'Hurt Somebody' mean? Answered Apr 1, I delightfully decided that you could explain this contradiction in many ways to get different kinds of queers in the song: The woman is queer her "boyfriend" is a woman, she may be telling people she has a boyfriend to stay in the closet. Or to get shitty guys to leave her alone who will treat her queerness as an invitation for a threesome. Looking for the verb to tell instead? A phrase is a group of words commonly used together e.

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