Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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She scoured the land and found the incredible Teatro Alberti , a treasure hidden in the historical center of Desenzano. Antony and Rose immediately fell in love with this theatre, which was formerly a catholic church. They choose the location for both their evangelical ceremony and reception. A second real challenge was to dress the wedding party accordingly.

When Rose and Antony saw her designs, it was love a first sight. With flowers throughout, the train was in shades of azure, the incredible collar was adorned with geometric rhinestones. The weather of this most important day was a true blessing: a sunny day arrived between two stormy nights.

Wedding Producer Caterina Lostia. Venue Teatro Alberti, Desenzano del Garda. Tuxedos May Faber.


Cake Designer Rachele Passavanti. Graphic Designer Edoardo Perinelli. Previous Next. The bride and groom are both former drug addicts. There are several problems to be fixed, since the hotel and the lighthouse - where the groom wants to spend their first wedding night - are both in bad shape. But Ivan and Chiara are determined to make it happen, despite all of the difficulties involved. New World Pictures. He directed films such as La Dolce Vita and Nights of Cabiria , which have been hailed as some of the greatest of all time. In , he was awarded an honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement.

Set in s Fascist Italy, Titta watches the actions of everyone from his family to the Fascist loyalists to sensual women, with certain moments shifting into fantastical scenarios. Un classico del cinema italiano, vincitore del premio Oscar, Amarcord narra la storia di Titta, un ragazzo di paese che si caccia nei guai insieme agli amici e osserva il comportamento dei personaggi strani che lo circondano.

His work is based on social, historical and anthropological Cinema with particular focus on international genre cinema. His screenings are events shown Worldwide - mostly in Europe and Usa - with historical lectures. Pierette, who survived the catastrophic Andrea Doria-Stockholm collision as a 9-year-old immigrating to America with her grandparents, has uncovered a cold case that vindicates Captain Piero Calamai of the Italian luxury liner.

She returns to her beloved village of Pranzalito, near Torino, to expose the shocking truth surrounding the collision in time for the 60th anniversary of the tragedy. Pierette ritorna al paese di Pranzalito, in provincia di Torino, per raccontare la scioccante scoperta in vista del sessantesimo anniversario del naufragio. He is considered to be one of the directors who brought critical acclaim back to Italian cinema. This Oscar Winning films follows a boy by name of Salvatore Di Vita as he discovers the perfect escape from his in life in a war-torn Sicilian village - the Cinema Paradiso movie house.

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As he grows up, he still has a deep love of film but refuses to leave his small town. Now working as the projectionist in the cinema, his girlfriend must work to convince him to leave the town and pursue his passion for filmmaking. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso racconta la storia di un bambino, Salvatore, in un paese siciliano durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Anni dopo, lavorando come proiezionista lui stesso, Salvatore viene invitato dalla fidanzata ad abbandonare il villaggio e farsi ispirare dalla propria passione per il cinema.

Famous for its music, museums, and thriving arts scene, this Southern Italian city is also the birthplace of pizza and espresso as we know it, making it the perfect place for David to embark on a culinary adventure. He uncovers hidden gems in the city and explores the surrounding scenic islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida and the beautiful Sorrento peninsula.

Through David, we get to know the proud and passionate Neapolitans and experience the real Naples: gritty, colourful, vibrant and full of life. Famosa per la sua musica, i musei e la vita artistica, Napoli rappresenta una meta speciale per Rocco, che ne scopre le eccellenze gastronomiche in un viaggio davvero speciale.

At a youth detention centre Daphne, arrested for theft, falls in love with Josh, who is also a young robber. Men and women cannot meet in jail and love is forbidden. The prison is not only a deprivation of freedom but a deprivation of love. Carcere minorile. Daphne, detenuta per rapina, si innamora di Josh, anche lui giovane rapinatore. She started her career working on documentaries, and won the Solinas Prize, the best documentary prize at the Torino Film Festival and a David di Donatello nomination.

