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Candidates must be at least 22 years old, have no more than There may be several reasons for this, including that because SMILE takes place within the cornea without a large corneal flap, fewer corneal nerves are affected by the procedure. Finally, for correction of high amounts of nearsightedness, with LASIK there's a greater risk of needing an enhancement procedure to attain the clarity of vision desired without glasses.

It appears there is less risk of needing an additional procedure after SMILE for correction of high amounts of myopia, possibly because less dehydration of the cornea occurs during the SMILE procedure.

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And if you have residual refractive error after a SMILE procedure and require additional vision correction, typically PRK would be the preferred enhancement procedure for best results. Finally, as with any newer vision correction surgery, it may be necessary for a surgeon to perform a significant number of SMILE procedures before he or she masters the surgical techniques required for optimum outcomes and minimal risks. Most U. A number of factors contribute to the total fee each surgeon charges, including the surgeon's experience, the practice location and whether follow-up exams and additional treatments if needed are included.

If you are nearsighted and meet the other criteria stated above, you might be a good candidate for SMILE laser vision correction.

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The next step is to have a comprehensive eye exam with your eye doctor and a consultation with a refractive surgeon. Press release issued by Carl Zeiss Meditec.

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September Comparison of visual results and higher-order aberrations after small incision lenticule extraction SMILE : high myopia vs. BMC Ophthalmology.

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July Journal of Refractive Surgery. May The next time you are feeling down, nervous , stressed out, or just need to elevate your mood, try smiling and thinking of something positive. A smiling heart is a happy heart. Smile at it and it smiles back at you. Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.

Scott Fitzgerald. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.

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Jackson Brown, Jr. It could also break hearts. Smiling can make you feel better, happier and more positive almost in an instant. Even if you were feeling sad before, smiling can lift your mood and help you see things in a more positive light.

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And when you smile at someone, you can make a huge difference in their day. Hopefully, the above smile quotes have inspired you to smile more so you can brighten your life and the world around you. Did you enjoy these quotes about smiling?

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Which of these beautiful smile quotes was your favorite? We would love to hear all about it in the comment section below. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us. Not only can smiling lift your mood, but it can also elevate the mood of those around you.

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The world would be a more beautiful place if we all would smile more at ourselves and at others. Smile quotes to elevate your mood 1. Seuss 9. Chia Beautiful smile quotes to brighten your day McGill