Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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This is again resisted by the church and was supported by the wizaards of Tor Armakan. This further entrenches their distrust and rivalry. It seems this was created in part to give a civilian counselor equal or even superior weight to military and magical equivalents. However if this was the case, it backfired horribly as the clerics of Celer and the mages of Tor Armakan vie for the title from the moment it is created. The vast majority of all Imperial Viziers are either Sarrifs or Cellen priests.

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His reign is a golden season for Tor Armakan. Huge amounts of money and prestige flow to the wizards. Having created the guild they also create a leader for the guild called the Saffier. Whitefire's position of prominance and the rise of the wizards provokes the great convocation of PE. All clerics of Celer and even unaligned clerics of Knowledge are summoned to Tor Celer. For the first time the Church of Celer officially proposes that it represents the faith of the Avatar of Knowledge for all of Karandia and indeed the world.

A huge debate is had on scripture, doctrine and dogma. At the end several questions are resolved by vote and one by declaration. A new position, that of Cardinal , is created and the previous favourite James Garrin is passed over possibly due to his supposed failure to out class Whitefire to become Vizier.

Instead the Praetor of Knowledge once known as Pug declares that Simon Midaeus will lead the renewed church. He is ordained and set apart in the original cathedral at Tor Celer. This provokes a succession struggle between various archmages to take his place. The church begin to have more political influence. Rak Danning and Wrennost go into revolt and attempt to secede from the Empire. Due to internal loyalists and in no small part clerical influence Rak Danning returns to peaceful imperial control within the year.

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The war to retake Wrennost has little clerical involvement. This allows them to avoid the damage and bloodshed of the Split Walls Secession but at the same time it allows the wizards to secure their position at court as they help solve the difficult problem. The clerics again stand apart from the killing as much as possible. Garath limits the Templar order saying that if the church won't fight for the Empire it will not be allowed to fight at all. A very unpopular war with Tor Celer once again they stand apart. Garath complains and attempts to force clerical involvement as he becomes increasingly desperate for success.

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There are some clerics who are imprisoned and even martyred in these years. He is extremely influential in expanding the church's influence and in renewing the Templar order which had been neglected since the reign of Garath. The Ro'Tier begins to fill with increasing numbers of clerics. Though he came to Tor Celer for his sanctification he returned swiftly to Tor Honarik and continued to use the capital as his main seat of power rather than Tor Celer.

He was very politically active in the Emperor's court. An interesting point one that demonstrates what a powerful leader Aluap was is that the Emperor used the reorganisation to create rules that banned Sarrifs from becoming Senators or being employed as part of the Audit Corporation , though he allowed them to be appointed as Viziers and elected as governors. He also imposed similar restraints on the church of Celer possibly to balance Tor Celer and Tor Armakan against each other.

He is clear in his roles for the clerics organising and negotiating rather than demanding and terrorising.

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The Sapphire Wizards' Guild in combination with the legions and the first full battle mobilisation of the church helps turn the tide. It is a golden moment for the Empire under a powerful but wise leader. As a reward Aluap organises the planning of the Blue Crystal Palace as a fitting guild house for the guild and organises the creation of the Cellestine Cathedral in Tor Celer to balance it. Tor Celer grows greatly and all focus is on the building of the new Cathedral.

Peter chooses one of the Theonists, North Gant , as his Imperial Visier strengthening the hand of the church in Imperial decision making. A single Templar Order is assigned to assist each Legion though numbers are not formalised as they are with the Sarrifs. This retention of independence is often put down to the influence of the Vizier North Gant. It is rumoured this was to force him to abandon the position of Imperial Vizier. However if that planned to reduce his effectiveness at influencing Imperial policy it failed. Peter chose yet another cleric as his next Vizier and the Cardinal was a frequent visitor to the Imperial Palace.

Truest dedicates it himself and begins the order of the Golden Knights. This creation of a militarised group outside of the Protectorans is not officially contested by the Senate or the Emperor. The creation of the Knight Stalkers officially on the other hand is unsettling for the clerics. Many argue against it, but only privately. The building is part of the Cathedral complex.

This infusion of money, staff allows the contents to be significantly added to, reorganised and enhanced. This is resisted and internally the guild has a cold civil war amongst the Sarrifs. This weakens the church's main rival and Tor Celer takes advantage. With the guild weak from the Conclave Dispute these years see the rise of the Church of Celer. The church manages to position a large voting bloc in the Senate behind the 'pious' Lord Rodney Byrott.

This is an independent state within Auria run by the Cardinal. The church now can have its own official military the Cellan Guard independent of the Protectorans. It is the first road of the new imperial road network. Many clerics flee to the Vormach where they can not be pressed into the Aurian war machine.

It is a time of great tension and for a while it is thought that Auria might invade the Vormach.

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