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"Pop up" Flooding on Haven Creek's Old Footprint

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Then, when the beast lifted its giant foot to take the next step, it dragged its claws in the mud — yes, those enormous dinosaurs had toenails — and the blob of mud that stuck to the sole of its foot dropped back into the nearly metre-wide footprint. After taking measurements, sketches and more measurements, Steve and his team crunch the numbers to work out the creatures' heights and how fast they were travelling over the muddy terrain.

They calculate that the set of tiniest tracks — around 15 dainty, three-toed footprints, each around 4 or 5 centimetres wide — was left by a chicken- or turkey-sized dinosaur trotting along at a decent clip, about 10 to 11 kilometres per hour. Especially considering it's crossing a mudflat — it probably didn't want to stop, or else it would have gotten bogged," Steve says. There weren't quite enough footprints to find out how fast the middle-sized dinosaur moved, but its "minimum height was 50 centimetres at the hips, we think it was probably taller".

Based on that, you would imagine, well, the animal's got to be at least 3. He suspects the sauropod species was Diamantinasaurus matildae, and measured around 18 metres from nose to tail tip. Lisa Nink, a PhD student at Flinders University studying Australian megafauna, notices different coloured layers as she helps scoop out the sediment underneath the footprint slab. Detailed analysis of those sediment layers may yield pollen grains, for instance, to tell palaeontologists about the plants that once lived there.

At the end of each long day, everyone heads to the nearby property of Elderslie, where they're staying in the shearers' quarters.


Besides being next to Dagwood Station, where Paterson wrote Waltzing Matilda, Elderslie also happens to be a famous fossil property. It's the discovery site of three of Australia's 20 or so dinosaur species — Australovenator wintonensis, Wintonotitan wattsi and the aforementioned D. After dinner, the group gathers around to chat about the day to the soundtrack of an acoustic guitar strummed outside.

And after two weeks — well, more like three in the end — the most delicate part of the trackway, the region at risk of water damage, is safely shifted to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum. The rest of the trackway will eventually make the trip to the museum too, but it's more stable so there's less of a rush.

Dinosaur Tracks to See in and Around the Texas Hill Country

This won't be the last time that a landmark discovery emerges from this region's mighty cycle of wet and dry. The Winton Shire has all the right ingredients to present palaeontologists with more dinosaur footprints, and there's a hell of a lot of land out there.

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  • This article was shared by Gautam Mishra. We invite you to click here and start a free 7-day trial. In this part of Australia, a single farm can be the size of a small nation. But step back to last September and it's a completely different story. Our items of interest are almost million years old. They're dinosaur footprints, stamped in a sandstone slab on a parched creek bed. A find of a lifetime The Winton Shire's current population hovers around just 1,, but it is home to a disproportionately large slice of Australian history.

    And geologically, this region is a dinosaur goldmine. What is now western Queensland could not have looked more different. Over aeons, that sludge turned to sandstone and the bones and teeth within became rock.

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    Mike Elliott knows the thrill of finding them better than most. No instruction manual for a job like this Three types of dinosaur wandered over and left their footprints on the mudflat all those years ago. There was a tiny insect-eater that scampered around on two legs Leading it is the museum's operations manager, Trish Sloan: "But everybody calls me Tricky.

    But until this dig, David's excavation experience was limited to fossil bones, not footprints. It's too big a job to do alone. It was slow going, not to mention dangerous. He soon gave that up. Next, he tried drilling holes through the slab and lifting it on steel rods threaded through.

    But "the sandstone is so dry and so fragile, it's just crumbling", David says. New chapter in Australia's dinosaur story But even before the plastering begins, there's plenty of science going on up the other end of the trackway.

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    For him, working on the Karoola trackway is a dream. The claw scratches and mud blobs are clearly seen in the trackway, even today. And the sauropod? Even the ground beneath the trackway tells a story. Safe and sound At the end of each long day, everyone heads to the nearby property of Elderslie, where they're staying in the shearers' quarters. Steve is relieved and happy that the most delicate section is finally sheltered and intact. With the restless assistance of the elements, it's just a matter of when they're unearthed.