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We position as Director of the Marketing have seen Rachel on the treadmill, Department with a technology sitting in her bathtub, even in labor. The problem was Rachel In the interview with Hawk, Rachel is an entrepreneur at heart through talks about how one of her ads and through. So contractions and all and, how that with only having one client: Mrs. She had to life is so refreshing, and it stands out, take her profile from hair stylist to and an ad that demonstrates real Online Marketer and Social Media life makes people want to engage Manager.

She optimized her profile and click just out of admiration around her skill sets so business and respect. She are the cement that can mend any started networking on a huge disconnect between your funnel scale, reaching out to members and your customer. She then sent cold connection and Educate! Rachel generated over people are doing it wrong! Her client went from a Media United an excellent platform couple of hundred followers to for her to reach that more significant fourteen thousand followers without mark on an extremely high level with having to pay for likes, and this many people who are in the same client also had a 1.

The difference between staying in the side hustle mania and building a thriving, successful business with accolades is to keep making steps in a forward direction, Rachel says she makes lists and takes action to complete those tasks. The Secret! In the. Rachel shares her secret sauce of being customer focused.

Social Media To Pursue Your Dreams Rachel overcame struggles and continues to inspire thousands of people daily in her social media groups, her students, and clients. Her videos and social media posts encourage them to overcome their struggles as well. As more and more individuals see her ads, hear her on a podcast, look at her videos, and hear accounts of her interactions with her clients and get to know her backstory her reach will advance to billions.

I am so excited because. She has helped five people make a million dollars with social media and Facebook ad marketing. She has done it all while having a husband and kids to manage. She is also training people to do this for themselves. Which is really cool! Thank you for being on and sharing your brilliance and wisdom with everyone!

Rachel Pedersen: Thank you so much, Hawk! This is truly an honor. Hawk Mikado: Thank you, Can you share a little bit about how you got started? What inspired you to join Internet Marketing? Rachel Pedersen: Absolutely! I accidentally became a social media manager actually when I was working as a hairstylist full time. And that was the start of my online marketing journey. So I started reaching out to look for people who were doing what I was doing.

And found a couple of people. They were teaching it but, not still doing it. As I built my clientele, other people started to reach out to me asking for help and support. I decided to do both. I was going to run an agency of my own and teach people. It was kind of interesting. It naturally became a pretty successful business.

So far you helped five people to become millionaires, and one of them is becoming a multi-millionaire. Can you share a little about what is the secret sauce behind helping people create not only viral content? But making it actually produce and generate an income for them? Rachel Pedersen: I love this question! Everyone always thinks that making a million dollars or going viral is about them.

Their company, their product, their brand! And the crazy thing is, that the moment you reverse the whole process and, make it completely about your fans, your followers, your customers. Now I know that sounds really cheesy by itself. I remember when we were starting, and we were helping our customers, and they were like how do we get our brand and I want it to look like this!

And they said because I like it. And I was like Are you the. And the Answer is NO! So focusing on your customer that goes the same for your funnels and, all of your products. I love that! You built two businesses, you built them while you were pregnant. You have two kids now? Rachel Pedersen: I have three kids now! Hawk Mikado: Three kids Awesome. We just had our first. I was completely incognito. You spoke at Funnel Hacking Live. You spoke while being pregnant. You built this incredible business while being pregnant.

Can you share a little about the experience of building a business while having a baby and not taking maternity leave?

Loy Machedo's Book Review - Incognito by David Eagleman

Hawk, you experienced this yourself! I was pregnant, I knew that I only had nine months to get everything figured out before the next era. Everything was going to change drastically. Now as I was building, I decided I was going to be very, very intentional and recognize that this was basically a nine-month sprint. I had to get as much work as humanly possible in.

And build sustainable systems. And that sounds like a Buzzword. When I discovered how powerful, sustainable systems are. I realized I will be able to have time with my baby and recover from labor, delivery and all those things that go along with having a new baby. As I built up my team, we built exhaustive systems. Everything from handling customers, clients, chain of command, bringing in my husband in as my director to handle all the pressure when I knew I was going into a season where I will not be able to.

He was kind of like a reset. Like someone hit a reset on my life and. But that was the only reason my businesses kept going without a hiccup as soon as I had Dominic. So we started building up more and more systems. And I became kind of obsessed with them. As soon as I created an action step or a new product or a new offering I quickly built up a system so we can plug someone in to handle that. And I have to say that having a rock-solid team is an essential part of building a thriving business especially if you plan to have kids.

