Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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If you are interested contact us on Vampirelord gmail. Friday, April 26, Personal Cemeteries Vol. Personal Cemeteries Vol. Coffee table book of full color select photography of Jay Watson. Abandoned decay, withering cemeteries, and the harsh grim realities of modern day Detroit. Part 2. First 20 copies pre-ordered will receive their copy signed. All orders receive a bonus gift from the Placenta Recordings vault! Not for the easily offended! Comes to blunt point. Company ID taken from advertisement: See One ceramic mug with Bugs Bunny surrounded by barrels and boxes of Acme T.

Made in Korea. Acme Chevrolet Co. Made in Japan. One tin lunch box with detachable lid. Item is rusty. One metal bucket with a smaller container inside it attached to a latch and handle. Directions on use are embossed on lid of smaller container; difficult to read as the lid is worn-out and rusty.

Painted labels worn out and faded. Produces smooth velvety ice cream, water ices One hot plate encased within a stainless steel holder with three legs. Item comes with electric cord. Richard Pollay did the metal work restoration. Evidence of use; hot coil with burnt marks and stains. Stainless steel holder in good condition. Acme set of decorating tips, parchment paper, mini-bottles of food coloring, an illustrated birthday cake book of instructions, icing recipes and designs.

Box and book are damaged and torn and in very fragile condition. Little pie holes dot bottom of plate. Plate is worn out and rusty. One black cast iron set of kitchen scales, with rusty tray. No weights included. Model 2. Made out of cast iron, it clamps onto a table top or kitchen counter. Comes with a wooden handle.

Some rust stains, but otherwise seems to be in good condition. Metal blade, wood handle. Red and black lettering on wood handle. Paint on handle worn. General use wear. Foam aluminum can cooler. Fits 1 can. White lettering on black foam. New Orleans, LA As of July '06 the chain's website reported that only three of their locations are open, and that some employees are not accounted for.

See website for more current news and information. Link to Acme Oyster House website. No other identifying information. Sealed box. Lebanon, Penn. Comes with receipt to Richard Pollay from D. Craig MacFarland from Kenmore, N. Rust on back of item. Stains on item. Vancouver, B. One stainless steel razor, with black handle from Keene Cutlery Company. Razor in good condition. Also includes engraving of the outlines of three Looney Tunes characters. Warner Bros, Inc. One tie press of walnut wood.

Lacquer finish with geometric design on cover. Stainless steel hinges and ornate latch. Gold sticker inside the press reads: Acme Tie Press Pat. Item in good condition. Three metal and wooden pant hangers from Acme Trouser hanger, pat. June 5, Rust on metal handles, lots of evidence of use. One large tie press with storage; made from oak.

Press comes with a box with two compartments. Minor scratches on box.

The Best of "Theforge" - Vol. 2 of 3

Strip of brown leather at the end of the zipper. Black vinyl case holds pair of Brown tinted sunglasses that fold up small. Glass is lightly scratched. Black vinyl case holds pair of Black tinted sunglasses that fold up small. Black leather watch has glass face with Acme Delivery logo on it. Wind up. Original brown velvet case. Shaped like a key, two metal staple wires on item. Hole on one end for a chain or string. Some grime on item. One yellow and brown plastic badge from Acme Commercial Security. One mini wooden frame with glass picture of a woman, dressed in purple hat and clothes and carrying a parasol.

Pat Nos. One white-colored, plastic hanger with no. One stainless steel watch, with glow-in-the-dark Arabic numerals and hands. Meant to be carried on a chain. One metal pocket watch, with glow-in-the-dark Arabic numerals and hands. Rust on hook and hands of watch. One dark pink, plastic cigarette kit with slip on cover.

It's flavor wins favor. One little leather pouch with snap on cover; inside is a nail and an unstruck match inserted into the leather. One leather tooled handbag with short strap and metal clasp. Floral and leaf design on front and back of bag. Bronze metal cuff links, light brown some, rectangular shape. Acme is visible engraved on back, patented, also legible. No other identifying information is visible. One genuine leather purse with zipper; oval-shaped. Worn silver plate belt buckle. Possibly for basketball event. Missing some rhinestones. Red plastic box with 2 decks of playing cards inside.

Designs of wild ducks and pheasants on cards. Minor scratches on surface of box. Cards in good condition. Two decks of cards inside the box; one deck with the logo against a blue background, the other with the logo against a red background. Lid is torn in one corner but cards in good condition.

One transparent plastic box with 2 decks of playing cards inside. Sides and bottom of box decorated with gold specks. Toy model is in white with black lettering on its side and hood. Back of box shows pictures of different models in the Days Cone series. Toy car in excellent condition. Acme Super Markets die cast model scale , part of the Acme Markets Archives Collection, in its original packaging. Back of box shows a photograph of an Acme truck in s.

