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It is a good columnm, so how could an author who writes like Rand be of the Labor Party?

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Because he doesn't understand he writes like Rand, and likely is not familiar with Rand's work. If he is, he probably doesn't agree with her ideas. I shall look forward to your comments if Mr. Follett responds to you. Jeff P UTC 0 points. There's extensive material on his website about the craft of writing but it never mentions Rand.

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Moreover, in 40 years of publishing he published several books under other pen names before Eye of the Needle he's never mentioned her or her work. Then, of course, there is his clear albeit moderate leftist bent, which has never wavered. Interesting parallels, but the hypothesis is a stretch. Apart from that fact that he does write in the romantic tradition and his books are very well crafted with genuinely good characters, the points you note are as likely as not to be coincidence.

In any case, his books are very well written, particularly Pillars. The reason why both authors seemed similar to you is because they follow the same literary current. They are both romantics. They write abou heroes and their principles; they fight against evil and those who represent it. I trinl that literary speaking they are similar but by any means Rand inspired Follet. Now, Ayn Rand's idea of writing her novels was to teach the principles of her philosophy.

Follet never has advocated them or made any philosophical defense of his characters. Don't think I think bad about Follet. I like Follet's books, they are a wonderful romantic reading for traveling long distances. Sadly, Toohey's are everywhere. Thanks for your review,. David E UTC 0 points. You answer your own question by stating that Follett is for the Labor Party.

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He may indeed by an Ayn Rand fan but certainly not an Objectivist. That is sort of the difference between Suzie Homemaker and Julia Childs. They both love food, but the latter is a loving expert. Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" is one of my top five favorite novels, but he gives his philosophy away in it, as all authors do. Yes, he is a romanticist to some degree, but his realism is often overarching and it overpowers his romanticism. He revels in the depiction of squalor, uncontrollable situations and lack of volitional control of one's world and relations.

He often uses this as his contrast for goodness and greatness, but he spends an AWFUL lot of time depicting the realism, as opposed to the romanticism -- and even in the end we are not completely satisfied. The image I've had when reading Follett's brilliant prose is that of the man with one oar in a dingy on a violently flooding river. Yes, he has some control and does it well, but the river history and its power players are moving him.

Paul B UTC 0 points. Even if Follett was not influenced by Rand, posing the question leads us to similarities that make him a good recommendation to put on my reading list for personal uplift. Thanks you, Marsha!

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Thanks to AtlasSphere for giving us another column by an Objectivist. Carol T UTC 0 points. When you're really awake, it's astounding how you can pick up the beautiful obviousness that Ayn Rand caught when she was young and turned it into a philosophy. Reading behavior that includes this thought is the ultimate high.

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So good of Marsha Familaro Enright to recognize this and bring it to our attention. Yes, thanks!!!!! Carol H. A pleasure to read so many perceptive observation about Follett's novels and Rand's possible influence on him. I've been an avid fan for years. Larry S UTC 0 points.

I have long considered Pillars one of my favorite books, but never considered the parallel beteween Follett and Rand. Is it even conceivable that an author who majored in philosophy has not read Rand?

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  • I would think it possible as I had taken philosophy courses in college without even a whisper of her name. Michael S UTC 0 points. I believe "60 Minutes" did a profile of Follett a couple of years ago.

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    And, I believe he is a self-described "Champagne Socialist", but I could be wrong. To post comments, please log in first. The Ideas of Ayn Rand. An independent and thoughtful sometimes controversial examination of Ayn Rand's life, novels, and philosophy. See Neil DeRosa's review at the Atlasphere Follett's skills in writing make the book easy to reader and so full of intrigue that the reader has a hard time putting the book down. Like many of Follett's novels, this one has a surprise ending. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation.

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