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Chicken is considered the healthy, white meat and it pairs very well with white wine. Bright, acid driven wines often have no oak aging and are perfect to with salads and foods that have lemon juice or vinegar in them. The natural residual sugar from the grapes make this an ideal aperitif wine. If you're having tapas or a variety of appetizers, consider this wine over ice with a lemon twist. Or, add two parts of tonic water to one part of Vermouth for a refreshing beverage that will make your mouth pucker for more. The Martellotto Chardonnay ages in oak, so it has a richness of flavor that includes toasted oak, vanilla, and even buttery popcorn.

As a result, this wine is a match made in heaven for any foods that are cooked with butter. Roasted fish or a roast chicken with butter are excellent matches for this wine. If your food is heavily buttered, consider using a white wine that has seen some oak aging. The Martellotto Pinot Noir is more feminine and as a result, this is a medium-bodied wine that pairs well with foods that are light to medium in weight.

I personally love this Pinot Noir with baked or sauteed salmon because the weight of the food and fish match so well. Pinot Noir is of course, a traditional pairing with boeuf bourguignon, a slow cooked stew with veggies and beef broth and a roux. Since Pinot Noir is such an elegant wine, please be sure to serve it at the correct cellar temperature of 55 degrees. The bottle should be cool to the touch. The Blancs de Noir is a perfect choice for any celebration. The palate boasts layers of delicious candied pineapple, crystallized ginger, and sweet citrus notes with a fine bead and refreshing acidity.

This is a great pairing with turkey, ham and all of your side dishes. Riesling is one of the most versatile wines on the planet and a no-brainer when you have many layers of complex flavors on your dinner table. The high acidity and low alcohol content offers a nice counterpoint to many dishes. This off-dry wine has layers of jasmine, bright citrus and juicy stone fruit on the nose followed by a hint of spice.

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The palate echoes the flavor profile and adds a burst of vibrant acidity and a touch of residual sugar. This is a versatile selection that will pair beautifully with everything on your Easter table. When in doubt, opt for a rose. Aromatic layers of plum, raspberry, cherry, cedar, cigar box, dusty violet, sweet spice and a touch of sage are inviting to your senses. Look for the name Chinon on the label.

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While an array of bold powerhouse reds work quite with lamb, I really gravitate toward a meaty Syrah. Saxon Brown is a solid Sonoma County producer that makes delicious Syrah. This wine boasts aromas of dried fruit, mocha, sweet spice, forest floor and applewood smoked bacon. It is rich and voluptuous with chewy tannins.

This is phenomenal with bacon wrapped lamb chops. Pairing wine with chocolate sounds like a match made in heaven, but the wrong pairings can leave a bitter taste on your palate. However, the right coupling can create a euphoric experience for your taste buds! A general rule of the thumb when it comes to wine and dessert pairings is to select a sweeter wine than the dessert.

While this is a good start for creating exquisite wine and chocolate pairings, there is plenty of gray area and personal preference also comes into play. Tannic chocolate and tannic wine compete for the same palate space leaving behind a somewhat chalky, unsavory taste on your mid-palate. If you love a drier red wine, choose fruit infused dark chocolate and a fruit forward red wine with integrated tannins like a Zinfandel. The fruit filling will bring out the fruit notes in the wine.

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Here are a few wine and chocolate pairing ideas that will please even the pickiest palates. For a fun get together, host a wine and chocolate night at your house with some of these classic pairings. Champagne — For an ultimate pairing, think white chocolate covered strawberries, white chocolate caramel apples or white chocolate shortbread. The fresh baked brioche characteristics in the bubbly provide a perfect complement to the shortbread and the high acidity is the perfect counterpoint to the creamy white chocolate.

Looking for a budget friendly sparkler, grab a Vouvray Demi-Sec or Prosecco. Zinfandel — A youthful fruit forward Zinfandel can provide an interesting pairing with fruit infused milk chocolate and milk chocolate covered bacon. A tawny port with notes of caramel and fig paired with milk chocolate covered graham crackers will create a taste sensation similar to a Twix bar. Beer may be the beverage of choice for the big game, but wine can add another dimension to all of those culinary treats.

