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Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Thursday Night Ghost Stories. Another ghost story for everyone to enjoy. Showcasing the story of moms old friend who tends to visit from time to time. Another Ghost story being told this one tells the tale of a screaming Tree. Hugh information regarding this Podcast and discuss about our investigation. Paranormal podcast scarystories. Special edition tombstone investigation.

Talking about our haunted location this weekend, we also have a few friends to join us. Follow me on Instagram paranormalorre1. Wednesday Night Ghost stories. Missed you on Sunday but we have a special edition ghost story. Co host. Special Giveaway.

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Announcing a huge opportunity to join me. Sunday Night Ghost Stories Episode 3. This ghostly story of young boy will make you cry. Must watch this week's episode.

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Sunday Night Ghost Stories Episode 2. Ghost stories a skeleton hitchhiker. Sunday night Ghost stories EP. Don't forget tonight at 8pm pacific time. Ghost story from the Larian Motel. Embracing our experiences. Discuss our own Paranormal experiences. Hitting our goals. Overview of how I set my goals for Welcome back to the Paranormal.

Talking about my upcoming plans and the future. Happy Tuesday. Preview video for Tombstone. Tombstone didn't disappoint. OMG what a Weekend at Tombstone. A review of our weekend. Stout out to my listeners. Thank you for all the support. Who's ready for the weekend. Explaining how our investigation is going to go this weekend. Tombstone AZ Investigation.

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Updating everyone on our upcoming investigation. Part 2 Tombstone AZ investigation. Talking more of our investigation. My New Tool has arrived. New microphone just came in listen to the quality of my episode. Another crazy weekend. We went back to the cemetery for part 2. Part 2 upcoming events. Discussing upcoming Investigations. Demon House!! Say what. Just watched this awesome movie. Two announcements today! Made two big purchases to share. Two Episodes in one day.

Say What!! Shout out To Ant Cappone. Have a question for you guys. Cemetery ghost video. I uploaded our video of a haunted cemetery investigation. Update Monday. Updating on my weekend Investigation. Where is Joe? Been lagging with my episodes. Fort Lowell park investigation.

Investigating this haunted DC park. Review Tuesday. Review what I have been doing with future ghost hunts. First YouTube Video. Update about weekend. Special Guests Part 2. Continued with our guests. Special Guests. We got two special guests. On Our Way To Investigation. Going to the Slaughterhouse as seen on Ghost Adventures. Paranormal Puck 2. Got a new toy to share. We got some amazing EVP's this weekend. Saturday Night. Review of our night. Quick Update. I'm about to buy some new ghost hunting equipment. Breaking News.

We have change of plans. Shout Out To Paranormal Travel. Staying over night in the most haunted room Big Announcement. Ghost Hunt in one of the most haunted locations. Feb 3, Tell Ghost stories or Paranormal happenings. The Park Experience Part 2. My creepy experience at a former Army Fort. The Park Experience. The Beginning. What is this Paranormal Or Reality thing?

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I about shit myself and hid under the covers like a 5 year old. The next morning I told my wife and she told me she saw the same thing! We woke up to a phone call that his mom was in a coma and had bleeding on her brain, the same side she was caressing him in his dream. We rushed to the hospital, but he said he knew she was already gone, that she had let him know it was alright.

When I would stay over, I would sleep with my grandmother and my grandfather. We laid down and the door was open. She always used to hang a bunch of dresses and purses on a hook on the back of the door, so it was relatively heavy to shut and latch closed. Also in front of the door was one of those square box fans, the really loud ones. I, as a child of course started to freak out. She just told me that the dog did it and to go back to sleep. But the dog was already asleep next to her side of the bed the whole time.

It still boggles my mind how that happened.

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But that house was very creepy and a lot of odd things happened there. Fast forward four years. We have a 5 month old baby asleep downstairs for the night. We have memorized every squeak and creak to be able to appropriately navigate around the house without waking a fussy baby. I turn back around thinking the house shifted and embarrassed I spoke aloud to no one. A few minutes pass and I hear it again. I spin around in my chair and, nothing. I walk out into the hall making the floor creak myself to turn the light on.

