Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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In general it is merely known that the bear possesses the ability to stand on his hands and on his head and to wiggle his ears. However, the author admits that he made up this bear. Uwe Kant gives younger children a funny story and quite incidentally a first introduction into the method and purpose of literary story-telling. Ostereier Easter-Eggs Esslingen: Schreiber, ISBN Easter Egg - Nonsense This unusual picture book is an incentive for an entertaining egg hunt and riddle solving at Eastertime and anytime, where ever eggs can be searched for and found: in the woods, on the catwalk, and even in egg paradise.

The painter from Lithuania, who did this book especially for the German publisher, lets richly detailed, brilliantly colored pages tell his story. Each of them has had to deal with death. Seada's brother and her father died in the Yugoslavian civil war. Corinna's twin sister died as a baby. The author succeeds in vividly portraying the considerable differences in experience between the two children.

Minor features of everyday life become important due to the different associations each makes. The reader learns how the two girls together succeed in getting over the catastrophic experiences of their childhoods. Germany German - - 92 Merten, C. Gestehen Sie, Dr. Confess, Dr. Berlin: Elefanten Press, But soon they make an unexpected discovery while trying to help an indisposed Mary and find themselves on the trail of a crime.

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With much humor, the author pokes fun at television reality, where virtual and genuine reality can hardly be distinguished from one another anymore. ISBN House-sharing - Family - Friendship - Role-switch Jonas has two moms, two dads, five grannys and three grandpas, as well as several half-brothers and half-sisters because his parents are divorced and remarried. His friend Pablo and his mother, who is also separated from her husband, shares a flat with others.

Jonas and Pablo decide to switch families on a trial basis, but this doesn't work out. Jonas comes to the realization that to get a divorce one must be an adult. A delightful reminiscence on the days of the student revolution generation, which only partly succeeded in finding new forms of family-style living. Yet she had given her word of honor to her brother that she would not do so. When the Russian army approaches, the soldiers take revenge for all the injustice suffered at the hands of Germans by randomly shooting down most of the village inhabitants.

The young Russian is not there to save Anna's family. He had already been shot by her fanatic brother. The author succeeds in rendering an extreme situation in a impressive literary form. He tries to be a pig: puffs himself up, wallows in pink paint and puts on a cardboard snout. But when he discovers that the usefulness of a pig is calculated in pounds, he prefers to find a more intellectual occupation. He pricks anyone who picks on other people. To everyone's joy, these bad-tempered people become ready and willing to improve themselves.

This is a parable about the role of material and spiritual values in life. Das geht doch nicht! That Won't Work! No one can or wants to try to stop her, but they grow more and more amazed. It appears to be something gigantic. The family is already celebrating under the Christmas tree in the kitchen there is not enough room anywhere else when the beloved child finally reveals the secret.

The family is given a ship, big enough for them all to fit into, and they immediately go off to the sea, even though the necessary demolition of the apartment house in order to get the ship to water is rather disturbing to some of them. This affectionate-ironical story about the situation of the youngest children, who are both gifted and pampered, and whose wishes are hard to refuse.

The illustrations supplement the events of the plot in a very successful, chaotic manner. The director is trying to track down his family roots. He and his oriental friend become younger and younger the longer the journey lasts. This is a fantastic, but worldly novel written as a series of episodes from the mysterious world of the circus.

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The progress of his journey is burdened by the unexpected arrival of an at first unwelcome young female accompaniment. Surprisingly it turns out that the success of the entire undertaking would be questionable without her assistance. The author gives a captivating account of the peoples and landscape of the far North. With this example of the fate of an unusual woman, the reader is presented with a vivid segment of the history of political upheavals and the beginnings of women's liberation in Central Europe.

Even younger children will be able to understand how literature and life influence one another with this short biography. As a young boy Lorca lived amidst the other children in his surroundings as a dreamy outsider. Up to his early death in the Spanish Civil War, writing poetry was an existential necessity in his life, which the author cautiously tracked down. But his uncle has been murdered to mention only the beginnings of this pleasureably told satire-detective story. Uncle Ludwig's well-preserved corpse is hidden in the horror house where Wilfried works.

