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Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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E-commerce is currently growing at a rate twice as fast as fragmented trade, forcing many of these independents to turn to the e-commerce model. This in turn creates a sea of individual sellers eager to satisfy e-consumer demand, alongside mass retailers targeting this same demographic. Unlike other Asian nations, Indonesians currently do not solely rely on mass retailers to guide their purchasing decisions, allowing for these individual sellers to maintain market share. This in turn allows the e-market segment to be open to any competitor determined enough to form a market impact, something uncommon in other mobile-first nations.

Many Indonesian cities are currently woefully underdeveloped, because of a lack of strong government and infrastructure to support retail construction. With lots of potential growth in rural and semi-rural areas, e-commerce specifically allows Indonesian consumers to source hard-to-find goods, as opposed to other nations, where rural areas would not have as high use of internet-capable mobile devices. This procurement of specialized CPGs to rural areas makes Indonesia a uniquely perfect place for online marketplace growth.

This specifically targets the mobile user as the captured demographic, instead of simply re-tooling a desktop platform to a mobile one. Tying Facebook into popular sites such as online forums like Kaskus and Tokobagus, or even online stores like Sukamart , could lead to the inclusion of high-quality videos, product comparisons and optimized images, alongside other mobile-first features, to encourage e-market growth. By examining the way Venezuela's oil industry operates while comparing and contrasting that with the oil industries of Norway and various Middle Eastern countries, these papers isolate a few basic causes of the dissonance — a lack of stable, democratic, and market-oriented institutions.

In August, attendees representing 35 organizations from 16 countries gathered together for Africa Liberty Forum , which took place in Lagos, Nigeria and was co-hosted by African Students for Liberty. The forum focused on issues like corruption, challenges in the current foreign aid system, and unlocking the economic potential of the continent.

The Center for Indonesian Policy Studies CIPS has partnered with Indonesian YouTube celebrity Vincent Ricardo to publish the first in a series of videos aiming to educate the public about the reasons for high food prices in Indonesia and to encourage public action. This video calls for President Joko Widodo to lessen trade restrictions so that the price of food will be lowered in Indonesia.

The video was posted on August 13 and has already been viewed over 53, times. Daily power blackouts are a constant part of life for Lebanese residents. August 29, by Dr. AMLO won with almost 53 percent of the popular vote; and his party, Morena, was able to capture majorities in both legislative houses, in addition to securing control over a large handful of state governorships and state assemblies.

Atlas Network is pleased to announce the publication of a new textbook: Applied Economics for Africa, by Dr. George B. Once published, it will be available for download on our website and AfricanLiberty. This conference is hosted every year as a way to bring together all of the parts of the liberty movement in Israel and to communicate and educate one another on the best ways to advance free-market solutions in their country. With over half the team never having played before, it seemed as though our team — Batless Network — may become the WinlessNetwork.

Since the IPDE report takes into account different dimensions of the regulatory environment of each province, the result of the indicators can be used not only to compare the Argentine jurisdictions among themselves, but also to analyze the regulatory framework and the economic performance of each of them, and to identify the reforms that have worked or not. The Competitive Enterprise Institute CEI , an Atlas Network partner, recently released a short, informative video about the platform economy and the threats this booming industry faces from government regulation.

CEI Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray explains that entrepreneurs in the platform economy provide a trusted channel that connects customers and service providers. August 10, by Matt Warner.

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Without profit motive, can nonprofit leaders be as innovative and successful as their profit-seeking counterparts? Covering 98 percent of world GDP and 93 percent of the world population, the Index measures the strength of physical property rights, intellectual property rights, and the legal and political environments that contain them in countries. Libek plans to use these findings to continue their campaign for a freer Serbia and for prosperity for the entire region.

In addition to the 20 students from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Switzerland, experts from around the world were there to offer training and insights on the unique struggles facing journalists on the continent. Held in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, FreedomFest was an exceptional three-day conference where 2, influencers and open-minded individuals gathered to celebrate liberty in all its forms.

FreedomFest is where all are invited to relish in the subjects they love—as well as share their interests and passions with think tanks and individuals alike. From its breakout sessions, an elegant experience at the Saturday gala dinner, to its illustrious speakers—this conference truly gave its attendees a weekend to remember.

August 2, by Dr.