The most potent solar storm recorded hits Earth, causing power surges and blackouts. What was supposed to be a fleeting one night meeting, will soon turn into an unexpected coexistence full of surprises. He is currently the principal of And Others, a community development and production company. His most current project is working with refugees in Greece using participatory video practices to tell their stories. This Oscar award winning film shows three stories of love in different parts of Italy. In Naples, a poor woman named Adelina supports her husband by selling cigarettes on the black market and avoids incarceration by continuously getting pregnant.

In Milan, Anna, a wealthy woman, is having an affair with Renzo and must decide if she wants to remain loyal to her rich husband or leave him for poor Renzo. A Napoli una povera donna, Adelina, mantiene il marito vendendo sigarette. A Milano, la ricca Anna tradisce il marito. A Roma, una prostituta, Mara, chiede aiuto ad un cliente per rigettare un ragazzino innamorato. A fascinating story about a group of Italian Roman Catholics in a small village, who underwent a mass conversion to Judaism in Fascist Italy.

And who over a period of twenty years of observing Jewish practices, left Italy and emigrated to the new state of Israel in This is an incredible occasion to bring together and create meaningful friendships between Jewish and Italian communities. The sumptuous cocktail hour before the show provide guests with an opportunity to enjoy refreshments and mingle.

Best of all, Red Carpet help to open up a world of possibilities by supporting Baycrest. The short Fashion Films are a cinematic representation of those creations.

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He returned to Milan in and worked on his first feature film in 16mm, Paesaggio con figure. In he established the production society Monogatari and the following year he started working on documentaries too. In he made Pane e tulipani, a very successful movie sold around the world. Alberto Casiraghy and Josef Weiss are true bibliophile artists. One in Osnago, the other in Mendrisio, they have been dedicating themselves for years to valuable editorial and typographic activities, still printing with mobile characters, preserving the memory of a perfect ingenuity made of manual skills and technique, but also of inventiveness and poetry.

Silvio Soldini gives us a realistic and poetic portrait of these two artists-artisans, who chose one of the oldest professions in a modern world, finding great success and approval. Proprio come Johannes Gutenberg. In he graduated from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome.

Paolo is a skeptical year-old who works as a sales clerk in a Turin department store. Mia is a back-up singer in a band who is practically homeless.

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One night, by chance, he meets Mia and she turns his life upside down. Driven by the desire to see her home, Paolo begins a journey that will bring them both across Italy and will help them discover their irrepressible desire to live. There is a Light is a dramatic comedy that explores an intimate point of view; a road through our country in search of a future. Paolo ha 30 anni e conduce una vita solitaria, quasi a volersi nascondere dal mondo.

Una notte, per puro caso, incontra Mia, una prorompente e problematica coetanea al sesto mese di gravidanza, che mette la sua vita sottosopra. Louvet has worked at Arte TV channel for 10 years. Italy, , surrounded by convinced and devoted friends, Francis of Assisi seeks purity and innocence among the poor. Francis is summoned by the Church to rewrite the founding text of their brotherhood, which will become the Order of the Minor Friars. His first feature film was Mozzarella Stories. In he made Indivisibili which was awarded the Pasinetti prize for best movie at the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia.

Daisy and Viola are conjoined twin sisters on the verge of turning 18, and living in the suburbs of Naples. The twins have been blessed with beautiful voices, allowing them to perform at weddings, communions and baptisms while making enough money to support both themselves and their entire family. Daisy and Viola are kept isolated from the rest of the world by their own father, who wants to exploit them for income.

Le cose vanno bene fino a quando non scoprono di potersi dividere. New York Arturo, a Sicilian emigrant, is in love with Flora who is already engaged to the son of a well known New York boss. Despite this, she loves Arturo and they would like to get married. Arturo starts a journey to the Italian island and will take part in an event which will change the history of Sicily, Italy and the Mafia.