The story is settled to everyone's satisfaction and the bad guys get their just reward. With a black but not bitter humor, the author sketches the dark and lighter sides of humanity, much to the pleasure of the reader. At the end of the war the family returns to Germany, but now it is Regina who loses her beloved African home. This literary and extremely captivating text gives an authentic portrait of a child growing up in a foreign culture.

ISBN Calendar - Poetry Subversive and rebellious in content, conventional in rhyme and meter, these verses come from the whole year long. Without the aid of a continuous storyline, one still learns much about the joys, sorrows and everyday life of a little girl, about her family problems and celebrations. He must find his way home all alone: the way from childhood to adulthood. He sees old Most just one more time, when the police have extradicted him from a southern country and placed him in a mental hospital.

They have much to whisper to one another in the magical hour between daytime and dreamtime - about flying, story-telling and celebrations. With this impressing large-sized format, with folds and flaps to look at and read - the artist has truly made this an uplifting book. Streich, Oliver illus. ISBN Single mother - Outsider - Courage - Vanity - Game The little raven is still too young to fly - but no other raven child can stand on their beak like he can.

Hence, it cannot understand why the pheasant is called the king of the birds, since he has those beautiful feathers through no effort of his own and he does nothing else all day but show off by faning his tail. So ever since then a beak-standing raven is regarded more highly than a peacock fanning his tail.

This is a story of encouragement for young outsiders. Auf der Gasse und hinter dem Ofen. A boy, a girl, a young woman and a monk go through a typical day, fulfilling different tasks and duties. The extremely difficult plan to bring the historical context and traditions to life appears to be successful in this large-format portfolio of text and illustration. Factual materials are also included, so that the necessary imaginative processes can take place on the basis of solid facts.

ISBN Nonsense - Logic The caricaturist Hans Traxler gives himself and his readers this gift of a book filled with relaxing double-entendre and so-called non-sense. The purpose behind this activity may lay in pointing out the irony of adult logic which in general usage and as forced upon children is often not easily understandable. Having a laugh over unexpected word imagery is a liberating experience. Especially when laughing together.

When his mother and father bear no longer get along peaceably in their cramped cave, it is better for everyone when he meets the father outside to play and romp about. And soon he comes back again. This picture book does not make use of intellectual explanations to show young children how to make the best of an unsatisfying situation. ISBN Evolution - Dinosaurs - Present - Future The old Maiasaura tells her dinosaur children her dream of Earth - how it was when they came, what was there before them and what would come afterwards. Large-sized pictures show the evolution of the animals after the dinosaurs died out, and finally how the world was developed by human beings, those strange and naked two-legged creatures.

This is a brief survey of the origins of our world for young people, as narrated by friendly dinosaurs. Only the little desert bear, the Mazaalai, wants to stay where he was born. All alone he wanders through the deserted countryside until he meets a person who can bring water up from deep below. The Gobi turns green again, the animals return. The vastness of the Mongolian landscape and the Mongolian's close bonds with nature are made evident in the text and imagery of this little book. This utopia or true community among man and beast is portrayed here in text and image on a higher level.

The discriminating use of artistic means keeps the book from lapsing into trite didactics. Bored of this, it flies one day with a fantastic flying machine to the sea where it enjoys exciting adventures to tell all about upon returning home. As exemplary the story, so also the illustrations. Especially the main characters desire to look beyond their own pond. This will strike a chord with younger children and in the simply organized, block-style illustrations there are many details which will appeal to them.

Winkelried is completely unnerved. He cannot find his musical score anywhere. Though he knows that he has the piece he is to play this evening completely memorized, he is about to die of stage fright. But the excitement only spurs on his talent. The audience gives him a standing ovation, and he decides that he will never play from his score again. Endorsed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, this book will encourage younger perfectionists to have more courage, self-confidence and daring.

He is always the last one finished at meals. The other children at kindergarten are bored with him, although he finds his own games very entertaining. No amount of warnings will help. But the situation changes when Fred's father, a journalist, falls sick due to stress and his hectic pace of life. Now the doctor's advice is to follow Fred's pace, although of course no one will ever manage to be quite as slow as Fred.

