Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Sorprendente por su amplitud y detalle-y Este libro, actualizado con las mas recientes normas y leyes litargicas, es una Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Current Stock:. Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:.

Subscribe to our mailing list Email:. Home Inspirational. This site has materials and activities for teachers and students of Spanish. Click on Pasatiempos de Rayuela cvc. The books can be used on an interactive whiteboard, power point, overhead projector, on iPads and other devices or on classroom computers as well as downloaded in pdf format. New books are being added regularly so be sure to check the website often.

Some books are free; others may be purchased within the app.

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  4. La prima e l’ultima (Gli emersi narrativa) (Italian Edition)?

The books and comics are appropriate for children ages 3 to 9 years. A script, bilingual vocabulary, written activities and additional cultural information are available for each clip This website is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Digital Media Lab at the University of Virginia and the Center for the Liberal Arts at the University of Virginia.

Each movie file available is composed of three areas: background links and pre-screening questions, comprehension questions and critical approach, still analysis and media literacy questions.

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  2. Stay With Me (Finding Love in Milton Book 1).
  3. Trapped In Iran.
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Despite their growing popularity, Heritage Spanish programs remain underserved by commercial textbook publishers. What that means for teachers of heritage learners is that we are left either to adapt the few published materials that do exist to fit our programs or else to create our own. This community is intended to become a place where you can find and share resources easily. Share your resources syllabi, activities, lessons, etc.

At this site visitors will find a glossary of colloquial Spanish as spoken in modern Spain. A short explanation and examples needed to understand its usage and full meaning as well as a description of the social or cultural context is provided for each word or phrase. This site may include material that is inappropriate for some students as some of the entries contain explicit sexual language. Keyword: teacher tool. Keyword: professional resource. She uses this blog to share with other teachers and to reflect on her practice. Students review by conjugating verbs with an interactive quiz.

Quizzes are available in sets of 10, 25, and 50 questions. Teachers can customize quizzes by selecting from a list of verbs, 13 tenses, and 6 pronouns.

How to Introduce Yourself in Spanish (+ Free MP3)

Listen to international and national news, sports, opinion, blogs and more. This blog has a wealth of resources for Spanish teachers: tech ideas, hands-on activities, class routines, class decor, reading, writing, listening and speaking activities, videos, games. You can subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail. At this website there are video files of speech samples from 17 Spanish-speaking countries. Each speech sample has a written transcript of the text, an explanation of the unique linguistic features and a map of the area as well as an explanation of characteristics of the area.

At this site you will find reading selections that are appropriate for middle school and high school students who are studying Spanish. The readings have been organized into three levels of difficulty: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Once a text has been selected, the reader is presented with a series of links. Clicking on the title of the book chosen opens the reading with illustrations and glossed words.

Sobre el libro offers a summary of the plot. Finally, clicking on the book itself will take the reader to a bookstore website where the book may be purchased. The search engine will search according to the main idea of the proverb or the type of proverb and can include possible variations such as synonyms and antonyms. It offers a collection of short videos with activities. Each episode of the series features a region and people who have emigrated from various parts of the world to reside in that region.

The episodes are available online along with a short description of the people featured in each episode. This dictionary is available in English, Spanish and French. Educatina offers hundreds of video podcasts in several school subjects: math, philosophy, science, history, art, language, health The videos are completely free to use The videos which directed toward middle and high school students are well done and completely free to use.

This site is written by and for Spaniards and therefore is a rich resource for Social Justice issues. Users can search by word or by theme. There are 5 themes: plant and animal biology, the human body, music, transportation, clothing. The Great Plant Escape is an elementary program for 4th and 5th grade students. Each lesson in the program is designed to introduce students to plant science and increase their understanding of how foods grow. Choose any or all of the suggested activities for your class. Many activities are for students to work independently and some are for group work.

