Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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At that time his loin-cloth and his mantle shall be white. Unattainable shall be the bread of the katun. The quetzal shall come; the green bird shall come. The kax tree shall come; the bird shall come. The tapir shall come. The tribute shall be hidden at the mouth of the well.

Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel In the first version the Chichen Itza site mouth of the sacred waters mentioned as the place where the Katun is established, is actually a large Mayan city located near Timum, Mexico. The prophecy announces the arrival of several important symbolic animals as well as several gods, this expected arrival of the gods on Earth adds further support to the previous prophecies we examined for the end of the 13th Bak'tun. The most concerning arrival would seem to be that of 'Blood-vomit' as this is most likely an actual plague, or at least a symbolic disease god, of some kind.

There is some historical records that suggests such a plague may have happened during the last Katun 4 Ahau and is thus expected to return in ours. The final visitor is Kukulkan, the great wisdom teacher deity ascribed with having brought almost all knowledge to the Maya peoples. Kukulkan is known to be expected to come again by the ancient Maya, this second coming being at the end of the great cycle and bringing a resurgence of the ancient Mayan culture.

In my own speculation I would suggest he is linked to the returning god or gods found in the previous Chilam Balam and Tortuguero prophetic material, and is factually most likely a non-human being. The second version of this prophecy is perhaps more concerning still, telling us that ' it will dawn in the South ' has to be assumed to refer to the dawning of the sun.

Are we again being told of an axial pole shift that has turned the crust so radically that now are old South is now the new East? That the sun is being referred to is clarified when the following line talks of the lord of the katun having his face covered, it being actually dead, this clearly can't then be a man's face but rather must be the solar lord's face, the true ruler of any cycle.

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This has ominous overtones of the Mayan aural prophecy of the three days of darkness, hinted at in the earlier material when we heard about the sub being obscured following a tempest. Coinciding with this solar anomaly or darkening of the sky and the blood vomit plague, we are also informed of extreme drought and famine by means of the line 'there is mourning for water, there is mourning for bread'.

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This dire prediction reminds us of the earlier mentioned 'day of withered fruit' and its allusion to a potential famine. The extreme lack of food is reiterated at the end of the prophecy ' unattainable shall be the bread of the katun '. The reference to a man with a white loin cloth and mantle actually speaks of the correct attire for a priest of Kukulkan, the deity set to make a second appearance.

Megalithic Constructions in Ecuadorian Jungle are NOT Natural Features

It is at Chichen Itza that we find the large iconic stepped pyramid known as the pyramid of Kukulkan, a pyramid that has certain astronomical functions which also link its designed intended purpose to the current Katun 4 Ahau, specifically a serpentine shadow effect that occurs during equinox of this time period only. It encodes the belief that Kukulkan will again come from the sky. Kukulkan is considered a central deity in the Mayan pantheon, although he is also considered as being a humanoid being in some examinations of his lore. More recently the researcher John Major Jenkins revealed in his book titled Pyramid of Fire that the deity Kukulkan may well be also a representation of a spiritual energy that is believed to reside within all human beings.

Jenkins discovered in an ancient text that the Toltecs, who worshipped Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent god equivalent to Kukulkan, regarded their deity as also being a serpentine evolutionary energy that rises up the spine. Astonishingly an identical energy is described by the followers of the ancient Vedic system from India, named kundalini. Thus the prophecy from the Chilam Balam of Chumayel that says Kukulkan will return in Katun 4 Ahau, could refer to some kind of mass Kundalini awakening that brings global self realisations for humanity.

It is possible that this energetic awakening is another aspect of the mechanism utilised by the gods for giving their discourse on 'after death'. I must say that my own understanding is that Kukulkan was an actual being, an ascended master or highly evolved alien, he would thus have had his kundalini fully awakened and this may be how the link to internal serpentine energy came about, he probably lectured the Maya and Aztec forefathers on that very subject.

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There is also an interesting connection with Kukulkan and the Pleiades constellation , John Major Jenkins found that the Toltec peoples tracked precession by the Pleiades location in the sky at midnight, by which they marked the coming zenith six month later. He also found that the pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza encodes the year-long Sun-Pleiades conjunction cycle. This cycle actually last restarted with a solar eclipse conjunct the Pleiades in the zenith on May 20th It is considered possible this astronomical event was a marker for the time when Kukulkan would return, possibly just in time for the Venus Conjunction that occurred only a few days later.

Kukulkan has all the descriptive elements of being an ascended master of the calibre of Buddha or Thoth. There are also several great masters associated with winged serpents, including Serapis Bey and Imhotep. One can only hope that this prophecy is indeed announcing that a great spiritual adept will arise from the Maya lands during because much of the other material is far less pleasant, though it does seem overall to be a case of 'alls well that ends well'.

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    Megalithic Constructions in Ecuadorian Jungle are NOT Natural Features

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    In other words, civil time as well as its symbolic conversion. With the Mayan calendar, we have only one. It might be that they only had a single, unified system. If what K. Rao has overheard in railway carriages in India is any indication, there is a great deal of Mayan culture that still exists, but has not yet come to light. In this regard, while I have zero knowledge of this area, I was struck by the absence of Augustus Le Plongeon's works in the bibliography. Yet, in the west, natal charts did not come to dominate astrology until people wore time on their wrists, or found it conveniently placed in their pockets.

    Before then, horary and mundane dominated. I am curious if the same might not have been true of Mayan astrology as well. I am dancing around the main point, which is this: Until someone goes to Central America, and, like Le Plongeon a century ago - or like Robert Svoboda in India - spends years in the culture, assimilating some good part of it, we really won't know what sort of astrology was - and doubtless is still - practiced there.

    And even then, the first pioneer to emerge will likely bring us incomprehensible puzzles that only further research will decipher I've tried reading Le Plongeon. Part of the problem is that a highly literate culture is trying to comprehend a culture that is now highly illiterate. I suspect that pictogram cultures, such as the Maya, may have been fundamentally illiterate. Rao knows so little about the one in his own midst. Mayan astrology, as presently understood, exists without direct reference to planetary movements.

    In this, it resembles Chinese astrology. If this is true, then Mayan astrology, like Chinese astrology, has presumably always been an oral tradition, right from the start. Imix - the sea dragon, 2. Ik - the spirit of the wind, 3. Akbal - the power of darkness, 4. Kan - the cosmic seed, 5. Chicchan - the celestial snake, 6. Cimi - the bridge between worlds, 7. Manik - the hand that heals, 8. Lamat - the Venus star, 9. Muluc - the changing moon, Oc - the loyal heart, Chuen - the power of illusion, Eb - the heart of the huma, Ben - the pillars of light, Ix - the wisdom of the shaman, Men - the power of vision, Cib - the cosmic warrior, Caban - the navigation of earth, Etznab - the mirror of self, Cauac - the thunder being, Appendices: A.

    Quick conversions: Quick reference guide; B. Mayan solar destiny reading - master copy; C. Tunben K'ak' the 52 year cycle - master copy; E. More about March 21, leap year, moon cycles; Sources for further study, About the author. Uses the frozen Earth year called Haab , with the day Tzolk'in.

    A useful introduction to a complex subject. Formerly titled, Mayan-Pleiadian Cosmology. Center of the Sun, pages, wirebound. The prehistoric origins of astrology; 2. The Tonalamatl, or book of fate: The 13 day periods, The burner periods, The lords of the night; 6.