ISBN Daytime - Daydream - Nature - Shadow A young boy experiences a summertime of nature, discovering the various aspects of the day under an old cherry tree, with animals all around him. His daydreams carry him away, he plays with them, tries to jump over his shadow and observes how it changes from morning to night. The contemplative view of a long hot summer day, with its intact world of nature and the comfort taken in it by a child, radiates from this book. ISBN Simultaneously publ.

She has to forge her mother's signature to get money for the household and a doctor's attest for missing school. Though she is helped by a fellow pupil at school, the help she gets from her grandmother at home seems instead to be a hinderance of her own efforts. With considerable sensitivity to the explosiveness of such a difficult situation, the author finds the precise narrative balance.

When, in the winter of , he makes a remark about listening to enemy radio stations, there seems to be such danger for the family that the father goes underground and Heinrich is sent away to Pomerania. He is still there when the war ends and they must flee from the Red Army across the ice of Frisches Haff on the Gulf of Danzig. Bombs are dropped on the refugees and terrible things happen.

Though Heinrich survives and finds his father again, their family is destroyed; Heinrich grows up in an orphanage. Based on his own biography, the author vividly recalls the war and post-war years of fifty years ago. His bottom side is also in action? Papa has nothing better to do than stare in amazement. The witty words and illustrations describe this elementary family situation.

Das Wunderei The magical egg Hamburg: Carlsen, He succeeds in getting the miniature girl, Ninette, to come out of the egg into his world, but loses her again when the magical egg finally breaks. The beholder of this picture book is swept away into a world of nighttime spaces in which anything seems possible. ISBN Cat - Dog - Fear - Play - Friendship - Adventure A pleasurable, though entirely accidental encounter help to correct the long-standing misunderstanding between two neighbors.

While at play the ball rolls from the cat house to the dog mansion and the attempt to get it back leads for the first time to an understanding between the two parties. And there is a chance for more. Together with her text, Berner's colorful pictures make for thoroughly entertaining reading. Verflixte Fliegen! Those darn flies! ISBN X Flies The joys and sorrows of being a fly are portrayed here for young children in short lyrics along with charming illustrations. Printed on brown packing paper, the bold colors of the fly family members achieve their fullest expression.

Honke, Gudrun transl. Graeff, Max Christian transl. Die Menschenfresserin The lady cannibal Wuppertal: Hammer, Afterwards, she is shattered by her own deed, for she has eaten her own child. The excellent German translation of the impressive, laconic text is both expounded upon and extended by Erlbruch's pictures, which leave wide berth for interpretation.

Decorative elements such as the ever recurring, surrealistically strewn philodendra leaves or the child's sailor's suit allow an analysis, or perhaps a persiflage, of middleclass life. Adios, Emilio. Bye, Emilio. Good luck, Emil Luck! From there he is able to provide his family at home in Gronau-an-der- Leine with the basic minimum needs. This fastpaced narrative revolves around his adventures and his often sly methods of getting by in a foreign land. Inventive, ironic illustrations round out this attractive little book, which will appeal to a wide age-range.

In prosaic pictures, which give an ironic view of cosy, middle-class homelife, we witness how Santa Claus, Lady Luck and Monsieur L'Amour go to great extremes to pass along their surplus stock of dolls to little boys and girls. Then the computer notices that this present has been placed ten years too early in the sack, because of a technical error. Thus Antonia gets her doll Simonetta already now, unexpectedly und unplanned. Three cheers for the picture book computer. Although the author takes this aspect very seriously, she also weaves into the narrative a considerable wealth of information about culture and important thinkers in central Europe.

Yet throughout the novel, the protagonists remain vivid and interesting figures at the core of the narrative. Nearly killed along the way, he later learns that he had been rescued by Knapp, who is known in the village as a robber. Boniface is soon fast friends with Knapp's son Christian, but when the family is forced by the neighborhood gossips to emigrate overseas, they are separated. In a natural, sympathetic manner the author transports the reader into the world of the young protagonist.

