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Une boule-aux-Rats?

blagues de tous horizons

Retrouvez une partie de cet article sur notre site en anglais. Vous retrouverez un article encore plus complet avec davantage de photos sur notre site [en anglais]. Le Saviez-Vous? En revanche, la Saint-Nicolas dans la ville voisine de Metz est maintenue. Le lundi matin, le monument a rouvert ses portes aux visiteurs. Les gens prenaient des photos et des selfies en famille ou entre amis. Vive Paris! Les ossements des Catacombes de Paris. Ambiance frisson garantie!

Retrouvez plus de photos et cet article en anglais sur notre site web! De nombreux fans ont attendu cette nouvelle B. Elle lui donnera six enfants. Kaysersberg :. Aller au contenu. Le grand Saint-Nicolas. On se croirait presque chez Disney! Annecy la nuit… ambiance magique! Vue depuis la Grande Arche. Non loin de la sortie! Start of the food at 20 pm, if you're invited, you already know.

No stragglers. List list at the corner of the bar tomorrow noon. Tuesday, March Foy's x Shamrock pm pm After their wine tasting in front of colorful spermatozoa in hdp, Come and enjoy a pint in front of the big buck's mural listening to the shamrock on the home speakers. There won't be djadja, but with a little luck we'll find our soldier lost in battle. Thursday, March 21th pm-2 PM - Cover-up party In other times, the pharaohs had headdress, the cowboys of the hats, the sovereigns of the crowns, and the gangsters of the hoods.

In our time, which begins in and that will never end, the earth belongs to big buck, the sky to the twin, and we have a bar. The school of commerce advocates diversity, and yet no one is really able to differentiate itself. The individual plunges into the collective of associations with each his own means, in the absence of a clean way, to cover his heads: Multicolored Bba Cap, Green Bob smell of piss, black hood of extrem darkos. In the center of this whirlwind of wars of pride and debates " sweater or polo? Every time has known its kings and queens.

Every school has known its fools and their reign.


So of course you know the rule: "no cap in my bar bar". If moss holds the secret of the " Why, you, you have the right to wear a bat? And this Thursday, we share with you once again a piece of our trust. A piece of this sacred that makes us want to go to the bar rather than cc. A piece of this land where our beer will always live. This Thursday, we trust you to take the rule at the foot of the letter.

We give in the meantime in return, may all your chefs be at the best covered. No cap but anything but nothing, and saves who can for the ray who will have forgotten. Cover-Chef other than mandatory cap. List list at the corner of the bar on Thursday 12 pm. Thursday, March 7, party 22 pm-2 pm - rekrotements This morning I woke up hearing big buck singing. A sweet and sweet song, that reminds us of these beautiful days that we love so much. Game, she, got up in a good mood, this kind of good mood that makes her want to dropper her diet and give up the summer body of the bigoudz.

She came out of her bed wrapped in her scented throws to eat a piece of crumble in the fridge from Belle-Leuvrette. She doesn't care, it never scares her to have a brioche then it's not today that she's going to start worrying about it. She even went to buy a scratch game to go with it. We'll find out if we hit the money tonight at 22 pm and we'll share the winnings with all those who will be there, so we're waiting for you. Complete Axis list.

Mandatory Essec app or card. Tuesday, March 5, Recruitment Foy's pm Essec in terms of profiles, it's quite varied and that's what's beautiful. You just got your bac, you're finally 18 years old and you're going back to graduate studies. Did you think of a name in "Iak" and ugly colors to make you a polo, you made the dishes of all the touleuses but your list still lost.

I don't need to remind you that on Friday night at essec, there are people who make bp in the water because they're afraid to pass the door, and those who fill the pints to put game over. And if you still don't want to borrow the path that no one has ever regretted, you can wait for the 2 NDS recruitment of race to make you flunk.

You get out of a prepa in the end of France and you were the big dunce of your class, you made a hold-up to the contests and everyone knows it. Or then you get out of h4 you didn't get hec because of the triptych and you still talk about it with tears in the eyes. Whatever it is, at this time of year I hope you noticed that while you were walking into a local e thing that stinks of piss and club c, there were guys, chicks and a Chinese behind The Bar is loving it.

