Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Blaney quoted Salinger as saying he was considering moving to London to make a movie. Her feature appeared in the local The Claremont Daily Eagle and was then picked up for syndication across America. Salinger was furious and apparently never spoke to her again. According to another biographer, Paul Alexander, he had a standard pick-up line in these years.

The line seemingly worked with a teenager called Claire Douglas, whom he met at a party in New York in , shortly after he stopped seeing Blaney. She fell in love with the author and was persuaded to drop out of school and live with him. When Salinger wed London-born Douglas in February , there was no reference to his first marriage in the documentation. They stayed married for 12 years, during which time they had two children, Margaret and Matthew. Life as the daughter of the famous author was bizarre — not least because he would lecture her at length on the correct way to chew food. Although Salinger had resented being sent away during his childhood — he particularly detested his time at the Valley Forge Military Academy — he was unsympathetic when his daughter rang from her boarding school to plead for help when she was ill and lonely.

Salinger cut her short and instead sent her a subscription to The Christian Science Journal. Her book also details some of his weirder traits, including his belief in the therapeutic powers of his energy-capturing orgone box, his obsession with homeopathy and a fad he went through of drinking his own urine. After eight months, she was unceremoniously dumped. Maynard, who is now 65, said in an interview in September that she had been vilified for her revelations.

She said she hoped the MeToo movement would allow her story to be seen in a different light. His second wife Claire also declined to write a book about her life with Salinger and his interest in strange philosophies, including one that suggested that women were impure. His obsessions took a toll on Claire, who divorced him in After that, we lost touch. A better image of Salinger comes through the 50 letters and four postcards he sent to Londoner Donald Hartog from to Salinger met Hartog in , when they were both 18 and studying German in Vienna, and they remained lifelong friends.

Salinger wrote to his friend describing his life in more everyday terms. He also liked to relax by watching Marx Brothers and Alfred Hitchcock films and doing crossword puzzles. Salinger never spoke publicly about politics, but in this correspondence, he offered his private opinions of legislators. They remained together for the final 22 years of his life, as he grew older, more infirm and very deaf.

Stephen King's Books Are All Connected To Each Other, And It's Honestly Terrifying

Salinger refused to wear a hearing aid and at the Railway Station restaurant where he ate regularly. A waitress recalled that she used to have to write down instructions on a dry-wipe board he carried with him. The paranoia about unwanted visitors can only have increased after the events of The Catcher in the Rye had become the bible of alienation for a generation of disaffected teenagers and in December its vast popular appeal was shown to bring its own problems.

The image of him as the lonely writer was cemented in by a snatched photograph in which Salinger looks haunted and alarmed. The picture inspired Don DeLillo to write Mao II , in which the protagonist Bill Gray is a famous author-recluse who has spent years endlessly rewriting the same book. They conjectured that fears over talk of his sole ball was one of the reasons he became a recluse. Salinger is still a cultural reference point.

Do They Know Things?

Hardly the stuff of drama. In his will, Salinger suggested that some of his unpublished works could be out by There has also been talk of long novels produced during those marathon stints in his bunker. It is unlikely anything new will match the exuberance of The Catcher in the Rye , which still sells a quarter of a million copies a year. Instead, his son recently urged people to focus on work already in the public domain. In one of his rare interviews, which Salinger volunteered to The New York Times in , he talked about the importance of his books, rather than his image as a loner.

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Stephen King's Books Are All Connected To Each Other, And It's Honestly Terrifying

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  5. Chuka Ummuna. Shappi Khorsandi. Gina Miller. Our view. A sad girl covered in blood on prom night. Honestly, it's hard to think of a Stephen King book that hasn't left at least one image permanently scorched into our brains. Stephen King's horror stories scarred many of our childhoods and adulthoods, for that matter , but the most upsetting thing of all might be that all of King's books are connected. Yes, Shawshank State Prison, the children of the corn, and the lone Gunslinger walking through the desert are all part of one huge, terrifying narrative. Here are just ten of the ways in which all of King's books are connected , and why you should be very, very scared.