But nothing is given an explanation, even when objects are imbued with animation. In a quite matter-of-fact manner the poet and illustrator expand to the maximum the horizons of experience using a minimum of means. Each page contains only those objects described in the line of text. Changes are shown in night-time blue, new situations in clear daylight. The continuity in the course of events shown in the sequence of illus-trations corresponds perfectly to the rhythm of the text.

So they scatter a little ash and decide to play detective. At last they get to the root of things, but not without taking some dangerous risks. A gang of forgers had been using the horse's body as a hiding place. With humour and subtle finesse the author shows what fun children have keeping little and big secrets - and how inventive they can be in trying to fool the adults.

ISBN Baby - Pacifier - Conflict - Trickery In this book for both young and old, a subversive little baby learns how to keep its family and babysitters in non-stop action by hiding its one and only beloved pacifier and throwing a tantrum until it gets it. The pictures, with lift-up flaps for all sorts of po- tential hiding places, will delight playful youngsters. ISBN Cloud - Flight - Adventure - Help The little cloud makes its first long journey and finds lots to tell about the joys and dangers it has experienced. Although the pictures clearly reveal the influence of her master teacher, the alternative, more feminine style of this young illustrator give cause to follow her future development.

The festivities of a Russian Easter night are portrayed in this quiet, reflective and optimistic book. That's forbidden! But look there - the grandparents, who have almost nothing to do with child-rearing, do not feel obliged to act as role models - and pick their noses, too. This merry and colorful picture book extolls the passionate pleasures of pursuing one's needs and of forming subversive alliances between old and young against dry conventions.

One day each gets so angry that he casts off his official dress - joker cap, crown and pistol. Now, without their proper owners, these three objects cause the greatest amount of confusion when they land in the wrong hands and on the wrong heads. But in the end they all come to the conclusion that things work best when done by professionals. This is a humorously told parable about real life clothed in figures familiar to smaller children. Naturally it is the work of the letter-eater, also known as letter-switcher. All this is fairly upsetting in the everyday life of Claudia and her parents, until they manage to trick him back into his R Ei S and carry it off to a deserted forest.

Only the way that objects change into words is not treated in this text. Lisas Reise Lisa's journey Esslingen: Schreiber, ISBN Reality - Conformity - Constraint - Freedom - Dream In her sleep, Lisa passes through a nightmare of strange and even antagonistic worlds filled with balls, corners, colors and headstands, until she finally reaches the land of feathers her own bed , where she doesn't have to be round, or cornery, colorful or stand on her head. At the abstract level, even smaller beholders of this picture book will find sufficient imagery and text to understand the concept of involuntary conformity in a predefined situation and see ways of extracting themselves from unjustified constraint.

ISBN Rabbit - Hare - Family - Growing-up - Social differences With amazement and a little displeasure, the children of the field rabbit family and the wild hare family discover certain differences between their kinfolk. They begin to have doubts about the customs and attributes of their families. Are big ears perhaps better than small ones? Isn't a cave more comfortable than a burrow in the ground?

In the course of time all these questions seem to get answered themselves. And in the end the youngest generation moves on to start their own families. Accompanied and enhanced by naturalistic, richly detailed but imaginative pictrues, this book gives young readers not only a glimpse into the life of rabbits, but also guidance in finding one's way through different living conditions.

But Evi, his little human girlfriend, gives him just the answers he needs. Leisurely, like any Zwiggel, he slowly sets out to experience this new environment - leaving plenty of time for the read-along beholder to sink into the story and see familiar things from a new, but not obviously adult point of view. ISBN Mental illness - Outsider - Friend - Garden - Violence Uli, a latch-key child, becomes friends with the fascinating young man, Walder, who lives in the garden colony and tells stories that just cannot be true or makes up things with which he can communicate or conspire.

He telephones with a cordless telephone, supposedly with his father in Africa. His house and garden are destroyed and he disappears from Uli's life. This books gives an impressive view of the world of an mentally instable outsider, showing the differences in the way in which an unprejudiced adolescent and the stick-in-the-mud, philistine middle-class perceive him. The misunderstandings and difficulties set in when a gang of handbag-snatchers who look very much like the courier kids appear on the scene.