Its target audience is anyone who speaks, studies, teaches or simply enjoys Spanish. Each month the magazine will explore in detail a Spanish speaking country covering topics such as history, literature, music, movies, interviews, things to do, recipes and more. A reading level--beginner to advanced--is indicated for each article in the magazine. Throughout the articles words are highlighted and defined in the glossary section near the end of the magazine. There are also comprehension exercises as well as podcasts and a YouTube channel linked to articles in the magazine. A walk into the world of web 2.

This is a rich site. Although NASA states that its target audience for this site is elementary school age kids, many of the readings and podcasts would be appropriate in content and difficulty for intermediate to advanced students of Spanish. TV clips, fragments of cultural videos, movie trailers, songs, commercials are used to maintain student interest.

This site has a RSS feed. The exercises cover of thematic vocabulary, grammar points, graded readings, songs and videos. Canal Encuentros offers many video clips and articles about culture, the arts and current issues in the news while Canal Pakapaka, a channel especially designed for children, has several interactive games and videos. In addition to information about issues concerning the environment, there are extensive resources for teachers and students including lesson plans, teacher guides, publications, games for students and more.

The blog focuses on development of vocabulary that is current and colloquial. Each podcast tells a story which has a topical theme and features some point of grammatical usage. The story is first read at a slower pace, then specific phrases used in the story are discussed and the story is read again at a normal pace.

Listen to these podcasts online at the blog or subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed. The story is about four attractive year olds are thrown together to play out their romances, life crises and contrasting interests in a familiar sitcom setting. The scripts have been carefully written so that the language is simple and accessible at all levels.

The video clips are classified by proficiency level of the learner and by genre. There are bilingual subtitles for all clips and a hover-over dictionary as well as a learning center where students can study all the vocabulary from each video with a built-in flashcard system. Many of these ebooks are from Project Gutenberg.

Grades PreK-12 2018-12222 Spanish / Dual Language Catalog - 132

There are titles available in Spanish. Each audio is accompanied by cloze activities. Bryce Hedstrom is a Spanish teacher and teacher trainer in northern Colorado. He has taught Spanish for 22 years at the elementary, middle school and high school levels and received the Best of Colorado award from the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers in She is the author of Fun for Spanish Teachers, a blog about resources for language teachers of preschool and elementary-aged children.

Read the latest posts to find inspiration, ideas, and help for your Spanish classroom. Keywords : blog, elementary grades. Because it is a hypertext dictionary every word is linked to related words and to all definitions in which the word appears. It is also a reverse dictionary which means that by describing a concept, a list of words and phrases related to that concept will be generated.

Plug-ins can be downloaded directly at the Goodrae site to add Goodrae to the list of search engines available in the search bar of a browser. Supported browsers for this plug-in include Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Learn about this ecosystem and how scientists, citizens, local ranchers and farmers are working together to manage and conserve this important habitat. Keyword: cross curricular. Listeners call in to talk about their problems or express their opinions. In return they receive advice or commentaries about their opinions.

Podcasts of the programs are available without charge in iTunes. The videos are supported by subtitles, translations, exercises, tests, flashcards, photo. The exercises which are offered at two levels of difficulty--beginner and intermediate--can be downloaded and printed. The Spanish in the videos is spoken by native speakers at a natural speed.

The program, which is offered free of charge, gives an immersion-style experience of Spanish culture. The mission of this website is to compile and translate useful Spanish phrases for healthcare workers. Users are directed to select a topic to find a very comprehensive list of phrases in Spanish and English. There is a button to click to hear the phrase spoken in Spanish. There is no cost and no need to sign up to use this site. Choose the appropriate level of Spanish and then countries or regions of interest to access a wealth of articles in English and Spanish.

Many of the articles include audio and video support as well as questions to support comprehension. Infographics or information graphics are visual representations of information which help to make complex information easier to understand. Useful information for people who wish to work in Spain regarding tax and residency in Spain, healthcare in Spain and employment news is also provided. The articles cover newsworthy topics and would be appropriate reading material for intermediate high to advanced students. Because each lesson is live, tutors can correct pronunciation or grammar errors as well as use props and visual aids.

