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It would have to be a lot bigger to be seen at all.

In other words, even a football stadium on the Moon would look like a dot to Hubble. But those objects are far, far larger than the Moon.

Moon in fiction

So even if we built a colossal sports arena in Tycho crater, Hubble would barely see it at all. The landers, rovers, and other junk left on the lunar surface by the astronauts are totally invisible. However, there are two tricks we can use here.

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One is to look not for the artifacts themselves, but for their shadows. At sunrise or sunset, the shadow from a lander might be long enough to detect, even if the lander itself is invisible. However, this is a very tricky observation and has to be timed just right and the landscape itself may hide the shadow; crater rims, mountains, and natural dips and bumps might prevent sunlight from hitting the lander until the Sun is high in the sky, and that will shorten the shadows. Plus, try to convince a committee in charge of hotly-contested and hugely over-subscribed telescopes to give you a night to try this and see how they react.

Good luck ever getting an observation again.

Wicca Moon Magic: A Wiccan's Guide and Grimoire for Working Magic with Lunar Energies

The other method is obvious enough: go back to the Moon and take a look. Later this year we will be sending the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to the Moon, and it will be able to resolve objects as small as 0. It will easily resolve the landers, and even the rovers. Moon Hoax believers have made it their mission in life to deny the veritable tsunami of evidence that the landings were real.

That includes all the pictures taken by the astronauts themselves. The only thing to do is to go back. Not to prove to Apollo deniers anything, of course. But the rest of us will look up, look out … and shoot the Moon. The Moon is sometimes imagined as having, now or in the distant past, indigenous life and civilization. Human settlements on the Moon are found in many science fiction novels , short stories and films.

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