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Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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This pressure stems from the place religion—Christianity in particular—holds in African-American history. The secularizing West is full of white men. The general U. There are a few theories about why people become atheists in large numbers. Some demographers attribute it to financial security, which would explain why European countries with a stronger social safety net are more secular than the United States, where poverty is more common and a medical emergency can bankrupt even the insured.

Hijacking America

Atheism is also tied to education, measured by academic achievement atheists in many places tend to have college degrees or general knowledge of the panoply of beliefs around the world hence theories that Internet access spurs atheism. The U. The social factors that promote atheism—financial security and education—have long been harder to attain for women and people of color in the United States. Around the world, the Pew Research Center finds that women tend to be more likely to affiliate with a religion and more likely to pray and find religion important in their lives.

That changes when women have more opportunities.

Why are African Americans still so religious? - Atheist Experience #697

Religion has a place for women, people of color, and the poor. Prominent atheists Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have awful reputations for misogyny, as does the late Christopher Hitchens. Bill Maher, the comedian and outspoken atheist, is no nonexistent angel , either.

Even people who are white, male, and educated may fear the stigma of being labeled a nonbeliever. Several atheist and humanist organizations have launched advertising campaigns aimed at making skeptics more comfortable not believing. These were years of war, when Islam was painted as a threat and Christianity infused U. In the U.

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The book starts introducing each branch of the Protestant Churches and the changes in each of the American Protestant denominations, the Value systems of the Religious Right and the successive American regimes in relation to the Religious Right. The introduction of each Protestant denomination and the transition of various Protestant Branches in the USA are matters of special interest. Among industrial countries Americans, by far, are religious. Such literal Biblical interpretation that stresses the points of view of the Religious Right, concerning abortion and the hate of homosexual love, as well as the adhesion to traditional family values, an absolute belief in the free market and intolerance towards other religions, the establishment of a Christian State influence American politics.

All this became the basis of Neo-conservatives.

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The author has conducted a detailed survey on the situation of American politics and portrays vividly the influential increase of the Religious Right into the successive American establishments. And all of these groups are embedded in global religious communities in which persecution is as common as privilege — which if anything probably leads them to worry too much about what a hostile government might do to them, not to fail to imagine such oppression.

And for serious Papists, especially, the longer arc of liberalism has to look a bit dubious at the moment. In America that anticlericalism was milder, and with Catholic assimilation and Catholic patriotism a less remarkable analogue to the African-American patriotism Serwer describes there was a promise that it would eventually disappear entirely.

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But from the perspective of conservative Catholicism — which I do not ask you to share, only to inhabit for a moment — the story of the last 50 years is very different. Religiously, liberal individualism has become a solvent for the faith, in the United States as well as Europe. Politically, liberalism has imposed via the judiciary, the least democratic branch, a constitutional right to abortion, a form of lethal violence that the church opposes for the same reasons it opposes infanticide — and after 50 years of small-d democratic activism by pro-lifers, the pro-choice side seems to be hardening into a view that such activism is as un-American as racism.

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Legally, elite liberalism is increasingly embracing arguments that would make it difficult or impossible for the church to operate hospitals and adoption agencies today, and perhaps colleges and grammar schools tomorrow. I am not a post-liberal and I do not think that such a return to full 19th-century anticlericalism inevitable or even likely — which is one reason among many that I doubt the bargain many religious conservatives have made with Donald Trump.

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I think that stalemate and stagnation are more powerful forces in our era than the slippery slope or the anti-Catholic ratchet, and that the echoes of prior crises in our current moment are just an aging civilization playing its greatest hits. The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Here are some tips.