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In property transactions, if one spouse secures an advantage over the other, there is a presumption of undue influence. If the court finds that there was a promise by the advantaged spouse to restore title to joint ownership in the future, the quitclaim deed or interspousal transfer deed may be set aside.

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The characterization of real property is a complex area of law that requires the application of many different legal principles. If you are in the process of entering into a property transaction with your spouse or have already entered into such a transaction, it is advisable to consult with an experienced family law attorney regarding its impact on characterization in the event of divorce. Please contact us if you are considering a divorce from your spouse, a legal separation, or have questions regarding child custody and visitation.

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Practical legal knowledge for foreigners in Thailand: Marriage in Thailand Couples wanting to formalize their relationship in Thailand must enter into a civil marriage. Real estate ownership by a Thai married to a foreigner Marriage with a foreigner under Thai or foreign law does affect the right of a Thai national to own property in Thailand.

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Prenuptial agreements in Thailand A prenuptial agreement is recognized in section of the Civil and Commercial Code. Divorce in Thailand A divorce in Thailand formal or the legal ending of a marriage.

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Popular Pages Prenup. Downloadable prenuptial contract th-en for a marriage between a foreign and Thai national. Thai marriage laws are primarily codified in the Civil Code. The process of ending a marriage can be found in divorce laws section to Practical advice from real lawyers on most common legal issues for expats in Thailand.

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Samuiforsale provides general Thai legal information and law resources in English over the Internet. The information in samuiforsale should be used as general Thai legal information but should not be treated as a substitute for specific legal advice concerning individual situations. Leave of absence Termination of appointment Oath or affirmation of office Place of sitting Change of venue Exercise of jurisdiction Court divided in opinion Original jurisdiction of Family Court Jurisdiction in associated matters Proceedings not to be instituted in the Family Court if an associated matter is before the Federal Circuit Court Issue of certain writs etc Contempt of court Officers of Court Delegation of powers to Registrars Independence of Registrars Practice and procedure Management of administrative affairs of Court Chief Executive Officer Arrangements with other courts Arrangements with agencies or organisations Chief Executive Officer has functions of family consultants Chief Executive Officer may authorise officer or staff member to act as family counsellor or family dispute resolution practitioner Establishment and appointment of Chief Executive Officer Powers of Chief Executive Officer Remuneration of Chief Executive Officer Outside employment of Chief Executive Officer Disclosure of interests by Chief Executive Officer Acting Chief Executive Officer Personnel other than the Chief Executive Officer Annual report Delegation of administrative powers of Chief Justice Proceedings arising out of administration of Court Protection of persons involved in handling etc.

Protection of Registrars conducting conferences about property matters Jurisdiction in matrimonial causes Instituting proceedings Establishment of State Family Courts Law to be applied Principles to be applied by courts Institution of proceedings Proceedings for divorce order Stay and transfer of proceedings Summary decrees Courts to act in aid of each other Meaning of separation Effect of resumption of cohabitation Nullity of marriage When divorce order takes effect Divorce order where children Certificate as to divorce order Rescission of divorce order where parties reconciled What this Division does Objects of Part and principles underlying it Outline of Part Proceedings to which Subdivision applies How the views of a child are expressed Children not required to express views Informing court of relevant family violence orders Court to consider risk of family violence Application of Part to void marriages Subdivision D—Interpretation—how this Act applies to certain children Certain children are children of marriage etc Children born as a result of artificial conception procedures Children born under surrogacy arrangements Meaning of parental responsibility Parenting orders and parental responsibility Effect of adoption on parental responsibility Application to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander children Reports by family consultants Parents encouraged to reach agreement Meaning of parenting plan and related terms Parenting plans may include child support provisions Obligations of advisers Registered parenting plans Registration of a revocation of a registered parenting plan Child welfare provisions of registered parenting plans Child maintenance provisions of registered parenting plans—where not enforceable as maintenance agreements Meaning of parenting order and related terms Parenting orders subject to later parenting plans Division does not apply to child maintenance orders Who may apply for a parenting order Court to consider child spending equal time or substantial and significant time with each parent in certain circumstances Court to have regard to parenting plans Parenting orders Effect of adoption on parenting order