You've done a school of. If you're an MS, the fact that I have no idea what I can say shows well that it's time for you to stop queuing and start spinning pints. It's end of February, Noelle's money has passed in the BP, the chandeleur is over and it's soon lent. In Short, it's the period at essec where everyone has worked too much and is on the edge of the burn-out. Fortunately for you the snowflake have finally melted, the mercury goes up, and since it's been 45 years since it's a bunch of friends behind a bar that makes the beautiful days at essec, we're not ready to stop.

It's time to make the right choice because the opportunity will not represent itself. You can continue to hide your face by telling you that being disguised as a banana is huge, that serving pasta or holding a grocery store is more applied than managing a bar, or even that you will never get your right on Friday at t3 If you go on the other side. We all have been afraid of what we could become.

1001 blagues

If you're ready to discover it, we're waiting for you on Tuesday, March 5th at 20 pm. It's time to take your destiny in hand and realize that we're always better at the top of the hill than at the bottom of the ravon. You'll quickly realize that the important thing is not what you become, it's with who.

We love each other to die for the best and for the worst, and we know that even if we're not a real family, we're still all brothers. We think about it, we talk about it. Because there are those moments where you absolutely have to go somewhere, anywhere! You may be a chick, or then a few plans over there, but what's safe is that it's still going to cost you an arm. On February 14th at night, Foy's will be releasing its most beautiful clothes of light and leather, and big buck will willingly hold the candle. And you won't be anywhere, lost somewhere in a restaurant that you couldn't pay without your student loan, with this girl that you are finally not really sure to love now that she smiles at you teeth and lips imbibed of Red wine.

A beautiful woman at the corner of the bar, all dressed of leather, the hair in the wind of the coolco, a whizzy in hand. The Foam Crazes its lips clear and Rosy, your eyes cross. No one warned you? Tonight the bartender don't plan to be wise, and he won't give you a gift. A move through, and it could end up on a walk in cergy. And I'm not even talking to you about leashes and whips, everyone will go up tonight.

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A real hyppokrome! We're waiting for you and your gear for the great pig and chameleon hunt on Thursday. Come and ask yourself with your friends around a small board and a small beer between 18 pm and 20 pm, the turtleneck is of rigour. Tired of the kro? Next Monday from 19 pm, come to discover or remind you of the aromas of the beers beers and meet its founders at the student s' home! On the menu, IPA, pale ale, white and Amber. Et au pire, Abrogata lege abrogante non reviviscit lex abrogata. Thursday, January 31, party 22 pm-2 pm - lie sana in kropore sano Sport is a bit like sex.

It takes theory, practice, and even after years and years of experience, you never know how it's going to happen. You may be ready physically, if you don't have the mind, it doesn't pass and vice versa. It's not for nothing that shisha was gold medal of boxing at the ojo, and that chandy is champion of the world of pigeon shooting.

What it takes is to find a way to reconcile vivacity of the mind, and maintenance of the body, to align mercury and Venus. When you get to school, it's a bit of your ultimate goal: take back the sport, revolutionize the world with design thinking, put you to play the piano and go to melt or pqpm to do social. Absit Reverentia Vero, it's 19 pm and I'm sure you spent your day licking some ass at the forum for an internship at HSBC that you'll never have. The Dome has become a place place, where you can only hear a hypocritical and bullshit hustle of guys with their leather briefcase that think that you just have to be at essec to have a finance internship.

A plebs of Indians in suits sweaty with big drops on their CV is rushing at the entrance of the gym, I understand my buddy farfi who quickly passed behind the bar to use a pint. If this is the essec, we are far from reaching the ideal of a healthy mind in a healthy body. But well now that we're there, Alea Jacta is. Leaving to become stupid with anglicisms and superficial seminars, and saggy with fake sessions at the 30 min room before sending a BP, I prefer to enjoy behind my bar with my friends. Because in the end of the party, sending outdoor and smoking cigarettes at the coolco, we've never done better to maintain its network.