Anno Per poterla sposare, il nostro protagonista deve ottenere il consenso del padre della sua amata che vive in un paesino siciliano. At age 19 he became the youngest person to graduate from the Los Angeles Film School. His extensive career has earned him numerous awards from renowned festivals and international awards competitions. He recently completed directing and producing the original feature film In Search of Fellini and is in development on several other short films, features films and commercial projects.

Lucy has never kissed a boy, never had a job, and never really had any friends. Lucy leaps into adulthood, riding her Vespa to Cleveland for an ill-fated job interview. In a burst of courage, she leaves her small-town home to find the filmmaker and unlock his mysterious enigma and her own. Lucy non ha mai baciato un ragazzo, mai avuto un lavoro e nemmeno un vero amico. Lucy decide di andare a Cleveland per un colloquio di lavoro. Expert in opera, she is specialized in communications, performance, and media relations.

She is an opera singer, a published writer and an active lecturer. The evolution of the group, and the enduring friendships that the women have formed over decades, can be traced back to the vision their founder Jackie Rosati. In his directorial debut, he displayed his exceptional skills in directing actors and dealing with dramatic themes with an ironic and light tone. Donatella is a young quiet tattooed woman, locked in her own mystery. They are both patients of a mental institution and subject to custodial measures.

In he debuted on stage directing La foresta-radice-labirinto. Finance ministers from the richest countries in the world have gathered together in a secluded luxury hotel in Germany for a meeting that may decide the future of the world. Following a tragic event, the meeting is suspended, and a battle between the Ministers and the monk ensues, as they believe Salus was given top-secret information during a confession.

While Salus remains the stubborn defender of the secrecy of confessions, the authorities are overwhelmed by doubt and uncertainty. Mentre Salus custodisce con fermezza quanto appreso in confessione, gli uomini di potere vengono assaliti da dubbi e incertezze. In they made their film debut with Chiedimi se sono felice. In the small Sicilian village of Pietrammare, the moment has arrived to elect a new mayor.

His opposition comes in the form of 50 year old Professor Pierpaolo Natoli, with no political experience, an honest man just wanting to give his 18 year old daughter, Betti, an alternative for her first time voting. Pierpaolo will try to win against all odds, and with the help of Salvo and Valentino championing his cause.

I nostri due eroi Salvo e Valentino sono schierati su fronti opposti. He is best known for his work in horror, particularly the sub genre giallo and for his influence on modern horror movies. While visiting an art gallery in Rome with his girlfriend, an American writer named Sam witness an unsuccessful murder attempt by a mysterious figure. Sam then becomes a key witness in an ongoing police investigation for a serial killer since the police suspect that that was who Sam saw in the gallery.

Sam begins to search for clues that may help him identify the killer only to discover that he may be the next intended victim. Sam va alla ricerca di indizi per scoprire il colpevole, quando si rende conto di essere lui il bersaglio del prossimo delitto. After assisting Nanni Moretti, Florestano Vancini and Daniele Luchetti, in he made his feature film debut with the comedy-drama Auguri professore. In he made his television debut, directing the mini series Il sequestro Soffiantini. After being married for fifteen years, Valeria and Nicola decide to amicably divorce.

They are no longer in love. Valeria is ready to give up this chance, but when she finds out Nicola is having an affair with a beautiful young nurse, she accepts the new job. Dopo quindici anni di matrimonio, Valeria e Nicola decidono di divorziare in maniera civile. He was an Italian director and actor, a leading figure in the neorealist movement and overall considered one of the most important cinema figures of all times.

It tells the World War II era story of a cynical, successful businessman named Domenico, who - after meeting a naive country girl, Filumena Marturano - one night in a Neapolitan brothel - keeps frequenting her for years in an on-off relationship, as she continues working as a prostitute. He eventually takes her into his house as a semi-official mistress under the pretense that she take care of his ailing, senile mother.

