Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Il maestro insegna a guardare tutte le cose che ci circondano. Un teatro che, pur cosciente del pericolo di incorrere in una sconfitta, non rinuncia alla ricerca del senso delle cose e del teatro stesso. SA: Ciao Marco. Ti va di presentare te e il Teatro delle Albe ai lettori di SuccoAcido?

MM: Siamo una compagnia nata a Ravenna nel MM: Non te lo so spiegare. Posso solo viverla, attraversarla e esserne attraversato. Certo, siamo molto diversi, Ermanna ed io, e forse proprio per questo dal giorno delle nostre nozze continuiamo ad attrarci come un ferro con la calamita. Essendo entrambi ferro, entrambi calamita.

MM: I capelli diventano bianchi. La forza fisica diminuisce. Qualche acciacco, il menisco, etc. E allora? E il mondo non ci basta, come quando avevamo 15 anni. Continuiamo a sognare, la notte, sogniamo ancora ad occhi aperti durante il giorno. Tutto qui? Ad amare, amare la luce e le sue ombre, amare il tuo amore e i tuoi compagni, vedere negli occhi di colui che non conosci i tuoi stessi occhi. Non dei saggi di sociologia, non delle formule, ma un continente in tre persone: la nostra Africa sono stati Mandiaye, Mor e El Hadiy.

Con la sorpresa di scoprire, nel tempo, che gli asini della savana di Mandiaye e quelli della campagna romagnola di Ermanna si sono sempre parlati, antenati totem che vegliano sul nostro teatro. MM: Ti rispondo che si fa politica attraverso qualsiasi azione che noi compiamo, qualsiasi lavoro.

Sono un contadino e lavoro la terra: bene, sono attento a non inquinare? A non uccidere la terra con concimi radioattivi? Come guardo i miei campi, solo come fonte di guadagno o anche come bellezza che creo per gli occhi di chi passa? Come una buona linea ferroviaria, come un fiore. Condividi il timore di questa brutta stagione alle porte?

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Non sono sempre stati costanti le guerre, le carestie, i periodi di pestilenze e miserie? Ci sono luoghi che bisogna far vivere e respirare, nutrirli di incontri tra generazioni e opere e visioni, di arte e pedagogia, di cultura vera. Come mai la scelta di percorrere questo ponte fino a Mazara? A della drammaturgia italiana, etc. Nel caso di Mazara si sono messi insieme il Ravenna Festival e il vescovo di Mazara, Domenico Mogavero, un vescovo che ce ne fossero, un vero testimone del Vangelo.

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Sapevano del lavoro fatto a Scampia, ci hanno chiesto di lavorare a Mazara con adolescenti siciliani e tunisini. SA: Nel tu e Maurizio Lupinelli avete iniziato a tenere dei laboratori teatrali nei licei. Come avviene questo bizzarro accoppiamento? Un paradosso, se si vuole.

Creazione a cielo aperto per Vladimir Majakovskij ha avuto un enorme successo. The foreign population of the city constitutes 13 per cent of the total. A large part of these 13, people and many foreign communities are concentrated in two neighborhoods. There are no exaggerated phenomena such as those that may occur in large cities or in the suburbs of the metropolis but there is no denying that forms of discomfort exist, and that integration is a long and far from easy process. It is a theme to be addressed, without good-natured, useless parables, unable to face the problems that these phenomena generate.

In those neighborhoods must live the historic citizens of Ancona who perhaps never thought to find a neighbor as a neighboring Sinhalese family, or Filipino, or Chinese who did not wish to leave their land but maybe they arrived here because forced to do it, simply from life.

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Getting all this together is a laborious operation, not always easy and where every day the school, teachers and the many associations of citizens play an important role. A new model of community is built with difficulty and over time. We are obliged to keep the bar straight, close and active in the problems, but we are also confident that a piece of the future of Ancona should be built without fear.

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There is also a value to which I hold dear, which is that of participation. In the candidacy to "mayor of the world" I read that among the reasons for this beautiful opportunity is that of having contributed to the expansion of the city. Here an administration and a mayor can act directly or work in collaboration with other institutions to maintain, retrain, attract, grow.

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But nothing would happen if a city as a whole did not start up, did not walk together. This is the thing that I'm most proud of: what has really grown in recent years is the sense of belonging and love for the city, feel that citizens perceive that change, that everyone in their own space contributes to expand. This is happening and I am grateful to my community for this. One last reflection concerns my being a woman, the first woman mayor of Ancona. Is there a reason for this delay? Why me and why this unexpected success? Is there a mode? Difficult to focus, but I try. Among the distinctive traits of women who play a role like mine there is certainly a lot of tenacity and determination.

I think it is not a coincidence, and once again some explanation is given to me by my family and by its female figures: my grandmother, who at the beginning of the last century was a filanda maker and a trade unionist fought for her rights and of women who worked with her; my other grandmother who supported her husband, a railway man, when he refused to take the fascist party card and was fired, and forced to emigrate to a life that was anything but easy; my mother who was a city councilor immediately after the Second World War, the first time women could vote and be elected.

Each of them marked a discontinuity, each of them decided to be the architect of their own destiny, and was able to get out of a life that would give them a completely different role, simply by convention. And this requires a kind of special determination and courage. To get something "ordinary" often women, and still today certainly in many parts of the world, are required to be extraordinary. But we have always been able to do it. The heroine of my city is Stamira, a young widow who, thanks to her heroism and her sacrifice, allowed the inhabitants of Ancona to resist the siege of Frederick Barbarossa's troops.

And it was in H o 63 anni e sono avvocato. Sono stata eletta sindaco di Ancona per la prima volta nel e confermata con le elezioni amministrative del giugno scorso. Non era la mia prima esperienza amministrativa.

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Did you always believe, as I believed that Ph. You are not alone, but sometimes it turns to be useful! And, hopefully, this is just the beginning of a long series of works on intelligence and epistemology. However, I am working on an ambitious set of papers on my topics in prominent journals! Intelligence is about speaking the truth to the policy-maker.

However, this truth is not simply the result of an intellectual inquiring on something which is not in the eyes of the beholder. Intelligence is a social enterprise performed by a collective agent, namely the intelligence agency. Then, intelligence strives for the truth although this endeavor is a very difficult achievement indeed, so much so that intelligence is grounded on performing an entire intelligence cycle completed by an entire institution.

Social epistemology is a new branch of analytic philosophy and it inquires the nature of social knowledge and collective agents.

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  • This paper considers the role of social knowledge inside intelligence as an institution of the state and it tries to address some fundamental questions related to the social epistemological nature of intelligence. Would you like to help the scientific research in the field? Are you interested in chess and intelligence analysis? Is a chess player an intelligence analyst? Chess is considered one of the most interesting strategic games in the Western culture. Although the artificial intelligence applied to chess beats the world champion since , chess is still one of the most challenging strategic games for our intelligence and understanding.

    Even though chess is a perfect information game, namely a game in which the players have all the information available at the same time for each position, chess is sufficiently complex and difficult to be unsolvable by sheer calculation. Chess players face uncertainty, tactical dilemmas, strategic conundrums, stress, pressure and great epistemological problems.

    All they have is information to be translated in practical knowledge. Intelligence analysts face similar problems to pursue a similar goal and they face them in an analogous fashion. In this paper, I will explore how Grand Master and ordinary chess players analyze the positions from both a strategic and tactical perspectives and I will show how the intelligence analysts can learn from them. After half a century the first chess computer appeared to the scene and hundreds of years of chess studies, we are still learning how to play better in the chessboard.