Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Making sustainable choices for us and our communities calls for prevailing motivators, inspired researchers and practitioners, intelligent communicators and brave politicians. The global challenge for a sustainable life has many aspects. Sustainability is often critical where there is no democracy. The blue planet is our common ground.

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  • One measure for interpersonal relationships is warmth. Thus discovery of common ground is commonly cause for comfort and additional happiness among the participants, and is one step on the way to respect or perhaps friendship. However, to some people in small-enough communities, conflict may have occurred between them too often to find common ground, and isolation from each other is the only path toward healing and a healthy relationship.

    For such people, shunning of the commons is necessary. But if one is forced onto the commons, then a minimal acceptable behavior toward others is necessary when on common ground, as in a truce.


    As an example, one technique for anonymous trade between mutually suspicious parties was for the offerers to lay the goods such as gold in a clearing the potential common ground , and then to hide in the forest with the gold in their plain sight, while armed with weapons, in the event of treachery.

    Thus, offers could be made to traders. The traders, who bore goods and who were also armed with weapons , would lay the trade goods in the clearing, and take the gold back with them. This was a mechanism for trading between the Moors and the gold miners of Africa over a millennium ago, and also for trade with Sumatra the isle of gold and other islands of Southeast Asia.


    This has some structural similarity to the policy of mutually assured destruction during the Cold War era. Today, we have the advantage of more highly developed communications techniques, but the basic need for minimizing suspicion and maximizing trust remains with us, worldwide, at a time when polarization is increasing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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