He spent his childhood in Austria and France. He graduated from IDHEC and is known for his documentaries and recordings of Opera for which he has always used a very cinematic style. Jonas presents his personal tribute to a culture where the influence and beauty of Opera goes beyond the walls of the theatre. Noelle Elia is a multimedia artist who tells the story of Franco Grosso and Mariano Elia, two immigrants who left southern Italy for a new life in Canada. Ci racconta la storia di Franco Grosso e Mariano Elia, due immigrati italiani giunti in Canada alla ricerca di un futuro migliore.

Questi due uomini non si incontrano, ma la nostra protagonista li accomuna, nipote di Mariano e amica di Franco. On a small Mediterranean island called Porto Buio, a real life nativity scene is a traditional Christmas event. A hilarious comedy about Italy today, focusing on a universal religion: happiness. Una piccola isola del Mediterraneo e un presepe vivente da realizzare come ogni anno per celebrare il Natale.

He is an Italian film screenwriter, actor and director and he is the brother of writer Sandro Veronesi. Every year five hundred thousand young people leave Italy and flee overseas. Among the new emigrants there are a lot of ordinary young people seeking their fortune. Sandro and Luciano are two of them. To start up a new business in Italy is a hopeless dream for young people.

But they will meet a beautiful, strong, sentimental Italian woman, Nora, who is going to change their lives. He moved to Rome when he was a young student at University, and it was there that he took his first steps into the entertainment world. He is an actor, musician, singer, and writer.

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  7. From the beginning there is tension between the two, but an unexpected event forces them to work together. The destiny and lives of these two completely different men will intertwine at Montevideo, uniting them by the desire they both share to change their paths in life. A Montevideo si intrecceranno i destini e le vite di due uomini diversi ma accomunati dallo stesso desiderio di rinascita.

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    In he presented his movie Orecchie at the Mostra del Cinema in Venice. A man wakes up one morning with an annoying ringing sound in his ears. The problem is that he does not even remember who this guy Luigi is. This is just the beginning of a tragicomic day during which he will be plunged into the folly of the world, one of those days that changes your life forever.

    Ears is a comedy about the overwhelming feeling of loss, of disconnection from reality that sometimes surrounds us. Un uomo si sveglia una mattina con un fastidioso fischio alle orecchie.

    His first movie was I Primi della Lista. Piuma is the story of Ferro and Cate, two teenagers faced with an unexpected pregnancy that turns their world upside down. Hesitant and tentative, the two main characters must navigate through the most complicated 9 months of their lives.

    They still have to study for their final exam, plan their summer trip to Spain and Morocco and focus on the longest summer of their lives which requires thinking about where they will live together and their dreams at They are not the only two people whose lives will be completely changed by this pregnancy, as their parents will have a grandson 15 years ahead of when they had anticipated.

    A non essere pronti non sono solo Ferro e Cate ma anche i loro genitori. His movie Notte prima degli esami was very popular, grossing over 15 million Euro. He also directed the sequel Notte prima degli esami—Oggi in In he won the Mario Monicelli prize. The Tuccis are a poor family living in a small village in Lazio who win the lottery; million Euros. Their only solution is to escape before they are approached by all of their so-called friends and acquaintances. In the middle of the night they pack and leave for Milan, the city Mrs. Tucci had always dreamed about before getting married.

    I Tucci sono una famiglia povera di un piccolo paese del Lazio. Un giorno accade qualcosa di completamente inaspettato: i Tucci vincono cento milioni di euro. Nel bel mezzo della notte fanno le valigie e partono. Her father was the Italian director Luigi Comencini and with him she began her career as a screenwriter, co-writing Il matrimonio di Caterina , Buon Natale Buon anno , and Quattro storie di donne Lucia and Maria have known each other forever. Lucia is a very rational and pragmatic person and has given up on men following her divorce. Lucia ha chiuso col genere maschile, Maria invece non riesce a farne a meno.

    Una sera nel suo letto capita finalmente! Bello, sensibile, appassionato, maturo. In his directorial debut was Se Dio vuole, a comedy about a father who finds out his son has received a religious calling.

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    8. Two years after he made Questione di Karma. Giacomo is the heir to an industrial dynasty, but is more interested in his passions than managing the company.