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In his novelistic treatment of the tales, Pyle thus developed several characters who had been mentioned in only one ballad, such as David of Doncaster or Arthur a Bland. Pyle's book continued the 19th-century trend of portraying Robin Hood as a heroic outlaw who robs the rich to feed the poor; this portrayal contrasts with the Robin Hood of the ballads, where the protagonist is an out-and-out crook, whose crimes are motivated by personal gain rather than politics or a desire to help others.

Pyle has Robin kill only one man, who shoots at him first. Tales are changed in which Robin steals all that an ambushed traveler carried, such as the late 18th-century ballad " Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford ", so that the victim keeps a third and another third is dedicated to the poor. Pyle did not have much concern for historical accuracy, but he renamed the queen-consort in the story " Robin Hood and Queen Katherine " as Eleanor of Aquitaine. This made her compatible historically with King Richard the Lion-Hearted , with whom Robin eventually makes peace.

The novel was first published by Scribner's in , and met with immediate success, [1] ushering in a new era of Robin Hood stories.

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It helped solidify the image of a heroic Robin Hood, which had begun in earlier works such as Walter Scott 's novel Ivanhoe. In Pyle's wake, Robin Hood has become a staunch philanthropist protecting innocents against increasingly aggressive villains. The Merry Adventures also had an effect on subsequent children's literature. It helped move the Robin Hood legend out of the realm of penny dreadfuls and into the realm of respected children's books.

Wyeth , were children's novels after Pyle's fashion.

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Template:AUthority control. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Book by Howard Pyle. Retrieved February 24, Retrieved November 22, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. O'Neill spent several years at sea, and he joined the Marine Transport Workers Union of the Industrial Workers of the World IWW , which was fighting for improved living conditions for the working class utilizing quick "on the job" direct action. The s saw the publication of a number of short stories and novels about life of seamen below deck, some written by adventure seekers from wealthy families, like Melville and O'Neill, and others from the working class, who had gone to sea out of necessity.

Moneyed Malcolm Lowry was "driven to the docks in the family limousine", when he was eighteen to begin a voyage "as deck hand, cabin boy and ultimately a fireman's helper on a tramp steamer". Writing about the men below decks required a different approach. Japanese authors have also explored working-men's life at sea.

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Another aspect of sailors's lives is their experiences of sailortown , that area of public houses, brothels, lodgings, etc. Carsten Jensen 's Vi, de druknede We, the drowned , not only deals with men at sea but also encompasses the lives of boys growing up with dreams of becoming sailors and the experiences of the wives — and widows — of the seamen.

While many maritime novels focus on adventure and heroic deeds, the prime function of ships, other than warfare, is the making of money. The darkest aspect of this, involving both greed and cruelty is seen in the slave trade: "The story of Britain's involvement in the slave trade echoes the profit versus morality debate that is present in so many maritime novels". The novel's central theme is greed, with the subject of slavery being a primary medium for exploring the issue. The story line has a very extensive cast of characters, and the narrative interweaves elements of appalling cruelty and horror with extended comic interludes.

A sequel, The Quality of Mercy , Unsworth's last book, was published in Greed and man's inhumanity to his fellows is also the subject of Fred D'Aguiar 's third novel, Feeding the Ghosts , which was inspired by the true story of the Zong massacre in which slaves were thrown from a slave ship into the Atlantic for insurance purposes.

The importance of "the idea of the gentleman" can also be a theme of novels set on passenger ships, [50] as for example with Anthony Trollope 's novel John Caldigate. Several chapters of this novel deal with the eponymous hero's voyage to Australia. While Trollope claims "that life at sea is unlike life in general" the novel, in fact, presents "an intensified version of ordinary life, with social divisions rigorously enforced" which is underlined by "the physical separation of first- and second-class passengers". While William Golding 's novel Rites of Passage is set on board a warship the ship is also carrying a number of passengers on their way to Australia, who encompass a motley yet representative collection of early 19th century English society.

Class division, or the assumption of a higher status than is warranted, is a running theme of the book. Sometimes, as with Katherine Anne Porter 's Ship of Fools , a ship can be a symbol: "if thought of as isolated in the midst of the ocean, a ship can stand for mankind and human society moving through time and struggling with its destiny. The large cast of characters includes Germans, a Swiss family, Mexicans, Americans, Spaniards, a group of Cuban medical students, and a Swede.

In steerage there are Spanish workers being returned from Cuba. The concept makes up the framework of the 15th century book which served as the inspiration for Hieronymous Bosch 's famous painting, Ship of Fools : a ship—an entire fleet at first—sets off from Basel, bound for the Paradise of Fools. A distinction between nautical fiction and other fiction merely using the sea as a setting or backdrop is an investment in nautical detail. Notable exponents of the sea novel not discussed above. In the twentieth century, sea stories were popular subjects for the pulp magazines.

Adventure [81] and Blue Book [82] often ran sea stories by writers such as J. Allan Dunn and H. Bedford-Jones as part of their selection of fiction. Other works that included sea stories:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Sea Stories disambiguation. Main page: Category:Nautical fiction. Adventure fiction Children's literature Glossary of nautical terms Imaginary voyages List of fictional ships Pirates in popular culture Royal Navy In popular culture Sea in culture Submarine films War novel Women pirates in fiction.

Margaret Cohen, for example, states that "[a]fter a seventy-five year hiatus, the maritime novel was reinvented by James Fenimore Cooper, with the Pilot ". The Novel and the Sea. Princeton: Prineton University Press, , p. For a more expansive list of notable authors and works, see the Wikipedia Category: Category:Nautical historical novelists.

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Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout. London: Verso editions, , p.

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