Peterbilt trademarks licensed by Paccar, inc. Bellevue, Washington,USA.


One plastic toy model of the Acme big rig truck with detachable cab, free rolling wheels and 5 food packages, in the form of canned goods, that can fit in the trailer. Plastic from original packaging is open, creased, worn-out and has pen marks. Cardboard packaging shows interior and exterior view of an Acme Store. One building kit of the Acme Dye Company, typical of the early s and are designed to fit on the smallest layout and on big railroad empires. Plastic toy model of an Acme Fast Freight trailer, made up of 5 cars. Each part wrapped in paper or plastic. Bible card game in a box: 66 cards and instructions inside the lid of the box.

Wooden cribbage board with 4 pegs 2 red, 2 white kept in a peg container beneath the board. Minor scratches. Not sure how many pegs were originally with the cribbage board. One paper box of 16 Leader sparklers. Face of box shows a drawing of George Washington against a backdrop of stars and two lit torches. All boxes are in original, unopened condition except for one. See Cap Pistol Whistle meant to be strung on a string.

One plastic film strip viewer. Pistol is rusty and stained in several places. Comes with a blank tag. See Pistol Paper Caps Set of 3 Acme ice delivery trucks toy models. One is red and white, one is blue and white, and one is all white. All white model has one wheel broken off. One deck of playing cards in its plastic wrapping.

Item in excellent condition. Housed in original box. Excellent Condition. For over 50 years quality above all. Same image on cards. Cards in excellent condition. Complete Rental and Fishing Tool Service. Color image and text. Plastic coated cards, Made in USA. Company locations on reverse side.

Cards made by: Brown and Bigelow Inc. Black and grey box with transparent window to view playing card. Company symbol on cards. Cel-u-tone finish playing cards. Light blue case, velveteen-like cover, gold edging. Red and blue respectively. Vancouver, BC. Blue and red playing cards featuring Topsail Schooner. Excellent condition.

Plastic box holds 2 unopened packs of playing cards. Image of company building on cards. Small pen knife. Fair condition. Acme Brick Company playing cards, original box is missing. Cards show signs of wear. Made by Brown and Bigelow St. Manufacturing for Butler Bros. Playing Card Company. Only blue packaging has company logo and image.

Packaging torn, taped, dirty. Empty red card pack included. Info on red package slightly different, not as complete as blue package. Novelty item. Illusion become reality. Cards opened. Another Acme Quality product. Slim steel pen knife. Bronze and gold colors, Steel blades. Because of small size, is housed in same bag as Panel measures: 4. Music cylinders are metal edged with paper rolls. All are fox trots. Information example: pianist Phil Lynch, composer I. One box falling apart.

Cylinders appear to be in good condition. Lamp is by GE. Exposure guide for film and lamps on back of lamp. Bright orange cardboard box carries instructions for use and film requirements. One track with two lamps and cord; track has a mount for a camera. Metal back. Several scratches on item. One colored, cardboard prayer wheel with little hole in one corner and a pinhole in the center. Archery holder. For holding bows and quiver.

Brown rubber. Some signs of wear but in good condition. One whistle with chain. One toy trailer in two parts; trailer missing one set of front wheels. White metal Chevrolet panel truck toy in box. Alarm clock works. Item is one of Rick Pollay's teaching props. One big, red cardboard tube dynamite with a white wick at the end.

Used by Rick Pollay as a teaching prop. One transparent boxed set of 2 decks of playing cards in yellow and black. Orange-colored life vest in its original, but torn plastic package. Game seems to have been well-used. Lid is torn. Comes with two boards, cards, plastic pushcarts,lists, store items on cards, etc. Brown colored toy piano refrigerator magnet. Black lettering on white, red, and black background. Cards appear as new.

Inscribed belonging to: L? Dated ' One writing pad stripped of sheets; pad cover shows Acme logo. One packet of ten pads in its original shrink wrapping. Pad cover shows Acme logo. Paper holder stained, torn in several places. One clear plastic box of push pins; box already opened. Text on box label is in English and French. Logo is a pair of scissors shaped as the letter A. One clear plastic box of eight 8 colored metal clips, with its original store card. Hand operated seal machine to make seals for the Acme Delivery Company; made of metal and brass. Stamp Works.

Machine in excellent condition. One pack of 30 multi-colored push pins in its original store packaging; unopened. Card shows the Acme logo scissors-shaped letter A ; text in English and French. One plastic magnifier in its original store packaging, unopened, and attached to its store card. Text in French and English. Card carries the Acme logo scissors-shaped A. In excellent condition. Acme Ruler CO. One empty box for 12 fold back clips, no. Box shows Acme logo scissors-shaped A. Text in English and French.