With its first volume, this sprightly detective series is off to a good start. She and her sisters experience all the difficulties of this situation - within the family, at school and in their free time. Her fellow pupils make her life so difficult, that she herself arranges to be enrolled in a different school. Things are further complicated by the fact that she is a Muslim, and her father very strictly religious. But finally she succeeds in feeling comfortable in her German surroundings, at the price, however, of no longer having a real homeland.

This fascinating narrative is based on authentic experiences, written by an Iranian woman who has lived in Germany since her childhood and writes today in German. Downstairs are at odds with each other because the Upstairs children make too much noise. But when the noise stops one day after so many complaints, Mrs. Medical advice is now quite simply to hear noise from upstairs again.

Her ears begin to shrink back to normal and things are peaceful again. Aside from this imaginative story, the book stands out for its lively, skilfully drawn and witty pictures.

Kanadische Literaturgeschichte

Eine Schlacht? A battle! You're in for it! The soldiers are called up, but since the apple harvest is in full swing, the war games will have to wait. But waiting is boring, picking apples together is more fun. So a truce is reached and the lion is left all alone. Brilliant tones emphasize the optimistic tenor of the story. One must learn to look very closely, listen very closely before deciding who to get involved with sheep in wolf's clothing or wolf in sheep's clothing , and also to discover the hidden evil and the hidden goodness in other living creatures.

When read in the company of an adult, children can learn important lessons about the ways of the world. ISBN Eating habits - Animals - Table manners The menu at the zoo is certainly monotonous, at least for the giraffe, the elephant and the hare. So they decide to try getting something better at the restaurant - which is easier said than done. In the end, they can only wonder what people find so great about eating out. With the help of dramafilled pictures, the unsightliness of the many little pig-like eaters make it become clear, that certain general rules of good behavior and table manners, especially in public, are necessary for everyone's sense of well-being.

As the successful, sole bread-winner, the mother finds herself pressured by her superior, becomes open for blackmail, and finally kills him one day in self-defense. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, she is sentenced to prison for manslaughter. In this first-person narrative, a teenage daugther gives thought to her own situation and that of her family. Written with a certain distance, this novel shows how an adolescent can deal with exceptionally difficult family circumstances. His mother and other brothers and sisters join them much later, but in the meantime Ibo has been expelled several times from school for fights and petty crimes.

His tales betray, however, a longing for an intact family life and a knowable future, although he himself lives from day to day, deed to deed. Ibo's authentic narrative about the at times his asocial urban environment with unpolished and criminal but still likeable figures - both Germans and foreigners, his difficulties at home and his decision to enroll in job training, is an impressive reading both in terms of narrative style and content.

ISBN X Animals - Adventure One day a donkey asks his farmer for a pair of slippers, because he wants to be just as happy in the evenings as his master. He is stubborn enough to get what he wants, but realizes that he hasn't done himself any favor. Proudly he parades with the splendid, but cumbersome foot-coverings back and forth in front of all the female donkeys and is happy at last to be able to present his footwear to a vain little donkey beauty - out of love, of course. Full-paged black-and-white woodcuts and largesized typeface make each of these 15 fairy tale or fable-like stories quite appealing.

ISBN Engl. He tries them on, walks about and feels like a dancer. But to his great disappointment, the shoes have disappeared the next morning. One has been turned into a turtle's house and the other into a bird's nest. Ferdinand decides to let well enough alone and rejoices over his new-found ease of movement.


From his snout to his little curly tail, this is likeable little pig inspite of his forgiveable weaknesses. In each large-size picture the golden shoes cast a glow on everything and everyone around them. As a visual sign of reward for Ferdinand's willing sacrifice, he is shown walking barefoot toward the golden depths of the page.

