Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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You probably blame women for your erections instead of your testosterone I think the problem is that men don't understand that men have been doing this for thousands of years.. They don't realize they are tasting their own medicine. Men have been manipuating women to get what they want since the dawn of history Women have also always tricked men. How many men have been cuckolded and raised other's children? Cuckoldry with children as a result is the 'male equivalent' of being raped. A baby you do not want is forced upon you and you have to spend years raising it.

Most men through history never got to pass on their genes. When women think of the 'patriarchal dominance' what they really think of is a small subset of priviledged men. Not the ones who were killed, worked all their lives for the tribe and family parents, brothers, nephews etc and never experiencing closeness themselves. The priviledged males of course had more than one woman. That is not to say most women enjoyed a great life either, but at least they had some sort of intimacy.

Have you ever pondered why Mandela is so respected? It is because after coming to power, he forgived past sins. I suggest you do the same. Men today have nothing to do with previous cruelty. Sin is not hereditary. Rape is something that can be done to both men and women, and causes serious trauma and emotional harm. Very few rapes result in pregnancy anyway, and even if it does, it's the least of the problems it causes. And from an evolutionary perspective, a child conceived by rape is your child, while a child conceived by your cheating partner isn't.

So there's basically no perspective from which the two are comparable. The only payback for being romantic is sex, otherwise its a complete waste of time making a woman happy. It will only cost you in the future. Don't understand all the cynicism in this thread.

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I've had lots of fun girlfriends and a good marriage for decades. Never had any of the problems mentioned here. Romance, sex, and fun for many years. Maybe you're a pandering fem-boy or maybe you're a dupe that doesn't know when he's getting screwed over, or maybe you just don't care Most men have experienced female evil at sometime and so we know it exists and we are careful about who to trust.

However, Women then were virtuous and worth the effort. Today's women are not. While you're writing love poems and buying flowers, she's banging a couple of guys down the street. I've had nothing but good luck with women. So reading a post like this only makes it clear that you, personally, have had a hard time.

And for that I'm sorry. But with a good attitude and genuine appreciation for women, you'll find that they respond well to all kinds of romance.

A con man steals one woman's heart — and $300,000. Here's how it happened.

As for getting hurt, you have to put your big boy pants on. Just dust yourself off and move on. Sitting around and whining and moaning on PT isn't going to help you or impress anyone else.

What It's Like Inside a Depressed Person's Head

Yes, you've been lucky. Who are you to give advice to those that have been hurt when you've stated that you've only had good luck? I've had dozens of girlfriends. Pretty much all good experiences. Too many to be just good luck. I think it has to do with your attitude, not only the people you meet. You are not just some poor helpless object just being bounced around by these all-powerful women who ruin your day. And sure, if my story is just Pollyanna, then your story is just whining and whimpering and bellyaching.

Nope, not full of crap at all.

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And it makes my point that you have to look at the common denominator. I'm probably more selective in choosing girlfriends, and I'm probably more tolerant of things that'd tick off other guys. Never said things I didn't mean. And a strong sense of humor is very important. Oh, and one fairly important one that a lot guys can't really handle well, and often totally screw themselves on.

Never even hint to a woman that there is any shame or anything wrong with her having slept with another guy. Always be positive about that. Trouble is, that has to be genuine. Most guys couldn't even fake that. Translated: you have no standards. Yes, lots of guys don't want a whore that's been passed around like a cigarette. I've had plenty of women too It's easy to accept everything about a woman when you are only going to spend a short time with her.

You sound like the typical white-knight mangina that shows up on every thread and blathers about how wonderful women are. They probably weren't any more or less "virtuous" than today, they probably were compliant because, as you said, they didn't have rights. I disagree that women have to be more selective in order to ensure the survival of their genes. I would actually argue the exact opposite. They should go for quantity, not quality. I went to the beach today. There were a hand full of white people, a hand full of Asians, and just two African Americans.

The rest of the beach was clogged like a toilet with Mexicans. Mexicans with the most grotesque and ungodly physiques possible. And each one had an army of children. Just hordes of illegal immigrants covered in back fat, muffin tops, and diabetes guts.

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It was disgusting. But it is also our soon-to-be future because these illegal immigrants don't care. They are not selective. They breed with reckless abandon. Your attitude towards Mexicans is horrible however I agree with you that Unchecked, indiscriminate breeding is the key to gene survival for young Western woman today, not waiting around for Mr Perfect. Male employment in the West is dropping and it takes years for men to be financially successful now if ever, if a woman can find a nice young man who wants to marry her and have kids she should take him up on it if she loves him even if she will never own her own home.

Considering the present sorry state of Western Women, why should any man improve himself just to "win" one? Women do jump in right away. They go gaga for the first alpha male that pays attention to them and then when they get pregnant and he takes off, she looks for some romantic beta sap to pay for the spawn of her stupid hook up.

These people exist, but the type of men who say things like this are the type who have one bad experience with women at a young age, then cling to that bitterness for the rest of their life in a way that repels stable women and attracts women with crap self-esteem. Don't forget, its not just my experiences, I've witnessed much female treachery in other people's relationships The previous poster was right on target. There are many men who generalize from a bad experiences to say that all women are such and such. You're a perfect example.

