Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Have you ever heard how the Russian version by Pushkin sounds!


It is not a translation but a fairy tale with a very similar idea. Does it mean the small mirror hanged on the wall? May the brothers just use this form of the word and 'hanged' the mirror onto the wall she did not had the small mirror in her hands just to have the rhyme? Yes, Spieglein, Spieglein, "little mirror, little mirror" is used rhythmically. And the Russian sounds so lovely! Goes off to check the translation. Oh my god, I cannot believe they referred to Snow White using the neuter pronouns for the entire story.

I cannot think of anything more offputting than for a girl to be called 'es'. Also, I can't believe she was only seven years old. When my grandmother referred to me she'd often say "Oh, was hat das Sannchen nun schon wieder angestellt. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this site.

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Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand I came across "Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand It's a diminutive form of Spiegel, I think. The ending "-lein" generally has this effect: Buchlein little book for example. Ah, my Bayern, will I ever see thee again?

VeraI Germany. ColinJohnstonov United Kingdom. I wonder what other things I thought were originally written in English were actually German. SanneT United Kingdom. Another tidbit of useless information: Unlike the English language version of the ending of German fairy stories "and they lived happily ever after", the German ending is: "und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, so leben sie noch heute.

Ress Germany. Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Page 1 of 1. I decided I would start actively researching ME.

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Mid April — While standing in line at the grocery store, I noticed that the front page of one of the gossip mags reported that Kate Middleton had finally given birth to a girl. Past tense. Fascinated me as I had never even heard of the Stain spelling and it looked wrong. Eventually found this website as a result of interest in the phenomenon of alternate memories shared by large numbers of people. While this is not an ME, I feel that it is a related marker of some sort.

I visited my sister in July and brought up the subject of the Mandela Effect. Big mistake. I immediately got attacked for stupidity and gullibility. My attempts to explain myself just made it worse. While I would describe my sister as an atheist and a scientific materialist, she is much more open about other paranormal phenomenon such as ghosts and even aliens.

OK, yes, there were definitely some family of origin triggers going on, but I was stunned by the vehemence of her objections, more than the objections themselves. I admit to being a bit of a skeptic about the ME — sometimes I think all of us are just experiencing memory glitches, and other times I feel there is more than meets the eye. However, I have never felt angry, attacking, condescending, or unwilling to listen or read these kind of experiences. Whatever their cause, I find them fascinating.

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Hi Carol. I have to jump in here and vehemently agree with 3. I have been flabbergasted by the intense backlash I get when I bring this subject up. My sisters… forget it. Not one.

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They have the oddest reaction to it all, in my opinion. My husband is teetering on the edge with this stuff, but lately, he has closed himself off. This is just an idea, something many of us are feeling and talking about. Why is it so threatening to them?!! Vivienne and Cindy, the good news is: Quantum studies are giving science a way to explain multiple, overlapping realities.

New insights are appearing in research, almost daily. Prof Brian Cox and Dr. Fred Alan Wolf are just two high-profile scientists talking to the public about this in more understandable, accessible ways. A postscript to my previous post: Fiona asked us to share dates, experiences and geographic locations. Forgot the locations.

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And the strange argument I had with my sister s occurred at: Latitude What has stalled or rather stagnated ME is ironically the very premise that has made the subject a byword in cyber world,that of shared alternate memory,inertia is bound to happen when things settle down. Unless we make a paradigm shift into fluid realities,realities that might be shifting in moments,we will be gloating over doing post mortems of newly discovered fossils. Well said, Vivek. Hence, my interest in taking research in a more data-based direction, with the hope that analysis will reveal patterns, and — fingers crossed — those patterns could provide predictability.

This is how we will figure this out. I believe the changes are fluid, and occur with time. If we can capture the time we all notice something change, we will have more to go on. Thanks, Dan! I saw this movie when I was 10, in , at the Century Theatre longitude How odd that on December 22, , at longitude Hey NB, I think I may have found an explanation for the date discrepancy.

One of my earliest memories, and my first memory of going to a movie theatre, was a Snow White re-release.

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One of the Snow White re-releases was in July, to be exact , and this does line up with when my memory of seeing the movie in the theatre would have had to happen. I remember it being a big deal to my mom, to take me to see a movie was also her first.