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More Information. Anything else? Provide feedback about this page. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Bojarski, Remarks to the theory of photoluminescence concentrational depolarization by excitation energy transfer. Smith, S M. Kakela, P, Odimuko and J. Riddell, Elder; S. Fowler; G. Polikarpov, Remobilization of sediment-associated PCBs by the wormNereis diversicolor. Platt, C. Remote Sounding of High Clouds: I. Emissivity of Cirrostratus. Orr, M H. Remote acoustic sensing of internal wave fields in the North Atlantic. Leuenberger, K. Remote atmospheric probing on a line-of-sight path, using spatial filter concepts: 1.

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Renal phlebography in diagnosis of poorly vascularized rnal malignancies. Distler; H. Wolff, Renales Kallikrein-Kinin-System und Blutdruckregulation. Jyoti, K. Parikh, Renewable energy options: What could developing countries expect from them? Hart, R C. Renilla reniformis bioluminescence: luciferase-catalyzed production of nonradiating excited states from luciferin analogs and elucidation of the excited state species involved in energy transfer to Renilla green fluorescent protein. Renin in the mouse submaxillary gland has a molecular weight of 40 Colin, R.

Renner-Teller interactions in the acetylene molecule. May; K. Henneberger; F. Henneberger, Renormalization of polaritons due to virtual formation of biexcitons at high densities of excitation. Vetter; H. Vetter; W. Tenschert; U. Kuhlmann; A. Studer; K. Pouliadis; F. Largiader; J. Furrer; W. Siegenthaler, Bienfait, Leo, M.

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Sylvan Wallenstein; Joseph, L. Fleiss, Repeated measurements analysis of variance when the correlations have a certain pattern. Wells-Krautkramer Ltd, Repeater station for underwater generated ultrasonic testing. Schreck, C. Ralf Mattes; Hans, J. Stephen, C. Bailey; David Apirion, Nazarova; S. Krakhmalev; K. Klimov; E.

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Fred, H. Reynolds Jr. Rapp; George, J. Todaro; John, R.

Table of contents

Stephenson, Green, M H. Replicative activity of histone-deflcient SV40 chromatin. Peter, C. Fuchs, Kapp; S. Park; J. Cleaver, Replicon sizes in non-transformed and SVtransformed cells, as estimated by a bromodeoxyuridine photolysis method. William, B. Kannel, Sumpf, International Congress of Genetics. Nils Thyresson, Report from the International Committee of Dermatology. Song, X. Smith, Crick, S. Report of the Associate Members Committee Meeting.

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Yoon, S-Jung. Endoscopic resection of acetabular screw tip to decompress sciatic nerve following total hip arthroplasty. Finlayson, R. Delgutte, B. Representation of speechlike sounds in the discharge patterns of auditorynerve fibers. Srivastava, S. Royster, L. Representative hearing levels by race and sex in North Carolina industry. Ernest, W. Adams; Ian, F. Carlstrom, Representing approximate ordering and equivalence relations. Wood, R W. Dubrovina; M. Vigdergauz, Reproducibility of interpolated values for chromatographic retention. Arthur, L.

Barry; Robert, E. Badal; Lee, J. Effinger, Reproducibility of three microdilution systems for identification of enterobacteriaceae, compared with API 20E and micro-ID test systems.

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John, B. Iverson, Alan, H. Shoemaker, Reproduction and development of the Black howler monkey : Alouatta caraya:at Columbia Zoo. Eyster, Reproduction and developmental variability in the opisthobranchTenellia pallida. Mapletoft, R J.

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Jerry Bock

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Pleban, R. Research and Publication Trends in Social Psychology: Austin, D M. Hoggarth, Research and development by British Gas into the effective use of gas in industry. Andrews, K. Trigg, P. Research and training in tropical diseases. Gallagher, J J. Research games: A complement to laboratory project work. Kessel, F. Crammer, J. Kestenbaum, C J. Berry, J. Chamberlain, M. Thomas, R. Kratochwill, Research methods for counselor: Practical approaches in field settings: Goldman, L. Buddy, H. Chadwell; Robert, J. Howell, Research note: A self-report measure of spontaneous remission and psychotherapy outcome.