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The cause of liberty has lost a dear friend and a wise counsel, but her spirit remains active through every person she convinced of the value of liberty and through every person she inspired to stand against violence and tyranny; they are far, far more than they know. Andrea Rich was a businesswoman, publisher, TV producer, philanthropist, Atlas Network board member, enthusiastic lover of life, and an always dependable friend.

The Africa Liberty Forum AfricaLF18, sponsored by Atlas Network with local organizing co-host African Students for liberty, is a gathering of the best and the brightest in Africa to discuss and exchange solutions that promote liberty and free-market reforms in the region. Peer-to-peer services, like Uber and Airbnb, make up a market known as the sharing economy. Because of its novelty, much information surrounding the sharing economy is unknown.

Timbro, an Atlas Network partner and the largest Nordic free-market think tank, has released the Timbro Sharing Economy Index TSEI , which estimates the size of the sharing economy per country and aims to enliven the discussion around this growing field of exchange. Tax Freedom Day is the first day of the year that Greeks no longer have to work for the state but are free to choose how to spend their income. Indonesia's government is facing challenges due to some growing support for radical Islam in the country — a movement coming, in part, from Indonesian universities.

To help remedy this precarious situation, Atlas Network partner SuaraKebebasan. The Competitive Enterprise Institute's CEI Annual Dinner and Reception brought together policy professionals, distinguished scholars, congressional staff, and enthusiastic supporters to celebrate CEI's effective advocacy for freedom. Simon Memorial Award. After more than 23 years of leadership and 36 years of service, Lawrence J. In Western Australia, some of the brightest young minds have taken a fresh look at development and reached different conclusions. Wedding political theory and practice is no easy task, especially for those from countries unfamiliar with the tradition of liberty.

For many in the United States, whether they be liberal interventionists or conservative defense hawks, military spending cuts are radical and fall far outside of the Overton window.

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In , the total military expenditure by the U. The inspiration, organization, and discussion necessary for a global freedom movement require a vibrant, active community. From June 7—9, nearly people from 38 states and 17 countries gathered at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta to celebrate freedom and human creativity. The reforms will lower the tax burden for 1. According to LFMI, the increase in the tax-exempt income threshold from 1. In the last 28 years, Nepal has changed its government 25 times, culminating with the election of the Communist Party Alliance in Despite this tenuous stability, populism and broader illiberal sentiments crowd out entrepreneurial innovation in the country.

After the election in Lithuania, the country saw an increased crackdown on the use of drugs. Being caught with a small amount of marijuana among friends can lead to a distribution charge and 2—8 years of imprisonment. At its peak, the campaign received over thousand views on social media. Many Atlas Network partners fight bureaucracies at home, but few target the international bureaucratic machine.

The Independent Institute has been active for over 30 years and presents a forward-looking, optimistic, and solutions-oriented vision in its work. In its many publications it seeks to reach communities of impact with real solutions to the problems of limited economic freedom and overbearing government. Department of State. Nearly one million immigrants live in Chile, making up almost 5. Chile's immigration laws, most of which were passed in , are struggling to keep up.

To help ease the situation, Libertad y Desarollo LyD, Freedom and Development , an Atlas Network partner based in Santiago, is advocating for sustainable and regulated immigration in Chile. The program provided grants to Atlas Network partners to conduct research, advocacy campaigns, and media campaigns to affect change. In the inaugural iteration of the project, 16 think tanks were selected for participation. Lessons learned from three of the participating organizations have been detailed in three Atlas Network case studies.

Serbia, like many European countries, is plagued by economic misconceptions espoused by populists. A new and groundbreaking index reveals that many leading economies put significant restrictions on digital trade, driving up costs for businesses and consumers. The Nanny State Index European Parliament Edition tracks paternalistic regulations that the European Parliament has introduced in its current and previous legislative sessions.

This year, the program partnered with Prosta Ekonomia Simple Economics and reached over 5, students with their 6-lesson course on Austrian economics. The Becket Fund named Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik the recipient of the Canterbury Medal, its highest honor for religious liberty. Becket, an Atlas Network partner, is a non-profit, public interest legal and educational institution that defends the free expression of all religious traditions. Today the Supreme Court ruled in Janus v.

Almost 5. The decision is also a win for Atlas Network partners involved with the case. As data-processing software has become more efficient, firms are now able to store large quantities of data. Istituto Bruno Leoni IBL , an Atlas Network partner based in Torino, recently held a conference about the data economy and its potential to further economic growth and combat misinformation surrounding the issue.