Carte et vignette obligatoire. Thursday, January 10, party 22 pm to 2 pm - the return of the foy's prodigal " in the dictionary I read that the prodigal are those who and their property in excessive expenses. You didn't understand anything, I don't talk to you about definition there. I'm talking to you about legend. You had to see them once, at least see them, and even feel them.

They always go around with a few tickets in the right pocket, but it's not to please the little girls you know. It's because all those tickets in the end you have to tidy them up somewhere. If you could be even one day you were lucky, you received a few drops from the top of the balconies in GH.

It's already hard enough like this, so you'll get that they don't give a fuck about Lydia. You, you look at tears in your eyes your last pieces and the shadow of your last pint. Them, they spend without counting because they don't need it. I already see you coming: " it's really kids of rich with a huge boulard, and besides it's assholes. And then the last time, you were very happy when they offered you to drink at the bottle of the bottle. Don't cry if you've ever happened, there will be enough for everyone.

Que voir à Conflans ?

By the way tomorrow I heard it was the soldier's turn to froth the bar. Still rushing you not too fast on him, he looks fortiche like that but he's really stupid. Let's go back to where they stopped, and we're starting again. And in fact it's even better, because we're happy to go back. Card and mandatory sticker. Thursday, December 6, party 22 am to 2 pm - I just want one last white Before the shadow and indifference, we all want to leave our trace in the powder.

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The problem is only powder, there's only on the summits. We climbed it, we raised it, the summit. We're getting good on our summit. You're down and you're saying: I want this for Christmas. We're up for the last time and we don't want to go down, the view is frankly sublime.

But on the other hand we all know that the most beautiful way to leave it is to jump, we just want one last white. Just one last, just one, it's not going to change much. To know that a party was the last one, still have to have seen it. And then what's the point of going up if you know you're going to come down after? Yes, the last one is what, that's all. After shot, either it was the last one and it's the last one, either it wasn't the last, but the next one is the last one. It's a super simple thing we've been saying every day. Honestly I'm entrusting you for sure, this is the last time you crowds this floor, the last time you see this mural, the last time you hear me.

We'll think of you when we jump, and you'll see the wreath that behind all our past wrinkles draw the melancholy painting of your memories memories. Once down, for a year you'll know what I'm secret, so imagine the rest of the feast. Kro and White-3 euros Mandatory sticker External list at the corner of the bar We don't go until you sing. Monday, November 26, Lbf 19 pm to midnight - lbf at Foy's One day I said to Mossad: "if I had to create a box, I will call him the beautiful foy's".

Lbf is what you want. When you take one, you're the one who gives it a truth. If you want to shimmy, it's the right frequency, the right flow. If you are looking for the love of your life, there will be the beautiful farmer, or the beautiful farmer.


If you're redneck, it's feudal beauty, if you're more open it's the freedom to drink between brothers. If you just want to train at rer, the rail sloshing and if you're still not convinced, the bigbuck is a feminist. It's always the same, if all this makes you more feel happiness fade, then it's the right strike, there we will make you meet the fetish kraut, or even the proud belly, to whom we will give the price of entrepreneurs.

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Lbf tomorrow is the foy's bar. Pas de liste exte. This is fake. And even if the reverse is true, it's more fun to many. I know the jol, but what is the beautiful jol? This is happening like this. We're running, we're your ferret, and we're organizing some eat to update you, a little because a princess loves the king's staffing. Personally I liked the impert, and I loved the glasses of the qlito, I really miss it.

That's why I'm talking here to help those who don't have the choice in the date; because those who have the choice in the date already know, we haven't decided together, we know each other, do you understand? I have the choice and I decided to gather tomorrow at 20 pm all friends, ex, cousins, chicks, blunderbusses, candy, obnoxious or not from Foy's to taste the new cru of beaujolais under the values of the Close proximity.

This time there will be no seafood, Parma had not liked it and especially I think it rhymes with nothing to spend his evening admiring the tortoise of mussels. So today, making schnitzel on a salad, I even thought of the vegan. And I didn't think of us. Because we, in any case, we'll have noodles again.