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Ask a question Popular questions Do you have a question? Ask Helpline Online. Skip Navigation. Acas conference 5th Dec: Terminal illness in the workplace. Advice and Guidance. Advice A-Z. Rights and responsibilities at work. Employment status. Equality and discrimination.

Employees' rights during IVF treatment. Being monitored at work. Parents and carers. Recruitment and contracts. Redundancy, notice, retirement and transfers. The right to request flexible working.

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Acas training on flexible working. Time off. Working hours. This page highlights some of the regulations and standards which are commonly encountered when working with glass in buildings. Most of the standards have now been standardised with European Norms and reference is given to these as appropriate. Building Regulations are the result, historically, of the need for some form of building control legislation to ensure the health and safety of the inhabitants of buildings. They define how a new building or alteration is to be built so that it is structurally safe, protected from risk of fire, energy efficient and has adequate ventilation for its purpose.

Since their introduction in thes, the need to incorporate advances in materials and technology have meant that the regulations have been revised and amended several times. We now have a set of regulations support by Approved Documents.

Understanding HIPAA Regulations and Mobile Devices

These are publications that give practical guidance on meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations. To ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings. The conservation of energy. Access and facilities for disabled people. An application for Building Regulations approval is not advertised in the way that Planning Applications are. Only the person applicant and the Local Authority are involved.

Building Regulations approval may be required even if Planning Permission is not. Building Regulations approval is granted by the building control officers of local authorities, they are generally separate from the planning officials.

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Once approval has been given and work started, the local building inspector will attend the site at specific stages to inspect the work, and they may change the requirements as the work progresses. The different types of glass that are used in building are classified by BS Glass for glazing Part 1 - Classification into three glass compositions - soda lime silicate glass, borosilicate glass and glass ceramics.

It provides terms, definitions and descriptions of the various glass types available and gives details of nominal thicknesses and tolerances. BS Part 2 - Terminology for work on glass provides illustrated definitions of terms used in cutting, obscuring, silvering, gilding, staining and bending glass. The most common glass type used in building is soda lime silicate glass and further detail and classification is provided by BS EN Glass in building — Basic soda lime silicate glass products Parts 1 to 9.

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This European Standard classifies the basic glass products and provides their main physical and mechanical characteristics and general quality criteria. The standard is divided into nine parts. Part 1 gives definitions and general physical and mechanical properties of soda lime silicate glass products and Parts 2 to 9 are each specific to the different product types. Successive advances in glass coating technology have meant that glazing has increasingly become an integral element in improving the energy efficiency of the building envelope and the overall comfort of our living environment.

Heightened environmental awareness has driven legislative pressure to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Understanding HIPAA Regulations and Mobile Devices

In response, an EU directive on energy performance of buildings EPBD has come into force and must now be implemented into the laws of all Member States. In the UK and Republic of Ireland, the conservation of fuel and power in buildings is controlled by national Building Regulations summarised below:.

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In brief summary:. Worst acceptable U-value limits for windows, are set at an area-weighted average of 2. A window's rating is determined by a formula which takes into account available solar heat gains window g-value and subtracts the thermal losses window U-value and air leakage.

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The resulting value energy index is then placed into a band on an A-G scale consistent with other energy performance labels already familiar to the consumer. The overall performance of a window is dependent on the combined effect of the frame and glazing components and the air-tightness of the finished window.

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  6. Building control Building regulations are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building. Make an application Apply for building regulations approval to local authorities and approved inspectors. Approved Inspector search Use our directory to find which building control approved inspectors are registered on the Planning Portal.

    Approved documents The most recent versions of the Approved Documents that support the technical "Parts" of the building regulations' requirements are accessible here. How to get approval The way to obtain approval will depend on whether you choose to use the Building Control services of a Local Authority or an Approved Inspector.