ISBN Loneliness - Railway station - Travel - Friendship A man waits everyday at the railway station for someone coming to visit him - in vain. Even when he decides one day to wait at a different station - no luck. But then he finds others in a similar situation, and their number grows and grows. When all of these visitor-seekers begin to travel the world without meeting a single visitor, they finally decide to visit one another from now on. Thus the problem is solved to everyone's satisfaction. The humorous text and pictures will encourage children to set off looking for people like themselves when no one comes looking for them.

ISBN Seagull - Name - Outsider - Identity - Adventure - Homecoming The moon, the wind, the rain drops, a monkey, and a raven become friends with the strong-willed seagull Pippifilippi during her journey around the world which she is taking because she doesn't want to be named just Emma, like all the other seagulls.

She insists on having her own name and leading her own life. The result is that ever since then each seagull picks out a second, secret name that fits no one else. This is a book which encourages independence within the social group. Outside the wall he finds children who have had completely different experiences. Yet they find a common language. Now they all return to the well-tended garden, but are no longer in captivity. This is a book about growing up and becoming independent which makes use of an unusual visual language.

Until unity is created, it is monstrous shapes that encounter each other. Once they have formed a community the little gnomes become elves. Sarah und der Wundervogel Sarah and the magic bird Wien: Betz, A little girl brings life back to him through her questions. It tells her all about freedom. With each tale one of the ropes that is holding it falls away and one day he has disappeared from its cage. Tired, earthy colors depict its captivity, light colors stand for life and freedom.

The reader may be reminded of the Andersen tale of the Emperor's Nightingale, but fortunately this story ends happily. Adam der Gaukler Adam the juggler Innsbruck: Tyrolia, All the colors there are in the monotone brown of the monks' habit, until one night Adam cannot stand it any longer. He stands at the chapel altar and plays his violin for the good Lord. All the monks come running and are amazed at the intensity with which he plays. It is not known whether the dear Lord ever punished Adam for this caper.

O, sagt der Ohrwurm. An anti-noise book Wien: Betz, ISBN City life - Noise - Responsibility The noisy-worm comes out of the radio and makes itself at home in a the human ear. It lives from noise. The fatter he has gotten, the louder things are, until noise is ready to explode. Now everyone is called upon to take responsiblity. People must learn again to be still. Then the noisy dragon-worm becomes smaller and quite humble. And it is easier to take care of him. This more and more urgent problem is taken up in an easy and understandable manner.

The illustrations change from earthy, still colors to bombastic, loud tones, emphasizing the message of the text. Bennys Hut Benny's hat Wien: Betz, With a little fantasy, this becomes a wonderful day. The hat transforms itself into a football, a drinking cup, a magical machine and much more. Until the little boy lays down his head in the evening and falls asleep.

At first the overtaxed hat resists such impertinence, but then after all Papa can get himself a new headpiece. The pictures of peacefulness and dynamic movement alternate according to the game and the hat's function. Der dreckige Prinz The filthy prince Stuttgart: Thienemann, When the prince becomes king, he only dares to wallow in filth at night in his dreams.

But during the day he proclaims that the entire kingdom is to be kept clean, and he enforces it strictly. This is a cautionary tale directed against perfectionism, in which children's dreams collide with the exaggerated demands of adults. The illustrations contain a wide range of techniques of style that manage to overrule one another, just as, analogously, children's desires are constantly being overruled by the forces surrounding them.

Suddenly there is not an E, G, T or P to be found anywhere. Not even in the minds of the people, who can no longer read or write anything. Chaos takes over. New auxiliary rules of spelling are established. But more and more letters disappear, and nothing works any longer. This is largely a humorous persiflage of the current wrangling over the introduction of new orthography rules in German-speaking countries.

Black-and-white vignettes of letters try to give a proper picture. Hase Hase! Freundschaft auf acht Pfoten Hare Hare! Friendship on eight paws Reinbek: Rowohlt, So they secretly participate in a running contest with all the other village animal children, but get caught in a sudden downpour and lose their way completely. Then when they save Marie Pig from the flood, they become the joint winners of the first prize - a pair of roller skates for two. Now all their problems are solved - how and why to be friends. Simple, stunning colored pencil drawings in which yellow, blue and green dominate, printed on coarse paper, arouse the readers' interest in looking and turning one page after the other.

