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These changes are all moderated by the physiology of these animals and how it is affected by change. Our lab conducts research at the conservation physiology nexus, using sharks as a model system to understand stress acid-base balance, oxidative capacity , energy storage triglycerides and other metabolites , pace of life bio-logging , happiness serotonin , and reproduction hormones. This work also has a strong applied component and data are used to gain insights on shark vulnerability to fishing practices, how they mitigate the costs of challenging life-history phases, and how they are affected by changes in their habitat such as urbanization.

Using a standardized fishing technique, we studied the sublethal blood physiology and reflex impairment assessment and lethal post-release mortality with satellite tags outcomes of fishing stress on 5 species of coastal sharks great hammerhead, bull, blacktip, lemon, and tiger.

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We detected species among species in whole blood lactate, partial pressure of carbon dioxide, and pH values. Lactate was significantly with lactate emerging as the sole affected by increasing hooking duration and shark size.

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Physiological and Biochemical Zoology; 91 5 : Integrating reflexes with physiological measures to evaluate coastal shark stress response to capture. Fishing practices and representations of shark conservation issues among users of a land-based shark angling online forum.

Fish Physiology: Fish Biomechanics, Volume 23

Fisheries Research; Shark recreational fisheries: Status, challenges, and research needs. Ambio; Academic edition Corporate edition. Advanced Search Search Help. See all articles. Impact Factor 3. Issue Please enter a valid issue for volume.

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About this Journal. Continue reading Rational exploitation and management of our global stocks of fishes must rely upon a detailed and precise insight of their biology. Most volumes will be of interest to research workers in biology, zoology, ecology and physiology but an additional aim is for the books to be accessible to a wide spectrum of non-specialist readers ranging from undergraduates and postgraduates to those with an intrerest in industrial and commercial aspects of fish and fisheries.

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Fish Physiology and Behavior

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    Among the fishes, a remarkably wide range of biological adaptations to diverse habitats has evolved. For example we can marvel at the high-speed swimming of the marlins, sailfish and warm-blooded tunas, air-breathing in catfish and lung- fish, parental care in the mouth-brooding cichlids and viviparity in many sharks and toothcarps. Seller Inventory LIE