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Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Learning English crosses paths with a trauma. In High School, I wanted to sign up for English classes, which were reserved for the good students from Middle School. My transcripts and my academic performance gave me hope of being accepted. How distressing it was when I was refused due to my parents not being apart of the red nomenclature, that is, they were not members of the Communist Party.

Was it this refusal that barred me from seriously taking-up English?

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My attempts to learn English have remained very mediocre, despite my effort to remedy the situation by taking private lessons, etc. If I am confessing this all to you it is not because I refuse to speak in English. I am conscious of the fact that globalization needs an Esperanto, and that for different reasons English lends itself to this function. Europe, as you know, speaks 23 languages, if not more, which clearly makes it more fragile, but also gives it a richness that is summed up in the fact that identity for us cannot be — must not be reduced to a cult, but must always remain polyphonic and in question.

War is in France, but who are the French at war with? An upright we , on their feet [ debout [1] ], taking a stand against a new version of nihilism whose brutality and scope are unprecedented in France. Radical evil and the death drive , fueled by the technical feats of hyper-connectivity, defy the Enlightenment tradition that under-estimated them while endeavoring, for more than two centuries, to break with the religious tradition in order to found the values of a universal morality.

Emmanuel Kant had used this expression to name the catastrophe when certain humans consider other humans to be superfluous and coldly exterminate them.

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Hannah Arendt denounced this absolute evil in the Holocaust. How and Why. With whom? This elucidation of the parricide underlying regulations, the murder at the heart of Law, which occurred in Judaism and Christianity, opened the way to the infinite retrospective return of the hainamoration [2] constitutive of the anthropological bond; sparing itself the definitive reference to an inaccessible Beyond, however, and without sanctifying any acts of war, this elucidation did not prevent crusades, Religious wars and pogroms.

These interpretive movements, less in the minority now than in the past, are vigorously taken up again today within Islam, under the shock of the killings at Charlie Hebdo and at the Hyper Cacher [3] , and even more powerfully still, confronted with the suicide attacks of November Certainly, Diderot was a canon before becoming a deist and then definitively atheist, but philosophical debate had already infiltrated Catholic theology since Saint Augustine, illuminated the 12 th century and continued up through the quarrels of the Encyclopedists. The crises endemic to the current process of globalization, and the impotence of Europe within it, do not facilitate the process of reevaluating values.

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But these crises make necessary a new and specific redefinition, to reinvent without following any ready-made model, even that of the Enlightenment. For too long secular humanism was content to target the abuses of oppressive religions, and this vigilance is more relevant than ever.

But a new urgency imposes itself: the seduction that religions exert on people and on human communities, as well as their role consoling, educating, regulating and manipulating anxieties and destructiveness still remains to be analyzed.

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More specifically than philosophy, it is Freudian psychoanalysis, with its singular experience in the immediate clinical setting, that — for only the past years — has taken on the religious tradition with this ambition. What are the states of their souls? Can we do anything about it? They are part of the preventive component of the state of war: before punitive, security or military measures, it is not enough to find out how the jihadists proceed when recruiting those who will execute their plans.

It is important to treat the candidates of jihad on the road to radicalization, before they join the camps of Daesh, in order to return as kamikazes or, potentially, as more or less sincere repenters, for a possible deradicalization. For two decades now, my experience as a psychoanalyst has let me encounter the discontent of adolescents. The Need to Believe.

Two psychical [5] experiences confront the clinician with this universal anthropological element, the pre-religious need to believe. Once the need to believe is satisfied and offers the optimal conditions for the development of language, it appears as the foundation on which another capacity, corrosive and liberating, will be able to develop: the desire to know. The Adolescent is a Believer. On the other hand, the arrival of puberty in the adolescent involves a psychical reorganization underpinned by the search for an ideal: to go beyond parents, society, the world, to go beyond oneself, to unify with an ideal alterity, to open time in a moment, eternity in the present.