And then Friedrich, the son of his new girlfriend, also appears on the scene. On top of that they are about to get a half-sister or half-brother, although they think Papa already has enough children. But the positive side of all that chaos finally helps to win the day. This highly enjoyable book works against the neurotic tendencies in the children's coping with their current problems by use of much humor and wit. The graphic design exudes with a high-spirited holiday mood. Only later does Peter discover that the letters he got regularly from his father were written by his grandfather, in order to conceal the death of his father.

This enchanting book gives much space to joyful moments and to sad moments. English Roughing It, Part 6. English Roughing It, Part 7. English Roughing It, Part 8. English Sketches New and Old, Part 2. English Sketches New and Old, Part 3.

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English Sketches New and Old, Part 4. English Sketches New and Old, Part 5. English Sketches New and Old, Part 6. English Sketches New and Old, Part 7. English What Is Man? Corps of Engineers. Committee on Science and Astronautics. Council of National Defense. Navy Dept. Fourth edition. English United States.

George Walker , United States. Sloane 73 about A. Oktober Vol. Copyright Renewals - English U. Jubilation, U. English Vandenburg, G. Martian V. French Farmhouses. English The Continental Monthly , Vol. English The Continental Monthly, Vol. III, No. VIII: No. VIII, No. English Godey's Lady's Book, Vol. XIII, Nov. XII, Jan. V, Nos. Edited By Jerome K. October, Inge, J. Burnet, Sir T. Heath, D'arcy W. Thompson, Charles Singer, R. Livingston, A. Toynbee, A. July, English Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. Volume 12, No. Supplement to Vol. September, , Vol. English The Philippine Islands, — Volume 21 of 55 Explorations by early navigators, descriptions of the islands and their peoples, their history and records of the catholic missions, as related in contemporaneous books and manuscripts, showing the political, economic, commercial and religious conditions of those islands from their earliest relations with European nations to the close of the nineteenth century.

English The Philippine Islands, — Volume 22 of 55 Explorations by early navigators, descriptions of the islands and their peoples, their history and records of the catholic missions, as related in contemporaneous books and manuscripts, showing the political, economic, commercial and religious conditions of those islands from their earliest relations with European nations to the close of the nineteenth century.

English The Philippine Islands, — Volume 23 of 55 Explorations by early navigators, descriptions of the islands and their peoples, their history and records of the catholic missions, as related in contemporaneous books and manuscripts, showing the political, economic, commercial and religious conditions of those islands from their earliest relations with European nations to the close of the nineteenth century.

English Punchinello, Volume 2, No. English Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. English Scientific American Supplement, No. English Scientific American, Volume 22, No. English Scientific American, Volume 40, No. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. Scribner's Illustrated English St. Nicholas, Vol. LXX, Dec. Le Kama soutra. French Vaughan, C. Kazallon, passenger English Ticket No. Tyrwhitt, [pseud. In: eLib. Juli Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Volltext 2 T 2.

John Van Nest , 2. De Witt Thomas De Witt , 2. Edouard 2. Bryson 2. Weston 2. John Metcalf , 2. Thomas Nimmo , 2. Walter Penn , 2. William Cooke , 2. Emerson 2. Alfred Browning Stanley , 2. Jean Finlay , 2. William Makepeace , 2. Hugo Paul , 2. Thomas Firminger 2. Albrecht 2. Byerley 2. Arthur 2. Pearson 2. Thomas George , 2. BC BC 2. Temple Ernest Temple , 2. Ida Treadwell , 2. Samuel Auguste David , 2. Henry Major , 2. Thomas Frederick , 2. George Bates Nichols 2.

Alfred Marston , 2. Henry Duff , 2. Lilias 2. John Townsend , 2. Clay Henry Clay , 2. Hammond James Hammond , 2. Lawrence 2. Endell 2. Manhattan District 3. Central Intelligence Agency 3. Contains complete footage from all three series4. Full transcripts embedded as PDF and editable Word documents 5. Dynamic link to the extr website from the DVD.