Residue of glue from price sticker on box cover. Box carries Acme logo scissors-shaped A. One stapler and box of No. Imported from Hong Kong. Card carries Acme logo scissors-shaped A. Plastic starting to turn yellow. One staple remover encased in original plastic packaging, attached to the product card. Imported from Taiwan. Glue on plastic very discolored.

One pair of safety scissors in its original plastic packaging and with product card. Glue on plastic starting to discolor. Imported by Acme United Limited. One stainless steel letter opener encased in its original packaging and store card. Imported by Acme Ruler Co. From Japan.

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English and French text on card. Product card is in English and French. Imported from Japan. One math set with eight 8 pieces: plastic 6-inch ruler, plastic protractor, 2 plastic triangular rulers, a steel compass, short pencil, round sharpener and an eraser. All kept in a yellow box. Text on box in English and French. One black, plastic letter opener. One white metal box, empty. Intended to hold nine 9 pieces shown on the lid of the box. Text on box is in English and French.

Imported from England. Item has lots of scratches, dents; worn-out. Crown Acme Oil. A package of paper clips in its original store packaging. Text on card in English and French. Plastic packaging is discolored. Plastic package shows extreme yellowing. One memo pad, with brown vinyl cover, with its memo pad.

Ph: Stockton,Calif. Memo pad shows signs of past use. Scale made of green plastic and metal. Scale shows post rates? Top of box reads: Stamp- saver letter scale. Box has minor scratches but in good condition. One white paperweight made of brick? Some chipped edges. No information which Acme Brick Company this item belongs to. One odd-sized foam eraser from Acme Ruler Company. D U. One well-used pencil; text painted on pencil reads: Acme Coal and Supply, east 8th St, Phone Item is badly scratched, paint has been chipped away in several places.

Two Acme University felt erasers stored in box. Both have wooden handles; One is University Eraser No. Cleans the board thoroughly. Box is torn in several places and has pencil markings on the lid. One black, no. One mini slide rule from Acme Industries Inc. One ruler with interesting lengths of measurement on either side. Los Angeles St. One circular slide rule with its own black plastic case. Plastic marker of slide rule is torn at the center; has a trademark of a compass and the name Takeda.

Back of the slide rule is a circular conversion table. Limited, Transformers, Rectifiers, Power Supplies. The design features a black and white illustration of the company building. The bottom of the paperweight is a mirror. Minor scratches on item. One raised dye ink pad with detachable lid. Dye smudges on lid. One used black Acme checking pencil, no. For checking parcels, bundles and packages. Not affected by dampness, will not rub off. Guaranteed the best. One metal pencil holder with a metal clip on.

Some rust on the item; paint label is starting to come off. Contact your local distributor for Acme service. For further engineering data, call JEfferson Red tip removes. Sample No Back Action Mechanism. Marbled yellow finish, gold metal top and base. Some rust. Pencil lead still works. Gold metal base. Black lid on top of pen. Weir for service. James Weir and Sons Distributors. Silver metal base. Removes and attaches at top of pencil to create longer pencil. Eraser attached. Black base and top. Red ring around top. Metal tip and top.

Green wooden lead pencil. Company name in gold lettering, eraser attached. Information on ruler included decimal equivalents. Red base, silver metal tip. Silver metal tip. Small white plastic ruler, company information imprinted on ruler. Slachman and Son. Black background.

P.I.F.F. Magazine Vol. 2, Issue 1 The "Independent Artist" Issue

Inches only. Lid attached. Ivory body with Company information on it. Metal tip, Pencil still works. White plastic pen, decorated in colors of American flag. Signs of wear. Black plastic body. Gold lettering. Black plastic pencil. Leads included. Lettering in white.

REM Portable. Acme Typewriter Exchange, Peoria Ill. Black--Red Record. Metal pen, green and silver. Letter A and paint roller image on top of pen. Black metal pencil. Gold writing. RED Point. White plastic body, metal base. Red Acme logo. Eraser on tip of pencil. Seven sizes. Yellow and red design.

White and blue design. Small wooden ruler, inches only. Signs of wear but in good condition. Have We ever failed to deliver it? Metric and inches. White Plastic? Metal ruler, company information on one side, inches and metric on other. Ruler slides into blue leather pouch and has clip to hold in place in person's pocket? Item dated and company information provided. End of letter opener has colored enamel logo of creating company. Letter opener is rusting, company information is raised on handle. White erasers attached. Come in original package. Metal clip screwed into wood.

Water stains. Wooden tape measure folds out in sections. Pencil marks. Metal tipped. Tops for all laundry services. Metric and imperial measurement. Compact Kitchens. We watch your business for you. Inches and picas. Acme wooden varnished ruler. Imperial and metric measurements. Also French used. Made in Canada. Imperial measurement only. Box contains 5 boxes or original Colored card signals used by Acme Card System. Signals are color coated metal. Original packaging.