Justlearn does not require a subscription plan.

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Learners pay for each lesson. Trial lessons are available. The original focus of the Kids Do Ecology program was the development of this web site, in Spanish and in English, to teach elementary school students about ecology, experiments, and use of data. The website includes the following: Learn About Ecology which introduces the study of ecology, describes careers in ecology, provides interviews with ecologists, gives an overview of the Kids do Ecology Program and website, provides links to additional resources, and answers to frequently asked questions; Endangered Species provides information and resources on endangered and threatened species; the Data and Science Pages provide fun descriptions and activities for young scientists to learn about the scientific method, especially collecting and displaying data; World Biomes provides details on regions of the world with similar climate and vegetation.

It includes class web pages, summaries of experiments, and photos of posters and presentations; the Marine Mammal Pages provide overviews on a variety of local marine mammals, and provides data on marine mammal sightings gathered by local grade school students; Ecolinks has more web resources for students; For Teachers discusses how to participate in KDE and provides links to additional resources for teachers. Here the online version of La Alcazaba Revista can be accessed.

The articles are in Spanish and deal with a variety of literary and cultural topics. Visitors to La aventura literaria will learn about famous literary figures, read selections and summaries of great works as well as find information about different literary movements, the historical and social context of different eras of literature, terms used for describing literature and more. The extensive collection of music videos are organized by country. In addition to articles, La cornice features book reviews, reports, discussion forums, professional notices and special thematic issues.

The Language Gym is an athletic-training-themed website with some verb drills and other online games in Spanish, French, and Italian. There are Lots of photographs, detailed explanation, maps, slideshows, visitors guides. Stories can be accessed according to country or topic. All information is obtained from open sources.

This site is available only in English. Its purpose is to shed light on the scientific research carried out in Latin America. The site publishes articles written by scientists for the public. At this website there are headlines, stories and videos about Latin America in English. Teachers can create their own activities and quizzes.

Grades PreK Spanish / Dual Language Catalog

A free teacher membership will allow monitoring student progress and the ability to create an online syllabus. A premium teacher membership will allow a teacher to give all or her or his students premium access. Many of the pages include full audio as well as images or videos.

There are other useful tools as well like the verb conjugator tool, as well as daily RSS feeds of the word,verb and phrase of the day and a directory of independent Spanish language schools. The Learning Patio is a subsidiary of Bilingual Planet. The books are simplified, animated, and full of links to more reading aids. They are designed to be read online. Lengua Viva is an educational and entertaining blog.

Its goal is to encourage reading among students. A series of Mexican legends in written form as well as audio format are available at the website allowing students to read and to listen to the stories. These legends could be used for reading practice, listening practice, and cultural exploration. This Spanish language blog offers a wide variety of materials to read--stories, poems, puzzles and more-- to families of pre-school through first grade aged children. A side menu offers English translations of the words in the web. Vantage Linguistics is the owner of Lexipedia. Several Spanish books have been recorded.

These Spanish recordings are also available as free podcasts on iTunes. Lingro: The coolest dictionary known to hombre! At Lingro users can enter a website address to make all the words on that web page clickable. Clicking on an unknown word will open a translation of the word.

Lingro also creates a list of websites visited as well as a personal word list which provides content for a flashcard game. Choose Spanish, English, German or French to play and learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes and more. In this well-written blog, Maris Hawkins, a Spanish teacher in Maryland, offers her reflections and best practices as a middle and upper school teacher. Her entries cover a wide range of topics, from using authentic resources to valuable reflection on current best practices and much more.

Each entry is followed by expansion questions and tagged with relevant vocabulary and grammar terms. Available are videos, karaoke, cultural clips, thematic curriculum units, lesson plans, student worksheets and more. Materials on MisCositas. Resources include a pronunciation practice application that records your voice so that you can compare your pronunciation to a model, a game to improve vocabulary, an application that analyzes tweets for positive content, and a dictionary of sayings. Merritt, a middle school Spanish teacher, created a reading program for her heritage Spanish speakers.