For years, this Atlas Network partner has been utilizing competitiveness indices to support its arguments for regulatory changes in the country. June 22, by Matt Warner. Good teams can hit a wall. Despite talented people and no shortage of hard work, sometimes the rate at which results have been eclipsing previous benchmarks starts to slow down.

Sound familiar? The lake countries face low incomes, high corruption, and little economic freedom. Transparency is key to establishing trust between voters and elected officials. Some of the top think tanks in Latin America gathered in Santiago, Chile to share success stories and strategies on fighting socialism, advocating for free markets, and seizing the moral high ground. Attendees enjoy a range of speakers, panels, and VIP events, the Friedman Conference remains an event not to be missed for the Australian liberty movement. Claims that increases in wealth benefit only those at the top and have a negligible impact on the lower rungs of the economic ladder are driving the discussion on inequality.

Although Brazil emerged from its recession in , corruption and cronyism still trouble the nation.

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Government monopolies are large, provide low quality services, and create barriers to entry that discourage competition. To combat these trends, Students For Liberty Brasil SFLB have designed, planned, and executed a series of state conferences that promote liberty and train future leaders around the country. Encouraging a culture of philanthropy toward free market think tanks is a common challenge among many organizations in Latin America. Facilitated by former Atlas Network staff member, Gonzalo Schwarz, now the president and executive director of Archbridge Institute, the training included sessions on planning and strategy, international fundraising, best-practices for developing individual donors, and interactive sessions where participants develop and present their own plans.

Major sponsorship generously provided by the John Templeton Foundation. The conference examined Scandinavian liberalism, the continued trend to populism on the political left and right on the continent, and how collaboration amongst think tanks in the United States and Europe has strengthened the work of organizations working to advance free societies on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Here are some of the highlights:. These journalists, trained in ethics and classical liberalism, will provide an alternative to the current distrust in the mainstream media in Serbia that has been further exacerbated by the tight government media control and crackdowns on independent journalists. Over , Serbians — or 1 in every 12 Facebook users in the country — will be reached by their content. Atlas Network has moved into a new office headquarters in the vibrant Ballston neighborhood of Arlington, Va.

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As a kick off to this year's annual Friedman Conference Australia's largest gathering of liberty oriented individuals , Atlas Network held a one-day Think Tank Essentials training that brought together 20 participants representing 12 organizations from 4 different countries to learn best practices on strategy, marketing, and development. As part of the session, participants created a cascading Vision execution plan, developed messaging for their current work, and discussed how to create a culture of fundraising within their organizations.

Joining the U. Senate, the U. Expected to be signed by President Trump, this new law lifts restrictions on terminally ill patients from trying treatments that are still being tested in clinical trials but potentially life-saving. The Goldwater Institute, an Atlas Network partner based in Arizona, has been a leader in promoting Right to Try both at the state and federal levels. Since , 40 states have passed their own legislation, with the Goldwater Institute being responsible for creating the original policy on which these state laws are based.

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  4. May 21, by Temba A. The following is a speech delivered by Temba A. In keeping with the international trend, populism has taken root in some of the major political parties of Nepal. Politicization of the press and media has also presented a significant challenge to providing news without a political bent. Atlas Network partner Bikalpa — An Alternative has launched a neutral news outlet with the aim of creating an alternative discourse for Nepali citizens, known as Bikalpa Khabar. Earlier this month, the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization AELSO launched a new project to promote democracy, liberty, and tolerance, while opposing radicalism in order to bring peace and prosperity to the country.

    In the last 10 years, Turkey has been struggling with a significant deterioration in its rule of law, as evidenced by the major indices measuring freedom and rule of law around the world. The Centre for Civil Society CCS has consistently advocated for the rights and recognition for Budget Private Schools in India, speaking up against arbitrary regulations that deter private initiative, and compromise educational access and quality.

    The government of India, in the past year, has issued several circulars often over-lapping and contradictory regulations that allow for an excessive interference of the government in the administration and functioning of private schools. To speak up against the stifling of private initiative and autonomy, CCS - through the National Independent Schools Alliance NISA - launched a massive campaign to mobilize "edupreneurs" from around the country to advocate for reinstating of choice and the recognition of the role and scope of private provision of education in India.

