Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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One is the mission to explore the alien world for the first time in history , and overlaid on it is Havoc's revenge after all, until Havoc finds out Forge's identity that story can only be set up and not told. I John Havoc has been brutally betrayed and it is brutal and he wants to get even. We start and end with Havoc and Forge, but the journey in between is thrilling, harrowing, and in places spectacular "He's moving UP the tower?! The book is, for book one of a series, remarkably self-contained. It absolutely works as a satisfying novel in its own right.

But throughout lots of things are established in an interesting way that could lead to amazing places later the minaret and the tank creatures come to mind. Nothing is easy or given away.

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Some of the situations are brutal. But the story is ultimately optimistic in tone I think, and I found it overall as some others have said , quite inspiring. Also in many places I thought the dialogue was a cut above most SF.

If you like a good story set in a future world then get it. You'll enjoy it. Still as I liked the writing style quite well and that counts a lot, I would recommend this book. I am not sure if I will continue the series at least for now since the sample from the 2nd volume is same mindless action, but maybe if volume 3 indicates more subtlety I will get back to it Just superb! I don't think it is centred around the big ideas the way some other books are although the alien technology, the sequences and the idea of consciousness was cool and really well done — I hope this is explored more — I think this is more of a human story set in an extraordinary world.

Might be using some of the book's own marketing blurb with that but it fits perfectly. I loved it.

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Excellent space opera book. As far as I know, this is the only book Mr. Freeman has written, and yet the quality is that from an author who had already written a half dozen books or more. Well I finished Nothing particularly original about this novel, but stangely enough I found myself reading through to the last page Blame it on my Y chromosome. Redemption Protocol is action packed, fast paced and extremely readable! Freeman clearly has scope to develop the story line further and I am really looking forward to seeing where he takes it next.

Bring on the sequal. Feb 18, Toby rated it it was amazing Shelves: military-science-fiction. Classic sci-fi literature A good read. Strong characters and very well written only suffering from what so many stories seem to share; something of a race to close everything out at the end. Otherwise very enjoyable. Jan 14, Chris Bullock rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction , adventure. Exciting in places but confused in others. A good story, but perhaps a bit blood-thirsty for my tastes.

Very well written and the story and grammar flow very well.

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Oct 29, Michael Brookes rated it really liked it. Redemption Protocol is a fun science fiction epic.

It starts with John Havoc being tricked into murdering hundreds of thousands of people in a mission that goes wrong. He later wakes up on the first contact mission humanity had undertaken. The Alliance mission is not alone though, other human powers are seeking the prize for themselves.

The book has a very cinematic feel to it, so much so that it almost plays like a film and could easily be portrayed on the big screen. It is action packed being o Redemption Protocol is a fun science fiction epic. It is action packed being on the military side of sci-fi, the technology is consistent and interesting without bogging itself down in unneeded detail. While Havoc is the main charcter there is an interesting mix alongside him, although a few of those are a little underdeveloped, the main protaganist in particular feels a bit obvious and without depth. But that is a minor issue and does help keep the pace of the story.

In a similar vein the opposing civilisations are a bit obvious, but mean the battle lines are clearly drawn.

Reciprocal Paranoia

Like any good thriller it also has some good twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Although its strength is the action it does have another card to play. The interaction with the alien information system is very nicely done and again in a very visual way. I would have liked to have seen more of this side of the story as it works as a good counterpoint to the action heavy story.

Overal I'd rate this as an excellent science fiction read and is the start of a series that I will be sure to check out. Jul 05, Velcrohead85 rated it it was amazing. This is the book that started me on Sci-Fi. I got it when I first bought my Kindle, because I was downloading a whole load of free sample books without really thinking about it. Freehling raises issues that go far beyond the merits or defects of my three published lectures, The Slave Power Conspiracy and the Paranoid Style.

The reality presumably justifies the paranoia, but Freehling still calls it paranoia. And we all have our paranoid moments. Laing as an antidote to depth psychology. So far as I know, Freudian explanations are far from being the rage, and there is surely nothing Freudian about my book, which makes no use of such key Freudian concepts as repression, libido, Oedipus complex, or sexual symbolism.

My theoretical assumptions were not derived from Freud, but from Cooley, Bateson, Goffman, Berger, Szasz, and Laing—all of whom deal with the dialectics of social perception. But this advice involves Freehling in a theoretical double-bind.

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A person who fears persecution or conspiracy must either be responding to reality or indulging in fantasy. For Laing, the important questions do not involve reality or normality but whether perceptions open or restrict human choice.

Redemption Protocol (Contact 1) by Mike Freeman

No one would deny that in practice we need to draw distinctions between fears aroused by genuine danger and fears that seem totally unfounded. Serotonin is the molecular manifestation of the feeling of pride—we get it when we perceive others like or respect us. On a deep level, we need to feel that we and our work are valued by others , particularly those in our group. This compound reinforces the bond between parent and child, teacher and student, coach and player, boss and employee, leader and follower. At the same time, oxytocin is working to promote empathy and trust, allowing those bonds to deepen—unlike the instant-gratification rush delivered by dopamine, oxytocin has long-term effects that become amplified the more we bond with someone.

As we learn to trust them and earn their trust in return , the more the oxytocin flows.

75. Intuition or Paranoia?

This is the chemical manifestation of love. The loner on the edge of the group is far more susceptible to predators than someone who is safely surrounded and valued by others. When two hungry crocodiles spot the carcass of a wildebeest floating down the river, both will lunge at it. The faster and stronger of the two will consume every last bit, leaving nothing behind for his fellow croc.

Crocodile behavior works for a very few people in an organization, at least for a while.

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Putting profits before people was one reason so many banks and mortgage companies needed to be rescued with huge government bailouts after the stock market crash of , Sinek says. Contrast that, he suggests, with big-box retailer Costco. If you look over the course of a couple of decades, what you see is slow, steady growth.

If you invested a dollar in Costco and a dollar in, say, General Electric in , you would have made about percent on your investment in GE up to now, and 1, percent on your Costco investment.