In this blog she has posted comprehension packets for over 40 books ranging from 1st to 7th grade reading levels. Navigate to a listing of the books by clicking on the tab labeled alpha book list. Then, click on each book title to see the packet for that book. In addition to the comprehension packets, Mrs.

Merritt has also posted other helpful resources. Subscribe to this blog via RSS. In addition to many teaching materials, on this blog you will find ideas, resources, and tips for teaching Spanish at the elementary level. This site offers a RSS feed. Visitors to this site can learn about the history of the museum, view materials and activities related to past, current and upcoming exhibitions and purchase tickets online. Many of the handouts and activities blogged about on Musicuentos are available to download for free or to purchase. Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell, Spanish educator and consultant, created and maintains Musicuentos.

The Musicuentos Black Box podcast is project sponsored by Musicuentos. These resources are developed by a team of five world language educators. This is the online version of Muy Interesante, a monthly magazine that offers a lot of short articles on a variety of topics including current events and fun facts. These articles are accompanied by engaging photos and videos. Entries are posted in Spanish several days a week.

It is developed and maintained by the Center for Applied Linguistics. The poems are available as Word documents and can be edited. The site has a dedicated team of journalists working out of Mexico City and will also incorporate the work of Times correspondents in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Miami. Interactive transcripts are available as well as an app which is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

If you sign up for this service with your e-mail address, a link to a Spanish-language news item will be sent to you along with a short English-language summary and some vocabulary or grammar hints relevant to the article. You can also browse the archive of newsletters that have already been sent. Newsela is dedicated to transforming the way learners access the world through words. Launched in June , Newsela publishes high-interest news articles daily in Spanish at five levels of complexity for grades Common Core—aligned quizzes attached to articles give insight reading strengths and weaknesses.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl - 'Origin Story' (HD) - MIRAMAX

Its purpose is to engage young people to become informed and participate in the reporting of news. In addition to a weekly tv program No apto para adultos has a network of young correspondents and a website. Keyword: current events. The podcasts are free; however, the accompanying transcript, vocabulary list and exercises must be purchased.

Listen to these podcasts online at the website or subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed. There is a link to live radio as well as a rich multimedia section with video, audio, and photos. Students can read an easy or difficult version of the article or opt to listen to it read aloud by a native speaker in slow or normal audio speed. Rolling the cursor over a sentence displays a translation of the sentence and clicking on problematic vocabulary words creates flashcards that can be personalized by rating the words as easy, medium or hard.

At this site you can download programs and podcasts as well as listen to live streaming of the station. ONOMA can conjugate from the infinitIve form as well as give information about the irregularities in a verb and the persons and tenses affected along with the theoretical explanation for these irregularities. From music and film to politics and travel, these podcasts provide an entertaining insight to Latin America and Spain.

Keywords: culture, listening.

At this site you can listen to or download podcasts of articles appearing in ECOS. Many have links to audio files and English translations. The content is current and covers a variety of topics such as Spain, the world, sports, entertainment, travel, health, business, science, gastronomy. Visitors to the web site may choose an appropiate level of difficulty and use the content to develop reading and listening skills.

Keyword: student tool. Each episode of this podcast focuses on a different topic and comes with a transcript in Spanish, and can be streamed on YouTube or Cloudstream. Here students PreK will find online help, tools and resources in all content areas. Of particular interest is the Spanish section which covers language, literature and communication skills.

As a magazine of current events written by journalists and experts in a variety of topics, Punto y coma features a diverse vocabulary and a broad spectrum of subjects primarily focusing on the social and cultural aspects of Spain and Latin America. International events are also covered. At this website selected articles can be downloaded as pdfs without charge. There are pages of grammatical information, vocabulary, expressions, literature, tourism, gastronomy, art and more.