    In , the Greek government passed an anti-racism law aimed at cutting down on incitements to violence in the country. While well-intentioned, an application of this law in action saw the recent criminal trial of Greek author Soti Triantafyllou for an op-ed she wrote in late in which she mentioned a false quote attributed to Marco Polo about Muslims.

    She was informed in early that legal action was being taken against her for the misquote. During this powerhouse 4-day interactive workshop in Los Angeles, participants learned to use best practices in product and idea messaging and film production. The Supreme Court has granted a writ of certiorari to two petitioners represented by the Competitive Enterprise Institute CEI in an appeal from a lower court decision.

    Gaos to shed light on the class-action settlement abuse by the attorneys of the original class-action lawsuit. The Nobel Prize in Economics winner brought the ideas of classical liberalism to a massive new audience with television shows like 'Free to Choose,' which aired on public television across the United States beginning in Until recently, however, the works of Friedman were available only to those who spoke English.

    A new project by the Institut Coppet in France aims to change that. While in Washington, he met with several individuals and organizations in courting allies to support him in his work to bring about a freer Venezuela. One those meetings came with renowned economist Professor Steve Hanke. The series, "Advancing Liberty through Dialogue," aimed to identify challenges currently facing Bosnia-Herzegovina in the two decades since the fall of Yugoslavia. Academics from Bosnia and other Balkan states debated in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, and Tuzla, and the debates drew a total audience of almost This February, South African President Jacob Zuma resigned under pressure from his own party due to corruption charges.

    While this might have signaled hope for the future, new President Cyril Ramaphosa has shored up his political coalition by supporting a parliamentary motion favoring the confiscation of land without compensation. The move seems to echo similar land reform that took place in Zimbabwe two decades ago with disastrous results. The livestream of the event had over , views. A new business documentary series by the Greek Liberties Monitor GLM , an Atlas Network partner in Athens, Greece, seeks to change the anti-market environment that has prevailed in Greece the last several years by featuring successful businessmen and executives making positive impacts in their community.

    The series, titled Greek Crisis Success Stories, aims to highlight the efforts of Greek entrepreneurs who have started businesses at the height of the economic crisis and continue to thrive and create value for their communities. Opposition to trade liberalization has become more popular around the world in recent years, particularly in Europe and the United States. Atlas Network partner Prometheus—Das Freiheitsinsitut The Liberty Institute , working in Germany, has launched an initiative to combat anti-trade ideas and to promote the widespread benefits of free trade.

    The Belgrade-based Atlas Network partner adapted the index to a nationally focused, Serbian version from the Timbro Authoritarian Populism Index, a signature publication of another Atlas Network partner based in Sweden. The impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico and the attempts in the months thereafter to ship aid materials to the island have shown the significant negative economic impact of a nearly year-old law which has hindered the rebuilding of Puerto Rico.

    Last year KEFIM, one of Greece's most prominent think tanks, experienced significant growth in its staff size and programs. With new team members and a suite of new activities, KEFIM's leadership reached out to Atlas Network's Matt Warner to partner with them on creating a uniquely designed team summit to help them accelerate their organizational path to success. In addition to hosting academic conferences, ECAEF organizes an annual international essay competition, works with European universities, publishes works of authors in the Austrian tradition, and maintains weekly economic quizzes on its website.

    Around the world, Atlas Network partners are promoting economic freedom and entrepreneurship for women. Occupational licensing, the state-enforced professional requirements for individuals seeking employment in certain industries, is widespread among U. Workers in hundreds of different industries, many of them not offering any risk of public danger or malpractice, are required by the states to obtain expensive training and permitting to allow them to practice in such industries.

    While many industries, such as those involving on-the-job hazards, can be entirely justified in requiring licensing, a significant number of licensing laws exist to prevent entrance into industries like hair braiding, floral arranging, translating, auctioneering, and tree care. The economic cost of these barriers to entry is demonstrably high. In response, the CAS ordered the foster home of the Baars family be closed, and the girls in their care rehomed. The Baars family lost their children, and the children their home, over refusing to lie about a fictional character.

    Vladimir Putin was elected to a fourth term as president of the Russian Federation on March Hundreds of supporters of Russian human rights and democracy attended. The winner of the prestigious Templeton Freedom Award, this program trains local journalists in free-market economics and introduces them to the principles of a free society. Designed for undergraduate and graduate students with interest in free market economics and classical liberal ideas, three intensive summer seminar sessions have been announced by the Institute for Humane Studies IHS.