Hawk Mikado: I can completely attest to that! A quick story, I guess both our kids are the same age. Because my daughter is almost three months now. And as soon as she was born. And I became back to work. We need these systems. We need to automate even more than we already have automated. I already had a business that ran for. That was awesome! Then I was like we have to scale this.

I figured out how much money children cost. Out of Curiosity How much of your business have you automated? So you can make sure everything runs smoothly?

Owning Rachel

Rachel Pedersen: on a day to day basis I can be completely uninvolved in the business which is crazy. Right before I had Dominic, we finished automating everything. We either automated or augmented the process with my team with systems. Now I can jump in at any point and take over as much as I want.

Sometimes I like to do that. I really like to jump in and handle a new strategy or set up my own Facebook ads. I enjoy those things. I find them really fun, and they bring me to life. When I completely automated it. I was like wait I want back in I want to do a little more. Now I can choose how much I want to do literally on demand. And If I were to go on Vacation next week nothing would be interrupted on the workflow from my week to week.

Hawk Mikado: That is awesome. That is brilliant. You have done it for the consulting side! Have you also done it as well as for your social media training side where people come in, and they learn and go through the process? Rachel Pedersen: The training side was actually the side that was more automated and put together with the systems. That side was easier for me to figure out. Every person on my team was a raving fan. And they came in and just brought the community to life. While I was enjoying my new baby.

But the consulting and agency side that was where it was a little bit trickier. When it comes to social media and Facebook ads. As much as I wanted to pull away, I had to make sure there were 8 players in place. And literally, the week before I had my third child.

I realized my team was ready. That was an amazing feeling. If that had not happened I would still be sledging away every single day every minute of the day working on ads and social media but the reality is my team is as good as I am if not better. I come in I come up with the strategy I hand it over to them. I have this belief that relationship fills in the cracks. I am not a funnel builder like you are.

Was the relationship funnel. That carries people from step to step product to product and for business to business. Hawk Mikado: That is absolutely true!

See a Problem?

Even as a professional Funnel builder it took us 6 or 7 funnels to get Funnel magazine the funnel converted and were profitable by day one. The current Funnel is profitable by 1pm almost every single day right now. Whereas before the very first funnel we launched it took two months. We invested two hundred dollars, and it took another two months to regain the difference of that. Hawk Mikado: Awesome!

You talked a little about creating these obsessed fans, these hyper fans, that really get engaged they are connecting they are building relationships with other people in Rachel Pedersen: Absolutely to be the community. How do you create totally honest one of the craziest things March of this year I accepted engaged hyper fans? Engaged hyper fans familiar I made a million dollars in come from authenticity. One of the my business.

And I am pretty new things I did very early on my social at Entrepreneurship I have been media training. I let people see me. By profitable even close. That hustle involved in the community, engaging with was insane it was exhausting. I just every single comment for at least a decided I am going to be successful. Those couple of years were a lot of legwork and a ton of relationships.

Hawk Mikado: You recently spoke at funnel hacking live sharing some of your brilliance! You were also featured as an ad you were holding expert secrets while you were in labor. Can you share the components of that? How has this helped your brand? How has it helped the Clickfunnels Brand? Rachel Pedersen: absolutely!

Labor is as about as real as it gets. And Yes I was really was reading that book as I was going through contractions. Something that is such a pattern interrupt. I think this is the might quite possibly be part of the reason why I been so successful in social media for myself and for my clients. Something about real life is so refreshing, and it stands out, and an ad that demonstrates real life makes people want to engage and click just out of admiration and respect. I know Clickfunnels has shared with me that every time they ran my ads for example for Funnel Hacking Live My ads performed the best so I knew that If I gave them those images, I knew those would perform well for clickfunnels.

And for myself, the same experience has been similar. I like to show people the lows. I know that sounds weird. Before And After is so powerful. One of the things you cheer is the three tiers of organic social media and adding in Ads. Can you share a little a bit of that? Rachel Pedersen: Absolutely I am a Hawk Mikado: That is awesome I huge fan of the number three when actually just find a tax return I made it comes to advertising and social 12, dollars in Two different things I like to do. Which is engage, entertain and educate.

They are incredibly powerful. Ask them questions as crazy as that sounds. Ask them questions that make them want to respond because you actually care! Now I have seen brands do this right and do this wrong I have seen a lot of people that say which Of our products are your favorite? That is not an engaging question that is a You, You, You. Ask them questions ask them what do you first thing in the morning?

