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Some, like NACElink, require access through the career office. Most have ways to filter criteria and search for lower-level positions. Experiment with search words and terms and see what you find. Forget the sunshine. Whenever you encounter someone interesting, ask them for their advice and email. Most of us love imparting our hard-earned wisdom on up-and-comers, and are happy to make introductions to employers or recruiters.

It makes us look good, too. And then plan to keep in touch.

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Your classmates, your coaches and mentors — they are your original allies. Check in, email, give progress reports, give thanks. Trust me on this. You should use your resume and profiles to showcase the skills you do have. You may be able to include those skills in your descriptions of summer jobs or college projects. For example, Uber is making the headlines as worst employer ever — with an application process described as everything from a possible human rights violation to a frat hazing ritual.

No need to put yourself through that. Odds are that you will get a job. It adds up to hiring 5. No surprise that course STEM professions are the hungriest. But the survey polled employers in a wide range of fields. Companies are always looking for ways to attract the best talent — employees willing to work hard, develop, and stay at last two years. A big issue is employer brand. Find out for yourself: Is this company a good fit for me? Initial period of stay is 2 years with no maximum number of 2 year extensions.

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This visa offers an F1 visa OPT to green card path. Period of stay: Can be permanent as investors and their families are eligible for a green card or permanent residence.

This is a rare student visa to green card path. Investments can be made directly or through regional centers and include a wide variety of options including real estate, businesses and restaurants among others. Investments can either be passive or actively managed by the investor. Non-immigrant visas are for temporary stays in the U.

International F1 Student Visa Rules and Options to Work in the US After Graduation

The process for obtaining a non-immigrant visa involves an application to the USCIS and typically an interview. Most non-immigrant visas fall under the following classifications:. E-3 visa: For Australian nationals coming to the US solely to perform services in a specialty occupation. H-1B visa: For certain specialty skill occupations requiring bachelor's degrees. H1-B visa quota caps are quickly used up within days of release on April 1st of each year.

For Congress mandated a regular cap of 65, H1-B visas and a further H1-B Master's Exemption cap of 20, visas available for Master's degree or higher applicants.

The Strategic College Graduate: 7 Steps to Getting the Job You Really Want by Robert LaBarbera

For USCIS reached the quota on April 7th after receiving , applications in 5 days for the 85, available visas. Cap-Exempt sponsors: Some H1-B sponsors are exempt from the cap including certain 1 higher education institutions, 2 non-profits affiliated with higher education institutions, and 3 nonprofit research or governmental research organizations.

Start date: The earliest start date for an April 1st application is October 1st of each year. L-1 visa: For employee transfer of a multi-national company or affiliate, or for establishing a new US office. Employee must be seeking to provide service in an executive or managerial capacity. Employee must have worked for the company for at least one continuous year out of the last three years.

Maximum stay of 7 years with extensions for a manager or executive, 5 years for a specialized knowledge employee and 1 year if establishing a new US office. O-1 visa: For non-citizens with extraordinary ability in the arts, science, movies, education, business or athletics, intending to engage in official activity in the US. An advisory consultation letter from a qualified peer group is generally required to qualify. E-1 visa: For a Treaty Trading employee to carry on substantial international trade with their home qualifying treaty country. Example trade items include: goods, services, international banking, insurance, transportation, tourism, technology and its transfer, and some news-gathering activities.

Initial period of stay is 2 years with unlimited 2 year extensions. Example qualifying professionals include accountants, engineers, lawyers, pharmacists, scientists, and teachers. Initial period of stay is up to 3 years with extensions available. Immigrant work visas are for foreigners seeking legal permanent residence and possibly US citizenship.

Foreigners applying for an immigrant work visa usually need a U. Citizenship and Immigration Services. EB-1 visa: For non-US citizens who are exceptional professors and researchers. EB-2 visa: For non-US citizen professionals with advanced degrees or their equivalent and who have an exceptional ability in arts, sciences, or business that benefit the United States economy, cultural or educational interests, or welfare.

EB-3 visa: For non-US citizens who are skilled workers or professionals. EB-4 visa: For non-US citizens who are broadcast professionals, religious workers, armed force members, or Afghan and Iraqi translators, among others. And there are no limits or waiting periods for spousal green cards. A green card can then lead to citizenship. It is important to note that, even though you are married to a US citizen, you will have to fulfill certain criteria before you can be granted a green card.

You will be eligible to apply for US citizenship three years after obtaining a green card.

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In order to qualify for citizenship you will need to demonstrate good moral character, be able to speak, read, and write English, and pass a US civics test. Can F1 students apply for green card directly? Most lottery winners are from outside the US and immigrate through consular processing and issuance of an immigrant visa. In addition to immigration legal services, we offer:. Abogado Penalistas. Abogados de Accidentes.

Avocat Criminaliste. Abogados de DUI. Avocat Dommages Corporels. The F1 visa grace period after graduation is 60 days after completion of your full course of study and any additional period of authorized optional practical training. It is important to legally maintain your visa status when studying in the US. After you complete the full course of study and after OPT expires, F1 visa rules provide a 60 day F1 grace period to leave the United States. To extend your stay in the US after OPT expires, speak with your designated school official DSO or an immigration attorney to learn more about options for your F1 visa after graduation such as the following:.

Step 1: Reflect

Change your education level, for example from a bachelor degree to masters. Apply to change status to a different visa status like those listed above. Overstaying F-1 visas means you are no longer in a valid immigration status. Under F1 visa rules, if you are in the US and you have overstayed an F-1 student visa, your best option is usually to return to your home country as soon as possible. When you are not in a valid immigration status, you are usually not able to apply for a change of status inside the US. You would need to go through consular processing in your home country for a new visa in order to remove the overstay issue.

If you continue to stay in the US out of status, you can begin to accrue "unlawful presence" which can make you inadmissible to the US and barred from reentering the country. Often these determinations are made when a student applies for a change of status after overstaying their visa. The consequences of unlawful presence are substantial.

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For example, days of unlawful presence can result in a finding of inadmissibility to the US and a ban on reentry for 3 years. A year or more of unlawful presence can cause a 10 year ban on reentry. There are some exceptions where you may not accrue unlawful presence if:. Consulting an experienced immigration attorney is advisable to evaluate your options after accruing unlawful presence. There are many ways for international students to work in the US after graduation, but planning ahead is key! The most common options include:.

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Optional practical training months depending on major. Many of these options have extensive lead times and complex qualification criteria that require careful planning and finding employer sponsors. To maximize the odds of success, it is advisable for students to save their OPT time to work after graduation and figure out their preferred path at least 12 months before graduation. That provides at least 24 months 36 months if STEM to work out the steps, sponsors and requirements.

Nearly 1. F1 visa rules prohibit off-campus employment at any time during their first academic year. Under certain conditions, USCIS grants permission for F-1 visa work off campus after the first year under these three types of off-campus employment:. Any off-campus employment must be related to the F1 student's area of study and must be authorized prior to starting any work by the Designated School Official and USCIS. The short answer is they are slightly different versions of the same organizations that have existed over time. The United States has many agencies processing and monitoring immigrants and arrivals to the US.

Department of State Visa Bulletin - January Our experienced lawyers can help create a solution based on your unique situation and goals.