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It has the same icy, unwavering stare as his previous work, Hunger, about the Irish republican hunger-striker Bobby Sands, with the same degree-zero long camera takes.

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Michael Fassbender stars as Brandon, a sleek young executive in New York, and a single guy who is fanatically, even ecstatically, addicted to casual sex, prostitutes and porn. It's an addiction that is strip-mining his personality of all recognisable human impulses. He is living in a hell that he has furnished and maintained himself, but it was made by someone else. A clue to this lies in his desperately unhappy screwup of a sister, Sissy, played by Carey Mulligan.

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To Brandon's dismay, Sissy announces she is going to be crashing at his bachelor pad while following her dream of being a singer, cramping his style and annoying the hell out of him. Somehow Sissy and Brandon are always catching each other naked: he stumbles on her in the shower and she blunders into the bathroom while he is jerking off. Sissy is actually rather less damaged than he is, and McQueen allows us to create our own speculation about the siblings' background to run alongside the film. As one scene follows the next, theories will run though the audience's mind.

Sissy drops one tiny, ambiguous hint at the very end. He is an obsessive-compulsive seducer with particular mannerisms of dress, always going out to work in an overcoat fastidiously accessorised with a scarf.

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Brandon takes the subway and brazenly catches women's glances in the train carriages; we are introduced to him through a scene that is coolly controlled and modulated. An attractive woman smiles back at Brandon's lethally, telepathically sexual gaze.

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She starts to look a little turned on — forget phone sex, this is subway sex — before realising what is happening and looking embarrassed, then horrified. McQueen shows a whole narrative unfolding in a series of tiny gestures and expressions.

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In the office, his boss delicately tells him his porn-clogged computer hard drive has had to be removed to be "cleaned up" and Brandon repairs to the office men's room, where he ferociously cleans germs from the lavatory seat with toilet paper, and McQueen coolly ends the scene before we can tell if Brandon is going to urinate or masturbate. It is Brandon's unspeakable boss Dave, played by James Badge Dale, who ushers in the movie's most agonising scene. Dave is a married man with a family out in the suburbs; he turns a blind eye to Brandon's office-porn habit, but Brandon evidently has to come out with him in the evenings as an embarrassed wing man, while Dave trawls the city's bars to pick up women, though all of his targets clearly find Brandon far more attractive.

One night, Brandon takes Dave to see Sissy sing at a bar, and it is a revelation. Using one of his signature extended shots, a closeup on Sissy's face, McQueen shows that Sissy is actually a very talented singer.

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Her version of New York, New York is daringly slow and ruminative, a wan, sometimes slightly dissonant interpretation that is completely non-Glee. It is a shame that such a horrible thing happen to such a sweet girl as Molly. Collective noun 1. A pack of cougars , typically gathered for the purpose of hunting young male prey ; most often spotted in bars and clubs of trashy repute.

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A group of cougars can't be called a "pride," they'd have to be called a "shame. That shame of cougars have marked their territory near the front door, eyeing all the young meat that entered.


A cougar broke away from the shame and approached her prey, to buy him a drink. The sensation you get upon realizing that the screenname you chose for Urban Dictionary is one that is used by many others and that all definitions created under that screenname are attributed to that single screenname. Realizing I wasn't in the best of company, I was overcome with shame.

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A sarcastic use of the word , basically meaning 'haha, loser'. Who the hell voted for that shame? The Old One Two SnitchK Hodor