    These three seminars, with introductory, intermediate, and advanced options, are hosted at Bryn Mawr College outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Davidson College in North Carolina. In Cameroon, there is a core belief that the government is, and should be, the number one generator of jobs.

    This creates many challenges for the almost non-existent private sector, which currently makes up less than 6 percent of the working population. The Nkafu Policy Institute, an Atlas Network partner in Cameroon, is committed to bringing the economic decision making down to a local level as a way to break-up monopolies and encourage competition and free enterprise with its Small Business and Entrepreneurship Center SBEC. Since , the National Statistics Institute INE of the Guatemalan government has reported substantial inflation of grocery prices in the country.

    The unit is to be directed by Shanker Singham, former director of economic policy and prosperity studies at the Legatum Institute. These publications, ranging in topics from trade to the American Revolution, provide high-quality synopses of many of the ideas and events which have shaped the ideas of classical liberalism. And now, the Cato Institute is offering the opportunity to translate, print, distribute, and even sell their own editions of several Cato-published books — at no cost for reprint rights, provided that the editions must be published outside the United States in a language other than English.

    Three Atlas Network partner organizations in Uruguay received recognition by the index for their efforts to promote freedom in their country and throughout South America. The book is an in-depth examination of the rise of authoritarian populism in twelve countries, among them Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Turkey, the United States, and Venezuela. The publication is comprised of a collection of essays and interviews with authors from around the world.

    TechFreedom, an Atlas Network partner focused on technological progress and policy in the United States, has seen success in highlighting the importance of robust First and Fourth Amendment protections to help continue the advance of a free and open Internet. By publishing white papers, appearing in podcasts, and bringing attention to instances of government attempting to subvert a free and open Internet, TechFreedom does vital work in drawing public attention to issues of free expression online. Cited in the bankruptcy petition are 76 articles by Watchdog.

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    March 12, by Dr. Katherine Ruger and Michael Reitz. In your work, do you struggle with communications conflicts or staff turnover? Is employee morale and absenteeism a problem? Do teams in your organization work in silos, unaware of and unconcerned with how their work affects and is affected by others? Are your people focused on day-to-day routines to the exclusion of thinking about the future, the results of their actions, or your unifying goals? If so, you probably know that you have a problem with your corporate culture. City of New London.

    Now, thirteen years later, the efforts of Susette Kelo and the Institute for Justice IJ — an Atlas Network partner dedicated to defending individual rights in court — will be portrayed in the upcoming feature film Little Pink House. The one-hour documentary explores the costs and advantages of deterrence as a strategy to promote peace, by examining societies and historical examples from around the world.

    The political environment in Ukraine has been ripe for reform since the Euromaidan Revolution that ousted Russian-aligned president Viktor Yanukovych. Seeking to end many of the stifling taxes and barriers to entry which have negatively impacted the economic freedom of the Ukrainian people since the days of the Soviet Union, Kyiv-based Atlas Network partner Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation UEFF has overseen legislative victories which have dramatically cut taxes and simplified bureaucratic processes for Ukrainian citizens. For the first time in the history of modern Mexican democracy a credible, relevant, and effective anticorruption legal infrastructure exists.

    As of July 18, , it is required by law that every politician must publish his or her declarations of assets, taxes paid, and possible conflicts of interest. The nation of Bolivia has faced significant challenges to its democracy and foundational rule of law since the turn of the 21st century. Many important court cases concerning individual liberties make their way to the Supreme Court of the United States.

    However, thousands more decisions reinforcing — or, conversely, dismantling — constitutional rights are decided by state circuit and supreme courts. Georgia leads the country in the number of people under correctional supervision — currently 1 in 13 statewide, starkly higher than the 1 in 31 nationwide rate.

    And two-thirds of those eventually released from prison are likely to be rearrested within three years of their release. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

    Meaning of "celuk" in the Malay dictionary. Jk; embracing hand to something in order to pick up stuff, snatch. Synonyms and antonyms of celuk in the Malay dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the Malay literature, quotes and news about celuk. Periplus Editions, Batubulan— Ubud bemos pass through Celuk , but as the shops and workshops are spread out over a three-kilometre stretch, you'd be advised to wait for a kilometre or so before you get out, until you see the small lanes off to the left. Robert P. Swierenga,