How do you get yourself pumped up? The next E is Entertain. Have Fun with Social Media. I see it missing so much. People take it so seriously they get so into sales mode. The third E, of course, is Educate. Now what I like to do is combine organic social media with the power of paid traffic.

This case Facebook advertising. Once I create an organic post, I actually turn them into ads. SO we can turn people into raving followers they are being engaged, entertained and educated and now we are able to remarket to them in the future. So the three tiers come down to 3 tiers the first tier to get people into your sphere. The goal is to have that touch point I recognize that brand I have seen them on my feed before. So your goal is to get them into your sphere. You talked about using organic post and turning them into ads.

Are you referring to boosting the post? Or are you doing something different to turn them into Ads? Rachel Pedersen: While I personally am not someone who preaches against Boosting. We boost it first, and then we take that boost to go into ad manager and change everything Rachel Pedersen: Exactly what I do I am a huge fan of a quick initial boost because I always have seen that it gets the ball rolling every single time. Hawk Mikado: Absolutely!

Am I sure you teach all about that in your social media training? Rachel Pedersen: I teach all about that and so much more Hawk Mikado: Of course Rachel Pedersen: We go into everything about organic and paid traffic and how the two can come together and create massive fan pages, Hawk Mikado: Awesome how does a fan page actually function?

Obviously, Facebook is your front end If we are talking about Funnels Facebook is the front end. Can you share the importance in the strategy around of having an effective page that actually converts and brings. Rachel Pedersen: Absolutely we have paid traffic, and we have funnels, and the relationship between the two is really important. You really need to have both to Perform. I personally believe that the relationship is the same between organic social media and paid traffic. Have you ever done that Hawk? I totally do, all of the time! Hawk Mikado: I had seen one from Dan Henry yesterday, and it was a picture of him with his baby, I guess all social media geniuses do.

I went to his profile, and you can see the same thing. There was this speaker it was ad to come to his event San Diego, and it was two vastly different profiles. So you should probably target me if you wanted to be in the magazine. Absolutely if you see a personal profile especially, and. Just like what you experienced and shared. Especially in this game of online marketing. And building brands online the last thing you want is to have your potential customers sense the lack of congruency now people say well how I build the congruence into my profile and into my page.

The best way to do it is to make sure your running ads that are in congruence with who you are. Your values are the same from profile to page to ads. Rachel Pedersen: I am so happy I am talking from experience on this one. I definitely had typos mistakes things that are not quite right in my ads in the past.

Now I have clients on the other side of the spectrum. Where if there were a typo in their ads it would be detrimental to their brand. For example, some of my white collared clients who teach things have to do with professional services. That would not be good for their brand; I would simply make the change. I actually had this happen recently. Where I have an ad that says closing soon.

So it. Once I turn the ads back on, as long as the ads are turned on you can get on it. I think you need to have that sense of urgency and scarcity. You have to try your best to make sure everything is a true representation of where your brand is actually at. Hawk Mikado: absolutely awesome Cool There are so many ninja secrets that you as the Social Media genius are well more in tuned to then me as a funnel genius. Rachel Pedersen: I love this question So one of my favorites tricks that we used.

And that was my top performing ad hands down that was one of my favorites hacks for getting an ad with just amazing social proof. And I would never delete if someone said they had a bad experience. I would reply to it and try to make the best scenario for it. Socially Manufacturing your social proof is massively powerful. Anything this is huge is the funny motto I have I. And I believe that if everyone knows my name and my face, My brand will always be successful So I make an extra effort to be on podcast interviews, video interviews, interviews anything I can do engage in different groups, support other people.

Comment on other peoples status. Because I know The more people see my face, the more they are going associated with the brand I run. My husband and I actually own a window washing company that he works on with his dad. Rachel Pedersen: Absolutely Hawk Mikado: Awesome do you my client that is closing out on have other brands other than your her second million.

I had that was not necessarily the goal an e-commerce website. And it was the goal was to run a great ad and my first experience in E-commerce. And see what Brand new I did everything wrong happens, and I was so intimidated except for the Facebook ads. I by this client she was a very strong turned my Facebook ads, and we personality I always thought she was were making dollar acquisitions. But the reality is she speaks very was doing a thousand day in sales.

So as soon herself with so much strength that the products went out we started a lot of people either love her or getting refunds massively the hate her. So I realize early on that products were not what we thought what if we could get her in front of it would be. I heard so many great more people tier one people who things about dropshipping.