    Between the new movie of It, the new movie of The Dark Tower, the new movie of Gerald's Game, and several dozen other TV and film adaptations not to mentions new novels , it seems like Stephen King must run the universe. But that's simply not true: King runs the multiverse. Many of his books share locations and characters across parallel universes, as neatly explained in this flowchart.

    Or, if you don't have time to follow every line between Annie Wilkes and the Crimson King, here are some of the creepiest connections between King's novels:. Check out the entire What's Up, Boo? He's never good news. As King's self-described best villain, the Man in Black takes on various forms throughout the multiverse to sow conflict and bring down entire civilizations in service of some even greater evil force. Pennywise, or "It," is another King villain who spans multiple books and even universes. In Tommyknockers , a character glimpses "a clown with shiny silver dollars for eyes" while driving through Derry, Maine.

    In Dreamcatcher, someone has spray painted the words "Pennywise Lives" on the standpipe. So there's an entire species of killer clowns out there. So that's fun. Jud describes Timmy's behavior; he'd acted much like Church had, wandering listlessly along the road near his and his father's home, unable to speak and having a haunted look on his face. Jud and three of his friends went to the Baterman house to confront the pair, but Timmy confronted each of them with indiscretions they had committed, indiscretions he had no way of knowing, thus giving the impression that the resurrected Timmy was actually some sort of demon who had possessed Timmy's body.

    Jud and his friends fled the house horrified, and Bill shot his son and burned his house to the ground, killing himself. Jud concludes that Gage died because he showed Louis the burial ground. There are hints that at some point the burial ground was used for victims of cannibalism and that it became the haunt of the Wendigo , a terrible creature of the forest, whose mere presence gives men a taste for the flesh of their own kind.

    In Jud's words the "ground had gone sour" and now corrupts any animal or person buried there. Despite Jud's warning and his own reservations, Louis' grief and guilt spur him to carry out his plan. Louis has Rachel and Ellie visit her parents in Chicago again, not telling them his intentions, intending to bury Gage and then spend a couple of days with him in private to 'diagnose' his son and determine if what happened to Timmy has happened to him.

    Louis exhumes his son's body and takes him to the burial site. Along the trail, the Wendigo nearly frightens him away but Louis' determination, combined with the power of the burial site, keeps him moving. Ellie has a nightmare featuring Victor Pascow on the flight to Chicago. Ellie specifically mentions Victor Pascow mispronouncing his name "Paxcow" and how he confided his warning to Louis before his soul discorporated. Because of Ellie's near hysteria, and an agreement between Rachel and her daughter as to Louis' behavior, Rachel attempts to fly back to Maine, but misses her connecting flight at Boston and decides to drive the rest of the distance.

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    Louis buries Gage at the burial ground. Gage returns as a demonic shadow of his former self, able to talk like an adult. He sneaks into his old home and steals a scalpel from Louis' medical bag -- Louis, in a deep sleep after returning from the burial ground, is repulsed by Gage's foul odor while unconscious but does not wake up.

    Gage breaks into Jud's house and taunts Jud about his wife's implied infidelity, then kills Jud with Louis' scalpel. When Rachel arrives at Jud's house, Gage kills her also and, it is implied, partially eats her corpse. Louis kills Church and Gage with fatal doses of morphine, and then grieves for his son while sitting in the corner of the hallway. Louis, pushed to the edge of sanity and having prematurely aged with shockingly white hair, burns down Jud's house, then carries Rachel's body to the burial ground, saying that he "waited too long" with Gage but is confident that Rachel will come back the same as before.

    After being interrogated by investigators about the fire and revealing nothing about his involvement, Louis waits until nightfall for Rachel to return. Playing solitaire, he hears his resurrected wife walk into the house. A hand falls on his shoulder and his wife greets him with "Darling The story was adapted into a film in that followed the originally story quite closely -- the screenplay was written by King himself and he makes a cameo appearance in the film as a priest at a funeral service.

    The critically acclaimed movie adaption did far worse that expected in the box office, some thought due to the sheer darkness of some of the scenes featuring the "living dead" that are a result of the location of burial.