He is strongly convinced that the absolute satisfaction of his desires exists, that the ideal love-object is within his reach; paradise is a creation of adolescents in love: Adam and Eve, Dante and Beatrice, Romeo and Juliette…To believe, in the sense of faith, involves a passion for the object-relation: faith wants it all, it is potentially fundamentalist, as is the adolescent. We are all adolescents when we are passionate about the absolute or when we are fervent lovers. However, this belief that the ideal world exists is continually threatened, indeed shot down, since our drives and desires are ambivalent, sado-masochistic, and reality imposes frustrations and constraints.

The adolescent, who believes in the relation to the ideal object, cruelly experiences the impossibility of it. Belief and Nihilism: The Sicknesses of the Soul. Endemic to and underlying every adolescence, ideality disorder risks leading to profound psychical disorganization, if the context, traumatic, personal or socio-historical, lends itself to this.

The greed for absolute satisfaction resolves itself by destroying everything that is not this satisfaction, abolishing the border between self and other, inside and outside, good and evil. Only the death drive triumphs, the malignancy of evil. Whether due to denial or ignorance, our secular civilization no longer has rites of initiation for adolescents. Trials and jousts, fasts and mortifications rendered in story and given symbolic value — these cultural and cult practices, known since prehistory and still present in organized religion, validated the ideality disorder in adolescents and organized links to communal reality.

Literature, in particular the novel as it has appeared since the Renaissance, knew how to narrate the adventures of initiation of adolescent heroes: the European novel is an adolescent novel. The absence of these rites leaves a symbolic void, and today commodity-literature and spectacle are far from being able to satisfy the anxieties of the militant nihilist that is the internet-using adolescent who prefers video games to books.

Beneath the Clash of Religions. Taken off-guard by the malaise of adolescents, secular morality seems incapable of satisfying their ideality disorder. What is to be done when faced with this intense return of the need to believe and of the religious that is now being observed everywhere, all over the world?

The resurgence of young politically engaged Catholics against marriage equality surprised many.

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We have to make a distinction. Yes, there is, on the one hand, an evil that results from the clash of values, themselves resulting from divergent or concurrent libidinal interests, and that underlie our concepts of good and evil elaborated in diverse moral codes, themselves historically formed in various cultural arenas. Ce bois. Il s''agit d''un espace fortement investi par la re-. Le chronotope du sentier. La vida de esta provincia es tan remota y apartada de cosas que puedan inquietar el pensamiento [ Le contrepoint urbain et courtisan.

Por la plaza se paseaban muchos caballeros, muy ricamente vestidos y en muy hennosos caballos81 [ Mais il semble forcer l''analogie", et du reste, rien ne prouve que Montemayor ait asl''.

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Gardons-nous de voir dans le. Un cas plus surprenant est celui de Galia. Mais il arrive aussi que notre auteur invente de nouveaux toponymes. L''exemple de la Renaissance! Hormis le motif de la potion magique de Felicia, le choix d''une fiction vraisemblable! C L'art des variations spatiales. TI s''agit pour lui de donner ses lettres de noblesse au roman pastoral hispanique naissant, en acclimatant l''Arcadie virgilienne et sannazarienne. C''est sous l''apparence d''une fusion. Annexe 1. Annexe a.

Annexe b. Annexe 2. Annexe 3. Il l, p. Il II, p. IS m, p. Arcadies malheureuses. Aux origines du roman moderne, Paris, H. Champion, , p. Ronsard, Rousseau. Actes du coll. Cotoni, J. Rieu, et J.

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Ce dernier. Le voyage dura vingt jours [ oo. Fonquerne -A. Egido, Univ. Entre Arthur et Don Quichotte paris, H.

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Champion, Sur ces questions, voir en particulier Martine. Broda : L''amour du nom. XVII, , p. Voir aussi la n. Entre enos habla muchas! VIT, p. Dans une longue note p. Voir Juan Montero, IY.