Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Unfortunately, its sides were badly crushed by a plough, presumably, so Bradshaw alerted the authorities and the hoard was taken to the British Museum. Afterwards, the area was properly excavated revealing an Early Bronze Age burial site. He claimed to have hidden a golden owl statue in the French countryside and would give whoever found it one million Francs, which is approximately , dollars, as a reward. In , some bridge workers were working near the river that runs through the Cuerdale area which contains the titular Cuerdale Hall and no other settlements currently though back then it was a small town.

It was here that they found a box made of lead, and opened it to find a large Viking treasure containing approximately 8, items according to BBC History, which included silver coins jewelry and ingots. Following this discovery, the men each took a coin for themselves before presenting the rest to Queen Victoria leading some of it to eventually end up at the British Museum. During the early 90s, a British farmer named Peter Whatling lost a hammer. This in turn led him to call a friend over, whose metal detector found not just the hammer but something more.

Inside a wooden chest made from oak, the two men uncovered a bunch of silverware jewelry and coins made from silver and gold. This was further confirmed when archeologists did further digging in the area and found Roman bowls and ladles. The cause of this has been speculated by many historians and treasure-hunters alike, though a few facts have cropped up. For instance, when the leader of the Confederacy was forced to flee Richmond, Virginia, in April he took two trains southward with one containing the entire treasury of the Confederate States.

Hidden treasures left by Salt River tubers

After depositing some of it in different places for safekeeping, the rest of the gold apparently went missing leading some to speculate that it eventually ended up in Lake Michigan. Estimated to be 4. Here, he found a bunch of items that were Anglo-Saxon in origin, ranging from military items to religious artifacts.

While the first item was a vase containing 3, coins made of silver, several others included a golden crown as shown above , as well as a ring that had an insignia shaped like a dragon head. Dating back to the Fourteenth Century, many archeologists have speculated about where these treasures came from and how valuable they really are. The most popular theory, though, is that they were pawned off by Charles IV of Bohemia.

So they attempted to sneak out several things to turn the war in their favor including their smartest people historical artifacts and other valuables that are now worth billion dollars in value. But due to a communication error, the Awa Maru was torpedoed and sank into the sea near China. If that name sounds like a mouthful, then get a load of this! During an inspection of this sacred temple that was ordered by the Supreme Court of India in , the archeologists and firefighters that were hired came across some underground chambers which contained valuable items estimated to be billions of dollars worth in value.

These range from bags of diamonds to gold coins from the East India Company and more.

Hidden Treasures of London

While some have speculated the value of this treasure surpasses the valuables in the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple further north, that is heavily debatable due to some recent controversy. Named after an ancient city on the coast of Israel, now a national park, there have been several valuables discovered in the harbor of this area.

The first major one happened in , when two divers discovered approximately 2, gold coins dating between the Tenth and Twelfth Centuries. Then, a year later, two more divers found the remains of a sunken ship and uncovered several bronze statues and other items as shown above that appear to be Roman.

In , three brothers in Bulgaria were digging for clay in the titular town when they uncovered several objects made from pure gold.

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Making up more than 13 pounds in terms of weight, these objects were carved into drinking horns such as the above image , special vases and decanters which all come from the Fourth Century BC. On top of that, the items came from several different countries of origin including India China and Greece. Since then, most of the items have been recovered and reside in various museums.

Originally discovered in according to the Huffington Post , this elusive treasure off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada has grabbed the attention of treasure-hunters for centuries. It began when a teenage boy known as Daniel McGuinness was drawn to the island because he apparently saw lights and stumbled onto a hole.

Thinking there was treasure buried, he and his friends started digging into it but ultimately found nothing. Located in the Jewish Quarter in Old City, Israel, this house has become a museum of sorts after its owner Theo Siebenberg uncovered a cache of various items of archeological significance.

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After buying the house in following the notorious Six Day battle, Siebenberg spent 18 years digging beneath it to prove skeptics wrong that there were indeed significant remains from ancient times buried. His hard work paid off when he uncovered some rooms carved into the rock, ritual baths known as Mikvahs or Mikvehs , and burial vaults that date back to 3, years during the reign of King Solomon. In the city of Kathmandu, Nepal, this ancient palace was undergoing renovations in when the workers made an impressive discovery.

Apparently, these ornaments can be traced back to when Nepal was ruled by the Malla Kings starting in AD. Followed by a period of prosperity and civil unrest, their reign ended in the late s when King Prithvi Narayan Shah took over and established the Kingdom of Nepal. Here, there are supposedly many treasures buried though there is a famous one in particular known as the Monterrey Loot. It gets its name from the city in Mexico which was raided by a group of bandits near the end of the Nineteenth Century according to Listverse.

Following the conquest of the Incan Empire in the Sixteenth Century, the Spaniards took the wealth they had accumulated and stored it in the city of Lima in Peru. This included a variety of jewels and religious statues as well as gold bars and silver ones all of which was valued to be about million dollars at the time according to NOVA Online. Unfortunately, a majority of it was taken by British pirates who supposedly buried it at Cocos Island before being captured by the Spanish while the surviving captain and first mate vanished on the island itself.

Apart from the Confederate Gold, Lake Michigan is home to another apparent treasure that resides near Poverty Island where a dismal lighthouse resides.

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However, there are multiple stories surrounding this treasure in terms of its origin ranging from belonging to James Strang, who may have lost a bunch of gold in the lake after his religious colony on Beaver Island failed to a French ship carrying gold which, possibly, belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte the Third that was sunk by pirates.

The supposed value of this gold, regardless of its origin, has been estimated to be worth million dollars today. Named after the guy who hid it after overcoming a terminal illness, this treasure supposedly, resides somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Locked inside a chest, the exact contents of it are unknown. Since it was originally buried in , despite being put together in the late 80s by Fenn and his friend, many people have been searching for the chest with clues provided in books that Fenn has written. Resources: oddee. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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The blade reminded Point Man that all that glitters is not gold. The blade was a catalyst that drove James to sift through a lifetime of artifacts and bittersweet memories. He found riches from the past and caught a glimpse of the future. They reveal ancient treasures that go far beyond mere gold and silver. James is guided into a deeper understanding that he and countless loved ones have been called by name as spoken by the prophet Isaiah: I have summoned you by name; you are mine.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. Your search for real treasure begins when you realize that you are called by name. You are special in the eyes of your Creator.

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Your spiritual wealth will overcome all of the conflict and competition that troubles the waters in your life. Discover how one family copes when change happens in their lives. Did you ever have a period of time in your life when the whole world crashed in on you?

Rachael, the principal character in this book had such a time; an entire year of tragic events piled one upon the other. She finds strength and reassurance from the imagined voices of her never-born children. Her path leads her to write about relentless attacks on her spirit.

Along the way she seeks solace from reading about others who have experienced similar loss. They consider the written works that influence her life. That intellectual exercise morphs into an emotional and spiritual adventure. Perhaps the imagined voices are real. She sets aside the conversations about pro-life and pro-choice and considers the moment of human formation as described in Jeremiah