I jump out of my chair and turn around to find an empty doorway and fully lit hall beyond. All others must leave NOW for we are protected by the light! But that night I prayed. To every god there could be, is, and ever was, and for divine protection over my home and my family. It was weird. It slowly moved around, and the light was non-buoyant.

This is what is known as an 'orb'. It happened every so often that the seven-year-old me made a functioning gun out of my Lego to protect myself. I never got to be a real life Ghostbuster because every time I saw the orb I was in shock. Every time I saw the orb I told my mother and, rightfully so, she thought I was full of shit. She eventually got fed up and told me, "Fine, I'll sleep in your room tonight and prove to you there is no orb! I built up enough courage to open my mouth but the only words that came out were "Mom? Then, after a brief moment of silence it began to move again.

I don't remember what happened next. I think we fell back to sleep or we were in so much shock we passed out. The next day, I tried asking my mom what it was. She didn't have a single clue. Not only was it my first "See? I told you so! This whole experience still makes me question everything in the world.

I really do think there is more to our universe, but we can't understand it and probably never will. My mom and I have always been very spiritually aware. We pulled out the Ouija board and began asking questions. They had been together for 10 years and he acted as a father figure to my brother and I. Several months later, he tried to kill my mom while my brother and I were away. My mom walked away from the event and he went to prison. While he was in prison we had a huge wind storm caused by a hurricane in the south that left us without any power for a week.

We spent our nights by candle light and would play board games. One night we pulled out the Ouija board again, but this time the board kept saying fire and candle my mom looked around- there was no fire. Then our smoke alarm went off. That spirit protected our family that night. Lastly, my mom, brother, and I have all seen the same dark entity in the house at different stages in time.

One day when I was visiting the house long after I moved out I went into my old room now my brothers room and as I shut the door I saw the figure out of the corner of my eye. My brother had seen him standing in the room and heard the figure say his name. My mom saw the same figure in the back yard one night after everything happened with her boyfriend. The house is most definitely haunted. My 5 yr old started having horrifying night terrors shortly after we moved in. He was also scared to be in any part of the house alone, no matter the time of day.

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The hallway is long and he would always turn on the light and then sprint down it as fast as he could. As his episodes seemed to get worse, and after a particularly creepy night where I woke to see a horrific creature at the end of my bed, I decided to 'claim' the house.

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I just walked through the whole house 'anointing' the doorways and thresholds to bedrooms with oils and announcing that only light lived here. The girl in the hall with the knife is gone! Yes, I did see the creature at least twice more after that. At the end of my hallway is a 'spare room' which we keep the ironing board and other bits and pieces in. Everyone feels eerie when being in that room. Anyhow, I was laying in bed looking outside my room when I see a figure wearing a long baby blue nightgown walk slowly into the direction of that room.

I called out to my mum but she was in her room on the other side of the house no where near me. Before eating I closed the door of the room with the creepy doll about 4foot tall my mom had because I could directly see it when I eat on the dining table. After I closed the door, I heard a loud and 'angry' knock coming from inside the room. And that is the story why I am not going back to that room ever again. It was all fun and games until a very tiny tornado just happened to spring up the moment I put the burning contract on the floor, and picked it up, spinning the contract in the air at around my eye-level.

I got scared and ran to the house. When I came back five minutes later, I searched for the contract high and low everywhere on the property and outside of it, but never found it. I know no one else found it either because I would have gotten in trouble for it. Since then, people who have had 'demonic' experiences say they feel safe around me. More recently, my ex who had night terrors for years and felt 'energies' said it all stopped around me as if 'they' were scared. At first I reasoned it away as a quirk of the eye, since it disappeared whenever directly looked at or the lights were turned on.

I started getting worried when I distinctly saw it creep back into vision, rather than instantly appear, once I looked away again. After checking everything and everywhere, I concluded it was nonsense. Then the thing started charging me. No details, no movements.