She bit. We had sales coming in. I know can be massively successful. So What I did my confidence in E-commerce is we actually set up a lot of mini came. To phenomenal launch so we then be honest. The most recent launch we got to reach her first , dollars month as this happened I was like Oh My Gosh her audience we built engaged a crazy raving audience that loves her so now we need to offer more things they want it they are begging for it, they are buying everything she puts out there. Just today I spoke to her, and it is halfway through the month.

Hawk Mikado: That is so cool. I love it. We are taught in school to be liked by everyone. And how do you average that polarity? Rachel Pedersen: I love that question! So one common misconception about polarity is that it has to be controversial. So what I recommend tap into who you are with your best friends and allow then allow the world to see that version of you. And you will naturally be polarizing. So they decided to babysit my baby and my dog. And they were doing such a great job, and they were other kids here too my niece and my nephew and my kids.

Owning Rachel (Incognito, #2) by Madison Layle

And they discovered our dog had torn apart a blowout diaper and it was everywhere all over the cabinets, all over the walls, the dog dragged it through all around the dining room, so it was all over the carpet it may have been a couple of diapers the carpet was covered in poo everything was covered in the poop. And at that moment this is where we draw the line.

Hawk Mikado: I love that perspective. I like the difference! Can you tell me a bathroom joke? Where the gold is being found along the way. Look how rewarding that journey was, what better people we are now. So my best advice, as cheesy as it sounds, we have seen it on posters. Hawk Mikado: Thank you. That is powerful and beautiful, and I appreciate you for sharing. You have shared some incredible insights and wisdom you shared your three tiers and all of the different components to really connect with your audience to build your relationships, utilizing relationships in your funnel that is right there alongside with enjoying the journey.

If you take those things and implement them into your business today, you will see massive success. Thank you guys all for joining us if you are watching the video or reading the article. Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your brilliance with the world! We are coming up at the end of the time here One thing that I love to have our guests to leave our audience with if they learn nothing from up to this point in the interview and you Rachel Pedersen: For Real?

What would that one stories though thing be that they could implement today in their life that they could Hawk Mikado: cool sounds good improve their life, business, increase Rachel Pedersen: Okay there are all their health, wealth and happiness? So for. Obviously, I built successful. When it comes to any funnel marketing, knowing your High-level overview numbers is very important.

From a very high level, when you look at the paid However, when it comes to paid funnels using online acquisition funnels, there are two main metrics that you advertising to generate traffic metrics and knowing continuously need to be aware of: your numbers is of critical importance. How well your funnel is performing. Decrease cost to get each visitor can you increase the volume of traffic to your funnel.

Increase the quality of those visitors. Revenue per visitor metric is all about your funnel.

This could vary depending on your price points and This is the holistic overview of the funnel performance, payment plans. If you only have one payment option, but you will need to break it down into components to you will be generating steady AOV, but probably going to be leaving money on the table. FAQ about metrics and numbers in funnels When to start thinking about the numbers? This is the number of people that become leads or webinar registrants.

They have qualified themselves as interested in your offer. Your landing page and type of traffic is what is going to make your registration rate. However, if you improve 2 or 3 of those metrics, you will exponentially improve your ROI. Show up rate - the percentage of registrants who Registration rate actually show up on the webinar. Automated webinars have a much higher attendance rate.

This is the number that is telling you the effectiveness of your webinar presentation. How engaging is it, how much hype does it create, does it make a really. Can you add more content between the registration point and the webinar?

Picture Us In the Light by Kelly Loy Gilbert

Use this video to create a deeper relationship with your prospects. How many cart abandoners?

Do you have trust certificates and badges? Do you have testimonials? Are those testimonials addressing common sales objections? Leaders not only need to use powerful and effective thinking, they need to be aware of opportunities that become available in their situation.

May Author Spotlight

Previously, we established one word definitions for strategy choice , candidate moves possibilities , strategic thinking analysis , and tactics opportunities. This issue continues the series of skills successful leaders need and that is their ability to see, evaluate and take advantage of opportunities called tactics.

They had to abandon the practice once it was uncovered by the government. Tactical Opportunities Can Make or Break a Business Tactical opportunities occur at various levels in the competitive business world. In B2C situations, businesses take advantage of their customers. They may issue a coupon for a rebate and then make it difficult to redeem the coupon.

One company may raid another The bank is now issuing refunds after getting caught. Tech In C2B situations, customers turn the tables and take companies made a voluntary advantage of a business. Now a subsequent backlash has the aware of the situation, the boss was fired as well. In B2E situations businesses take advantage of their employees through reorganizations and layoffs. Companies go into bankruptcy to avoid having to pay extensive pension costs for their employees yet after they reorganize they continue to operate as usual.

