Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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After a brief decline during the Renaissance, stained glass enjoyed a comeback during the Gothic Revival of the mids. John LaFarge and Louis Comfort Tiffany further popularized the American art glass movement, combining their creativity with innovative fabrication techniques.

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After World War II, the Neo-Gothic movement called for architectural accuracy, encouraging the creation of numerous new Gothic art glass windows. Today, architectural awareness of the uplifting properties of daylight, superior aesthetics, and color continues to keep mouth-blown art glass windows at the forefront of ecclesiastical architecture.

Lamberts art glass is among few modern building materials crafted through the original, centuries-old mouth-blown cylinder technique. The technique bonds the carefully cut colored glass pieces to a base glass, creating an elaborate mosaic of light and color, free of the traditional dark lead or copper lines. The base glass can be tempered or laminated in order to meet building safety codes. Experimentation with art glass lamination started in One of the earliest successful silicone glass installations was realized in the late s in England by Karl Heinz Traut of Derix Glasstudios.

The first large-scale, domestically fabricated example of the modern silicone lamination technique in a religious application can be found in the Synagogue at Eldridge Street, New York City. Silicone lamination is poised to enhance the role of art glass windows in modern houses of worship, possibly in the same way that leaded crown and cylinder glasses advanced the use of stained glass in medieval spiritual architecture.

Windows of Faith

Many windows in religious buildings today resemble the stained glass windows of ancient times. Although some are abstract works of art, they all focus on creating an atmosphere of light and color for the enhancement of the spiritual experience in houses of worship, much as the original Gothic stained glass windows did. This art form, developed nine centuries ago, continues to evolve and enjoy an everlasting place in modern religious art and architecture. You must log in to post a comment. Color and Light Volume 44, Issue 1 :: by Robert Jayson For centuries, those of faith have admired the stained and art glass windows in houses of worship.

When the church was decommissioned in the s, the windows were moved several times to locations across the city. For 15 years they were located in Pulteney Grammar School's Chapel.

Alan Watts ~ An Act Of Faith...

In , they were donated to the Art Gallery. The angel at the top of the window is shown parting the clouds, representing the safe ascension of Harry's soul into Heaven. This window also features Tiffany's famous opalescent glass, which was patented by the company in Even today, where people are highly educated, there is much to be learned from stained glass windows. Children too young to read can learn Bible stories and stories taught in Sacred Tradition. These images, especially the more beautiful ones, can be kept in their minds forever, a perpetual remembrance of their faith.

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  8. In the times of the early Christians, when stained glass windows were used greatly for instruction, simple images could have great symbolic meaning. The aforementioned image of the Nativity offers much in the form of symbols telling stories. All of the figures but the shepherds have halos. Only two lambs are present with the shepherds; one over the shoulders of a shepherd, suggesting the parable of the Good Shepherd, and one laying on the ground suggesting that Jesus is the sacrificial Lamb.

    A crown and scepter lying at the foot of the manger shows that Jesus is the true King.

    Alternate Images

    Color can also have an important meaning in window symbols. This is why the Blessed Virgin is most often portrayed wearing blue. She is also seen wearing white, the symbol of purity. Red represents blood and suffering. Green signifies hope. Numbers also have special meanings. A circle, made out of a single line, represents God, the only perfect being.

    As God has neither beginning nor end, so does a circle. Other stained glass windows depict images from the catechism. Windows depicting the beatitudes, the sacraments, the four evangelists, and the corporal and spiritual works of mercy are used today for both their beauty and their instruction.

    These continue to educate and add beauty to the church.

    Windows of Faith, Windows of Life

    Stained glass windows provide comfort to people in times of confusion or grief. There, stained glass windows would prove to be soothing in times of grief, comforting in times of stress, and always calming. One suffering from grief may find a stained glass window picture of the Blessed Virgin at the foot of the cross consoling. The Blessed Virgin was present for the passion and death of her only Son. This may offer strength to the grief-stricken as well as encourage them to pray to the Blessed Virgin. A picture of Job and his trials may prove to be comforting to one who suffers from stress.

    Job is an excellent example of a man who had more reason than most to be extremely depressed. After he lost all of his possessions, his friends encouraged him to despair. Yet, he prayed to God and offered up his sufferings and trials. This may motivate the depressed to seek comfort in prayer, as Job did.