And so I'll give myself as an example too. I have never had a bad experience with woman. Only lots of girlfriends, fun, romance, and sex, and now a good marriage. So would I be dumb enough to claim that all women are saints. No, I don't generalize because I'm not stupid. So would I be dumb enough to claim that all women are saints? Immature men and women both go for needy narcissists who make them feel important. The needy narcissism just manifests differently in different genders. To you and Rachel, if I said women usually have bigger boobs than men, would you say I was irresponsibly generalizing?

You would say, based on visual observation, that does, generally speaking, tend to be the case. It's true that women tend to have bigger boobs than men. And based on that same skill of visual observation, it is clear that most women have smaller boobs than Mexican men. It was a visual assault of misshapen obesity, the kind that you know cannot be fixed with a change of diet and an exercise plan.

Even the children were obese. Listen, political correctness is great. It emphasizes empathy and tolerance. But it is only useful up to a point. After that, it just blinds you to reality and let's you live in some wierd state of denial.

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Before moving to SoCal, I had no opinion on illegal immigration or Mexcians. I did not learn my opinions from my parents or some peer group. I simply lived here and noticed that everywhere I turned, it felt like I was living in Mexico, surrounded by ugly, fat people with soooo many children So many That's not bigotry, it's the new reality. And if you don't believe me, don't worry, illegal immigrants are coming for your city next.

You did know the U. I am a foreigner, not Mexican, and to me there is very little difference between the "Mexicans" you describe and white Americans. So please, do not be a hypocrite. When you get to look like the French, then talk, until then shut up and diet. Lol, good point, Homer. However it sound like you are not here in the US so you can't see the details beyond the fat.

The biggest and most importat difference between the two groups you mention is that many of these Mexcians are here illegally, bleeding the safety nets of our society.

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The second biggest difference is the number of children. Mexicans here in the US are having an irresponsibly high number of children that they then use The US governmet and charities to help support. Last, there is a difference between a heavy woman and a heavy Meixcan women. A woman's figure is defined by certain ratios, primarily the golden ratio, 0.

Mexican celebrities aside, the women sneaking into this country have an inverted ratio. Since you are so open minded, I'm sure you'll soon be rushing over here to marry and have 6 kids with one of these fine ladies. Until you are willing to take in the 11 million Mexicans we just amnestied and help pay for their roughly 20 million anchor children, keep to your own affairs, Homer : I wouldn't be surpsied if that number of 31 million is greater than the entire population of your home country, lol. I'll leave you with a riddle.

How do you know if a Mexican lady is pregnant or just fat? Trick question. The answer is always both.

You Can Trick Someone Into Loving You — and 6 Other Surprising Facts About Love

It seems to me you are just afraid mexicans will steal your donuts. What is that thing people say in the U. Illegals do the job most Americans don't want to do; like romance your fatty ones? You are funny. That Mexicans do the jobs Americans don't want to do is total BS.

There is absolutely no way to test that assumption. The problem with evolutionary psychology is that it can often be used to explain two opposing results with equal success. For example, women need to be more pragmatic when seeking a mate, therefore they are less likely to jump into a commitment mindset; but also, women need more material resources to be provided by the mate, therefore they are more likely to jump into a commitment mindset. Try using theory to predict results so you can see if the theory is correct, rather than assuming a theory is correct and using it to justify an already-established result.

FYI I'm female and not romantic in the the only-one-soulmate sense, but totally romantic in the flowers-and-chocolates sense. There's a lot of different kinds of romantic. I'm a man, and I am that type of hopeless romantic I just can't find a good woman to get me all those things, especially the purses. However, social constructionism has the same problem. Women are less likely to jump into a committed relationship? Women are more likely to jump into a committed relationship? By your standards, both theories fail, yet they seem to be the only ones that we have.

What is true romanticism? Is it what is advertised by companies in order to get us to spend money on flowers and chocolates in the hopeless ideal that spending money on gifts will make someone fall in love with us?. There are plenty of jerks of each sex out there. Is it not the case that advertisers now inform us all of what the perfect partner should be, if female; blonde, thin, large bust and great between the sheets, and if male muscle bound, tall, solvent,successful and also great between the sheets.

If you doubt pick up and men's magazine and any women's magazine and you will see what the perfect specimen of human nature is supposed to look like. Is it any wonder then when reality strikes that we all find out that no one is perfect. What is important is that we are not perfect but that we are perfect for each other.

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Only one-third of the first season was screened in Austin Saturday evening, but the chosen entries shared enough unwanted aspects to dissuade further viewing. She panics, runs, and he follows her. The whole short is a chase, and the ending is expected, but works well enough.

This woman is an exotic dancer at a strange club filled with leather-clad dominatrixes and a couch that functions as a stripper pole. She then goes through her whole routine before the chase can start over again, and finishes the last half of the episode in an open bathrobe, which waves open to show off her naked body with every step. Other episodes toss in naked women in similarly cavalier fashion.

Which brings us to the violence. The problem lies with what the violence is there to serve. She has to fight a rock monster, of sorts, and their brutal smackdown is filled with bloody cuts, jabs, slices, and chops that all could be death blows.