To create some exciting Super Bowl pairings, keep things simple and budget friendly by sticking to three options. A dry sparkling, an off-dry white and a fruit forward full-bodied red will provide the perfect pairings for many common Super Bowl snacks. One of my all time favorite pairings with fried food is sparkling wine.

The bright acidity and bubbles provide the perfect foil for salty treats. An off-dry white like a Riesling will cover the spectrum of seafood and spicy dishes and a hearty fruit forward red wine like a Zinfandel will work magic when paired with meaty, savory dishes. Salads can really pose a challenge when it comes to wine pairings. There are many components to consider when selecting the perfect wine for that bed of greens. For example, spicy greens like arugula and bitter greens like radicchio can create havoc with the flavor profile of a wine.

This style will complement almost any salad. You want a wine with good acidity to mirror the acidity of the salad dressing. If you really enjoy an oaky Chardonnay, make sure to pair it with a neutral green like green leaf or romaine and top the salad with a dense, rich protein like lobster, crab cakes or roast chicken. Sauvignon Blanc — This is a popular grape that grows well across the world.

The typical flavor profile of this varietal includes notes of bright citrus, tropical fruit, gooseberry, fresh cut grass and asparagus. If you are searching for a wine with more citrus aromas look to New Zealand. This is a great selection for salads topped with goat cheese or shellfish. Riesling — An off-dry Riesling is one of the most food-friendly wines on the planet.

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This works particularly well with a southwest salad, spicy thai salad, seaweed salad, crab salad and bitter greens. A touch of sweetness is a nice counterpoint to endive and radicchio.

100 Perfect Pairings Small Plates to Serve with Wines You Love

These wines tend to be simple and straightforward with notes of lemon and pear and refreshing acidity. Pair this with a greek salad with feta and lemon vinaigrette. With every new year comes a resolve to get a little healthier for many of us. Whether you vow to lose a few pounds or simply lower your cholesterol, wine can play a role in your healthy lifestyle. A 5 ounce pour of dry white wine has roughly calories and 4 grams of carbs. The same pour of dry red wine has calories and 6 carbs. Keep in mind when it comes to creating the perfect pairing, sauces and seasoning play a critical role.

Salmon is a delicious fatty fish that requires a wine with substantial acidity to cut through the oiliness of the fish. This is the perfect companion for seared salmon salad or a mediterranean preparation with feta and capers. Soave — This is a great alternative to Pinot Grigio. Soave is an appellation within the Veneto area of Italy. This wine is made primarily from the Garganega grape.

100 Perfect Pairings: Main Dishes to Enjoy with Wines You Love

The mouthwatering acidity make it a great pairing with salmon. Pair this smoked salmon or a lemon caper preparation. I particularly love this pairing with a salmon salad over a bed of arugula with strawberries and goat cheese. This wine acts like a little windshield wiper cleansing your palate in between bites. Cabernet Franc — This blending grape of Bordeaux is experiencing great promise in America. When picked at the peak of perfection you will experience an earthy wine with bountiful aromas of juicy red raspberry, violet and sage.

This is a perfect pairing with seared salmon with a Herbs de Provence crust and lentils. One of my favorite things about sparkling wine is how versatile it is with a wide range of foods which makes it the ultimate wine to have on hand for your next gathering. I love to add a little bit of class to bar food. NOOK Book. A simple guide to matching main courses with easy-to-find wines Perfect Pairings: Main Dishes to Enjoy with Wines You Love helps you prepare main dishes that will perfectly complement the wines of your choice.

Organized into 12 chapters six for white, six for red and illustrated with 40 lush color photos, Perfect Pairings makes it easy to match a variety of main dishes with your favorite wines. Airways' Attache, among other publications.


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