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Darkened wood. Smells of grease? Box is deteriorating. Lid opens up and has calendar under it. Steel tape measure. Blue lettering. Company information on lighter. UBC logo in one corner. Pocket tape measure in the form of a Zippo lighter. One gray wooden display box for Acme school and office rulers.

Bos has compartments for different sized rulers. Paper label is torn at the corners, pain has chipped off in certain areas, some cracks on the wooden surface, several stains on the side. One Acme C MS cassette tape in its original plastic shrink-wrap. One Acme C MS cassette tape with case. One Acme C cassette tape with case. Does not seem to have been used. Product information on the back of the tape is in English, French and German.

One metal clipboard with adjustable slide calendar Green felt backing. Instructions on using and setting the calendar on the board itself. One mechanical pencil, marble-like pale yellow finish. Silver tip. Temp and pressure table also printed on pen. Pen does not work. Several handwritten entries in address book. White and black celluloid? Four black marking pencils, nos.

Guide to the Richard Pollay Acme Advertising Collection, 1850s-2006 and undated

Will not rub or wash off, Sold under a guarantee. The hardest and best oil crayon made. Paperweight has a fake gold finish with a round gold spot at the centre.

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On spots where the gold paint is worn out, the actual brick color shows underneath the paint. Worn out green felt backing on the bottom. See also for a similar Acme Brick paperweight. One slim spelling tablet from the Acme School Series, with cardboard cover and lined, numbered pages. Some pages already torn out. Cover is stained; pages are yellow with age but free from any writing. Metal and plastic mechanical pencil. Red lettering on beige background. Metal mini tape measure. Red lettering on white background. Glass paperweight. Black lettering on white background. They were bulldozed in as part of the Manhattan Project.

The sites of the towns are now within the bounds of the Department of Energy's Hanford Site, the world's largest nuclear waste site. Metal blade with black leather sheath and handle. Silver lettering. Two slots for holding papers. Flexible thin metal ruler. Black lettering on beige background.

Dark wood ruler. Clear plastic paperweight with token set inside. Raised lettering on token. White handle. Black lettering. White slide rule with brown leather sheath. Blue and black lettering on rule. Blue and red handle. Metal blades. Black lettering on blades. Metal ruler with leather sheath. Gold lettering on brown sheath.

Material is brass. Thin metal ruler. Brown lettering on yellow background. Crease in metal. Rubber stamp on wood block. Design is of a tray of bottles. Wood handle and wood base with rubber stamp. Mechanical pencil. Tortoise shell colors. Wood box whose lid opens and closes automatically when the box is turned upside down.

Opens to reveal two compartments meant to contain cigarettes. In cardboard case. Metal painted black. Regular wood pencil. Black and red lettering on yellow background. Red lettering on pink background. Wood ruler. Black text. AuburnStock No. Survival whistle No. A dozen silver whistles, each wrapped in cellophane, in original box.

Balwin, N. Lid is tightly shut; scratches and stains on tin; handwriting on lid. One metal retractable measuring tape; tape of 16 ft. One metal retractable measuring tape with a short chain and hook; tape of 3 ft. One cream colored metal wall thermometer from Acme Coal and Lime Company. Glass is broken; red dye stain at the back. Metal frame is scratched and worn out. One kit used to compare 5 types of Acme-made metal bushings against 5 bushings from other manufacturers. Paper insert tucked in inside cover. Vinyl covered box with gold locks. Scratches and stains on bottom of box.

One empty, plastic bottle of glass shine. Acme Brick metal key tag, with card registration form, in original plastic packaging. Key tag meant to be attached to set of keys and, if lost, can be mailed to Acme Brick. Auto people. Acme Auto Supply, Inc. One metal radial tire gauge in its original store packaging. One bicycle tire gauge, A BL, in its original store packaging.

Canada Ltd. And Acme Tire Hardware. One set of four dome type valve caps for cars and bicycles; comes in its original store packaging. One round sized tape measure with red pull out fabric tape. Phone HO One tin of Acme valve cores, 6 pcs. Hackensack, N. One Acme metal insect sprayer can with a wooden handle. Black and faded gold colors. One metal sprayer with a wooden handle but missing its canister. One 3-way photo-extension cord, 15 feet in length. Lid of tube is town.

Several tears on label. One metal retractable clothes line reel with red wooden handle. For use indoors. One bi-folding door adjustment ratchet wrench in its original packaging. Wrench has Acme logo on the handle. Store card is in English and French. Reverse side of card shows illustrations and directions on use.

Plastic packaging is dusty and torn in several places. Each orange and blue tin holds 4 pcs of glass fuses. Glass Fuses. Bottom of lid lists the other products of Acme Air Appliance. One dark oil stone in its own wood storage case. Coarse side for fast cutting, fine side gives keen edge. Use thin oil, Keeps stone clean. One stainless steel Acme superstrip weight calculator for weights and sizes.