In E2B situations, employees attack their companies many times by becoming a desperado whistleblower and suing the company successfully. A major airline had a scheduling glitch that left many holiday flights without pilots. The skewer tactic occurs in chess and business.

In the case of a big In chess, an important piece, usually the king or bank, an employee was terminated from the company. Once the company was made. In companies that trade stocks, commodities or currencies, they monitor their specialty waiting for an opportunity to become available. In business, companies take advantage of the situation because they have the opportunity to do so. This can lead to an overworked employee or an overworked piece in chess. The SEC was clearly overworked in pursuing white collar financial crime which allowed the biggest Ponzi scheme to run for years before getting caught.

Better Bottom Line Results. If the knight captures the knight on g4, white gets checkmated with Qg2 or Qg4. His book, Business on the Board, is a 1 management self-development bestseller that reveals how business and chess are related. A point I have made painfully clear for my audiences. Here are my Top 3 Tips to getting on the road to Accountability:. When you set goals, be S. Make your goals even S. These are the decisions successful people make all the time! I get it, life gets busy, but reviewing progress needs to be business activity that receives just as much priority as say, invoicing clients and prospecting for new leads.

Tell someone as S. If you share your ambitions with someone who has none, you can expect them to defend their egos by trashing your goals before they ever hunker down to create their own. For readers of Funnel Magazine who know Accountability will make a difference to your Team Building and bottom line, I have created a free download that teaches you skills on how to be and hold others Accountable. This program will teach you how to keep your clients, employees and team members Accountable, at the same level that a professional coach like myself would.

To Your Success! Jeffrey Klubeck, M. There you have it! Those are 3 simple tips I recommend following to get on the road to start keeping yourself and others Accountable. If an associate of your workforce leaves their notebook in a taxi or their cellular phone was stolen, However, members of personnel need usage of your your data could be wiped. It has two benefits - your company data to allow them to do their task at times. However, these days so many people only stay for a brief time frame and whenever someone What exactly are your policies on info storage and leaves, what info do they have on their cellular phone, management?

Can personnel bring their own device? BYOD Instead How will you protect your computer data in this con- of using company provided cell phones or laptops? If nect anywhere community? What an undisclosed location, but more regularly today is happens when they even unwillingly install a virus? Not to mention, you backed everything up including How will you monitor data, telephone calls, or texts?

It your unknown sensitive data tracking keylogger virus? After all, certainly an important first step. The next thing is the option to secure and even wipe data remotely. There are many Then there is the duty of care for your own member services available that permit you of staff. Especially if they are out on their own? Your lone worker plan could even include having the ability to monitor where they are during working time, so tracking their mobile is a perfect way to do this. Summary So, between the policies you have in place, along with the solutions and applications that are set up such as above on the products you provide along with those belonging to your workers, you possess a robust plan to protect your employees along with your business data.

Do you need more secure data protection? Website design or hosting? Or maybe just have a question? Why not contact me today or say hello in the live chat at the bottom right of my websites www. Knowing you need the right traffic to those awesome resources, Russell created Traffic Hacks, a program that is an amazing resource for everything you need to know to drive the right traffic to your funnel. Why Android? Two — Android is an open operating system, whereas Apple is closed and much harder to penetrate though our manufacturer is working on it.

How can you use this to drive targeted traffic to your funnel and those of your client? Geotargeting is marketing to your ideal prospect based on where they physically are. In this article, we are going to take that concept to the next level. I want to introduce you to Stalker Tags!

Stalker Tags are a Bluetooth powered geo-stalking beacon. Here is how it works. The tag is a device the size of a quarter. Anyone with an Android powered smartphone who comes within a meter radius of the tag gets a push notification on their phone. That character notification can say anything you want, and when the smartphone user touches the If you are a chiropractor, that means your message notification, it can take them to any web can pop up on their smartphone as a push notification address you want.

Pretty cool, huh? Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Owning Rachel by Madison Layle. Owning Rachel Incognito 2 by Madison Layle. As a professional sex therapist, Jonathon Sinclair has heard it all. Never wanted them to, until he listens to Rachel Morrissey relive her "orgasmic nightmares" that have turned her into an insomniac. Rachel put her private life on hold to As a professional sex therapist, Jonathon Sinclair has heard it all.

Rachel put her private life on hold to become a successful prosecuting attorney and a representative of female independence. Plagued by erotic dreams of submission that leave her confidence shaken, she'll do anything to make them stop. Even if that means living out the dreams. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published first published March 20th More Details Original Title.

Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Owning Rachel , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing