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Hope for rescue by search planes is dwindling day by day. Hungry wolves are fast depleting the surrounding country of game. An abandoned trappers shack is providing shelter but they have no food. Survival of the injured husband and his very beautiful wife depends on the competence of their guide who is in fact an expert at winter survival and living off the land. But is he capable of acting in a positive way?

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His obsession for the woman has already caused him to set aside some personal ethics and invite disaster. What next? He knows very well that if they go hungry for long the injured husband will certainly die first. What then? Will the wife see him as her savior, or as a murderer?

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How will he see himself? What point is there in surviving the cold and the wolves if the law will be there waiting? Wordery is one of the UK's largest online booksellers. With millions of satisfied customers who enjoy low prices on a huge range of books, we offer a reliable and trusted service and consistently receive excellent feedback.

We offer a huge range of over 8 million books; bestsellers, children's books, cheap paperbacks, baby books, special edition hardbacks, and textbooks. They busied themselves buckling down and soon fell into a routine.

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Blackjack fastened hoods to their reindeer parkas, as the others constructed furniture and a door for the snow house. They set up meteorological instruments and tended to the sled dogs, who seemed a bit weak. The men tracked geese and polar bear.

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In the evenings, Crawford told jokes and Blackjack sang hymns. Through it all, they journaled. They spent those first couple of seasons relatively comfortable.

But the lack of game on the island worried them. By January, they had only managed to kill nine foxes, two bears, and one seal.

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In spring, they began trapping but fresh tracks were rare. Despite their worry, the group knew a supply ship would arrive in summer. So they carved through their supplies and waited. On June 2, an icy summer storm whipped around the island. It froze the ocean around Wrangel. Their hopes of a ship reaching them dwindled. By September 22, , the supply ship returned to Nome. The relief crew had never set foot on Wrangel. On the island, the men realized the window for a supply ship had closed.

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  2. Stranded for two years on an Arctic island, this woman miraculously survived by shooting seals!
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They scrambled to make ration plans, but supplies were already low. Plus, they had used all the wood in a two-mile radius of camp, so they would need to relocate. In September, the crew managed to kill a couple of walruses. Blackjack cooked the heart with roots. Otherwise, the meat was tough. But they were grateful, and even gnawed on the flippers.

In January, Crawford and Knight left to scout the most solid ice. Knight felt unusually stiff, fatigued, and melancholy. He knew something was wrong.

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  • Back at camp, his mood worsened. He had scurvy. In minus 56 degrees, Blackjack helped pack the sled for the remaining men. They took three precious pound cases of hard bread, two five-gallon cans of seal blubber, tools, geological specimens, and the five remaining dogs.

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    Galle promised Blackjack they would be back for her. On January 29, they left Blackjack and Knight alone. A massive storm rose the next day. The men were never seen again. Knight worsened, but continued to write in his journal. She kept a bag of warm sand on his feet and rotated sacks of oatmeal to prevent bedsores.

    She kept up camp and tended to him. When meat ran low, she checked the traps, deathly afraid a polar bear would attack her in the frozen wilderness.