Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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The Peranakan Chinese Home : Art and Culture in Daily Life

Time thus is as important as space. The book however is more successful in its representation of space. It is less able to capture the formation and transformation of the home in response to the socio-cultural changes of the long twentieth century. The difficulty of taking time more seriously seems to be acknowledged rather unconsciously, through the first image in the book: The close-up photo of a jolly gramophone with a huge horn.

The gramophone was one of the prime symbols of class formation, modernity and social change. Tio Tek Hong, the most known distributor, became famous in Java for his dealership and his collection of records, but his own shop, still standing in Jakarta, is left to deteriorate. They both represent time, but Knapp leaves them alone as no word is said about them.

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This photo is the least museum-like piece in the book. It serves as a silent commentary to what is not narrated in the book: class formation, ethnic tension, cultural policy and the socio-historical change of the home within which it is embedded.


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Chinese Houses focuses on 20 well-preserved traditional Chinese homes, presenting examples from a range of rural and metropolitan areas throughout China. The photographs of each are accompanied by extensive background information and historical content. An introductory essay examines the different types of Chinese homes and provides an overview of the rich regional variety of Chinese dwelling forms.

It also provides insights into little-known design concepts that emphasize the flexibility, adaptability,..

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Things Chinese: Antiques, Crafts, Collectibles. Freeman, Michael. China's art objects and traditionally manufactured products have long been sought by collectors--from porcelains and silk fabrics to furniture and even the lacquered chopsticks that are a distant relation to ones found in most Chinese restaurants.

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Things Chinese presents sixty distinctive items that are typical of Chinese culture and together open a special window onto the people, history, and society of the world's largest nation. Many of the objects are collectibles, and each has a story to tell.

They includ.. Each chapter in The Peranakan Chinese Home focuses on a different area and presents objects used or found in those spaces. Each piece is described in the context of their utility as household objects, as part of periodic celebrations to mark the Chinese New Year and other holidays, or in important life passage rituals relating to ancestor worship, birth, marriage, mourning and burial. The meaning of the rich symbolic and ornamental motifs found on the objects is discussed in detail and key differences are highlighted between Peranakan objects and similar ones found in China.