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Based around Henning, an eccentric but friendly character, the stories follow a lively group of German children who meet up at his house. Search this site. Film Blog. Mountaineering film staring Leni Riefenstahl. Horror film in which a group YouTubers entered a creepy haunted hospital near Berlin to spend 24 hours filming. Barbara Sukowa plays Rosa Luxemburg, in this biographical drama about the revolutionary socialist, who founded the anti-war Spartacus League with Karl Liebkecht during the First World War and her subsequent capture and execution in Set in a small Austrian town, just as the school summer holidays are about to begin, seventeen-year-old Paula has secretly fallen in love with Charlotte.

However Charlotte has a boyfriend and is afraid to act on her feelings for Paula. The film follows young German poet and dramatist Heinrich von Kleist while he tries to convince a friend's wife to join him in a suicide pact as a means of escaping the inevitability of death. Based on the novel by Peter Handke. An inexplicable chain of events is set in motion when, goalkeeper Josef Bloch, is sent off for dissent. Storming off the pitch, he picks up a woman in a cinema, takes her back to his hotel and impulsively strangles her, thereupon taking a bus to a village where he tries to find an old girlfriend.

Thriller inspired by real-life events. Katja is a German woman whose life is shattered when her Kurdish husband and her son are killed in a terrorist attack. All 14 episodes of the TV drama series adapted from the Alfred Doblin novel. Over the course of the next 15 years, their love for one another slowly diminishes as financial and employment issues force them apart, leading the couple to make a difficult decision about the future.

German psychological thriller centred on a troubled musician. After receiving an invitation to represent her country in a prestigious international contest, talented cellist Jessica Klug Esther Maria Pietsch practices relentlessly in her Berlin flat but begins to feel the weight of pressure placed upon her and her health starts to deteriorate as a result.

As fear and paranoia take hold of her mind, Jessica becomes convinced that one of her new neighbours, Hilde Tatja Seibt , has a vendetta against her, leading to tragic consequences for all involved. Serial burglar Tom, becomes increasingly obsessed with history lecturer Lars, after spotting him during one of his break-ins. Tom starts to observe and follow Lars, becoming engrossed in this game of hide-and-seek. Football is Mario sole focus, however when talented Leon joins the club, the two young players find they are falling in love which each other. As rumours of their romance spreads among their teammates, the two footballers believe they need to decide between their professional careers and their love for each other.

Experimental horror film with no central characters. A body is floating in blackness that slowly stretches from a foetal position and begins to decompose, it moves through more and more disturbing sequences and ideas including a girl scribbling the same word over and over, the reels of the film breaking down and a Nazi death camp sequence. However this is far from the truth, Jews have successfully gone underground.

However four young Jews survive in the middle of Berlin by living so recklessly that they become "invisible. Thanks to her dyed, blonde hair, she is practically invisible to her pursuers, and strolls along the Ku'damm to pass the time away. Ruth Arndt and a friend dream about life in America during the daytime; at night, she pretends to be a war widow and serves black-market gourmet foods in the apartment of an NS officer. Together they embark on a life of crime. In Fox and His Friends a young, homosexual man, who falls in love with a wealthy industrialist's son after an unexpected lottery win.

However he realises that the affections of his new partner are solely based on his wealth. Lola leads a double life as a steamy cabaret singer and as a single mother. Murnau's classic gothic horror 'Nosferatu'. Arriving on the moon, the travellers find themselves stranded, facing a struggle to survive.

An early Fritz Lang crime thriller, banned by the Nazis. Silent film noir set in the s in post-WW1 Germany. Fritz Lang'sclassic film epic based upon the same Germanic myth that inspired Wagner's epic 'Ring' cycle of operas. This two-part adventure epic is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful colour films in the history of cinema. Thriller about a novelist obsessed with the idea that an innocent man can be found guilty. Spy thriller in which Gary Cooper plays an American science professor who is parachuted into Germany on a secret mission.

Classic war drama set in Czechoslovakia during the Nazi occupation. Political thriller follows a British hunter's attempts to outrun Nazi agents after he targets Adolf Hitler. Director Fritz Lang adds an expressionistic touch to this unusually dark Western.