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Rosenblum, M L. Resection of Multiple Nocardial Brain Abscesses. Nappi; F. Savoldi; G. Bono; E. Martignoni, Jutsum; M. Fisher, Reserves in sexual forms ofAcromyrmex octospinosus Reich Formicid, Attini. Litvitskii, Reserves of the scientific organization of labor in the service of the five-year plan. Isaikina, Reserves ofDioscorea nipponicaon commercial tracts in the Jewish Autonomous Province. Sargent, D. Janssen; R. Hollander; M. Spoor; John, M. Residence time distributions in a plasticating twin screw extruder. Gibilaro, Residence time distributions in regions of continuous flow systems.

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Dumas; Prof. Hubbes, Resistance of Pinus densiflora and Pinus rigida radiata to Fomes annosus. Bitton; D. Chuckran; I. Chet; R.

The Prokaryotes | SpringerLink

Mitchell, Resistance of bacterial chemotaxis to blockage in petroleum waters. Es'kova; V. Ivanov; V. Erokhin; L. Babikov; A. Melkii; Yu. Sokolovskii, Resistance of glass-enamel and glass-crystalline coatings to the high-temperature action of aggressive gases and melts. Volegov; S. Trofimchuk; Yu. Zykov, Resistance of rats vaccinated with BCG to tumor growth after administration of cyclophosphamide and desensitization. Kakhramanov; R. Safarov; T.

Resistance of sealing greases for gate valve seals to the action of aggressive media. Cuppels, D. Resistance to Bacteriophage 6 by Pseudomonas phaseolicola. Pascoe; J. Beattie, Resistance to cadmium by pretreated rainbow trout alevins. Scarazzatti; R. Bonatelli; J. Azevedo, Resistance to ethidium bromide inAspergillus nidulans. Jeffrey, A. Seybert; Lisa, P. Baer; Robert, J. Ebooks and Manuals

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Robert, G. Forage; Michael, A. Foster, Resolutin of the coenzyme Bindependent dehydratases of Klebsiella sp. Nichols, D E. Resolution and absolute configuration of trans 2,5-dimethoxymethylphenyl cyclopropylamine, a potent hallucinogen analog. Ginsel; J. Onderwater; W. Daems, Resolution of a gold latensification-elon ascorbic acid developer for IIford L4 emulsion. Wanda Zablocki; Edward, J. Behrman; George, A.

Barber, :. Resolution of d- and l-galactose peracetates as their BIS ethyl l-lactate acetals by galiquid chromatography. Resolution of peptide antibiotics, cerexins and tridecaptins, by high performance liquid chromatography. George, A. Blondin, Resolution of the mitochondrial N,N-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide binding proteolipid fraction into three similar sized proteins.

Mosmann, T, Resolution on 1. The best means of preventing accidents to shipping and consequential marine and coastal pollution and II. William, M. Petrusic; Donald, G. Jamieson, Resolution time and the coding of arithmetic relations on supraliminally different visual extents. Greenberg, L S. Resolving splits: Use of the two chair technique.

Pham-van-thoai, ; Leicknam, J. Asher, S A. Resonance Raman examination of axial ligand bonding and spin-state equilibriums in metmyoglobin hydroxide and other heme derivatives. Merlin; E. Thomas, Resonance Raman spectroscopic studies of 2- 4-hydroxyphenylazo -benzoic acid and some substituted analogsI. Thomas; J. Merlin, Resonance Raman spectroscopic studies of 2- 4-hydroxyphenylazo -benzoic acid and some substituted analogsII.

Binding to avidin and bovine serum albumin. Tewari; S. Roy; D. Bhattacharya, Pauli; K. Renk; G. Klimke; H. Kreuzer, Resonance interaction of electronic two-level states and short-wave phonon radiation in ruby. Inoue, O, Scheule; H. Van Wart; B. Zweifel; B.